5th Ave. Consignment Boutique

5th Ave.Consignment Boutique consigns new and gently used upscale clothing, shoes, belts and purses. Clothing in womans, juniors, and mens sizes from 0-Plus.

5th Ave. Consignment Boutique updated their business hours. 06/02/2018

5th Ave. Consignment Boutique updated their business hours.

5th Ave. Consignment Boutique updated their business hours.

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50% SALE--- EVERYTHING is Going!!!
5th Ave. Consignment Store is Relocating to Dawsonville!!--This week from 11am-4pm Tuesday through Friday and Saturday 10AM-2pm! Come on in! Your last chance for Awesome designer Summer wear at half the cost! Stop on by! Last week we will be open at this location!

Spring-Summer 2017 Accessory Trends: It's All About "More" - Savvy Tokyo 04/21/2017

Spring-Summer 2017 Accessory Trends: It's All About "More" - Savvy Tokyo

Want to know the latest fashion Trends this Summer?? This is a Nice Read!!

Spring-Summer 2017 Accessory Trends: It’s All About “More”
This Year We Just Can't Get Enough
By Emi Schemmer | April 19, 2017 |

Fashion, Latest Trends
From large bangles, opulent pendants and carefully constructed corsets; this year’s summer trends are about letting go of being nice and tidy, minimal or conservative. It’s all about making a statement — a very loud one!
Fashion — the constantly evolving story of fabrics, colors, themes, and lifestyles — plays with us all the time, challenging our perceptions and attitude. Whereas simplicity used to a predominant trend in the past few years, the season is changing and now we’re once again humming along with Depeche Mode (or The Black Eyed Peas for that matter), I just can’t get enough, I just can’t get enough.
That’s right: this spring and summer’s fashion trend is “the more the better.”

Mismatched earrings, over the top bracelets and almost too big and likely too heavy pendants made their way down the runways in Tokyo and other international fashion cities, and I must say, it was like seeing the most colorful and exciting festival of shapes, colors, textures, and embellishments. Almost absurd and very loud accessories seems to be the main theme of what’s hot this season.
Almost absurd and very loud accessories seems to be the main theme of what’s hot this season.
Here are the key trends and items for this spring and summer — layer, tie, wrap, mix, match…and just enjoy, because as the prominent fashion designer Oscar de la Renta once said, “A woman makes her outfit her own with accessories!”
Bold & Sexy: Embracing Different Looks

Spring 2017 has been all about embracing different looks, mixing and matching, and pulling out old favorite from the deep corners of your closet. What’s maybe old, has now become new, and what’s new, is something that really is up to your own interpretation. What seems to be a key message this year is the idea of bringing back tradition and forming a hybrid between the new, eccentric, innovative and modern. Accessories are particularly great when it comes to doing this. Wearing grandma’s old pair of round framed vintage shades, or dressing up a cocktail dress with a pair of antique lace gloves — even mom’s tacky cruise ship costume jewelry can be worn to look fabulous!
This summer get ready for some weird, unexpected, and bold accessories to clasp, buckle, and tie up!
So, this spring and summer, get ready for some statement earrings and large uncut power stones, to waist cinching corset belts and vintage leather or ever so bejeweled gloves. It’s all about highlighting your smarts in accessories.
Mis-Matched Earrings

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a focus on highlighting our ears, let alone focused on clashing designs or shapes, but this year the hot trend seems to be making beautiful wrongs into stylish rights. And how better to go with the flow of fashion than closing your eyes, picking two different earring from your jewelry box and just going with it!
Bold Chokers
From SM to bedazzled, we all can agree that chokers really have the power to amp up any outfit. From simple elegant tie-ups to suggestive leather straps, chokers are surely a safe choice when it comes to finding something that will give quite the impression to any outfit.
Cinched By Corsets

How can we not love the best waist-slimming and figure enhancing accessory of all time? Corset belts are one of the key hot items this season that most designers seem to be absolutely obsessed with. Worn tight, loose, under or over shirts, and even worn with suit jackets, put one on top of your regular outfit and this will be enough.
Oversized Raw Stone Pendants

This summer, go big! Really. Large unpolished stones on chains make the perfect accent piece to even a simple T-shirt and jeans outfit!

Arm bands are perfect to pair with a beautiful dress or even a sexy camisole top. From shiny or etched metallics, beaded bangles, even braided leather straps, highlighting your upper arms seems to be the sure thing for summer!
Tie Me Up Belts

Belts are one of the accessories I think we all have almost too many of. Great news is that this warm season, you can make use of all those extra belts and transform them into something unique, playful and absolutely stylish. You can never go wrong knotting a belt around an oversized white oxford shirt or even a simple black cocktail dress. And don’t be afraid to experiment using color, maybe even double or triple up!
More Bracelets, Please!

Go on and pile up those bracelets and slip them on. As we already know, this year it’s all about more and more, so don’t be afraid to wear as many as you like. Jingle, rattle and make some noise!
Twilly Scarves

Skinny scarves are an easy quick add-on to any outfit. Just wrap it around your neck as you please, day or night, with any outfit!
So, now that we’ve already taken a look at how 2017 is quite the year of change, personal interpretation, fashion freedom and creativity, and that the warm season’s trends is “more,” you have quite a few reasons to go bold and sparkling! Go on…mix and match, layer, be bold, make a statement, and don’t be afraid to overdo it! This year is the year to leave behind those minimalist concepts and embrace the big, bold, and beautiful!

Spring-Summer 2017 Accessory Trends: It's All About "More" - Savvy Tokyo From large bangles, opulent pendants and carefully constructed corsets; this year’s summer trends are about letting go of being nice and tidy, minimal or conservative. It’s all about making a statement — a very loud one!




SUNDRESSES ARE IN!!! We Have The LARGEST selection of dresses around! Come take a look!


TWO DAYS LEFT!!! March Madness Sale ends Friday!!


MARCH MADNESS is HAPPENING! Come in and see which clothes are $1.00 Today and every day in March!!

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$1.00 SALE!!! Every Day in March a $1.00 sign will be posted on a random selection of clothes! Come and see what's NEW!!!

Timeline photos 02/24/2017

Timeline photos


We are getting close to our March Madness Sale!! This is the time when all Sweaters and Winter Attire is on Sale at a Steal!!!

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Now Taking Spring and Summer Consignments!! Purses/Jewelry/Shoes/Clothes/Dresses! We love our consignors and are looking for others!! Hit me up with IM if you are interested in consigning to make some cash!

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5th Ave.Consignment in Hiawassee Ga. Has Amazing clothes and shoes! Everything Pink or Red in the store is 20% Off TODAY ONLY!! Hurry in! Rag&Bone Leather Ankle Boots Size 11 only $75.00/ OTBT Gray Suede Boots $45.00! / Hannah Red Jeans Size 10 / Joe Jeans in Black size 29 waist /Roz&ALi Pink Jeans size 10 Hand Made Stainless Steel woven bracelets London Fog Red Jacket with Hoodie!!



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Have you thought about what you are wearing to your Valentines Date??

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OH MY GOODNESS!! My outfit ideas are here! I love finding fashion trends on the internet and showing you what 5th Ave. Consignment Boutique carries!


I have pulled some really cute things to wear for Valentines Day!
I will reveal the outfit ideas and some of the ones I have chosen and put together on February 1st

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Warm Winter? We have clothes that fit this weather!! Our prices are BeLoW other stores in the area!---! New and Gently used NAME BRAND CLOTHING BELOW the average price! Come on in and try on the difference. oxox

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Designer Brands BELOW the average price! New and gently used clothing. Classic Winter Attire oxoxo
Miss Me Jeans/ Charter Club/
White House Black Market/ Kenneth Cole/ New York & Co,

Timeline photos 01/17/2017

Timeline photos

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How to DrEsS yOuR bEsT this Winter !!

Timeline photos 01/07/2017

Timeline photos

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...Before Christmas vacation 5th Ave. Consignment Boutique donated clothes and shoes to victims of the Gatlinburg fire. Thank you Julie Andrews for all the collecting and transporting of our donations and thank you to the consignors who donated!!
You're the best!

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5th Ave. consignment Boutique
will be closed from Dec.
24th through January 2nd.
We will re-open Tuesday January 3rd 2017!!!
We are closing Early December 22nd and Dec. 23rd Hours are 10-3:00

Timeline photos 12/22/2016

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 12/08/2016

Secondhand Stores and Consignment Shops
By, Trent Hamm

"I vastly prefer to buy items at secondhand and consignment shops if I can.
There, I said it. I love going to secondhand shops and consignment shops. My wife and I stop by such shops all the time in our area, particularly for a few specific items that we go through at an amazing rate. There are many, many non-consumable items that we prefer to buy secondhand because, frankly, buying new doesn’t add much to the product other than the “new,” and that’s something we don’t want to pay for."
"...For every item on this list, the same idea holds true: shop used first, and be a little patient. If you really can’t find anything that meets your needs by buying used, then consider new items. Sticking to that policy will save you a mint."

The full article is below:

Here are twenty things we usually look for used before we even consider buying new, along with some reasons for doing so.

Things to Shop For at a Consignment Store
Children’s clothes:
Do I really need to say more? Children can be very hard on clothes at times, plus they outgrow their clothes very quickly. The end result? We don’t want to invest much in individual items. Luckily, children with plenty of clothes will often wear specific items only a time or two, so you can often stumble upon used children’s clothes at very good prices. We are (very) regular customers at the excellent Duck Worth Wearing in Ames, Iowa, a store we recommend to any parents of younger children in central Iowa.
Holiday attire:
As with the children’s clothes, any items that are rarely worn are good candidates for purchase at consignment shops, and the figurative “Christmas sweater” is a great example of this. There are certain colors that we tend to only wear during the week or two before Christmas and I can usually find great clothing in those colors at consignment shops.
Maternity clothes:
Another example of clothes that are only worn for short periods are maternity clothes, something we’ve learned a lot about over the past five years. My wife has used Me N’ Mommy to Be in Ankeny, Iowa in the past, with good results.
I don’t directly mean full-fledged costumes, but instead elements for more creative costumes. Rather than going out there and buying a prefab “zombie” costume, for example, just head to the used clothes shop and pick up some worn items that you’re fine with ruining. We’re doing this very thing for our children’s Halloween costumes this year.
It’s often easy to come across complete (or nearly complete) silverware sets at secondhand shops. Take it home, clean it thoroughly, and you’ll find yourself with all of the dining utensils you need without much of a bill.
Similar to silverware, dinner plates, saucers, and cups are often easily located at secondhand stores. The set I used in college and before my wedding came from such a secondhand store (we received a really nice set as a gift, so we started using those because we only had about five plates left from the old set).
Small appliances like hand mixers and blenders, plus common tools like spatulas, pots, pans, and rolling pins are often easily found at such shops, particularly items left over from an estate. If you hunt around, you can stock a kitchen quite well from secondhand stores and consignment shops.

Sports equipment:
The Play It Again Sports in Clive, IA is my first stop for most sports equipment. In fact, I plan to take my son there next spring to look for his first “real” baseball glove and first “real” bat for backyard use. In the past, I’ve found soccer balls and other such material there (and at similar stores).
Exercise equipment:
Such stores aren’t just a good source for sports equipment. Exercise and training equipment, like free weights and exercise bands and pedometers, can often be found at secondhand shops. Even bigger items, like treadmills and ellipticals, can easily be found secondhand if you search a bit (they’re equipment that people buy and sometimes never use).
I’m including this separately from exercise equipment because, quite often, there are stores devoted solely to secondhand and refurbished bicycles, particularly in college towns where they buy abandoned or forgotten bicycles from the college, repair them, and sell them at very reasonable rates. BicycleSurplus in Ames, IA is a great example of this, but they themselves have quite a bit of competition.
Video games:
I’m almost exclusively a used video game buyer. I shop at both GameStop and Gamers, both of which buy and sell used video games with a strong return policy, and I’m in the trading club at each store, which gets me a 10% bonus on trade-ins and/or a 10% discount on purchases. Careful trading gets me new games to play for just a few bucks.
Used bookstores abound, providing a great place to pick up books at a very low price and also trade off your already-read books for new reading material. Aside from moments of weakness, the only books I acquire at this point are used ones.
We often pick up toys for our children used, either at consignment shops or at yard sales and the like. A used toy is just as good as an old toy – a toy’s value comes in whether a child plays imaginatively with it. Just take such toys home and wash them carefully before using them (but that’s true of any item bought used).
Hand tools:
Everything from screwdrivers to hammers and drills can be found secondhand if you’re patient and shop around for it. My screwdriver set is a mismatched lot, with many of them coming straight from secondhand shops over the years.
Musical instruments:
Many music stores sell more used instruments than new ones. In fact, they often act as brokers in a way. Go in, tell them what you’re looking for, and wait for a while, and they’ll often come up with a great used version of what you want at a very nice price. I’m waiting for some electronic piano models right now.
Home décor:
The best home decor isn’t stuff bought at the Pottery Barn or at IKEA. It’s used stuff, stuff with character and a bit of wear which reflects your own tastes. The best places to find such things are secondhand shops and consignment stores, where all sorts of interesting things pop up.
Gardening supplies:
Hedge trimmers? W**d trimmers? Hoes? Rakes? All of these things pop up secondhand on a regular basis. Sometimes you’ll find a shovel that needs a bit of work, but when you can pick it up for a buck and it does the job, that’s good enough for me!
Almost all of the furnishings in my home up until about 2003 were secondhand – and we still have several items of secondhand and we still have several items of secondhand furniture in our home. It holds up well, looks good, and does what we ask of it, so why spend a mint on a “perfect” bed for the guest bedroom?
Art supplies
I wouldn’t have believed this myself, but I’m constantly running into brushes, paint sets, and other such items at secondhand shops, perfect for picking up for my children’s art projects. I picked up a 128 count box of crayons that looked as if it had been used once for a quarter a while back, for example. I’ve also found easels and oil-based paint sets, plus countless magazines and such that are perfect for collage work.
So many people are out there going from lease to lease or trading in their new car every four years that there’s always a big pile of late model used cars on the market, often very well maintained and at a strong price. Don’t overlook them when you’re car shopping. (And, yes, a used car dealership is a secondhand store if I’ve ever seen one.)
For every item on this list, the same idea holds true: shop used first, and be a little patient. If you really can’t find anything that meets your needs by buying used, then consider new items. Sticking to that policy will save you a mint.

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Gift Certificates make WONDERFUL STOCKING STUFFERS!! Especially giving them from 5th Ave. Consignment! They get more for their money!!

Photos from 5th Ave. Consignment Boutique's post 12/02/2016

CaN yOu BeLiEvE wE hAvE tHiS
mAnY dEsIgNoR bRaNdS aNd MoRe ?!!

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