Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite A Whiskered Accomplice

Each petal of the four-leaf clover stands for something; faith, hope, love, and luck. It requires all of these to survive Brenna, an adventurous Bengal. 04/03/2019

Tasty Tuesdays: Favorite Recipes in March | Creative K Kids

Guess who's recipe was the most clicked on recipe last week??? Make sure to check out our recipe for One-Pot Fennel & Stout Beef Meatball Stew!!! Here are all the favorite recipes linked up to March's Tasty Tuesday parties. Come link up your food posts to have a chance at being featured next month! 08/31/2018

This Is How We Roll Link Party #180 - Organized 31

And even more love! Our Olive & Feta Cheese Ham Biscuits are being featured on This Is How We Roll Thursdays! Whoo Hoo! Happy Thursday and Welcome to This is How We Roll link party!   We appreciate that you’re here to inspire and be inspired. Be on the look out for our #ThisIsHowWeRoll hashtag and please feel free to use it when you share about the party. Each featured post will be shared on the host’s Pinteres...


Taste of Home

Check out this great how-to video Taste of Home magazine made for Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck's Corned Beef Pizza Swirls!

You won't want to wait for St. Patrick's Day to enjoy this Reuben appetizer!
> Get the recipe for Corned Beef Pizza Swirls: 07/30/2017

August 2017 Monthly Meal Plan – Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite a Whiskered Accomplice

Quick weeknight and breakfast recipes to help you and your kids make it back to the head of the class!!! Now that summer is almost over, here are a few quick breakfast and weeknight meals to help you and your kids get ready for back to school season.


Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite A Whiskered Accomplice


Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite A Whiskered Accomplice's cover photo


Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite A Whiskered Accomplice 04/29/2016

Drunken Thai Peanut Hummus There are moments in life when things get away from even the best of us. Usually by the time we get around to dealing with these little forgotten gems, we 04/27/2016

Cherry Don’t Blinks Happy Wednesday y'all. We've finally made it to the hump, and before you know it Friday will be upon us, but for now it's still Wednesday, which means that 04/26/2016

Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Bio In an attempt to grow, spread my wings and fly, put myself out there in this big ol' world, and crap like that; I have to sit down and do many of the things I s 04/22/2016

Please Pick My Mommy #LuvSoFab Hey everyone. I'm Brenna, Mommy's favorite little kitty cat. SoFabU is hitting the road, and I NEED Mommy to go along for the ride. Most of you have no 04/21/2016

Inside-Out Ho Hos Lava Bundt Cake – #BundtBakers This 'Retro Desserts Recreated as Bundts' themed cake, is yet another example of how things can go wrong in the kitchen, leaving me to deal with the mess th 04/19/2016

Help??? Please??? We Need a Bio! I know many of y'all out there follow along silently, but this is the time to speak up and let your voices be heard. Darn it, I need your input. Hell, we 04/18/2016

Crockpot Rice Chex Mix This is yet another one of those crockpot recipes that you could easily make in an oven, in about 1/4 of the time, but where's the fun in that? Plus it's Cr 04/15/2016

Grilled Chimichurri Whole Shrimp – #FishFridayFoodies So here's the thing. I'm a wimp when it comes to seafood, especially when it comes to looking into a dead shrimp's cold glassy eyes. Unfortunately for me, 04/14/2016

Crockpot Monday Link-Up Party #2 Update It's kind of beginning to feel like a party around here. Sort of. Two fellow bloggers have joined the Crockpot Monday Link-Up Party this week so far. I'm su 04/11/2016

Make-Ahead Apricot Party Crockpot Meatballs Preparing for a party is always a pain in the tuckus. First you have to plan the perfect party, which sounds easy, but is pretty much impossible. It's hard


Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck Survive Despite A Whiskered Accomplice's cover photo 04/08/2016

Instagram – #kingarthurflour So apparently this is my week on Instagram. Have you started following me there yet? If not, you're missing out. Yesterday I noticed that I had a lot of 04/06/2016

Instagram – #yesHellmanns As if I didn't already love Hellmann's Mayonnaise enough, they had to go and make my head, heart, and feet do a little dance this week when they commented 04/04/2016

Maple Sugar Crockpot Corned Beef I'm still living in a corned beef dreamland. Y'all have heard me talk over and over again about my never-ending love for brisket, and I'm afraid that once a 04/02/2016

Good Morning Cupcake Each petal of the four-leaf clover stands for something; faith, hope, love, and luck. It requires all of these to survive Lady Brenna of Fairfax, an adventurous Bengal cat with a very unyielding personality.Read More... 04/01/2016

DYO Vanilla Irish Brown Butter Cupcakes It's time for DYO cupcakes. I sense that most of you out there are scratching your heads, perhaps pondering if sleepless nights due to Brenna's howling have 03/28/2016

Crockpot Egg Salad with Capers How many eggs do you currently have stinking up your refrigerator? Maybe you never actually managed to find the time to hard-boil or decorate the few dozen 03/26/2016

Coconut Brownie Nests Whoever scheduled Easter this year royally screwed up. Sure the flowers are beginning to actively bloom and the days are becoming warmer, but it's not even 03/25/2016

Crockpot Hard-Boiled Eggs Let me just decisively say right now, that as much I am embracing the many creative uses you can find for a crockpot thanks to Crockpot Monday, I feel like 03/23/2016

Egg Rolls Are Coming Soon This is a look into your future. Do you like what you see? I sure do hope so, because I spent last Saturday afternoon taking an egg roll making class with 03/21/2016

Overnight Crockpot Cinnamon Strawberry Oatmeal Winter's back, and I'm genuinely annoyed. Instead of enjoying time grilling out on the deck, while admiring my newly planted flowers, I am hibernating insi 03/18/2016

Lemony Mayonnaise Cod, Shrimp, and Asparagus Parchment Paper Wrapped Bundles – #FishFridayFoodies I never thought I would be the girl who bought pre-cut parchment paper. Guess what? I'm that girl. I've learned that in the kitchen, short cuts are not to b 03/17/2016

Golden Tropical Coconut Bundt Cake Are you ready to take a tropical vacation? I hope so, because that's the theme for BundtBakers this month. Thank goodness, because I think we can all use a 03/16/2016

Taste of Home Recipe Star Drum roll please. Toot your horns, shake your maracas, strum your guitars, and then blow your recorders like you're a 1st grader who has just finished eatin 03/15/2016

Virginia Bloggers Instagram Takeover Holy schnitzel is this going to be a mind-blowing week; I hope you can handle all of the excitement, because I have so much to share with you. The fun be 03/14/2016

Corned Beef Hash Rustic Pie Happy National Pi Day; let's have some pie to celebrate. You'll have to forget the fruit-filled kind this time though, because it's St. Patrick's Day week, 03/11/2016

Pot O’ Gold Butterscotch Carmelitas Raise your hand if you're excited that St. Patrick's Day is almost here. You better have your hand raised. Don't make me come find your non-green-wearing-as 03/08/2016

Why You Are Not Allowed to Complain About My Cat – SheKnows I wrote a post that is being featured this week on, and for once it's not a recipe. Surprise, surprise, surprise. This featured post is all ab



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