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Slinging ink 👕

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Slinging ink 👕


April 1st working.

Region Champs now to State playoffs.

Liking these hoodies!

Still have some work to do but getting close. See y'all June 8th!

First run of tees for a project with Cadillac Jack's My Second Act podcast.

A few we are working on now and one for the Dawgs haters.

Fun little job.

Gearing up for the new school year!

We're baaaack!

Trying something new...

Happy Friday, y'all! It's been a week! Thank you.

One my favorites.

Sow the local VFW some love Y'all!

Very cool!

Long sleeves, hoodies and t-shirt hoodies to keep y'all warm.

Shirts that Papa's Pizza is buying for the TCHS cheer leaders.

Trying to video and print at same time.

Having a little fun last week.

Love that we are a small part of this. Happy Friday y'all!

Making in GOD we trust decals.