Midway Outdoor Equipment, Hiawatha

Midway Outdoor Equipment, Hiawatha


Thank you for sponsoring the chainsaw safety class at Howard H.Cherry Scout Reservation!
However Chris Price don't treat all people fairly depending on there skin color.

Sales & Service!Zero turn mowers, lawn tractors, walk mowers, chainsaws, w**d trimmers, leaf blowers Midway Outdoor Equipment has grown from a specialty shop to one of the largest multi-line dealers in the area.

Midway Outdoor Equipment prides itself on its
customer service - we know how important it is to be taken care of and to have someone you can trust

Our Parts department is staffed by experienced
professionals. We want to make sure you get the right part at the right time and at a fair price. Not only can our team answer your questions intelligently,
they'll help you find the parts you need.

Operating as usual


Ignoring the upcoming season ISNT going to make it go away! Winter's comin and according to the Farmers Almanac, it's gonna be a doozy! Best selection & Best prices are happening now. Price increases and supply chain woes are on the horizon. Buy now - save!

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Looking for an END OF SEASON SALE? We don't have much, BUT! We have these! Cub Cadet ProX Stand on and the Dewalt Stand on Mowers are now available for Zero Percent for SIXTY months! Buy now through October 1st and not only take advantage of promo pricing, but get Zero for SIXTY month financing!

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In stock AND on Special?! Is it still 2022?? YES and YES!! Now through October 1st, Take 10% OFF or Take advantage of ZERO percent for SIXTY Months - Financing on all DEWALT Professional mowers and Select Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX mowers! We have Dewalt's in stock as well as the Cub Cadet Ultima ZTX's, Stop in and witness the Rare 2022 Phenomenon today!! In stock specials! Happening now through October 1st!


Happy Labor Day weekend Facebookers! In honor of this weekend and our hard working staff, we will be CLOSING AT NOON on SATURDAY (NOT 2pm, NOON!!!) We Will also be closed Monday in observance. Normal Hours resume Tuesday! THANK YOU and HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND!


Happy Independence Day Facebook! Like and share if you agree!!

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Happy 4th of July Faceboookers!! Land of the free because of the brave!!

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Happy 4th of July Weekend Facebookers! Holiday Hours are as follows:
Friday: 8-5:30
Saturday: 9-NOON, Repeat, NOON :)
Sunday: Closed
Monday (Happy 4th!!): CLOSED
Tuesday: 8-5:30

From Our families to yours - Have a great, safe, independence day weekend!


If you say I need "momoa" We have them! It you're saying "I need Momoa fixed" we've got ya there too! Understaffed, We're struggling with inventory, back orders up the wazooo and our Showrooms a hot mess! But it's gonna be ok! We'll make it through and what helps with that? Laughs! Here's one I had to share! Happy Tuesday Facebookers!


GOod Morning! Holiday hours for this weekend are as follows:

Friday (today): 8:00-5:30
Saturday: 9:00 - NOON Yuppers, We’re closing 2 hours early!!
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Regular hours resume!

From our families to yours, Have a great, safe weekend!

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Whether Gas prices got you down, your into the latest in Mower technology or ya just wanna mow at 5am or 10pm (these electric Bad Chickens are QUIET!) WE HAVE these Mowers and UTV for the rest of the week! pop in and take one for a test drive!

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Like an office with a view, want a job where no day is like the one before? Well you’re in luck! We’re still looking for a driver! Stop in & apply in person! This is an immediate need! The right candidate can start ASAP 😎


Bwahahaahah!! Hoppy Easter Facebookers!


Mondays-NW CR (Cedar Rapids), Tuesdays & Thursdays-NE CR and Marion. Wednesdays-Out of town & SE CR. Fridays-SW CR. Just a week in the life of The Midway Outdoor Equipment Delivery Driver. Come in, grab the days delivery clipboard, van keys, load the trailer, hit the road and repeat! The right candidate requires little supervision to complete the days pick ups/deliveries (You write your own schedule for the day). Just you, the open road and a van loaded with new power equipment (or machines needing serviced). Out changing lives in South Eastern Iowa! Sound cool? Pop in, introduce yourself, fill out an application even go on a ride along to see if your a match! We need this position filled before our busy season! In the words of Tom Brady - "Lets Go!"


We are still in need of a DELIVERY DRIVER & SET UP TECHNICNAN! Apply in person! We'd LOVE to meet ya! Deliver and pick up machines in a Nearly new SUPER cool (Air Conditioned) Midway Van w/trailer OR set up new riding mowers, chainsaws and more as a set up technician! BOTH jobs are Rewarding AND Fast paced! A New adventure, Every day! Pop in, check out the place and meet us!


Resistance bands NOT your thing? There's more than one way to "Flex" on the neighbors! Bring your machine to us and get the Seasonal service! No physical training required! It'll be ready when you are.


Updated snow forecast! 😂 We HAVE SNOWBLOWERS! Inventory is good and prices are only gonna go UP! Who knows what inventory will look like next fall! Buy now, be choosy and save!


Still in Construction mode BUT WE HAVE SNOWBLOWERS! We know what your thinking: "winters done, I don't need it" or "Now I'll just wait until next year when they're on sale" Let me tell ya! Cub Cadet, Toro and Ariens are ALL struggling to get parts and components and people to build these things! Long story short, we aren't even confident we will see much more in the fall.. and Prices are only going up. Buy now - Save money and actually get a snow blower. Having one sit all summer unused is better than not having one when you need it!


GOod Morning Facebookers!

Not the desk type? Don't care for the traditional boring, same old 9-5 routine? tired of Feeling trapped in a cubical? What about a job where you're out in the community delivering smiles and outdoor power equipment? A job where no day is the same as before? A job where you make your own schedule?

Got your attention? GOod News!!! We are STILL seeking a delivery driver! Apply in person, msg us here, call us!

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PLEASE PARDON OUR MESS! Jake's Roofing & Construction has begun the replacement of our Damaged ceiling! WE ARE STILL OPEN, STILL HAVE SNOWBLOWERS AND ARE READY TO SERVE! Price increases, inventory decreases on the horizon! Buy now and save!

Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day 02/02/2022

Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day

6 more weeks of winter! Love it or hate it, let US HELP YOU prepare!

The Crippled supply chain and inflation issues that have plagued us in 2021 will be still here in 2022.

We have Snow blowers IN STOCK AND READY to deliver. Buy now and SAVE! Prices are going up and inventory availability is going down. At this rate, we can't even be sure we'll get more for the fall! PLUS!! You know you'll need it eventually. Call us, msg us or pop in. We'd love to get the right new snowblower!

Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter on Groundhog Day Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow Wednesday and forecasts six more weeks of winter

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They're finally here! We FINALLY received some of the Deluxe Snow blowers! We also Have our best seller From Toro, The Snowmaster in 7 and 8 horsepower. And of course, we received some 3x machines! All the crowd favorites are here! There may not be enough snow on the ground or Snow in the forecast, but these bad chickens are here (who know what next year'll look like) and they're SURE to get more expensive! Buy now, save money, get the machine you want.

Cub Cadet - Essence De Lawn 01/25/2022

Cub Cadet - Essence De Lawn

Fresh Cut grass sure smells better than 6 degrees BELOW Zero! lol

Cub Cadet - Essence De Lawn Enter for your chance to win!


Summer grass clean up after mowing, fall clean up, drying off cars and motorcycles after a bath and now snow removal! THIS machine (the BR800C) just doesn't get a season off!


This bad chicken does more than leaves!


Craig (Temporary Delivery man) was at it early this morning getting as many finished machines out as humanly possible! If you see him out n about, maybe grab him a coffee or "Kick start" lol. The roads are getting slippery out there, Be careful!


And Cub Cadet




Ariens & Troy Built


If Snowblowers could fly We'd be an airport today! We pulled machines from Northern IA, IL and MN. More on the way! We still have machines available!

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Happy New Years Eve Facebookers! Just a reminder, We are CLOSED TODAY! Our staff has been working their tails off to get machines sold, delivered and repaired prior to this upcoming Storm and they deserve some extra time off! We’ll see you bright and early Monday Morning!!! Have a safe and happy New Years everyone!

-Midway Outdoor Equipment


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Merry Christmas Eve Facebookers!


Alrighty! First off, Merry Christmas! Hours this week are as follows: Friday - 12/24 (Christmas Eve) CLOSED. Saturday-12/25 (Christmas Day) CLOSED & Normal hours resume Monday!

Secondly, We still Have Snow blowers! Single, two and 3 stage! Ready to Rock n Roll!

Lastly - Service. We are getting caught up! Rough turn around (minus parts order delays) is approx a week.

🔴 LIVE - Extreme Tornado / Derecho Coverage - Storm Chasers In The Field - Live Weather Chanel 12/15/2021

🔴 LIVE - Extreme Tornado / Derecho Coverage - Storm Chasers In The Field - Live Weather Chanel

Be safe today facebookers!


🔴 LIVE - Extreme Tornado / Derecho Coverage - Storm Chasers In The Field - Live Weather Chanel LIVE In depth coverage of a significant weather outbreak in the Midwest. A risk of has been issued. WANT TO BECOME A MEMBE...

You Need to See These Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes 11/26/2021

You Need to See These Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes

From our families to your! In the words of Scott, Here’s hoping your turkeys were “PLUMP, MOIST and DELICIOUS”
See you guys at NOON tomorrow!


You Need to See These Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes We've got some about family, some about food, some about

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We ARE Open! We have no phones and no internet… and of course no ETA to either. We don’t like bashing other business so we’ll just say we aren’t fans of Fedia Kom.


GOod Morning Facebookers! We are Open REGULAR HOURS today (8-5:30). and YES - We Have Snow blowers in stock! We Will be CLOSED Thursday - Thanksgiving Day and will RE-OPEN Friday (Black Friday) at NOON! Our Staff deserves a few extra hours to process all the turkey from Thanksgiving!


Thank you Veterans!!


Fall 2021

Sun's out, Mowers out! We're here from 9-2!



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You know that mess you've been looking at for 4 months that ya JUST CAN'T find the time to clean up? We DID! Not anymore! Thank you Brian and HUBER ENTERPRISES for the Super Clean up job today! lightening fast (even in the rain) Now it's looking Bee's Knees! These guys do everything you don't want to (and fast, like really fast! lol)


Hi Facebookers! We will have NORMAL HOURS Friday & Saturday (closed Sunday of course) and CLOSED Monday In Honor of Labor day! Thank you and Have a happy SAFE holiday weekend!!

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Snow blowers are coming, snow blowers are coming!! Cub Cadets are HERE (2 stage and 3 stage) Track units, Fuel Injected, let the fun begin! Toro's and Ariens aren't far behind! Shop early for the BEST selection! (ESPECIALLY this year!) Free set up, free local delivery and we service them!

Photos from Midway Outdoor Equipment, Hiawatha's post 08/10/2021

DUr-Ray-Cho, Dur-wrecko, Dur-Ray-Shio whatever you wanna call it! Let us continue to SUPPORT and NOT forget who was there for us when we needed them (like... REALLY needed them). If you dont care to read the whole post please, at the very least, take THIS away from it! LOCAL! LOCAL, LOCAL!! Local restaurants and Local shops. Second - RADIO, RADIO, RADIO! Good old fashioned AM/FM, totally free - Radio!

Whilst fast food and chain restaurants ordered semi-trailers with generator/coolers as to not lose food and profits. W***y Ray's BBQ and numerous other locally owned restaurants stood up, got out and served our community FREE food for weeks (WEEKS) on end!

When the big box stores were locked up amidst security concerns, Small locally owned shops like us (Midway Outdoor Equipment) the Sled Shed, Koops, Chappy's small engine, etc were selling and servicing chainsaws, generators, pumps, whatever needed to be done to get the trees off of houses and power via generators to the people that needed it!. Midway Outdoor equipment was running on reduced power (generator), a dark showroom with water pouring in the ceiling and line of people around the building for almost 2 weeks! (Just like everyone of our fellow local small Businesses!)

Lastly.. Thank you RADIO! GOod old fashioned AM/FM Radio. When our smartphones had no signals or data for amazon music, pandora or facebook, GOod old Radio came through to tell us what gas stations were open and had gas, who was getting electricity, where we could go to get a charge, free meal or help. EVERYTHING we NEEDED to hear Radio provided us! THe last free form of entertainment literally was our lifeline!


Happy 4th of July!!

Our Story

Here's our story! Midway Outdoor Equipment was started by the Schutzman family 1958 as Midway Farmers Market! NINTEEN FIFTY EIGHT 60! Years ago! Initially, Midway offered grocery items, gasoline and small engine repair. As the business evolved, Midway Farmers Market not only continued to service and repair small engines, they began selling outdoor equipment. Who doesn't remember the Homelite Chainsaw! The Super EZ Automatic and the Super 2 to name a few! As you would assume, the business grew and Midway Outdoor Equipment needed MORE space! In the late 90's, a new building was constructed and Midway relocated to Hiawatha, where they continue to grow and do business today! Still run by the same family, Midway Outdoor Equipment has become one of South Eastern Iowa's Largest Outdoor Equipment Dealerships (for sales and service!) From Commercial to homeowner, Lawn tractors & Zero turns to Snowblowers, home generators, chain saws, string trimmers and leaf blowers - Midway Outdoor Equipment has YOU covered!

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Summer grass clean up after mowing, fall clean up, drying off cars and motorcycles after a bath and now snow removal!  T...
And Cub Cadet
Ariens & Troy Built
Fall 2021
It was a GREAT Saturday for test drives!  Have a great weekend and a Happy Easter Facebookers!!
Command every turn and every cut with the new Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro Series lawn tractors. Stop by to find the right Endur...
It's no secret, when it comes to getting better stability, maneuverability and hillside efficiency, it lies behind the s...
No matter the tasks. No matter the limits. Challenge what’s possible with Cub Cadet Challenger Series utility vehicles. ...
When winter’s tough, be tougher with a Cub Cadet. The X Series snow blowers will give you the strength and performance y...
The reviews are in. Landscapers across the country are incredibly impressed with the strength and performance of the Cub...
Have a 7 Foot Chainsaw bar that’s cutting circles? Need an old school, 50’s style Bar shop to square up that bad chicken...



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