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Whether you're looking for personalized handmade gifts for a birthday, anniversary or a wedding, you Take a look around.

If you're looking for personalized handcrafted gifts for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, teacher appreciation or even a little something for yourself, you've come to the right place. Let me know if you find anything you'd like made for you. I have many fonts to choose from and if your gift is made with vinyl there are a number of colors as well.

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 07/27/2022

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas! With the 90+ degree temps, I’m having a hard time thinking about the upcoming holidays. So grateful that my clients are more organized than I am!

How about you, when do you start planning for the holidays? 🎄❤️🎄💚

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Happy 4th of July from our family and two firecrackers! Be safe and enjoy every memory.


Welcome July…..Here’s to a new month, new dreams, and a fresh start!

July is filled with summer plans for many, whether trips to the beach, the mountains, or camping in our own backyard. Don’t forget the sunscreen and drink lots of water, as the days will be much warmer for most of us. Enjoy every memory 💛

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 06/23/2022

June has just flown by! We’ve had three grands who graduated, two from high school, and one from college. Between the graduation festivities, parties, and grandson Matt’s varsity baseball team making it to the Virginia state finals, we’ve been busy!

I did want to share this sign again, but with a new flair. My client, who happens to be a dear friend, asked if I could engrave the two chairs. I’m delighted with how they turned out! I’ll be updating the listing with an option to engrave names or a date on the chairs. I’m so excited for this. 💛


Welcome June, it’s been a long time my friend, it’s good to see you again!

Yesterday did not disappoint. June came in with bright sunshine, warm temps, and my grandson’s high school graduation. What a glorious day!

As the beach does for so many, may June help us relax, refresh, and renew. Enjoy every memory 💛


My deepest gratitude for those who gave their lives for our country. May you be remembered and honored today and every day. And to the families and friends of those who gave all, I pray for healing of your hearts. God Bless you all, and may God Bless America.

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 05/19/2022

Things have been so busy recently, and I totally forgot to tell you that our baby birds flew the coop! Unfortunately, out of the seven eggs, three didn’t survive. That was just too many eggs for the nest to handle.

On a brighter note, I just listed these two cuties. They just scream “Summer” to me! Enjoy these warmer days, summer will be here before we know it! 💛


Last week I had a client reach out to ask if I still made my Christmas in Heaven sign. I never renewed it when it sold out in December. I was more than happy to renew the listing so that she could give it to her sweet momma for Mother’s Day.

My client purchased one for her momma a few years ago and it was lost during a move. How could I not finish it when it meant so much to her? So grateful to be able to bring a smile to her face 💛


It’s finally here, one of the most beautiful months of the year! Here’s to warmer days, sunny blue skies, and a bounty of colorful flowers 🌺🌸🌼🌻

Wishing you and your family all the best 💛


No matter how many times we are blessed to have a nest in our front door wreath, I still watch in amazement. Their feathers are starting to grow, soon they will be fledglings and leave the nest. All part of the cycle, but I don’t have to like it! 💛


Look what we have today 💛


Good morning everyone….I just took a quick peek at the nest and found two sweet babies!! It appears that the Brown-headed Cowbird eggs have hatched. I’m just so excited and pray they survive the extremely cold temps we’re having.

I’m hoping the finch eggs will be hatching soon so that they can all keep each other warm. As always, I’ll post any updates for those who are as invested in these sweet babies as I am! 💛

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 04/16/2022

Wishing Easter and Passover blessings to all who celebrate this beautiful season.

I thought I’d post an update on the nest. I’ve never seen an egg sitting on the edge of the nest as this one is. It’s making me anxious not knowing what might happen to it. I did see the momma and poppa birds in a bush along the driveway, hoping one of them will fix it!

Enjoy your weekend friends, until I next post…keep making memories with those you love 💛

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 04/12/2022

Happy Tuesday! I made the “Creek Life” sign for friends who recently moved by the water. The designer of the SVG created it as “Lake Life” and was so generous in sharing the font used so that I could create the gift.

I’ve decided to offer both in the shop. What are your thoughts to adding a bow? Or should I just offer the bow as an option? Your input is always so helpful!

To make the “Creek Life” more personalized, I engraved the family name and established year to the handle of the oar.

BTW, the eggs in the nest seem to be doing well. I take a quick peek most mornings, and have only seen that the eggs are rotated with a different one on the top each morning. Nature is amazing! 💛

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 04/07/2022

Another day, another egg! The first pic was taken last evening, the second pic this morning. Seven eggs, but moved around a bit.

When I saw the nest this morning I worried that there was an eighth egg, but maybe momma bird rearranged them last night.

I just love watching nature, what a gift 💛


This just may be an ongoing feature of “As the Nest Grows” or “As the Baby Birds Develop.” I just took a quick peek and now there are six eggs! The nest doesn’t appear big enough to handle the eventual fledglings, but I’m praying it does because my old heart will become attached to them and not want anything to happen to them.

On another note, I used Google image search to find out what type of birds we may have. It looks as though two different birds have laid eggs in the nest. The smaller eggs belong to momma finch, and the speckled eggs appear to be from a Brown-headed Cowbird momma.

From what I’ve read, the second momma does not build her own nest, but lays her eggs in another bird’s nest. In this case, the finch family will take care of the Brown-headed Cowbird eggs. I’d never heard that before, but I’m so looking forward to watching them along the way.

Stay tuned for more adventures of “Six is Enough!” 💛

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 04/04/2022

Oh my goodness, I just have to share my excitement! Every spring I place a vine wreath on our front door, as it’s more conducive to having nests built in them.

Yesterday, I went to take the wreath down in order to take a pic of a Spring sign. Much to my surprise there were three eggs in a nest. I had not seen any birds this year and thought they’d decided to go elsewhere. Well, I just took a peek and there are now five eggs!

Can anyone identify the eggs? They’re different this year, and it appears two different types…..Eek, I’m so excited that we get to watch new nature birth again! 💛


Anyone else excited about April? It’s such a beautiful time of the year where all things seem possible. Flowers blooming, trees budding, grass growing, new beginnings….all things beautiful.

Around here, March definitely ended like a lion, and I’m welcoming April with open arms! May it be an amazing month for you and your family 💛


I saw this a few days ago and just had to share. Who knew? This old gal learns something new every day! 💛


Happy Saturday! Some may have already seen this posted elsewhere, but if you haven’t, it’s definitely worth calling. It’s before nine a.m. here, but it might be time for ice cream! Thanks for the advice kids 💛💛💛


Wishing you and yours every blessing today and always 💚🍀💚🍀

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 03/12/2022

Have you ever had a day where “adulting” was hard for you? Today has been that day for me. The weather has definitely affected me, especially after yesterday’s blessing.

It was warm and sunny, I wore flip flops and short sleeves. This morning we woke to sleet and snow, and I’m back to freezing! I need the sun, hoping for brighter days ahead. 🌞

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward tonight! Enjoy your weekend, no matter the weather 💛

Photos from Heartfelt By Donna's post 03/11/2022

Happy Friday friends!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here…a balmy 62. The daffodils are out in their bright happy splendor. Met my hubby for a yummy brunch and back home to decorate for Spring.

I finished making this adorable bunny banner and think I’ll list it in my shop. It’s just so cute and makes me smile!

Enjoy your weekend. Looks like our temps take a dive tomorrow with snow flurries in the forecast. Oh well, I can look around the house to see Spring! 💛


Happy Friday friends! I forgot to share pics of the directional signs journey. For some reason FB won’t allow me to post pics and a video together, so I’ll post pics in the comments. And please ignore the Valentine decor, hoping to have time to update to a spring theme after I finish business taxes this weekend!

The video doesn’t show the true colors, but they are vivid in person. After I painted the orange lettering on one of the last signs, it bubbled up! Paint can definitely be finicky, changing with the temperature, humidity, and different brands. I’m not sure why this particular sign reacted this way, but I sanded it to bare wood and started again.

Enjoy your weekend, and embrace every memory! 💛

Flip Flop Summer Door Hanger Hello Door Hanger Summer Door | Etsy 03/02/2022

Flip Flop Summer Door Hanger Hello Door Hanger Summer Door | Etsy


Come on summer! I live in my flip flops once the weather warms up, and this year will be no exception. It’s only March, but I’m thinking of the warmer days ahead. Check out our newest welcome sign!

Flip Flop Summer Door Hanger Hello Door Hanger Summer Door | Etsy Welcome Summer in style! Our handcrafted 3D door sign is the right amount of cheer for your Summer decor. All decked out for making welcome, this fun and whimsical beauty also makes a great gift and comes ready for giving. 3D Hello Summer Wood Sign: • Lovely black 3D lettering • Round is painted


Dear March,

Please be kind to all of us. It’s been a very long winter.

Much love,


I try to keep political and world issues from my page in order to bring just a bit of sunshine into our lives. But the tragedy happening in Ukraine has been weighing heavily on my heart.

Please say a prayer for all. I follow Andrea Bocelli, not only because if his gift of music, but his insight and generosity of kindness for all.

Wishing you all much hope, dreams, and love. 💛


Whew, I painted the directional signs today. They need to dry completely before painting the lettering, which will take much longer. Stay tuned for additional updates next week!

Have a great weekend making lots of memories 💛


There is so much more that goes into making signs that might be overlooked. Searching for the perfect select pine is the first step and can take so much time, especially in these days of supply chain issues. Finding just the right paint colors is also still an issue!

I just finished cutting the wood in the pic. I still need to sand each piece before I can start to paint. The sun decided to go in and my fingers are cold, even with my work gloves on, so I may wait to sand until tomorrow.

Everything I cut today is for 7 different orders. One is a custom order for 40 directional signs. The designing for those alone took about 5 hours. Each will be painted one of five different colors, arrow pointing either left or right, and with varying font styles. They are a labor of love, but hopefully will make my client happy.

Thank you for supporting my small business and allowing me to share just a bit of background information. Enjoy every moment of your day 💛


Let’s just say I’m not as happy as Bill Murray appears to be in this pic after learning we’ll have six more weeks of winter! How about you?


Yay, it’s February, which means spring is getting closer!

It’s been such a cold January and some days were brutal being outside cutting and sanding wood. Some days I wore a sweatshirt, coat and scarf along with two pair of gloves. Today it’s 40, feels like 36, but sunny so I’m off prepare wood.

Enjoy your day, I hope it’s warmer and sunny wherever you are 💛


It’s been far too long since I posted. I had something beautiful to share before Thanksgiving but life has a way of changing things.

Sadly, I had three family members pass away unexpectedly right before Thanksgiving. Each of their lives were important and special to me. I took it quite hard, and if I can be open and honest, I had my first panic attack. I decided abruptly to put my shop on vacation mode in order to finish my orders and to concentrate on myself and those I love.

During this beautiful time of the year, be good to yourself, enjoy making special memories and let’s pray that 2022 will be kinder to all. Wishing you and your family every happiness and many blessings 💛🎄💛

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No matter how many times we are blessed to have a nest in our front door wreath, I still watch in amazement. Their feath...
Look what we have today 💛
Happy Friday friends! I forgot to share pics of the directional signs journey. For some reason FB won’t allow me to post...
I just had to share this video from the Nats game last night...I can’t get this song out of my head! Don’t blink or you’...
After nearly three weeks of vacationing and relaxing I’m having a difficult time getting back into my routine. We’re sti...
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