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Flocking and Ceramics and many other Crafts. Katevo Creations and Bleu-J Suede have been family owned since 1987. Visit us often.

We also carry a large selection of ceramic bisque. We like to encourage everyone to learn to use their imagination whether it be ceramics, artwork, scrapbooking, etc. Doing crafts should not be an expensive hobby so we try to keep costs down as much as possible. At least when you make a gift for someone, you know it is American Made.


Also please feel free to message me melissa-arnold trenholm.


I want to let all the people that follow this page and have even made purchases from my mother Kathy, that she has passed away. As of right now my father and me are not pouring any Christmas trees we are going to at least try to sell some of the inventory she already has posted. In a bit of time we hope to start pouring again as this is a family business. Thank you all for being understanding and I will do my best at responding to you all. I know she loved doing what she did. We really have appreciated the business you brought in. So for now we are just working on selling inventory we will start pouring again just not right at the moment. feel free to message me as well Melissa arnold trenholm


Everyone thank you for being patient as things have been hectic. My mother is still dealing with health issues so, we decided to put a holt on the ceramics for right now. I know there's a few trees that have been ordered they are being finished up this week beginning of next. Im sorry for such the delay. Thank you in advance for your understanding. I will keep you updated when ceramic orders resume. Any questions feel free to message me or my daughter melissa- arnold Trenholm. Thank you again


If you were recently interested in the 16" xmas trees or santa xmas tree. They are $75 finished please comment below with what color tree and what color lights you would like. This is still her daughter taking care of all this.


Hi everyone this is kathys daughter she will be having major surgery tomorrow so she is still taking orders on the 16' trees and other items but things will be a bit delayed. If the item doesn't need to be finished there should not be much of a delay. Feel free to message and I will try my best to answer your questions

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Its getting close to all the holidays and now is the time to start thinking about your decorations and what you want to make. Here are a few suggestions. All are available in bisque

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Its getting to be that time of yr where everyone is getting ready for Xmas. I am taking orders again for Xmas trees so get your order in now ans be ready for Xmas. I have added a new tree. It's a 16" tree with Santa's face. The 16" trees are $75 each and the 14" trees are 50.


This is what Shirley finished at class. I think she did a great job and now she is working on another one to go with him. Come join us for class and make your own garden items. I have a few openings on Tues afternoon


This is a small square plate I did using a paper doily and sponging various rainbow colors on it. Inside the solid white circle, I am going to decoupage a picture there. I will post a pic when it is completed.

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Today was ceramic class again and class went well. Ann loved her little gnomes and she worked on the village house to go with them. Mary finished her caterpillar so it can sit outside with "Scootie", her mushroom man. Then she was able to glaze a pig planter. I finished my Xmas tree with Santa face, and large Angel. I love how the tree turned out with mother of pearl on it. I also like the gold butterflies on the Angel dress. I am looking forward to class tomorrow as Julie is working on correcting a ceramic piece her husband found that looked horrible. She is doing a good job. Love to see what the students create as I learn just as much from them as they do from me.


I now have 2 oz jars of clear adhesive available for $3.75 each.

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Had class again today and it was a great group of women. They hadn't painted in many yrs or have never painted but they had a good time painting and they are excited to learn new things. This is what they worked on today and the rock plaque is what I worked on. The Indian mask is till a WIP and she will finish it next wk.

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You know, they say ceramics is a dying hobby but yet I have filled my classes and have a waiting list of 12 who want to join. Everyone keeps saying they are glad to find someone doing it. Yes there are small shops where you can pick something off the shelf and paint it and take it home. But you dont attend a class. People want classes to learn new things, not just paint it and take it. I do this from my home and have room for only 5 in class,but we have a good time painting and chatting. Here is what we worked on today

Ceramics Articles @ Ceramics Made Easy: Do Be Suede - Non-fire (Ceramic Projects and Techniques) 03/19/2018

Ceramics Articles @ Ceramics Made Easy: Do Be Suede - Non-fire (Ceramic Projects and Techniques)

Here is a link that a website called "Ceramics Made Easy" wrote about the flocking. They shared the aplication technique. Check it out and sign up for their articles. They share a lot of techniques and info we all can benefit from. http://www.ceramicsmadeeasy.com/cme-articles/ceramic-projects-and-techniques/do-be-suede--non-fire/163/index.html

Ceramics Articles @ Ceramics Made Easy: Do Be Suede - Non-fire (Ceramic Projects and Techniques)


Spend over $15 in bisque or flocking (shipping is not included in the total) this wk only, and get a 20% discount. Order now! Message me with email address if you need an order form or just let me know what colors you want. Dont forget I can ship up to 15 bags aong with adhesive for the fla rate of $7.50. If ordering bisque, please let me know which item you want. Order Now!

FLOCKING 03/15/2018

These are the colors I haver. They cme in 1 oz and 1;2oz sze. 1 Oz is $2.10 and 1/2oz is $1.50. I also have the adhesive glue available for $5.75 for 4oz. Order now. I do take paypal.

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Easter is coming up and you can use yellow for the Easter chicks and maybe pink, or blue for the "peeps".


Spring is almost here. Now is the time to think about your gardens, what you will plant, and what kind of decor. I know I need to clean them up and get the mulch down but I am trying to decide on the decor for each one. I want a fairy and gnome garden, and I also want an animal garden with rabbits, squirrels, etc. Once I decide on which gardens, then I will decide on what pieces I need to make. Have you given your gardens any thought today. Spring will be here very soon. Are you ready?


Hello everyone. Great news! I now have back in stock the clear adhesive for use with the flocking. You can even use it on fabric and its water clean up. You paint your piece as you normally do and then apply the adhesive. Pump on the flocking and I then set my item in a warm oven for 10 min. I take it out and let it sit for 30 min and then blow off the excess and its done. The 4oz btls are $5.75 plus shipping. Si hurry and get yours


Happy New Year everyone. May your yr be filled with friends and family. May you learn new things and enjoy doing them. Look forward to hearing from you this yr.

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I managed to get all the trees that needed to be delivered by Xmas done. I even made extras. This is what I have left. The 14" trees are $40 and I have 1 with snow and 1 w/o snow. The red tree is a 16" and had a branch break off but its a clean break and you cant even see the break. That tree is $40. The other trees are $50 each. I can meet at 141 & 44, 141 & 21, 141 & 55 . If these dont work, let me know where you are located and I can find another meeting place. Text me with phone # and what day you want to meet.

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 12/20/2017

This is what some of the class mates at ceramic class worked on tonight. This was the last class till after the new year. I thnk they are doing a fantastic job on their items.


Had ceramic class tonight and this is what Mary Todd has been hard at work on

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 12/05/2017

Peggy came over today and we both worked on ceramic trees getting them done to fullfil orders. We managed to knock out 8 with another 6 to be done by Thursday. We still have 21 to go but they will get done.

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Just to show you that it happens to the best of us, this past Tuesday I put 6 Xmas trees in the kiln, They were all glazed and snow on them. They were sold and would have put me ahead of schedule with all the orders I have. Wednesday morning I went to take them out of the kiln, and to my surprise, they had MELTED!! Apparently my husband grabbed a 6 cone instead of an 06 and that is why they melted all over the kiln. Needless to say, he had to clean the kiln and I've got him busy pouring more.


Here are some of the trees I have been glazing. They are now waiting for me to apply the snow. All of these are going out on orders and I have many more to do.

FLOCKING 11/17/2017

These are the colors I haver. They cme in 1 oz and 1;2oz sze. 1 Oz is $2.10 and 1/2oz is $1.50. I also have the adhesive glue available for $5.75 for 4oz. Order now. I do take paypal.

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I have to show you what a friend of mine did. I fired these and could not believe how great these looked. She used lace that she got at a thrift store and made the dishes. She applies a base coat of glaze, then lays the lace on top, then applies 2 coats of another color of glaze. When it is tacky, she peels off the lace. I am going to have her come over and teach a class using the lace technique. If you are interested, please contact me. We will be doing it on the small sq plates. Class for this will be after Thanksgiving but in time if you want to make this as a Xmas gift.

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 11/05/2017

I just finished these Xmas trees for $50 each. What do you think?

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 10/31/2017

I now have cartoon characters for those who like to relive their youth or give as gift.

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 10/29/2017

I have gotten such a positive response from another group on the neutral colors I used on Mr & Mrs Claus, I am now offering them for sale for $80 for the pr. They are 18" high and come with lights (your choice of clear, red, green, or orange). You can either come by and look, or I can meet you, OR I do ship also. I also take paypal. This is the only set I have and will have so if you want it, hurry before it's gone. I will hold for a non-refundable deposit also.

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 10/29/2017

I just finished these Xmas trees. The purple one is to commemorate those suffering from Chiari and Pancreatic cancer. I also have a Blue Ivory, a Blue highlighted one, and a green one with multi colored lights. The larger ones 16" are $50 and the smaller ones 14" are $40. I do ship and I acceot paypal. If you need to order a custom tree, send me a PM and I will see what I can do.

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 10/27/2017

I just finished Mr and Mrs Claus and used chalks on the scene detail to give them a soft pastel look. Peggy helped me paint them so these were a joint project. The star shapes I just took out of the kiln and I will be adding Mother-of-Pearl overglaze to them and refiring them.

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 10/19/2017

This is what Peggy painted at ceramic class. I think she did an awesome job. She blended colors and used chalks to blend and highlight. She also used no-fire snow and no-fire glittering snow. I am amazed at the results.

Photos from Katevo  Creations & Flocking's post 10/09/2017

Just added these guys. They are $5 ea and approx 5-6" tall. They are in bisque. Pictures are only to show the detail.




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