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We sell guns , ammo and fi****ms accessories As an avid fi****ms enthusiast why not do what you love and start selling. If you love what you do its not work.

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Today is a very special post. First and foremost I would like to send a big thank you to Janna Reeves and Travis Tomasie, These two competition Champions will take the time to talk to a nobody like me. Both of them offer help, answer questions and give you advise. Travis is the pro shooter at Masterpiece Arms, and Janna Reeves a 3 gun champion.
I received my New Masterpiece DS9 Yesterday, and let me tell you it is a true masterpiece.
I will post a update once I get a chance to shoot it.


I guess that Facebook doesn’t like guns so they are taking down posts. If anyone has any ideas where we can post and not get told we can’t post firearms and other things please let me know. Thank you all for your ongoing support.

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We have reached another milestone with 3000 likes. I truly appreciate each and everyone that supports Fortitude Firearms Inc.
And this pictures are for a Barrett M107A1 not for sale it is a customers Rifle he is been trying to get one and we were able to hunt one down for him.
Thank you again for the support

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Today we have 3 new AR15's from Spec Arms. they will not last to long so if you are interested call 706-896-5000


We Just Got a Shipment of 9MM ammo.
It will not last long so please call now and reserve it is for local pickup only can not ship.
I have preorders to fill first but if you need some call ASAP. Half was pre sold. There are about 15 cases for sale right now.


Fortitude Firearms will offer firearms cleaning classes. If you like to book or get more information please call 706-896-5000.
As we all know most people don't remove most parts in a firearm and that can lead to malfunction of that weapon. if you like to learn more about how to disassemble your pistol or rifle and reassemble it clean and lubed please call. it is important to have a weapon you can always count on when its most important to save a life.

Fortitude Firearms Inc. updated their phone number. 01/30/2021

Fortitude Firearms Inc. updated their phone number.

Fortitude Firearms Inc. updated their phone number.

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At fortitude Firearms Inc. you can now buy your protection, We are selling Safelife Defense Body Armor.
Just stop by or give us a call we will get you sized and get you the protection you need. Safelife Defense Concealable or Tactical level iiia+, level 4 Plate and tactical belt. Now available call 706-896-5000

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Fortitude is now a Spec Arms dealer.
as we all know AR15's are not all build the same. After reviewing and testing a lot of AR15's we are very pleased with how Spec Arms is doing business, not only do they build a top of the line AR they are a great company to deal with. they make most of their components in house. it is not only a great looking rifle but also a great shooting and handling weapon. If you are interested please call us we are taking orders as well as stock them in our store.


We just were able to secure some 9mm ammo. if you are local, since i can not ship ammo , i would be happy to speak to you about it. you can call and preorder and secure ammo i will take a downpayment and put you on the list. delivery is scheduled for mid January at this time. so please if you like to secure it call us and we would be happy to assist you with that.
Thank you very much.


For all John Wick Fans. we just picked up Th H&K P30L with the Compensator And it looks Identical to the Firearm used in the Movie. We also have the Microtech UTX 70 Spartan with it.
If anyone is interested Call At 706-896-5000.
Being what it is i don't think it will be here long.

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Today We have some 9mm ammo 45 app 38 special and 357 magnum ammo available.
Please stop in it won't last long as you know.

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Today I would like to tell you about the best Holster Maker that i ever found. Eric Hopp Owner of Hopp Custom Leather.
I been wearing his belt and custom Iwb and owb Holster for over 7 Years and it is still the same as the day i bought them. Eric is a perfectionist he will not send it out unless he is happy with the finished Product. You will see a New holster he just made for me in the pics below. but best of all Next year i should be stocking a few holsters in the store.
Leather is my preference over kydex, leather will break in over time and form to your body, Kydex will always be hard and will beat up your firearm over time. So if you get a chance go to hopp custom leather either on facebook ,instagram or his website. you will love his products and you may find yourself ordering from him today.

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Fortitude Firearms Inc. is now selling Steel Targets. Best steel we found is XSteel Targets. we have 6,8,10,12 inch and mini ipsc torso all in 3/8 inch thick. iff you need info please call us at 706-896-5000

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Fix It Sticks are now Available at Fortitude Firearms Inc.
I Have used a number of gun smithing tools but after i discovered Fix it Sticks they are bar none the best tool kit i can find. they Now go everywhere i go and with all the attachments the works kit is the one to get. You will have AR tools, Glock , 1911 and a either all in one or multiple torque wrench. Best of all it is in a compact carry case that will fit in any orange bag.
For more information contact us anytime.
I try to only sell products that I believe in and use.

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Fortitude is proud to announce that at our new location we carry a full line of accessories. We offer Breakthrough clean products endorsed by Max Michel team captain of Sig Sauer's shooting Team, as well as JJ Racaza and many other champion shooters.
If you like information or may need some product just call or message us at Fortitude Firearms Inc.


Today we finally got the sign up on the store. we moved to our new location August 1st. better bigger and of course more inventory. We will start posting New Arrivals soon. We all know that right now it is hard to get Firearms or Ammo but we keep trying. Thank you all for your ongoing Support.


I will Never understand why people will give you a bad review, say that someone is rude and condescending. At the same time most Folks will not take the time to write a good review if you been helpful and nice.
I have a lot of customers that are extremely satisfied with the way i do business, they know i will go out of my way to help and even do things for free.
Why is it that an unsatisfied person will take the time to write a bad Review and try to say bad things about a business just because they are not satisfied with that purchase or think they were not treaded the way they think they should have been.
I know that that is the way it is but will never understand it.


Fortitude Firearms Inc. is proud to announce we are a Rise Armament dealer


If you have not heard of rise armament please check it out. they have one of the best and affordable triggers as well as BCG.
We just ordered ar15's in 556/with 223 Wylde barrels,

.223 Wylde chambered — Accurate with both .223 and 5.56 ammunition

›› Advanced flash hider — Developed specifically for the Watchman, the four-prong flash hider ensures flash
minimization in low-light environments to avoid affecting the user’s night vision capabilities. Additionally, the
annoying ringing that’s typical with this type of flash hiders was engineered to be nearly nonexistent.

›› CB-160 barrel — With superior accuracy and proprietary weight reduction, this barrel is a favorite among top
competitive shooters. The 416R stainless steel barrel shoots sub MOA with most factory ammo, and many shooters
regularly record hits out to 600 yards with heavier, duty-type ammo. It has a 1:7 twist, ½ x 28 threads, and mid-length
gas system for more manageable recoil. Comes standard in 16” or 11.5” barrel lengths.

›› LE handguard — The 13.5-inch handguard has a continuous 12 o’clock top rail, MLOK slots for attachments, a slim
profile for comfort, and skeletonized design for weight reduction.

›› Forged upper and lower receiver set with a classic appearance

›› LE145 Tactical Trigger — Designed for peak performance in high-adrenaline situations, it features a crisp, balanced
break and 4.5-pound pull.

›› Premium black nitride-coated bolt carrier group for dependability and smoother shooting

›› Ambidextrous safety — The ambi safety features a long throw or short throw, along with interchangeable paddles,
so an agency’s gunsmith can tailor the safety selector to the shooter’s preference or department policy.
››Magpul pistol grip and CTR stock
›› Includes one magazine. Iron sights and/or a Vortex Crossfire red dot sight are available as a budget-friendly add-on.

›› Backed by RISE Armament’s lifetime manufacturing warranty
An out-of-the-box, duty-ready workhorse
RISE ARMAMENT | PRODUCT Name : Watchman | AR-15

Motivated by the July 7, 2016, Dallas police ambush, RISE Armament set out to ensure that no police officer is outgunned
by a criminal. We made it our mission to develop a supremely accurate, highly dependable rifle that’s affordable on a law
enforcement budget. The Watchman is that rifle.
RISE Armament developed the rifle with input from SWAT/SOT/SRT officers, beat cops, military snipers, competitive
shooters, and firearms instructors to ensure it combined the best in functionality, accuracy, dependability, and
affordability. From a squad car to an entry team, it’s duty ready right out of the box.

WEIGHT 6 lbs., 8 oz.
CHAMBER .223 Wylde
100% Made in the USA


This was down in Florida having fun.
we did 12 plates with a transision.
My best time was not terrible but a little slow.
12.72 sec. will do it faster next time.
hope you like the video more to come. once the weather gets better. thank you to all.


New logo

Fortitude Firearms Inc. updated their website address. 09/23/2019

Fortitude Firearms Inc. updated their website address.

Fortitude Firearms Inc. updated their website address.


Masterpiece Arms PMR

New to Fortitude Firearms Inc.
The Masterpiece Arms PMR in 6.5 Creedmoor.
If you are ready to get one we will ship it out. Please call for details.


I never posted any videos so here are my first few attempts.please let me know what you think. Thank you

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My New Rig for the X5 from Double Alpha Academy. If you need quality Equipment that is the way to go, i love that quality and functionality work hand in hand with Double Alpha Academy. i don't sell there stuff but am a customer and do recommend them for any one needing highest quality competition equipment . Give them a look. The Holster is a creation by 5 Star Tactical, located in Naples Florida. Anthony makes high Quality Holsters, fast and exactly what you ask for ,great communication and understands your needs. He believes in if its not right its not going to ship, he does great work and is a great guy.


I would like to thank all you fine Firearm loving people for liking my Page.You folks are great people and we need all the support we can get. if you have any Questions or just want to talk about Firearms call or message me please, If i don't have an answer for your question i will do all i can to get the answer as fast as possible. i hope to reach 1000 likes very soon and again thank you all for liking my page i will try to post as i get new merchandise soon. don't forget to call and get your sig firearms or sights now, only have one of each in stock. 706-896-5000

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In Stock now the Glock 19x. if you know it and you are a Glock person you want this, the reviews on this firearm are great. This is the firearm introduced at the Military Trials. Look it up and you will be surprised how much better this is than a Glock 19 or 17. if you want it just pick up the Phone and call, 706-896-5000. We are ready for you to purchase today.

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Also available is the Romeo1 sig electro optic with 6 MOA Dot. after speaking with Sig Sauer yesterday the 6 MOA will not be available again until February 2018. we have one right now ready for you now. If you wait they will be sold out everywhere ant you may have to wait. call now get yours today 706-896-5000. it will be great on the p 320 X5, i have one set up on my new x5 and love it. order the firearm and sight now.

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Another Hard to get item is the Sig P320 X5. also in stock at Fortitude Firearms Inc. introduced in 2017 at Shot show, but as always it was not available until this year. Distributors are out again so if you have the desire to own a fine Firearm that comes with: 4 21 round magazine, a 5 inch bull barrel mag well, lightning cuts on slide,straight blade trigger breaking at 90 degrees and many more features.
Now is the time to call, 706-896-5000 get yours today.

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