Old Dominion Fechtschule

Old Dominion Fechtschule


Thanks to everyone who helped paint Heaven and Earth dojo today!
Thanks to everyone who made it out today. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can do over the next few weeks.

And Pete, since you asked, I went looking for the quote:

Hie Facht an das Messer. – Gott wöll vnnsr nit vergessen.

Here they fight with Messers. -- May God remember them.
-- Hans Talhoffer, Fechtbuch aus dem Jahre, 1467
I was telling about this Czech film on Sunday, wanted to share.

ODF was a study group for the martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Germany. We are closed as of 2020 and do not currently have plans to reopen.

The Old Dominion Fechtschule (German for 'Fencing School') is a martial arts study group focused on training in the traditional martial arts of Medieval and Renaissance Germany. The club focuses on the fighting techniques of the German tradition established by Johannes Liechtenauer in the 14th century. The study group is a chapter of the greater organization, Selohaar Fechtschule, which is headed

Operating as usual


Let us be crystal clear where ODF stands.

(Image credit: https://twitter.com/muzhur)

governor.virginia.gov 04/16/2020

Governor Northam Issues Statewide Stay at Home Order

Hiatus update: we won't be starting back up until sometime after the stay-at-home order ends in Virginia. Currently that's June 10th, but we're keeping an eye out for changes or extensions.

Stay safe, everyone. And keep an eye out for all the awesome solo/at home practice ideas the HEMA community has been creating.


governor.virginia.gov Governor Ralph Northam, 73rd Governor of Virginia


Hey folks, quick note that if you're not following the awesome content coming out of Northwest Fencing Academy, you should be.

New Content for Armizare Online!
I've completed the Warm up & Work Out page, which is free to the public. It's a basic exercise guide to a routine that will take 20-30 minutes and leave you feeling energized and flexible. Use it whether or not you do Armizare!

I'll continue to update this workout page to make it more useful, including developing a simple High Intensity Interval Training routine.


[03/14/20]   So, looks like we picked a good time to be on hiatus. Stay safe and healthy everyone. We'll announce here closer to May about exact timing for when practices start again.

Even if we're not using the email list to coordinate meetups between now and then, it's a good way to share solo practice techniques!


Theme for the next few weeks is no metal - Ringen starts today.

[01/05/20]   Reminder: ODF practices resume next week on 1/12 (not tomorrow).


Reminder, today is the last practice of 2019! Hope to see you all soon.

[06/08/19]   You all know how much I hate to take sick days, especially coming out of two weeks off. But the whole family's been laid out by a particularly nasty strain of bronchitis (so I can't even have Bran sub for me like I usually would).

I'm going to call it now and cancel tomorrow. See you all next week. And of course, June dues will be discounted.


[05/22/19]   Remember that practice is cancelled for the next two weeks. See you all on June 9.

[03/10/19]   Happy daylight savings! Reminder than we do have practice this morning and it's next week (3/17) that we don't.

[02/10/19]   Reminder: no practice tomorrow (2/10) and February dues are discounted as a result.

[01/13/19]   No practice today because of the snow. Posting in case anyone missed the email announcement.

[11/14/18]   Painting day is 11/25! (That's the Sunday after Thanksgiving.) Please let Aine know if you can help fix up our practice space. The folks at Heaven & Earth Aikido have been excellent to us for the years we've been practicing there, and we'd like to show our appreciation with a strong turn out.

[10/01/18]   Reminder: no ODF practice in October.

Have a great month, and we'll see you after Halloween! 🎃

[07/28/18]   Reminder: no practice tomorrow or next week, we'll be back on August 12. Hope everyone has a great two weeks.

herndonfestival.net 05/06/2018

Home - Herndon Festival in Herndon, VA

Reminder! No practice on May 27 when Aine is out of town, and no practice on June 3 because of the Herndon Festival.

herndonfestival.net The Town of Herndon, Virginia, Parks and Recreation Department is pleased to host the Annual Herndon Festival in historic downtown Herndon, Virginia.


Aine's quote of the day, "Did you all have any idea how cheap agility ladders are??"

[01/20/18]   Heads up for those not on our email list: practices start back up on 1/28 (not tomorrow). Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Jess Finley, Wrestler, Swordswoman, Author

Great video from ODF founder, Jess Finley. Being stuck inside from the cold is a good time to practice the falls we've worked on and Jess' walkthrough is fantastic.

I was asked to put together a little series on learning how to fall for Ringen and other HEMA activities. (Remember, even if you don't train Ringen or WANT to train Ringen, if you enter a sword tournament that allows wrestling at the sword, you for sure should at least train falling safely so that you and your opponent avoid injury.)


[12/03/17]   Winter hiatus: No practices from December 3 (today) - January 14

As a reminder for members (or heads up for any of you who may not have seen the email thread), winter hiatus for ODF is starting this week. We anticipate being back on January 21, but a confirmation post will go out here after New Year's. Reach out to Aine or Josh if you have any questions.

[09/24/17]   Reminder that this morning is the start of our Fall hiatus. Practices start up again on October 15, and then we'll be back on the regular schedule up until the holidays.

[07/30/17]   Hello all! Quick FB blast in case Aine missed anyone on email. Practice for 7/30 and 8/6 (next two weeks) is cancelled.

May we recommend some light stalking of Jess Finley's Ritterkunst Fechtschule in the meanwhile to stave off withdrawal?

[06/05/17]   Update to the June schedule: each Sunday we'll have 10am - 11am as space for self-directed solo practice (free to any ODF dues paying members) through the end of the month. Sunday 11am - 12pm practices will continue as usual. Starting in July, we'll only have the 11-12 practice. Please reach out to Aine if you have any questions.

[05/23/17]   Reminder: No practice this week (5/28) or next (6/4).

[03/11/17]   Reminder! Aine is out of town this weekend so no practice tomorrow morning (3/12).

[01/29/17]   Reminder: no practice today. Sent out an email to current members but realized I hadn't also posted here. The dojo we practice in is moving to the space next door this weekend so we'll pick up again on 2/5 in the new space. Thanks! -Aine

[01/08/17]   Aine here: I have to cancel practices today. I wanted to avoid it despite bronchitis, weather, and having a lot of folks out of town, but now I have a home maintenance emergency. Please sound off here or via email when you see this and thanks for understanding.

[12/04/16]   Update: today (12/4) practices are cancelled.

Current members should have an email already about this but I wanted to post here as well to catch any potential drop ins.

In exchange, I'll extend the newcomers class to January 8 as a make up day. And for everyone else, I will discount December dues. I am sorry for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing everyone next week. -Aine


Welcome back, ODF. Looking forward to practicing with everyone this morning.

[10/05/16]   PSA: ODF is on hiatus until November 13. See you all in a few weeks!

[07/05/16]   Two announcements: 1. No practices on July 31st.
2. Newcomer classes are starting on August 7th! It's 8 weeks for $80 (so 20% off our usual monthly dues), from 10am-11am on Sundays. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to reserve a spot.


We had an amazing first practice at our new location! Thanks to everyone who made it out! What do you folks think? New cover photo?

(And happy birthday again to Josef!)

[07/03/16]   New location and time (11am at 688 Spring St, Herndon, VA 20170) should be updated on here now.

Remember, parking is in the municipal lot across Elden (Google maps address for it is 731 Station Street). Can't wait to see you all there!

[06/25/16]   Update in case I missed anyone in the email: no practice tomorrow. We'll jump in at our new location (Heaven & Earth Aikido) starting next Sunday, July 3 at 11:00 am.


Thanks for the great turn out today! And a happy Father's Day to all the dads who took time out of their special day to practice!

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Last night with spear was fun!
Training Ringeck


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