Boardwalk Laundromat

Boardwalk Laundromat


Haven't been to a laundromat in many many years.
Are prices posted on here anywhere?
Do the machines takes bills or only change?

When is the new laundromat opening :( ???
Love my Boardwalk Laundromat & can't wait for the new location to open. Nice & clean & Frank is a great guy too. Always will to please his customers.
Did you know the owner of the boardwalk laundromat took a homeless person in and gave hime food and shelter for as long as he wants. He us a stand up guy!
Since I have to use a laundromat, this is the best one I have found around. Just found out they are moving so I hope they keep up with the cleanliness, and the good prices.
love this laundromat it's always so clean and everything work properly

We pride ourselves in having the cleanest laundromat around. We develop personal relationships with customers & we are always available if there's an issue

Operating as usual


Everyone needs to pray for the world & Ukrainian right now. We need God’s hand over all of us.


Winter is hard on everyone please help your fellow neighbors out.


Cleanest laundromat in town good job Frank


We got new customers today


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.


Happy Thanksgiving to you from us


Excited to wash my comforters in big machines. They are so over due.

Photos from Boardwalk Laundromat's post 10/06/2021

Resealed parking lot 10/21
3 new washing machines


Please clean up after yourselves.!!!Customers are complaining about dryer sheets are left behind and thrown all over the place along with trash on the floor. If I have to pay for someone to be there I will have to raise the prices.


Parking lot resealing has been postponed due to rain. So just be aware that it is going to happen we just don’t know when the man is working us in his schedule.


Please be aware Monday, September 27th in the evening our parking lot is being sealed coated. We are still open for business, but need to find other spots to park until this is dry. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause you. Frank


We are open on Labor Day regular hours.


We are open the 4th of July regular hours


Please remember to be at the laundromat when your clothes are done so someone else may use the equipment, if you aren’t there another customer may take your laundry out to use the machine.

Thank you for your business we appreciate you.


Thank you for supporting our small business


Dear customers,

Thank you for all of your support of our small laundromat in these trying times. We appreciate you.

Have a very merry Christmas

Frank & Theresa


Please put the pictures back that you took. If anyone spots this person please call Frank at (717) 576-8581. I want to give you a change to make this right before the police are contacted.


Thanks you for your support


Thank you for your business


Treat others the way you want to be treated WEAR A MASK


We would like to thank everyone that is cleaning up after yourselves it looked so much better on Sunday than it did on Thursday when I went into clean. Keep each other accountable for cleaning up your own messes. All foods and drinks are prohibited.


Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day


Remember when washing your bedding to use the bigger washers to avoid this from happening.




Happy Easter to everyone


We are open regular hours even over holidays. We are an essential business and we will remain open through this pandemic per governor Wolf.


We are open for business


In these trying times we want you to know that we are here for you. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are $2.00 washers for the 18lbs. We are staying open regular hours.


Boardwalk Laundromat

Welcome to the Boardwalk laundromat share your experience with us and others.


Boardwalk Laundromat

Welcome to the Boardwalk laundromat share your experience with us and others.


Welcome to the Boardwalk laundromat share your experience with us and others.


We hope you all enjoy the Boardwalk Laundromat while you are doing your laundry.

How it all began

After loosing my job at UPS of 26 years due to injury and surgery of my shoulders. I decided to open a laundromat in a little strip mall in Middletown. I chose the name Boardwalk because the beach is my favorite place and I wanted to bring a little of the atmosphere home. It was hard work getting started but, fun I met a lot of wonderful people.

Than it happened that the new owner of the strip mall told me he was putting in a laundromat and I had to leave. My wonderful friend and realtor called me one day to say hey I want you to look at this place for sale on Broad Street, in Highspire, behind Rita’s. It was an old doctor’s office. Well you know what happened next I bought it and renovated it into the Boardwalk Laundromat. I look forward to meeting new people and especially seeing my regular customers again. I always say “the good always conquers the bad” also “I am not giving up”



2 soda machines, 1 snack machine, 4 candy machines, 1 soap and plastic bags machine, 2 change machines



225 Broad Street
Highspire, PA

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 12am
Tuesday 5am - 12am
Wednesday 5am - 12am
Thursday 5am - 12am
Friday 5am - 12am
Saturday 5am - 12am
Sunday 5am - 12am