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An Evangelistic, Prophetic & Apostolic Movement of Kingdom Sisters who Love one another immediately,

We are a LOVE-DRIVEN, CHRIST-CENTERED AND MINISTRY-FOCUSED Society of Empowered Women of Faith! "That our daughters may be as pillars, Sculptured in palace style..." ~ Psalm 144:12 (NKJV)

Because He Is, We Are, The Daughters of Christ!

It's Never Too Late To Shift Gears 07/28/2019

It's Never Too Late To Shift Gears

Our Royal Soaror Darnella speaks Its Never Too Late To Shift!

It's Never Too Late To Shift Gears It's Never Too Late To Shift Gears to do, to be and to SOAR in your passion or purpose! #...


Ralshi Ministries

Happy Wednesday!!🦋🦋
I'm so excited to announce "The Empowering You to Become" women's conference happening here in Charlotte NC,

September 21,2019 from 10: am to 4:pm
We are 66 days away from this amazing God Encounter!!

If you are planning to attend, it's time to start the 60.00 registration process! Which includes a delicious Empowerment luncheon! Charlotte and other's surrounding areas have started registering! Yay!!
If you live in the DMV area and would like to make it a girl's road trip we're considering reserving a bus.. If interested, please contact
Prophet Joyce Chase ASAP @301-213-5915

Also, vendors are welcomed..tables are going fast! Reserve your table today! for 50.00

All payment can be made via CASH app: $Dr.Shiral (RalShiministries)
PayPal Dr.Shiral ( [email protected])

Thank you so much for your support and remember to share..It shows how much you care🤗🤗🦋


Our Founding Royal Soaror will be live on this upcoming Sunday & Monday! Tune in DsOC Royal Soarors.


2019: My year of "Exceeding... Abundantly... Above..." G rowing up in the church, I remember hearing new slogans being broadcast from the pulpit on a near annual basis. It usually happened dur...


Good morning! To all my Royal Sisters, this is a great day to spread the love of our savior. Jesus Christ! Remind a sister it’s not over, encourage her,touch and agree with her, believing in his word and promises for her journey. Not every sister is or should be connected to you. Ask God to send you his friends, and she or he will be true for life. See unless you’ve been there you wouldn’t understand what I’m speaking about . Trust me when I say it’s not over until GOD says so. Walk in his excellence!
Love you Queens💕 Evangelist Fay


Luxe Pelle

Our CEO is so excited about bringing that healed and has been enhancing her skin since 2015! Coming Winter 2019; get ready!


Wanda Alexis Alexander, LLC

No matter the circumstance, there are lessons to be learned in every experience. And while there is much to be said about the many observations and discoveries surrounding ’s 🚘 recent dilemma, I used my latest blog post to key in on three major leadership lessons I’ve learned through my own experience as an entrepreneur...

Lesson one: Foundation is fundamental and culture is key.☝🏾
..In the movie “Field of Dreams” the promise to the landowner is “If you build it, they will come.” So often we build the business, establish a mission and vision, but neglect the most important part of the structure–the foundation, which is the main component that supports the culture.

As business leaders, we must take the time to ask ourselves critical questions when establishing a company’s foundation and culture... Is your foundation rooted in the concept of asking forgiveness over permission, or one that establishes honesty as obligatory? Do you and your team believe stretching the truth, or telling small lies won’t hurt anyone, or that integrity is integral? Do you think only certain people deserve respect, or that respect is required regardless? Do you lead by doing enough to get the product sold, or.... Read the full post to learn more.


Our is was established before we were in our mother's womb so no devil in hell can rename us!


not only build homes, we also build businesses or multiple income sources!


His Love Evangelist

Please do me a huge favor: You've heard me speak : Please provide me a testimonial of your experience here:


Stacy on the Right Show



The Queen Code

In honor of Black History Month...

Today, we travel from Ancient Egypt (Northeast Africa) to Angola (Southwest Africa) with the story of Queen Nzingha, the Amazon Queen of Matamba.

Queen Nzingha was born in West Africa in 1583 and died 1663. Many women ranked among the great rulers of Africa, including this Angolan queen who was an astute diplomat and excelled as a military leader. When the slave-hunting Portuguese attacked the army of her brother’s kingdom, Nzingha was sent to negotiate the peace. She did so with astonishing skill and political tact, despite the fact that her brother had her only child killed.

She later formed her own army against the Portuguese, and waged war for nearly 30 years. These battles were a unique moment in colonial history as Nzingha allied her nation with the Dutch, marking the first African-European alliance against a European oppressor.

Nzingha continued to wield considerable influence among her subjects despite being forced into exile. Because of her quest for freedom and relentless drive to bring peace to her people, Nzingha remains a glimmering symbol of inspiration.

Queen Nzingha, we salute you!


‪We as aren't perfect, but we are performing for an audience of one - our DaddyGod! ‬


‪We & extend an invitation to our fellow sisters to connect w/our unification movement as ‬ On Twitter


Can you figure out why we're named The Daughters of Christ SOARority?


A woman of is a Holy Ghost force to be reckoned with!


Business Insider

Professional development is literally at your fingertips.


You can try 2remove the law of out of the world, but there is absolutely nothing you can do with us - black, white or otherwise We are


No one or nothing else defines us except our DaddyGod - His powerful Name is Who is THE Lord!


There is a truth, undeniable & unshakeable about - we know our & power thereof!


My fellow Royal Soarors, who is any is carries the heart & of , I release a 2017 Declaration of Love & Prosperity over you. May everything you CREATE & ENDEAVOR to do in your life, family, community, ministry or business PROSPER & have SOARING SUCCESS for the glory of God, blessing of you and the world! Always, Your Founder Darnella Moore The Daughter of Christ


Business Insider

There's no better time than the start of the year to set goals for yourself.


I love and miss from seeing my DsOC-MD Royal Soarors! Royal Soaror Lorraine shared this memory today. in Williamsburg, VA

Royal Soarors Dr. Lorraine Driggers, Min. Jacquie Carter, Min. Pam Pugh, Evang Darnella Moore & Gospel Artist Nina Crump at Marsha's Family & Friends Retreat in February 2012.


The Daughter of Christ

Declare & share RT this with me my fellow who ask our & I Love you, Prophetess Darnella aka His Love Evangelist


Hope For The Broken Hearted


The Daughter of Christ

You can protest man, but your protest against shall not prevail! These protests are being financed by a progressive spirit; those who participate are spiritually dead and need salvation. It is up to us, the Sons & Daughters of Christ, who have spiritual maturity and prophetic revelation to understand that the result of this election is indeed an intervening move by the Hand of our Lord to halt America from self-destruction, to pray for those who are lost or weak; to them in abundance and to release the joy of the Lord where there is pain. I don't expect all to understand, but DaddyGod has spoken and chosen & shall guide him in office; He will not allow him to destroy His people. He shall guide the king's heart and cause Him to bring this nation back to the altar of its Jude's-Christian foundation where it belongs. Keep trusting God. Get your eyes off man who can fail you and to God Who never will! Keep praying for our Leaders. Prophetess Darnella aka His Love Evangelist


Congratulations DsOC-MD Royal Soaror Pastor Michelle Green on her nomination for the First Lady Tea Award!

Join us as we celebrate First Lady Michelle Green of Armor of Light Christian Worship Center at this year's 5th Annual First Ladies Tea. Get your tickets right here:

Date: Saturday, November 12, 2016.
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM.
Venue: Camelot by Martin's, 13901 Central Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD.

You can also get your tickets at any of the following locations:
1. Vision Christian Bookstore, 10398 Piscataway Road, Clinton Md
2. Gospel Spreading Bookstore, 2002 Georgia Ave NW
3. Radio One, DC, 8515 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD, 20910


Check out my on the regarding - it was a powerful show! I include links to the articles as well as the Congressional laws tracker I referenced herein for your convenience. Love, Prophetess Darnella The Daughter of Christ aka His Love Evangelist | SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel as well!


The Daughter of Christ

My Royal Kingdom Judeo-Christian Family, I pray you had a great weekend! Subscribe now to my channel - The Daughter of Christ Speaks for my perspective, empowerment & inspiration as a


The Daughter of Christ

What a powerful show on our upcoming U.S. POTUS Election! Listen to my new episode Christians' U.S. POTUS Election Viewpoint at His Love Evangelist


11 Surefire Ways For Women To Get Power And Make A Ton Of Money

Royal Soarors, we were born to SOAR in business and career producing MULTIPLE streams of income! Let's go! Here are 11 takeaways, surefire ways for women to get power and make as much money as humanly possible (all in Gallop’s words, edited and condensed).


The Daughter of Christ

BREAKING KINGDOM NEWS: "The Son & Daughter of Christ Speak" Podcast is back after celebrating 65,000+ listens since its inception in 2010. You can tune in via iTunes or any podcast app. Royal Brother Min. Darren launched us off and we'll be releasing show Messages whenever DaddyGod births them through us. We love you and be blessed. Listen to our new 30-minute episode Never Forsaken by Royal Bro. Darren A Davis at


Congratulations DsOC-PA Royal Soaror Jenelle Thompson on her new business endeavor! If you need a she is an excellent choice!


Godly Dating 101

Ladies 👑


Hilton Hiring Part-Time Remote Customer Care Coordinators – Paid Training Hilton Hiring Part-Time Virtual Customer Care Coordinators - Paid Training

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