Nour Zibdeh - Integrative Nutrition for Digestive & Autoimmune Diseases

Nour Zibdeh - Integrative Nutrition for Digestive & Autoimmune Diseases


Want to try probiotics? Women have different needs than men. Here are the best probiotics for women, for everything from pregnancy to breastfeeding to down-there health, in my Reader's Digest article.

Special thanks to Nour Zibdeh - Integrative Nutrition for Digestive & Autoimmune Diseases, Beth Warren Nutrition, Nutrition Now Karges Family Chiropractic, To The Pointe Nutrition, Harris Whole Health, Dr. Will Cole, Niket Sonpal MD, GUT RXN Nutrition, LLC, 80 Twenty Nutrition - Healthy Eating Made Simple, McDaniel Nutrition Therapy and Jarrow Formulas for your recommendations!

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Fermented foods and fiber are the all-stars of food, but registered dietitian Nour Zibdeh - Integrative Nutrition for Digestive & Autoimmune Diseases says there's another powerful one she always has in her fridge: . "Bone broth has a high concentration of the amino acid glutamine that improves the function of the intestinal barrier and the structure of intestinal cells,” Zindeh says, adding that it boosts the mucus layer that protects the lining of the gut. In other words: it keeps your gut walls strong, which is key for good digestion.

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No. 7: Add Hydrolyzed Collagen. ☕ Click here for more ways to revamp your microbiome routine from funcitonal + integrative dietitian, Nour Zibdeh - Integrative Nutrition for Digestive & Autoimmune Diseases:
Hey rosacea? It's connected to 2 gut infections: H Pylori and SIBO. Read my post on my page for more details. 👇
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Heal your gut naturally - get rid of stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, and Weight loss, general wellness, digestive issues, heart health, food sensitivities, thyroid conditions, hormone imbalances, IBS, fibromyalgia, headache, migraines, and healthy cooking

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The best place on earth 🇵🇸

For everyone who can’t and may be never be able to go to Palestine and Jerusalem:

1. Masjid Assakhra مسجد قبة الصخرة (Dome of the Rock mosque) .. the most famous and one of the many mosques inside Al Aqsa Campus

2. From the ceiling of Masjid Assakhra

3. The famous Jerusalem ka’ek (bread) كعك القدس

4. Al Masjid Al Qibali المسجد القبلي (this has been attacked in Ramadan by IDF and was amazed that most of the windows got already repaired by Palestinians

5. Inside Al Masjid Al Qibali.

6. Al Masjid Al Marwani المسجد المرواني Underground masjid right before Al Qilbali masjid. You go 1-3 floors underground. This is the old or the original masjid. Everyone enjoyed laying down to cool off from the extreme heat

7 and 8: Masjid Omar Bin Alkhattab. If you want the historic significance let me know and I’ll explain in stories.

9. Streets in the old city.

10. Bab el Amood, باب العامود one of the gates to the old city of Jerusalem

There’s still so much more to cover and share!

Photos from Nour Zibdeh - Integrative Nutrition for Digestive & Autoimmune Diseases's post 07/20/2022

Best place on earth 🇵🇸

1. Masjid Assakhra (dome of the rock mosque


The Vagus Nerve: what it is and how to stimulate it for better digestion

In this video, I'll be talking about the vagus nerve and why it's important for gut and overall health. I'll also be sharing 10 things you can start doing TODAY at home to help stimulate the vagus nerve.


Don't overlook these simple steps that support healthy digestion 🙏🏻

My patients learn and PRACTICE these while they follow their diet and protocol plans because even the most elaborate + personalized plan will fall short if we don't support digestion

1️⃣ Chew food thoroughly. Your meal should take at least 20 minutes. Put the fork down while eating and slow down. Food should be physically pureed by your teeth to baby food consistency before you swallow. Side benefit: helps with mindfulness and meal enjoyment, which can help if you're trying to lose weight.

2️⃣ Water away from meals—at least 30 minutes before or 1.5 hours after eating. If you need to take meds or supplements (probiotic, enzymes, vitamins) with a meal, drink as little as possible to swallow the pills. Avoid drinking with a straw to prevent air from being trapped in the gut which can lead to gas & bloating.

3️⃣ Space meals 4 hours apart and 12 hours overnight. This allows the cleaning motion of the gut (called MMC) to complete its job and push undigested food, bacteria, and unwanted material from the stomach and small intestine into the large intestine so you can 💩 it out. Eating interrupts the process. Fasting (12 hours at least and if you can 14-16 hours) helps improve the level of a good bacteria called Akkermansia (Included in stool testing)

4️⃣ Practice guided meditation & deep breathing. These help switch your nervous system from a sympathetic tone (fight-or-flight) to a parasympathetic tone (rest-and-digest) by stimulating the vagus nerve. This allows your stomach, pancreas, gallbladder and small intestine to release digestive enzymes and bile. The rest-and-digest tone allows for healthy motility, the natural muscle contractions of the gut that push food and waste downstream.

5️⃣ Sing, hum, and laugh. These also stimulate the vagus nerve which runs from the brain to the large intestine. It's the main nerve of the rest-and-digest tone. If not firing up properly, it can cause gastroparesis, acid reflux, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting. Singing, humming, and laughing activate the vocal cords which help stimulate the vagus nerve.

6️⃣ Gargle with water loudly for 30 seconds. This also activates the vocal cords which then stimulate the vagus nerve.

Now tell me, which ones do you already practice and which ones do you plan on incorporating?

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Palestine will be free… we will not forget our home and our people 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

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One day, we‘ll figure out how to have all of our eyes open and smile at the same time … until then, Eid Mubarak!
Oh and I did something… Eid Ma’mool… A Palestinian/ Jordanian cookies filled with dates or walnuts (sometimes also pistachios) usually made to celebrate Muslim and Christian holidays… first time ever to make them without my mom or grandma … passing along the traditions ❤️💚🖤🤍


Is it possible to completely heal IBS?

"heal" is vague

📌Is it possible to live without stomach & intestinal pain/cramps, gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation, or the stress & anxiety that come with them, without having to follow a super strict diet forever?


If your doctor(s) said you have to live with IBS or it can't be reversed, it's because they don’t know/not using the tools I use with my patients.

(Not all doctors of course but many of the ones may patients have seen weren’t helpful)

First we must identify what's causing the gut to be irritable.

Is it?

⚡️Food sensitivities (immune reactions)
⚡️Food intolerances (digestion related)
⚡️Reduced digestive capacity (due to nutrient deficiencies, certain medications, stress, others)
⚡️SIBO (small intestine bacteria overgrowth, has many root causes)
⚡️Dysbiosis (imbalance between beneficial and inflammatory bacteria, has many root causes)
⚡️Bacterial infections (mild and chronic can go unnoticed for years)
⚡️Yeast/ candida
⚡️Too much or not enough fiber
⚡️Excessive sugar and/or fat intake
⚡️Nutrient deficiencies
⚡️Histamine issues (has many root causes)

Identifying the contributors (often several) to YOUR individual IBS case will require testing AND a thorough medical & nutrition assessment.

It's not something someone can easily DIY.

I wish I can give advice that works for all but it’s not possible. What I can do is tell you that there’s a way to feel amazing! You don’t have to live with IBS!

Sadly, many of the people I work with tell me how much time & money they wasted trying on their own and barely getting any results😔

Working with a gut health dietitian (like me) one-to-one, getting the right tests done, having a big picture plan, AND specific daily action items is what makes the difference.

It’s an investment. If it helps reverse IBS, teaches you how to maintain results, & helps you EXPAND your diet, would it be 💯 worth it?

Want more details? Attend this Free Class: My Compete Solution to IBS and join the next session:

Got questions? Ask in comments below ⤵️

Save & share with a friend ❤️

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Try these simple food swaps if you're feeling bloated or gassy. 💨

Keep in mind that eliminating healthy foods is not a longterm solution. 🙅🏻‍♀️

It just helps ease the pain and discomfort so you can start fixing the real problem.

Food intolerances are a symptom of something else underlying, and not your final destination at all. ❌

The foods I suggested you limit in the video tend to increase gas production in the gut when the gut is not functioning properly.

Here's the big picture solution: Discover why the gut isn't functioning --> Fix it --> Let the gut heal and repair, and resume normal activity --> Then you'll be able to introduce these healthy foods again.

Of course so many details under each step. 😉

My patients are often so eager to bring garlic and onions back🧄🧅. What about you?

I have a full FREE training/class on the solutions to bloating, gas, stomach/intestine cramps, diarrhea, and/or constipation. Sign up to learn more about how I approach this with my patients.

Here’s the link:

Can't wait to see you there! 💗

Photos from Nour Zibdeh - Integrative Nutrition for Digestive & Autoimmune Diseases's post 04/13/2022

Pray to free Ahmad Manasra so that he can go home and heal with his family.

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Let’s beat constipation this Ramadan—and any other day of the year!

🍴Chew food well. Count to 20 or put the fork down. Whatever helps you slow down.
🥗 Get fluids from food like soup, veggies, salads, or fresh (or frozen) fruit-- but not bananas. Bananas can make you constipated! Dried fruit is ok but you miss out on the water
🥖 Easy on breads, rice, pastries, and fried & starchy foods
💦 Drink room temperature water and away from meals
☕️ Drink coffee. Yes coffee can stimulate muscle contractions in the gut and helps you go!
👟 Go for a walk
🍵 Shred ginger root and add to hot water. Drink between meals or before going to bed
💊 Take 200-400 mg magnesium citrate as it helps relax those gut muscles

➡️ Of course, there are underlying root causes to constipation like low gut microbiome diversity, SIBO, candida, H Pylori, low thyroid function, problems with migrating motor complex, or damage due to food poisoning.

➡️ The tips above help and make up the foundation for eliminating constipation. But if your problem is severe and chronic, you're going to need to dig more and a tailored approach.

Like always, share and save! I know the constipation conversation is happening behind closed doors 😉

What's your biggest gut-related challenge during Ramadan?


Do you believe in chance???

When one of my functional medicine mentors shared this quote, it immediately made so much sense.

When you’re prepared for what’s to come and have seen the dots connect before, you’re more likely to get “lucky” in your discoveries and successes.

Doing what I do and diving deep into gut health and immune reactions, I’m often not surprised by the cluster of symptoms new patients share with me.

Sometimes they tell me they have bloating and then I ask questions like:

💥 “do you have sinus issues” or
💥 “do you have eczema” or
💥 “have you had stomach flu a few months ago” or
💥 “are your periods heavy”

… before they bring them up and they would say “funny you should ask…. Yes!”

I have been doing this work for almost 10 years and I wasn’t as “lucky” when I first started.

Sometimes you start to look for something and you suddenly see it so clear right in front of you—and no I’m not talking about IG/Facebook ads 🤣

Of course we have to admit that there’s bias. Sometimes you think about something so much you suddenly start to see it and only it everywhere (like when I was pregnant walking in the mall I could only see the other pregnant women 🤣)

We still have to investigate and verify before we jump to conclusions or make major decisions. But the initial discovery open up a world of opportunities.

What aspect of your life or work do you feel this quote applies to? 🤓


What's the fast way to heal the gut?

There isn’t.

Most people with digestive troubles (or other conditions that stem from the gut) have had them for months or even years before starting the healing journey.

Maybe the symptoms were underneath the surface for years and they had no clue something was simmering.😔

Maybe the symptoms were mild initially and they thought what they were feeling was normal. I mean, do we share foul-smelling gas or constipation or undigested food in p**p with our friends? Not likely. Aren’t we often told that fatigue and brain fog are part of having kids or growing older?😒

Maybe they knew there's a problem but didn't come across the right information or a provider who can help.

Gut issues are not always easy to decipher. And if/once you figure out the underlying causes, you have to be patient.

If you had your problem for 3-4 months, or even 20 or 30 years like some of my patients, giving your body a few months to heal is not too much to ask.⏰

The good news is😃

Even though it's not a fast process, there are things you can do to not waste time:

📌 Food sensitivity testing. I've been using this test for 9 years and it always speeds up the process. I know exactly what foods my patients can eat and we see 70-80% improvement just in 1 month.

📌 Comprehensive gut assessment. Each person will need different tests based on symptoms and medical history, and the magic is in the interpretation. I often incorporate stool testing, SIBO, or others as needed. I don't want to waste my patients' time or mine guessing. It’s not even safe.

📌 Addressing lifestyle. The solution is not just medications or supplements. It's about what you eat, HOW you eat, reducing stress, improving sleep habits, breathing, gentle exercise, and better self-care.

📌 Mindset. If you think you can heal, you will heal much faster. The 🧠 is that powerful!

📌 Accountability & support. We all have ups and downs and times when we're discouraged and frustrated. Sometimes we're too hard on ourselves and feel that we have to do everything on our own. That can't be further from the truth when it comes to repairing gut issues. Get help if you're stuck.

❤️What strategies are helping you now or have helped you in the past? Would love to hear from you.❤️

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