Dr. Lily Moezi/Recharge Sports Injury

Dr. Lily Moezi/Recharge Sports Injury

Hello!!! This page is to represent all the benefits of chiropractic and expanding my knowledge that I have learned over the years. This is really exciting!!!

Operating as usual


8 Ways Chiropractic Benefits Sports Performance


globalhealingcenter.com In the world of sports, the human body is a machine and a mechanical approaches like chiropractic and massage are very effective maintenance.


This little needle that is bent, is from a spasming muscle in my patients middle to lower back on the left side. She has been suffering from right hip pain for many years and it came to the point that I had to suggest her to look into a hip replacement. Well because of that you can imagine how much compensation her spine is taking for her immobile hip (surgery is coming up in a few weeks). The point that I am trying to make is that none functioning joints, mild or severe, will cause major muscle/joint compensation to tolerate and make up for what is not working. Always have a body tune and and always make sure you take care of your self because you can get rid of wear and tear or the forces of gravity.


"Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage."


Haha keeping this guy fresh for his calisthenics progression with cupping on his pec and deltoid. Best part is when he got up and said oh man I have four new ni***es. Cracked me, never a dull day in the office.


Treating patients everyday like they are Olympic athletes 💪🏻


Dr. Lily Moezi/Recharge Sports Injury's cover photo


Dr. Lily Moezi/Recharge Sports Injury's cover photo


Post Memorial Day gift to this veteran!!! He has been a wonderful patient with a positive attitude and his excitement to go back into the reserves makes me feel safer in this crazy world. thank you soldier. :)


Graston to the max!!! Long and short of this technique is to break scar tissue and bring blood to the tissues to help heal injured areas quicker and loosen up the joints.


I really enjoy using my new FRC (functional range conditioning) certificate for one of my new patients. Her goals are to decrease knee pain and gain strength for her upcoming half marathon. Since we have started working together, she has been making huge strides toward becoming the runner she wants to be. This is not an easy conditioning skill because of the constant physical tension and control you must hold. I truly applaud her commitment and being so receptive to the instructions.

[01/24/16]   Alright folks, the office will be closed Monday but I will be at the office on Tuesday the 26th. I will be treating from 10 to 1pm and then 3 pm to 7pm. Bill will be calling patients to reschedule.

As always, stay safe and remember to use your legs and NOT your back to shovel the snow.


So happy to be apart of Will's strength journey,
One year ago, I was walking behind him as he was lifting weights (sn**ching 95 kilos) and noticed his back wasn't firing right. Also I noticed he was having a hard time completing the lift. Later that week, I told him how I noticed his back wasn't firing right and we both briefly talked about it but nothing deep.
About four months ago, we started working on correcting his neurological pathways so that things would fire properly. And that includes adjusting, ART, rock taping, graston, heel lift, dry needling, MAT, and functional rehabbing. Honestly, he took it like a man (note: he is a Karate/self defense Instructor even still, I think I would win the thumb wrestling competition). Anyways one year later, he PRed his sn**ch of 100 kilos and pain free. So that's freaking fantastic!!!!
So long story short, thank you Will for being who you are because you want to keep improving. Also thanks to your coach, Dan, for his wonderful coaching skills.
It was a good day.


Hahaha I pulled this book out randomly and totally forgot I wrote this....


Randy getting dry needled while baby Troy hangs out!!!

[12/01/15]   So in the past two weeks, I have three new motor vehicle accident cases and all due to someone hitting them at a red light and the person at fault was texting. Please remember that text or phone call can wait. Drive safely, it's worth it.


Just loving the love from my wonderful patient. Keeping things real!!


Thank you Manly men for dropping this off to hang in the office. Hands down, Randy and Dan, are the best coaches I have ever seen. I have been in the health industry for 10 years and came across a lot of "trainers" and "coaches" and no one has ever came close to my expectations than these two!!! And thank you Dan for these past few weeks and getting me back into the motions after my procedures. MUCH LOVE!!!


Elvis on guard while fixing his daddios elbow.


Dr. Lily Moezi/Recharge Sports Injury


Dr. Lily Moezi/Recharge Sports Injury


Dry needling to the millionth degree-this patient had severe itching due to hyperactive nerves in his legs for 6 years. His symptoms would be horrific at night which wouldn't let him sleep. He has been under treatment for 8 weeks, once a week (he lives pretty far away hence the treatment tempo). Well today he stated that his leg is considerably better.


I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet little one for his first adjustment. He is so sweet and responsive (3 weeks old). My heart melts.


Hahaha my two favorite Alaskan patients!!! I just their chill vibe-I saw them like this watching tv and I had to take a pic.
With this career, you run into a lot of people and some start to feel like family, so I am blessed to have these two as my fabulous patients and friends.

[04/17/15]   Today was an interesting day...I have a patient that severely injured his left hip more than 10 years ago And he cannot move his left hip to save his life. I mean it's bad!! When I work on him, literally, we are both sweating because I am unlocking a frozen joint. So, today I asked how are you doing??? He goes, "I can lean forward and eat my soup with ease now, because usually I need to straighten the left leg and lean towards the table, in a weird way. I just can't keep my left leg bent under the table and lean forward especially when eating soup!" I reply, "Well it's the little things that count." These little tidbits are huge during their recovery because it gives them confidence to push for a better quality of life. (A little food for thought-no pun intended lol)


One of the beautiful things of treating a baby is watching them grow. I started adjusting baby Z when he was only two weeks old and now he is 2 years old. He is such a polite little boy and so sweet and caring. This is definitely one of the beautiful pleasures of life, because I am to apart of someone's growth. 🙏

[02/21/15]   And remember everyone-USE your legs when snow shoveling!!!! Believe it or not, there are a lot of back injuries during everyone's attempt to get their cars cleared of snow. Even doing a proper warm up before the endeavor is useful and then stretch properly. Stay safe!!!


Thank you Saam for such a heart felt review. It was my pleasure to help. It's mission in life to help as many as ppl I can that have musculoskeletal issues. 🙏 feeling blessed.


Super happy that I accomplished my dry needling certification!!! Never stop learning is my motto. And never stop moving lol.


Love this event coming up on the 25th-I will be there for the open house to do assessments and consultations from 10-2pm. ALSO, you will see a new light on how to keep physically healthy and have that "FIT" look!!


Don't be afraid to bring your baby to your chiropractic visit!!!

[07/30/14]   I think this is a pretty great testimonial...what do you think???
***I can breathe and walk again due to your amazing skills! Thank you Dr. Lily Moezi-Vaziri

[07/14/14]   Yesterday, a patient was telling me about her trainer. She mentioned that he is so motivating to be around and that he always gives her the extra boost that she needs through his unique perspective on motivation. After she told me some of his views (now her views too), I felt inspired.

The first being, (the simple idea) that you should never say, "I can't," but rather say, "I can't just yet." Then she lead on saying, "the reason is that God gave you all of the capabilities in life and who are you to decide whether or not you can or cannot do something." It got me thinking... it makes sense. We can get healthy, we can find our passions, we can celebrate our lives everyday, and we can dead lift 200 pounds (my personal goal) lol.

The second message was that people who do take care of themselves and live healthy lives should share their routines with others, perhaps make it their responsibility. The trainer said he can't reach everyone nor can they, but it's all of our duties to motivate the mass to know how to stay healthy and aim to live a fulfilled life.

So I thought, I'll share my tricks on how I obtain(ed) my goals in health. I love weight training at HIGHBAR performance in Ashburn and doing cardio with my cousin at Equinox, along with food inspirations on Instagram.I am beyond grateful that I have a handful of friends to help me through my tough days. Lastly, I get chiropractic adjustments once a week to keep me mobile and for prevention of pain.

I hope this motivates the people that need to hear this and continue motivating yourself and others. On that note, what motivates you? What are your healthy lifestyle tricks?

[04/23/14]   Good morning-today sparked thoughts-goes something like this...So for some reason, people have this sense that just working out or just lifting is the only component to better health. ALL professional athletes have a team of people that heal them up or just for preventive measures after workouts/games. Our culture almost feels that it is just for the elite or the wealthy. But the work we do here is LITERALLY just the same as those ridiculously paid docs/trainer- ie why we have professional athletes continue to come here and they use their insurance just like the regular folks. One thing too, they never stop going because they know as much as they work their body is as important to their "repair" time. So, chiropractic should be apart of your health regiment and I am an advocate for other things as well lol just not chiro-just saying. :)

[04/03/14]   Yesterday I had a 13 yo boy patient that strained his back squatting 225 lbs and this is something he has never done before. He was pressured by a guy that said he could "totally do it"...well he did at the cost of his back. Time and time again-I stress to my patients its not about the weight, it is all about the technique and I am so lucky to able to refer him to Highbar CrossFit-they are the best at technique and making themselves known to their clients that safety is paramount to PRs. I always recommend having sessions to learn how to lift properly because skills will overcome alot of future injuries. Have a wonderful day!!!!

[03/17/14]   Recharge Is OPEN at 3pm



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