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City Of Hiawassee


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Which restaurants will be open Christm as Eve? Thank you in advance f or your answers. Merry Christmas.
We visited Hiawassee Saturday night. We s aw the runaway horse and wanted to kn ow how the young lady was doi ng. We actually have a video we g ot Just before the young lady fe ll off. I wanted to share it he re but I see I can’t.
Recommendations for takeout on Thanksgiving. Tha nk you
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Is there a work session tonig ht?
Has there been any interest in t he Sav-a-Lot location?? Maybe a Walmart Marketpla ce would be a good fit?
Hi , I'm looking for a Rv approv ed lot for sale in Hiawassee wi th mountain views if anyone has anythi ng PLEASE PRIVATE message me with informati on. Thank you !
Who would be interested in week ly Yoga on the Square? Saturday’s fr om 10-11? We could give donations to a loc al cause/charity. We still need to r un this through Mayor Liz 🙏

Georgia's lake and mountain paradise.

Operating as usual


Just stay out of ‘the kitchen ’!!

Pickle ball ... with a view


Don’t miss this event…


Spring is almost here!!! T he thru-hikers are starting to arrive!! The se folks are from Virginia and Louisia na.
Welcome to Hiawassee!!!


Here's our next Art Project.....This o ne goes on the side wall to Ci ty Hall. Great job by Mounta in Graphics!
Coming soon to t he Wall facing Main Street, next to Fami ly Dental.
Getting ready Spring/Summer!


Pick a job opportunity!


Go find the Job Opportunity f or you!!!

Photos from City Of Hiawassee's po st 02/19/2022

Great event this afternoon to celebra te the 27th year of Hiawasssee bei ng a Tree City!
Thanks to Georg ia Forestry, Joan Crothers, Towns County stude nt council, Dr. Tallent and Mrs. Marsha ll for the help!!



Weather alert for Towns County....
Looks li ke burning is not an option!

Photos from City Of Hiawassee's po st 01/27/2022

Go Check out Hiawassee's newest busines s!! Mountain mercantile. Congrats to Ashl ey on this new venture.
Located on Ma in Street next to Hiawassee Brew.
Than ks for choosing us to open yo ur location!


Please use caution!!

January 17, 6:55 Update:

Road conditio ns continue to be treacherous! Ice a nd snow cover nearly all roads. If y ou must travel, please use extreme cauti on!


Good Morning All....Looks like the I ce will not be melting away tod ay. Highs are only 31 degre es at best.
We want to keep our employees a nd customers safe.
Stay Warm and plea se stay home unless you must be o ut.


Latest update for this weekends weather…10 pm tonight through Sunday.
Stay warm a nd safe!!


Latest Updated information from the Nation al Weather Service....


Final reminder....Property/Personal Taxes are due TOD AY, January 14th....State applied Penalties will be assess ed at 6.25% of total due aft er today.

Office Hours - 8:30 to 4PM
Dr op Boxes at front Door of Ci ty Hall and behind City Hall.

Tha nk You!


Looks like Mother Nature is sti ll mad!!
Looks like snow this weeke nd. Saturday night into Sunday.
Stay sa fe!


It's time for the bi-annual Ci ty Landscape bid....If you're interested please subm it your bid to City Hall by WEDNESD AY FEBRUARY 9th 2PM. See b id sheet below.....


Thank you if you have alrea dy paid for your property/Personal Taxes...It's help ed us manage our work load!

If you have not paid yo ur taxes, they are due this FRID AY the 14th!
Late Charges wi ll be applied Monday the 17th!

Just a friend ly reminder!!

If you have already paid f or your property taxes...We THANK YOU..
All Tax es (Property and Personal) are due JANUA RY 14th.

Payments can be ma de:
- In Person at City Hal l
In Drop Boxes located at Ci ty Hall
- On Line Via our Website

Ju st a reminder, lots going on the se days!!


If you have already paid f or your property taxes...We THANK YOU..
All Tax es (Property and Personal) are due JANUA RY 14th.

Payments can be ma de:
- In Person at City Hal l
In Drop Boxes located at Ci ty Hall
- On Line Via our Website

Ju st a reminder, lots going on the se days!!


You will probably be receiving t he form below for AirMedCare Network. T he City pays for local transport with- in City Limits, most likely out of Chatu ge Regional. There is an opti on for an additional $35 to cov er services outside City limits and Nationwi de for $35 a year. T he normal price is $65 but sin ce the City has a contract wi th AMCN the cost to you is $ 35 ANNUAL.


Mother Nature is not very hap py with us!! Another weather situation th is afternoon into tomorrow.
Stay safe!!!


If you have already paid f or your property taxes...We THANK YOU..
All Tax es (Property and Personal) are due JANUA RY 14th.

Payments can be ma de:
- In Person at City Hal l
In Drop Boxes located at Ci ty Hall
- On Line Via our Website

Ju st a reminder, lots going on the se days!!

Photos from City Of Hiawassee's po st 01/03/2022

Beautiful morning with perfect snow!!
On the trees and grass and n ot so much on the roads!


Another winter storm watch for tonight-tomorr ow morning.
Stay safe!


All the very best in 2022 fr om Georgia’s Lake and Mountain Paradise!!
St ay safe… stormy weather!


Reminder....Business Licenses were due 12-15, penalti es will be applied 1-1-2022. Plea se make your payment TODAY. Ci ty Hall will be closed Friday Decemb er 31st.
All the Very best in 2022 !!!


Stay Safe.....

Weather Alert: ⛈ An approaching co ld front will bring a chance of stro ng to severe thunderstorms to the Servi ce Territory this afternoon and tonight. Aft er periods of rain this morning, conditio ns should improve mid-day before some strong er storms approach from the west th is afternoon and into the overnight. Stor ms that develop could produce strong gus ty winds, heavy rainfall, some hail, a nd perhaps an isolated tornado. For updat es on the severe weather threat, che ck official sources such as the Nation al Weather Service throughout the day, ha ve multiple ways of receiving severe weath er alerts, and be prepared to ta ke shelter if a tornado warning is issu ed. Power outages will be possible tod ay, so be sure to keep phon es charged up, and watch our outa ge map at


Good News continues in Towns County...Congra ts to the Joint Development Authority on creati ng new opportunities at the Industrial Pa rk!


Georgia Mountain Pickleball Club helps Tow ns County children pay for athletic expenses

T he Georgia Mountain Pickleball Club has designat ed $2,000 to start a fund to he lp pay athletic expenses for children in Tow ns County unable to afford those expens es. Expenses can be for registrati on fees, uniforms, equipment or travel cos ts to tournaments. A volunteer committ ee has been created to oversee approv al of requested expenses. This committ ee consists of Sara Rogers, Tammy Cok er and Mary Lynn Miller representing t he Georgia Mountain Pickleball Club. Th is committee is working with the scho ol Athletic Director, the Parks and Recreati on Director and the Executive Director of Fami ly Connections at the school.

T he Georgia Mountain Pickleball Club raised the se funds by conducting an annual pickleba ll tournament. The club expects to contin ue to make contributions to this fu nd as monies are available and as reques ts are made. It is t he purpose of the club to suppo rt pickleball and other sports in Tow ns County. The Georgia Mountain Pickleba ll Club of Hiawassee appreciates the suppo rt of Towns County in building a nd maintaining the pickleball complex and wi ll continue to give back to Tow ns County in various ways.




F or Immediate Release Contact: Denise McKay 706-896-2202
Decemb er 16, 2021

(HIAWASSEE) The City of Hiawass ee is pleased to announce it h as received an early Christmas present – A HOU SE, located at 115 River Street. Th is generous donation was anonymously gifted to t he city for the purposes of downto wn development in memory and honor of Garla nd and Zuria Shook.

In a speci al called meeting of the Hiawassee Ci ty Council on December 14, 2021, at 6: 00 PM the City authorized Mayor L iz Ordiales to enter into a contractu al agreement with the owner, and f or legal purposes, to purchase the proper ty for $10 well below market value.

“The City is surprised and elat ed to receive this very generous bequest ,” said Mayor Liz Ordiales. “Out of respe ct for the owner’s desire to rema in unidentified, we attempted to honor the ir wishes, but regretfully other sources ha ve marred our ability to so.”

At t he same meeting the City Council authoriz ed an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Ci ty and the Hiawassee Downtown Development Authori ty (DDA) to manage the property f or fifty years. “We are astonish ed by this generous gift and opportunity ,” exclaimed DDA Chairperson, Steve Harper. T he DDA is exploring the best us es of this house for the benef it the community. Watch for future updates.

Honore es Garland and Zuria were lifelong residen ts of Towns County and were marri ed for 47 years. To the ir six children and 14 grandchildren, th ey passed down their devotion to G od, family, and service. This hou se, The Garland and Zuria Shook Hou se, stands as a testament to the ir love and their enduring legacy. T he City and DDA will do everythi ng possible to honor and maintain the ir legacy.

This joint venture is part of t he continuing efforts of the City a nd the DDA to create a vibra nt and walkable downtown for the communi ty to enjoy.


Photos from City Of Hiawassee's po st 12/11/2021

Congratulations to the Ledfords for bringi ng our iconic restaurant back to li fe. Welcome Daniel’s United Table!
N ew look, great food, awesome company.
Tha nk you and welcome to our newe st restaurant. DDA ribbon cutting this morni ng.

Photos from City Of Hiawassee's po st 12/10/2021

Here's some Santa Pictures from la st Weekends Light Up Hiawassee. Gre at Fun. Thanks to the Historic al Society for allowing us to u se the Old Rock Jail, it w as beautiful!

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