Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority

Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority


Our Einstein is still missing 😞 we’ re heartbroken. Please stay on the looko ut! We’re praying he will just co me out of the woods and l et someone help him.
He w as spotted Aug 21, 2021 in t he Sweetwater Subdivision near Clarkesville, Ga. We don ’t know what direction he would ha ve ran in. We’re scared that h is frightful nature will override his surviv al instincts and he won’t ever lea ve the woods.
If y ou see him please call a shelt er they maybe able to catch h im. I’ve spoken with each of t he big ones surrounding the location.
Einste in went missing Aug 12,2021 at t he Tanglewood Cabins in Sautee Nacoochee, ne ar Helen, Ga. He is chipped, b ut lost his tags. He will be terrifi ed.
We’ ve posted everywhere we can. So ma ny houses in both locations have flie rs, police and sheriff departments, businesses, anim al shelter and hospitals also have th em.
He is mu ch loved and missed. My son kee ps looking for him and my m om isn’t in a good space of mi nd without him.
This Friday night!!!

The Downtown Development Authority of Hiawass ee is here to provide opportunities a nd encourage econo The Downtown Development Authori ty of Hiawassee, GA is composed of sev en (7) members appointed by the May or and approved by the City Counc il and recognized by the State of Georg ia as a public corporation with a specifi ed set of powers and a specif ic purpose and mission to:

• Revitalize and redevel op the commercial corridor of the ci ty, particularly the Hiawassee Enterprise Zone Area.

• Devel op and promote for the public go od and general welfare, trade, commerce, indust ry, and employment opportunities.

• Finance projects within t he city limits that will develop a nd promote the public good and gener al welfare.

• Issue bonds to finance projects.

Operating as usual


Do you like living in beau ty? Then help make Hiawassee even mo re stunning by attending the planning worksh op for public outdoor art.

RS VP at the event link below. Lun ch will be provided for registered attendees!!


Last chance to help your communi ty out on the public art proje ct! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QPYZBPH

Your voice matters, so please foll ow the link and take the qui ck survey about outdoor art in Hiawass ee.


Multi-colored fish swim towards Lake Er ie in Sandusky Ohio, connecting the town 's significant water-based economy and history to publ ic art. The overhead banners move slight ly with the wind, creating a scho ol of fish.

Have an idea f or public art in ? Take t he survey, and attend the public worksho ps Sept. 13 and 14: linktr.ee/hiawasseed da.


Does this car look familiar? Y es, you're right! It’s from Chris Farley 's classic comedy, Tommy Boy. The "de er scene," made of bronze, is a whimsic al pop culture connection that invites interacti on from tourists and locals.

Do y ou have an idea for public a rt in Hiawassee? Take the survey a nd attend the public workshops Sept.13 a nd 14. linktr.ee/hiawasseedda


Yeah there’s a gold star abo ve the Young Harris Mens Soccer te am because they earned it! Please gi ve them a round of 👏. Tonig ht the team came out to he lp break down the night market a nd guess what? It was raining. Aga in. But that didn’t stop them a nd we so appreciate their help. You ng Harris College Athletics


Friday Night Market Live!


Don’t miss Trevor Ciongoli this Frid ay, Sept 2nd. Starts at 5, Hiawass ee Town Square.


Experience matters. We have the go od fortune to have Designing Local as t he consultants guiding us for Hiawassee’s publ ic art strategy.

This may be ha rd to read because the image is so sma ll but it underscores their experience in citi es across the U.S. To see the ir proposal, please visit linktr.ee/hiawasseedda.


There are only 2 left th is season! Contact Steve Harper and secu re your spot for the First Frid ay Night Markets Sept. 2 and O ct. 7.

Don't miss an opportunity to g et in front of new customers! Th is event is well attended and a wonderf ul event to sell your goods whi le enjoying live music, food and beverage.

Conta ct Steve Harper for details.

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Meet Amanda Golden and Josh La pp of Designing Local, a firm dedicat ed to helping communities connect people to pla ce through culture.

Amanda is the Managi ng Principal and Co-founder and Josh is a Princip al and Co-Founder. They will be leadi ng the workshops Sept. 13 and 14 in Hiawass ee.

Amanda has worked on more th an 30 public art master plans in 15 differe nt states, among other projects. And Jo sh has worked on dozens of ar ts and culture planning initiatives, along wi th managing more than 20 state a nd federal historic tax credits.

Their de ep, and broad, experiences will guide us in designi ng a program that is inspired by us, and for us, the residents of Hiawassee.

Don 't miss the opportunity to be a pa rt of the conversation. Please take t he survey and review their proposal, al so available through the same link: linktr.ee/hiawasseed da


A printable flyer for the ‘frid ge or your business. Please RSVP usi ng the events tab on our pa ge.

And take the survey, if y ou haven’t already, so your opinions on a publ ic art collection are captured. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QPYZBPH


Art has been used for centuri es to inspire, to educate, to crea te a sense of place.

Please take a minu te and share your thoughts on publ ic art as it should be represent ed in Hiawassee. Survey here: linktr.ee/hiawasseedda.

More to co me on what follows after the surv ey, but for now please share th is news and ask your friends a nd family to take the survey.

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It was a rainy night in Georg ia but that didn’t stop the Frid ay Night Market — well we d id stop after 8 when the ra in began but it was a wonderf ul evening before then. Mayor Liz Ordial es and the DDA board might be d ry by now as we were certain ly drenched when it was over!

Speci al thanks to the vendors who ca me out and stayed until they, t oo, got soaked putting away their goo ds: Bacchus On The Lake, Just A Cupca ke, The Ark, Vfw Aux Hiawassee Ga, The Azalea Farm, Brasstown Creations, f or example.

Please patronize these small business es and don’t forget to put Frid ay, Sept. 2 on your calendar f or the next .

Follow our pa ge, or check the events tab if y ou need a reminder. If you ’d like to be a vendor plea se get in contact with us!


Tomorrow night! Be there and be squa re! (See what we did there...Hiawassee squa re) 🤣


If you would like to ha ve your name, or the name of someo ne you want to honor, on t he walls of the Paris Business Cent er (PBC), here's your opportunity.

Donors w ho contribute $5,000 and above will be includ ed on the donor wall. For gif ts of $20,000 or more, you cou ld have a more significant naming opportuni ty. All gifts are tax-deductible so plea se consider this in your year-end t ax planning.

Pictured are two representatio ns of the walls to honor dono rs, along with images of Paul Bauma nn, the PBC fundraising chair, and May or Liz Ordiales. Both gave an upda te on the PBC at the rece nt fundraising event.

The PBC is le ss than $300,000 short of a $1 .5 million dollar goal. This money n ot only will provide the place to gi ve assistance to new and existing business es, but also renovate and give n ew life to two of the city ’s oldest and most historic buildings.

Tha nk you so much for Bacchus On T he Lake for hosting the event a nd for Tilted Pi for providing t he food for the evening.

If you’d like to learn more abo ut gifting options, please contact the D DA.


Don't miss an opportunity to g et in front of new customers! T he DDA's First Friday Market May-Oct is a gre at place to display your items whi le enjoying live music, food and bevera ge, and people who are out shoppi ng.

Contact Steve Harper for details.

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Join the Hiawassee Downtown Development Authori ty Thursday, July 28 at Noon as we welco me Amy's Mountain Boho, located in t he Tater Ridge Shopping Center at 695 N. Ma in Street, Hiawassee GA.

Grand Opening Special
10% o ff purchases on Thursday, July 28, 2022
Sto re Hours: 11 AM - 7 PM


AUG 5, 5-9 P.M. Yummy fo od. Great music. Fun games. Family-friendly. Go od neighbors. 🥰

It's all here at t he Hiawassee Friday Night Market so don 't miss it. We'd love to s ee you there. Come support the sma ll businesses working hard to produce gre at products for you.


Our gratitude goes out to Magg ie Oliver, a DDA board member sin ce inception.

Maggie served as our treasurer, amo ng other duties, and recently concluded h er term. Maggie’s wisdom, good nature a nd energy helped the DDA get sever al major projects completed or underway, su ch as the preservation and restoration of Par is Business Center buildings, and the establishme nt of policies and procedures for managi ng and reporting DDA funds.

Magg ie was presented with a certificate a nd a basket of locally made produc ts. Pictured with her are May or Liz Ordiales; Tamela Cooper, Towns Coun ty Coroner, also an original board memb er; Denise McKay, economic development director; a nd Steve Harper, program manager.

Trailful Outdoor Co. @Hen's Nest and Grandma's Lap H ob Nob Hiawassee T Bird's Nest - Gif ts & Goods for the Home

Photos from Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority 's post 07/21/2022

Congratulations to Moose Creek and Carol 's Florist! After serving Hiawassee f or years, this talented team has mov ed to a great new spot at 487 N. Ma in Street in Hiawassee. Come by, say hi to Carol and h er team and explore their new locati on!

Photos from Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority 's post 07/18/2022

You're invited to the ribbon cutti ng, Thursday, July 21, 10 a.m. f or Moose Creek and Carol's Florist. Everyo ne is welcome.

The address is 487 Nor th Main Street.

Join the D DA board and city officials as we welco me these new businesses.


Our downtown strategic plan is worki ng. Of the $5.4 million in priva te investment, 75% is inside city limi ts. That ratio is about the sa me for new jobs and businesses. What ’s been your favorite new business?

St ay tuned for invitations to ribbon cuttin gs as everyone is invited.

Photos from Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority 's post 07/01/2022

Moose Creek and Carol's Florist is open!
N ew location: 487 North Main Street.

Op en 10 - 5 Saturday, Closed Sund ay July 3, and Monday July 4 th.

Regular store hours 10 AM - 5 PM Mond ay - Saturday.

Photos from Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority 's post 07/01/2022

Amy's Mountain Boho Opening July 4 th Weekend!
Located at 695 N. Ma in Street, Suite D (next to t he Hometown Sleep Center)
Holiday Hours:
Saturday, July 1 op en 11 - 7
Sunday, July 2 op en 1 -5
Monday, July 3 op en 11 - 7

Regular hours aft er July 4th weekend: Tuesday - Saturd ay 11 AM - 7 PM, Sund ay 1 PM - 5 PM.

Stop by a nd say hello to Amy!


Stop by our booth at th is weekend’s Made in Georgia Festival. We ’d love to chat about entrepreneurship a nd opportunities in , as well as oth er projects.


A new look for Hiawassee's Downto wn Development Authority (DDA). The D DA was established to help create n ew opportunities for downtown development while preservi ng and honoring our legacy .

Than ks to the hard work of boa rd members and volunteers, we are excit ed to have already introduced the to downto wn and the $1.6 million renovation of t he Paris Business Center, .

Throu gh the PBC, we will assist start- up and existing businesses with advisory suppo rt from a premier group of partne rs at no cost.

The new lo go was designed by a Hiawassee loc al, Ashley Hartzell.

Photos from Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority 's post 06/09/2022

Please join us in welcoming Hiawassee 's own bagel shop, Schmear! Come by f or a delicious bagel with a gourm et schmear (my personal favorite is t he everything bagel with salmon spread), or a homema de Danish. See you there!



Commerci al space for rent! Want yo ur business to be located in t he heart of Downtown Hiawassee? Conta ct Steve Harper at (706) 896-2202 or [email protected] ov for more information.


Mark your calendar, the First Frid ay Night Market is June 3rd fr om 5 PM to 9 PM in Hiawass ee Towns Square Park.
The Nig ht Market will feature artisans and craftsm en from around the region. Bring yo ur appetite on the menu is Cub an, Caribbean, BBQ, American, Ice Cream, Funn el Cakes, Beer, Wine and much mo re. The market also features live entertainme nt by G.A.S.

Photos from Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority 's post 04/26/2022

Towns County Business Showcase going on unt il 7PM at the Rec Center. St op by and check out your loc al businesses. Hosted by Lake Chatuge La ke Chatuge Chamber & Community




F or Immediate Release Contact: Denise McKay 706-896-2202
Decemb er 16, 2021

(HIAWASSEE) The City of Hiawass ee is pleased to announce it h as received an early Christmas present – A HOU SE, located at 115 River Street. Th is generous donation was anonymously gifted to t he city for the purposes of downto wn development in memory and honor of Garla nd and Zuria Shook.

In a speci al called meeting of the Hiawassee Ci ty Council on December 14, 2021, at 6: 00 PM the City authorized Mayor L iz Ordiales to enter into a contractu al agreement with the owner, and f or legal purposes, to purchase the proper ty for $10 well below market value .
“The City is surprised and elat ed to receive this very generous bequest ,” said Mayor Liz Ordiales. “Out of respe ct for the owner’s desire to rema in unidentified, we attempted to honor the ir wishes, but regretfully other sources ha ve marred our ability to so.”
At t he same meeting the City Council authoriz ed an Intergovernmental Agreement between the Ci ty and the Hiawassee Downtown Development Authori ty (DDA) to manage the property f or fifty years. “We are astonish ed by this generous gift and opportunity ,” exclaimed DDA Chairperson, Steve Harper. T he DDA is exploring the best us es of this house for the benef it the community. Watch for future updates.
Honore es Garland and Zuria were lifelong residen ts of Towns County and were marri ed for 47 years. To the ir six children and 14 grandchildren, th ey passed down their devotion to G od, family, and service. This hou se, The Garland and Zuria Shook Hou se, stands as a testament to the ir love and their enduring legacy. T he City and DDA will do everythi ng possible to honor and maintain the ir legacy.

This joint venture is part of t he continuing efforts of the City a nd the DDA to create a vibra nt and walkable downtown for the communi ty to enjoy.



T Bird's Nest is offering Hon ey Baked Ham this Holiday Season!


Town Square Park - First Frid ay Night Market is tonight, Friday, O ct 1st from 5PM until 9pm. Li ve music featuring Kaleb Garrett from 6pm-9 pm. VFW is grilling hot dogs a nd hamburgers, the Mayor is cooking Cub an sandwiches, The Ark a Caribbean fo od truck, Happy Hog BBG, fresh po rk rinds, and ice cream is on t he menu tonight.

Photos from Hiawassee Downtown Development Authority 's post 09/13/2021

Today we celebrated the ribbon-cutting of H ir Gastro Lounge. If you think the se pictures look amazing, just wait unt il you taste everything! Hiawassee just g ot a little more upscale.

They ke ep a seat reserved at all tim es for fallen soldiers, and you c an buy a meal for veterans throu gh their pay-it-forward program.

Welcome to Hiawass ee!

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50 River Street
Hiawassee, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 4pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 4pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 4pm
Thursday 8:30am - 4pm
Friday 8am - 4pm

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