Afghan Youth Panel

Afghan Youth Panel is a non-profit and non-governmental organization and forum that aims to help educate Afghan citizens throughout the nation that would lead to a peaceful, prosperous and united Afghanistan.


Members, Thanks for liking the page of "Afghan Youth Panel". Please share issues related to Afghan youth here. Like events taking place, courses planned. Achievements that you get to know and as such that would encourage rest of the youth inside and outside the country for providing their inputs and thoughts. Best Wishes.


How do you see the future of presidential elections?


How was your Eid? 01/16/2013

افشای نام زمین‌خواران بزرگ شهر کابل8صبح، کابل: 8صبح به اسنادی دست یافته که نشان می‌دهد از سال 1381 تاکنون، حدود 2 میلیون جریب زمین دولتی، توس 01/16/2013

افشای نام زمین‌خواران بزرگ شهر کابل8صبح، کابل: 8صبح به اسنادی دست یافته که نشان می‌دهد از سال 1381 تاکنون، حدود 2 میلیون جریب زمین دولتی، توس


"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

How relevant is this quote today? Do you agree to it or not; explain your reasoning.


The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan - CLOVER-FILMS.COM (Dir. Jamie Doran 2010).m4v

Sexual exploitation has become a major issue in Afghanistan since the past decade with more children and youth being forced into non consented sexual activities. Evidently, economy plays an important role in such cases. What other reasons might cause this dilemma? And what, if any, solutions do you see to end this?

Award-winning Afghan journalist Najibullah Quraishi investigates a sexual exploitation ring. The film exposes the lack of support from those in authority and... 05/18/2012

Images from space track relentless spread of humanity

Interesting images! The past century has been defined by an epic migration of people from rural areas to the city. In 2008, for the first time in history, more of the Earth's population was living in cities than in the countryside. The U.N. now predicts that nearly 70% of the global population will be city dwellers by ...


What do you respect? 05/18/2012

Afghanistan to pump oil for first time

Afghanistan to pump oil for first time - Government projects up to 45,000 barrels a day. What are your reactions, thoughts, and ideas on this?

Read more: Afghanistan will start pumping oil for the first time within five months, an official said Wednesday, as part of the nation's efforts to tap underground treasures estimated to be worth billions. 05/17/2012

World's 10 dangerous roads

CNN's rankings of world's most dangerous roads.

Where could the # 1 dangerous road be...? Your guess is right! It is in Afghanistan. The road from Jalalabad to Kabul with a death rating of 9.5/10. "Fatal crashes are a daily occurrence".

Check it out here:,1 10 roads that only the suicidal, the insane, or the paid-to-do-this should ever drive down. 05/17/2012

Some Good News from Afghanistan- By Zalmay Khalilzad

Amid all this chaos and sometimes catastrophic incidents in Afghanistan, even a small news of a good news make Afghans stronger to hope for a better and successful future. The past month's negative developments in Afghanistan -- Quran burnings, misconduct by U.S. soldiers, sophisticated insurgent attacks, and stagnant talks with the Taliban - have overshadowed a recent notable positive development in U.S.-Afghan relations: The imminent conclusion of the strategic part... 05/17/2012

David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence | Video on

Is your school or workplace divided into "creatives" versus practical people? Yet surely, David Kelley suggests, creativity is not the domain of only a chosen few. TED Talks Is your school or workplace divided into "creatives" versus practical people? Yet surely, David Kelley suggests, creativity is not the domain of only a chosen few. Telling stories from his legendary design career and his own life, he offers ways to build the confidence to create... (Fr… 05/12/2012

Afghanistan Young Leaders Initiative Position Paper on NATO Summit in Chicago

"The Afghan war is a war of perceptions for the most part. It is a multi-dimensional, complex, and regional conflict that requires a comprehensive, multi-pronged, and long-term commitment. It is of utmost urgency for both the Afghan government and the international community to ensure a successful outcome in Afghanistan, or we will continue to face the threat of terrorism and regional instability with grave consequences for world security and peace." May 1, 2012 Preamble The 25th NATO Summit in Chicago this month is unusual compared to previous summits as it will not reaffirm the allocation of more resources to its mission in Afghanistan, but t...


Apply For A Grant | Global Fund for Children We’re glad you are interested in applying for a grant from The Global Fund for Children. Here is everything you need to know:



Alia Foundation, a grassroots charity in Kabul, and the parent umbrella organization, The Lamia Afghan Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)(3), have initiated an urgent fundraiser for two girls’ schools in Afghanistan. The schools are located in the southern outskirts of Kabul, and are some of the few schools in the area for girls. All funds raised will be used to purchase school supplies, books, and outfits for the female students, many of whom come from poverty-stricken families. The name of the two schools are Qala-e-Wazir Girls High School & Sardar-e-Kabuli Girls High School.

You can make any amount of donation to the schools and remember everything will make a difference!

To Donate:

Visit our website:

Follow the directions carefully under “Donate & Make a Difference”

If you have any questions, please email us at:

[email protected] 05/10/2012

Water tank poisoned at Afghan girls’ school; 140 hospitalized

How many of us still remembers this incident? Do you remember when 140 girls were water poisoned approximately a month ago in Afghanistan? Simply because its no longer at focus of media, it doesn't mean that these girls now have access to improved or better facilities. These girls still need our help and support in order to continue their education under such circumstances.

If we, the Afghan Youth Panel, present a fundraiser for the cause, how many of you are wiling to support us? Share your thoughts and ideas with us! KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) — At least 140 Afghan schoolgirls and female teachers were admitted to a local hospital after their...


Haddad Farhad Cultural Center - حداد فرهاد کلتوري مرکز

AEB serves less fortunate students and communities in Afghanistan by providing quality learning opportunities through effective, accessible educational programs and activities. Inaugural programs include the creation of two classes consisting of roughly 120 students in Kabul and a girl’s school in Wardak province consisting of around 60 students. Humanitarian projects include the installation of water pumps in remote areas where access to clean water is lacking.

Hit like and start contributing toward the cause!

زمونږ موخه ملي یووالی،زده کړی،افغاني کلتور،هیواد بسیا کول او ټولنیز ډول کار کول دي 05/01/2012

BBC فارسی - افغانستان - تظاهرکنندگان در کابل عکس‌های حامد کرزی و رهبران جهادی را آتش زدند

Read and comment please! It's very interesting.. اعضای یک حزب سیاسی در کابل علیه مناسبت‌های هفتم و هشتم ثور (اریبهشت) تظاهرات کردند و خواستار محاکمه عاملان جنگ‌های سی سال گذشته شدند. آنها عکس‌های حامد کرزی، رئیس‌جمهور و برخی از رهبران حزب دموکراتیک خلق، مجاهدین و گروه طالبان را زیر پا کردند و آتش زدند.


Should government prioritize education or economy in Afghanistan? 04/24/2012

BBC فارسی - افغانستان - معاون کرزی: برای صلح باید به طالبان قدرت سیاسی داد

معاون کرزی: برای صلح باید به طالبان قدرت سیاسی داد
What do you all think? معاون اول رئیس جمهوری افغانستان می گوید برای دستیابی به صلح باید به طالبان قدرت سیاسی داد.


President Karzai Meets British National Security Advisor

April 24, 2012- President Hamid Karzai met Kim Darroch, British National Security Advisor and Mark Sidwell, British Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

During the meeting held in the Presidential Palace today afternoon, the two sides spoke on continued bilateral relations, Afghan peace process and Pakistan’s crucial role in peace talks, as well as Afghanistan’s preparations for Chicago and Tokyo Conferences.

Informing Kim Darroch and Mark Sidwell of Afghanistan’s readiness to attend Chicago and Tokyo Conferences, the President described the two events as very important for Afghanistan and hoped to achieve good outcomes from the two conferences.

President Karzai also thanked for Britain’s assistance and support to Afghanistan.

British National Security Advisor reaffirmed his country’s long-term partnership with Afghanistan and declared that Britain is fully prepared to participate in Chicago and Tokyo Conferences for Afghanistan.


How many of us have actually read the Constitution of Afghanistan before? If you've been wondering about it, take a look at it here!

A fairly interesting document. What are your thoughts about it? Anything controversial or critical points? If you had a chance, what would you modify about it? Share your opinions! 04/22/2012

Anatomy of a Massacre - Afganistan

A must watch documentary! Afghans accuse multiple soldiers of pre-meditated murder To see more go to Follow us on Facebook (http://goo.g... 04/20/2012

Children in Afghanistan work to extract country's vast mineral wealth

Afghanistan faces the daunting prospect of a drastic reduction in foreign aid, which currently makes up about 90 percent of the country's revenue. Some have seen an economic life raft in geological surveys that indicate huge deposits of copper, iron, uranium and lithium in various parts of the country. NPR's Quil Lawrence reports:


Seek Education From The Cradle To Grave!

Timeline Photos 04/19/2012

Timeline Photos 04/15/2012

Afghan Moot Court Competitors Visit U.S. Supreme Court | IIP Digital

A team of five law students from Balkh University in Afghanistan received a special tour of the U.S. Supreme Court after an impressive showing in the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. Five law students from Balkh University in Afghanistan visit the U.S. Supreme Court following their impressive showing in the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. 04/14/2012

Syrian doctor offers help online

A Leicester-based Syrian doctor has been using email and online video to help doctors treating victims of the fighting in the country.

Once again, we see the power of the internet and technology! A Leicester-based Syrian doctor is using email and online video in an attempt to help colleagues in strife-torn areas of the country treat those injured in the fighting. 04/14/2012

Good Afghan News » New school building inaugurated in Nangarhar, another to be built in Parwan

New school building inaugurated in Nangarhar, another to be built in Parwan. Dedicated to providing only good news from Afghanistan. 04/13/2012

Afghanistan's first female Olympic boxer eyes London dream -

One small but strong and united step at a time will get us as far as we aim to reach! Proud of this young lady!

17-year-old Sadaf Rahimi was given a wild card to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games in London. An arena where the Taliban used to execute women provides a chilling and incongruous setting for one teen girl's unlikely Olympic dream. 04/12/2012

New radio program to help Afghans learn to read

Isn't it amazing how technology not only helps us connect and live comfortable lives but also learn and spread the positives? Since the past several years, we have clearly seen the changes that technology has made in our every lives. Today, we are witnessing another positive way through which it will impact our society.

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan — Starting next month, thousands of southern Afghan women will be able to turn their radio dials to a new program that could transform their world. Starting next month, thousands of southern Afghan women will be able to turn their radio dials to a new program that could transform their world. 04/11/2012

SGAC Announces the Winners of the Space Generation Fusion Forum Global Grants Programme

An Afghan student, Ahmad S. Hakimyar, has been announced as one of the 12 Space Generation Fusion Forum Global Grants winners! Something to be proud of; which will inspire even more youth to the path of development and contribution toward the society.

Congratulations to Mr. Hakimyar! SGAC - Space Generation Advisory Council in support of the United Nations


How many of our members reside within Afghanistan or outside and what are you doing for your country? As an Afghan, do you feel that it is your duty to contribute toward rebuilding the nation? If yes, then what do you do to help out?

It doesn't have to be anything huge, every simple little act of kindness counts! Tell us on what you are doing.


Herndon, VA

General information

Afghan Youth Panel is a grassroots group of ordinary Afghans with visions for a better tomorrow which propositions to promote quality education and through the use of technology and the social media, initiate the youth on leadership. Afghan Youth Panel is dedicated to promote unity among Afghan youth and promote the role of Afghan youth in the rebuilding and reconstruction of Afghanistan. Like the page for discussions, forums, and updates on the roles of Afghan youth within the society.

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