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Getting ready for creative Flow! With Prana Health

Madhavi Rao with Prana Health Yoga & Wellness has contributed to our Health & Wellness Council's blog, and here's a sneak-peek:

"Each person navigates their way through life and the surprises it throws at them. But everyone may not benefit from following the same GPS to push through their own struggles. I share this because each of us have different lifestyles, thresholds, habits, values and strengths. In order for us to create change in our lives we must make sure that it fits into the way we choose to navigate our own lives."

Read more here:
We are so excited to partner with Prana Health for a special workshop. Creative flow with Yoga + Painting & Sipping!

We will go beyond the canvas to the mat!
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Weekly Flow Yoga is on this Thursday 6pm-7pm. Register by clicking on the post. Share the post with your friends so they can join as well! Prana Health PC will be leading the class!

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Located in Herndon, VA PH Yoga & Wellness helps people eliminate stress with Wellness Coaching & Yoga

Prana Health Yoga & Wellness specializes in helping people become more aware and mindful of their own body and health. We strive to help people get their lives back under control from the many facets of life that may cause stress. We are ready to help achieve your goals of eliminating stress, weight loss, practicing better eating habits, gaining strength and flexibility through the practice of yog


We are still doing this!!! Pushups and Planks!

Did you know if you care for your body with proper nourishment, exercise and rest that it will create your outer beauty?

We hope you enjoy our collaboration to stay Fit, Healthy and Beautiful from the inside out!

When you work together and share your energy with like minded people you can create a healthy and well life!

Watch the video and tell us what you think!

Armaghan Amy Philippe I am Jolie - Beauty Boss ConsultingI


Yes! You too Can Meditate!

I have had a personal meditation practice for about 8 years now.

I practice every morning before I begin my day and it is my absolute favorite thing I do!

This week I was attending my group coaching program with my Yoga Coach JKS Yoga and we were discussing adding meditation into our personal and daily practice.

I was quite surprised to find how many people in the group struggled with the "How To" of the practice.

It actually made me realize that meditation has become a part of my life and I don't even have to think about the "How" anymore.

I actually took a moment and thought back on how I struggled the first time I was asked to sit on the floor, close my eyes, breathe, be still and meditate in Kundalini Yoga Teacher training!

WOW how far I have come and the best part is how much I LOVE IT!

This week's Follow Me Friday Video is about the "HOW" to Meditate.

I share simple beginner tips that YES you can try and use in your own meditation practice.

If you like this and know someone who would benefit please take a moment to share!

Also, connect with me if you would like to learn more!


Join Me Online or In Person.
Book Your Session TODAY!


Yup I know this one!!!


Follow Me Friday Change is hard but it = Growth!

This week I went through a tough moment with having to change from my "default" mode of how I use technology to deliver my Weekly messages to you and Yoga Classes to my students.

I had a HUGE Technology Snafu and felt stuck.

I wanted to stay in my comfort zone because it was easy and I was resistant to change because it was hard.

I took a few deep breaths and thought to myself what would I do and share with my Coaching Clients or Yoga Students if they felt this way?


I would ask them to move a bit past their comfort zone even if it is hard because it would create change and most importantly GROWTH!

Watch the video and let me know what you think because you know I love to hear from you!

Want to learn more on how you can make a change? Connect with Me!

Please take a moment to share with someone you know who may benefit from this!


A short meditation working on our energy centers known as Chakras. I am Jolie - Beauty Boss Consulting Armaghan Amy Philippe Prana Health Working together from the inside out!


Hey Hey Everyone! Amy- I am Jolie - Beauty Boss Consulting and myself Prana Health are at it again! Push UP and Plank Challenge!


Stay tuned to my 3rd season of my weekly podcast!
New Cover for 2023! Link to podcast in comments below.
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Woo Hoo! Another 5 Star Review!
I Appreciate it when my students and clients take a few minutes of their precious time to share their thoughts!
Great feedback only makes me want to continue and improve what I share with everyone!


Follow Me Friday-What is your Word for 2023?
Listen and Watch to find out what mine is and why!


100 Day Challenge Day 44!
So I had a set back of 7 days and had to pause on my daily movement, meditation and journaling practice.

I was ill and I was frustrated for having to stop, drop and rest!

The biggest lesson from this is to listen to your body and allow it to heal so that you may get back to your routine with full strength

We must allow our body time to rest and repair regularly.

However, sometimes we forget and just keep going like the energizer bunny.

When we are in this go go mode we often do not listen to the quiet signals are body is sending us.

It is a gentle nudge that is so subtle that we can't even feel or hear these whispers because we are so connected to the outside noises and disconnected from our inner selves.

Taking intentional time off to slow down and rest is OKAY!

We have come to believe in today's society that if you take a break or slow down that we are not productive and perhaps lazy.

The real thing is that our bodies and minds perform better with intermittent breaks.

While I was ill I did take that opportunity to embrace the rest, take time to journal and meditate because all of that for me was slowing down.

Yes, I was frustrated because my movement challenge was at a halt but I did find that I felt so much better when I got back on track after my full recovery.

So what does that mean for my 100 consecutive day challenge?

Does that mean I should just quit and throw that plan out?


I just used my 2023 Word of the Year "Consistency," to jump back on the wagon and continue like there was never a pause.

Persistence and Consistency is the way to win and to reach your envisioned outcome!

DM Me if you would like to find out how you can create a consistent practice!


2021-2022 Transformation! DM me to learn how!!
The pic on the left of me in blue is in Dec 2021 when I was in Cancun with my Hubby for our 29th Anniversary.
The Pics in the Middle and the Right are towards the end of 2022.
What’s the change?
I created new habits that I stuck to.
The Results?
Clearer healthier skin
Down 12 + pounds!
Increased lean muscle mass
More flexibility
Most importantly incredible self confidence!
Not only did I let go of the old habits and created new ones - I also stayed consistent with the actions I needed to take in order to stick to those new habits.
You see each action we take is us taking a vote on ourselves to become our future selves.
What did I do?
I set a few Intentions in January of 2022.
1) Be courageous
2) Be accountable
3) Be consistent
Finding Courage was the hardest thing for me to do.
I needed to find the courage and be able to commit my most valuable asset-TIME
If I was going to do something to see and be a change I needed time.
Second was finding someone to be accountable to
I chose to join a one year program in adapting 10 new habits with JKS Yoga Coaching program called AWAKEN.
When I signed up for this I was terrified of how I was going to stick to this plan and show up to the calls each week and do the actions in between?!
Why was I scared?
Was JKS Yoga gonna slap me on my hand if I didn’t show up or do the work?
I mean I have stuck to plans before and succeeded in the end results.
But I was scared that I did not have the courage or strength to show up for myself.
After all, we need to first show up for ourselves before we can care and show up for others.
In the past each year from October -December I found myself moving back into the same spot from where I was before reaching my final goal of health and wellness.
Why did this always happen?
Because once I reached my goals I stopped those good habits and rolled back to the old.
Thinking to myself that since I am where I want to be I can go back to my old habits and sustain these good results.
My word for 2022 was “Consistency.”
And is going to be my word for 2023 as well!
Sometimes we do not realize that change takes time and can even take an entire year or more!
I want to thank all of those who have been part of my journey from 2021 Dec to 2022 Dec.
My yoga teacher and coach - JKS Yoga
My yoga teacher and friend-Peace in the Pause with Gretchen Schutte
My amazing hubby Manju Rao
All of my Health and Wellness Clients and Yoga Students (who depended on me to be their role model) Prana Health Yoga & Wellness!
If any of you would like to learn more about how these small changes can lead to big and lasting changes connect with me to learn more.
I have created my own Health and Wellness program that has worked successfully for all of my current clients.
Each of them have made great strides in their health and wellness goals and I am honored to be part of their journey!
Remember the actions you take should be a vote towards your values and your goals.
What you do today will create the You Tomorrow!
I know it because I did it and am still doing it!
We are always improving ourselves day by day!


Happy New Year 2023!

A Toast to New Beginnings 12/30/2022

A Toast to New Beginnings

10 Class Kundalini Yoga series to Balance your Chakras and your Life!
Jan. 4- March 8,2023 Wednesdays 7-815 In person or Online.

A Toast to New Beginnings Make 2023 your Best Year Yet! Kundalini Yoga to Balance the Chakras 10 Class Series

Happy Holidays 12/25/2022

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 2022!

Happy Holidays Sending you greetings over the festive season.


Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate!
With Love and Laughter - Prana Health Yoga & Wellness

Prana Health Yoga & Wellness 12/24/2022

Prana Health Yoga & Wellness

Prana Health Yoga & Wellness Weekly Group Yoga Sessions, Private Yoga Sessions, Group & Individual Wellness Coaching.All Sessions offered in person and onlne.


Day 28 of my 100 Day Journey!
I haven't posted regularly but am still being held accountable to you all!

What tiny change are you making today to reach that BIG GOAL a week, month, year or 5 years from now?

You must take that first step in order to get closer to what you envision yourself being and doing.

Sitting on the couch because it is easier won't make your goals and dreams come true.

What is it that you can do today?

The tiniest change or thing it will count!


Follow Me Friday - Overwhelm

Follow Me Friday - Overwhelm


Day 16 -100 Day challenge ✅

I’m finding the morning movement, meditation and journaling practice is setting my mind and body into a calm state.

I’m noticing that my normal sensation of being overwhelmed are hardly even there.

I’m so happy to know that my daily practice of self care is a privilege not a chore!

JKS Yoga has helped me realize that moving my body is a privilege and I’m so lucky that I can!

I Can and I Will!


Day 15 -100 DAY Challenge
Pushups are just an add on to my Challenge.
I walk, meduanf journal every month before I begin my day. This is Day 5 of push-ups that I just added in for fun! Thx I am Jolie - Beauty Boss Consulting for the inspiration and JKS Yoga for the nudge in building confidence on trying things that are hard!


Day 12 - 100 Day Challenge-If you are not Friends with me on FB I wanted to share with you something that I added on to challenge myself on my personal page in FB and on Instagram. This my day 3 of the pushup challenge of doing 10 pushups a day.
Doing PushUps is Hard for me. I find myself in Fear to do things that are hard and tend to listen to my mean inner voice and take the easy/more comfortable route.
When we move away from our comfort zone and try something new- even if it is the tiniest change-we will see and feel a shift in our lives.
After all if we don't build up the courage to face fear head on we will never know if we could do something new.
I always encourage my yoga students and wellness clients to try the pose or the habit change because we don't know what we don't know until we try.


Holiday Weekend was not a challenge to keep up with my consistent habit of 100 days but it was to keep up with social media and post my updates....
Day 9 Movement-I went on a 7 1/2 mile trail walk with my Columbus and DC Family for movement.
Day 10 Movement - I taught a Slow Flow Yoga Class
Day 11 Movement- I took a Yoga Sculpt Class with
(kicked my butt!!!) then taught a Balance and Strength Class.
Of Course I followed all of these movement practices with my meditation and journaling to help organize and strengthen my mental health!
What are you doing to stay on your wellness track?


Good Morning! Day 7 -100 Day Challenge. Moved, meditated and journaled ✅! All before we headed out for the Thanksgiving Holiday!
Long drive ahead but I’m mentally and physically ready! The Holidays are not a time to get off track but more reason to stay on! After all I would like to feel my best when I’m enjoying with family and friends!


Stay Well During the Holiday Week! Keep up your routine to stay on your wellness track with me on Zoom this week!

Stay Well During the Holiday Week! Keep up your routine to stay on your wellness track with me on Zoom this week! Wed Nov 23rd 7PM EST Kundalini (Zoom Only) Sat Nov 5th 930AM Slow Flow (Zoom Only) Sun Nov 6th 900AM Balance & Strength (Zoom Only) Zoom Passcode YOGAYOGA


Day 5 of my 100 DAY Challenge
Oh boy I got to wake up at O Dark Hundred because I went into work today.
It was hard I’m not gonna lie! Was it worth it? YES! My walk, meditation and journaling practice helped me stay grounded and full of energy!
Normally I come home change my clothes and crash on the couch. But starting my early morning with a healthy practice changed that!
Today I came home changed into my yoga pants and practiced and hour of yoga!!💕💪🏼

Follow Me Friday - 100 Day Challenge by Living Healthy Living Well - "Creative Space" for Self Care & Life Balance 11/19/2022

Follow Me Friday - 100 Day Challenge by Living Healthy Living Well - "Creative Space" for Self Care & Life Balance

Listen to it on my podcast!

Follow Me Friday - 100 Day Challenge by Living Healthy Living Well - "Creative Space" for Self Care & Life Balance Being consistent can create a new habit. Just Stand Up, Move Forward, DO IT and Repeat! Please watch the video above to learn more and tell me what you think because you know I love to hear from you! Please take a moment to share with someone you know who may benefit from this! Music Credit Coma Stu...


100 Days to a New Habit!

100 Days to Create a New Habit!


Follow me on my Private FB Group Living Healthy Living Welliving Healthy Living Well to learn more and even join in on the FUN!


Yup I am at it again! I have started another 100 Day Journey to better my personal health and wellbeing!
Why do the same thing for 100 consecutive days? Because Consistency builds habits and leads us to success.
Want to follow me along on my journey? Join my private FB Page Living Healthy Living WellLiving Healthy Living Well. Here I offer motivation, challenges and great tips to build your new healthy habits!


Sharing the practice of slow flow yoga via zoom to my dear students.

Monthly Yoga Nidra Tonight 11/10/2022

Monthly Yoga Nidra Tonight

Yoga Nidra Tonight! Join me online or in person.

Monthly Yoga Nidra Tonight Join me tonight online or in person for our montly yoga nidra practice. 730-830PM EST (630-730PM CST) Learn More about In-Person Yoga Nidra Learn More about Online Yoga Nidra


Follow Me Friday - Balance

Follow Me Friday-Balance


Week of Oct 31st Schedule Sign up to hold your in person spot or receive a zoom link. Limited in person space.

Try a session online or in person with me this week!

Week of Oct 31st Schedule Sign up to hold your in person spot or receive a zoom link. Limited in person space. Monday Oct 31st 7PM Gentle Yoga (Zoom Only) Wed Nov 1st 7PM Kundalini (Zoom & In Person) Sat Nov 5th 930AM Slow Flow (Zoom & In Person) Sun Nov 6th 900AM Balance & Strength (Zoom Only) Zoom Passcode YOGAYOGA


Follow Me Friday-Change

Build Your Balance & Strength 10/29/2022

Build Your Balance & Strength

Want to build your balance and strength?
Join me in a 30 min zoom Balance and Strength Session
Sundays via Zoom 9-930AM
Click on the pic to learn more!

Build Your Balance & Strength If you haven't tried this Class You Really Should! Current Students are Raving about it!


What a Yoga Retreat can do for me!
I’m feeling empowered and totally zen thanks to !
Thank you for leading me to be my best self! JKS Yoga & Coaching]


What sets National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coaches apart?
We have trained for, studied countless hours for, and passed the Board-Certification exam; provided in partnership with the National Board of Medical Examiners.
We are required to maintain continuing education for our certification eligibility.
As a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I have an NPI (National Provider Identifier) number which permits me to work for/contract with healthcare organizations or in partnership with physicians and to bill to insurance.
When seeking out a Health and Wellness Coach, look for a to ensure you are receiving the gold standard of coaching care!

FMF Holding the Stresses of Others 10/14/2022

FMF Holding the Stresses of Others

Follow Me Friday! If you have not subscribed to my YouTube Channel please do so you won't miss any of my episodes!
Let me know if there is anything else in future episodes you would like me to share and talk about.
Happy Friday!

FMF Holding the Stresses of Others Do you tend to hold the stressors of others onto yourself whether it be mentally or physically? Do you feel like you are responsible for everyone else's out...

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