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The Madame Curie School is an innovative preschool with STEAM classes for students aged 2-5 and enrichment programs for grades K-5. Preschool, STEAM

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Now Enrolling ~ Summer Camp!!


Now Enrolling!!

Madame Curie School 01/10/2022

Madame Curie School

Now Enrolling!!!

Madame Curie School


Dear MCS Families,
Due to the inclement weather travel conditions, MCS Herndon School will be closed tomorrow, January 3,2022.


Who said you can’t have any fun Virtually ..... look at our Curious Little Madame Curie Learners at work... yes our little scientists are exploring their sinking objects experiment virtually as there are learning about sinking/floating objects.


Who said you can’t have any fun Virtually... look at Our Curious Little Madame Curie Learners are exploring butterfly life cycle craft !
Though there are home based bound they made their beautiful butterfly life cycle craft!!! Love all of them!!!!!


Today Friday May 15,2020..Our Curious Little Madame Curie Learners are exploring STEAM Activity Design Challenge.
Look at their creativity ..... though it was a virtual session...🙂 design a Steam structure building bridge that is made of marshmallows/ gummy bears/ playdough and toothpicks Yes that’s how our Kinder’s rock and roll even during this tough times!!!


You don’t have bubbles at home .... why worry ..... nothing can hold us back !! Here you go Virtually our Madame Curie Learners have fun making their own bubbles at home .. we are forever blowing bubbles pretty bubbles in the air . They fly so high, nearly reach the sky then like my dreams they fade and die.
“ I’ m Forever blowing bubbles”.


“The Earth is what we all have in common”
Let’s protect our planet!!!!
Here are our Madame Curie learners Virtually celebrating Earth Day and it’s significance by making their Crowns and reusing their recycle items. They also had fun painting and planted seeds!


In this fun, Virtually Our Busy bees from Madame Curie Learners made their own Earth Mascot ....... look how cool they are😎


Look at how our Madame Curie Learners are experiencing Earth Day!!
Though they are home bound they made their beautiful salt dough earth craft and printed their hands to express the love they have for their planet!!! Love all of them!!


In this fun, Virtually our Little Curie learners Craft:Earth Day!
The earth does not belong to us,we belong to the earth.
“ Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”...,,


In this fun ,Virtually our little cutie learners exploring All Of Me:
My Eyes help me see ..
My Ears help me listen..
My Nose help me smell...
My mouth help me talk....
My hands are for clapping....
My arms can-hug tight....
My fingers can snap..
My legs are for jumping....


In this fun ,Virtually our little pre-K
curious learners exploring Solids around us!


In this fun, hands-on math activity Virtually our little Pre-K Learners exploring shapes, Size, Color, Symmetry— all while having fun creating a super cute pooch! Shape Animal: Dog Craft Activity! A fun way to learn about shapes while making a Cute Dog!


Our Curious Little Madame Curie Learners are exploring their body systems this week and venturing into their skeletal system.
Look at their creativity... though it was a virtual session... YES thats’s how our Prek’s rock and roll even during this inflexible times!!!!!


3D - Shapes are fat not flat.
A cone is like a party hat
A Sphere is a bouncy ball.
A Prism is a building tall.
A Cylinder is like a soda pop.
A Cube is like a dice you drop.
3 D shapes are here and there
3 D shapes are everywhere! Virtually MCS Pre-K 4 Our Curious Little learners excited to make crafts with solid shapes. Hands on activities with 3 D shapes...


Who said you can’t have any fun Virtually look at our Young Curious Little Madame Curie Pre-K 3 Learners at work ...Exploring mind blowing Fun Science Project Virtually...... Wind wheel making with 2 Dixie paper cups, small stick and a straw......


MCS Virtually look-at our curious little cutie learners also did learn all about Easter and meticulously worked on coloring and cutting their eggs perfectly and made their Easter Wreaths and bunny and are all geared up for SPRING!!!!!!
May his love grace your heart....
And May his sacrifice strengthen your soul...


Who said you can’t have any fun Virtually look at our Curious little Madame Curie learners at wok....YES our little scientist are exploding/exploring their Volcanoes Virtually as they are learning about types of land forms.


MCS- Updated closing dates!!
We are closed until March 27th!!


Cover-19- MCS will be closed from March 16th - March 20th!! Stay Safe Everyone.


MCS Herndon Friday March 13,2020 will be early release @ 4:00 PM


PK2 working on letter S


PK2 enjoying painting


PK 3,PK4 relaxing with 🧘‍♀️ Yoga


PK4 excited for ‘Show&Tell’ about letter “T”.


Pk3 - experimenting Snow!!


Pk3 enjoying their hand made Snow!!


PK5/ After School - Snow Making on the go!!


PK 5/After School duo - Snow Making was indeed lots of Fun!!!!!


Show and Share


PK4 working on Animal Classification

Our Vision

The first 5 years in a child's brain development are crucial. Research shows that this is the time when the brain is creating new connections and developing at the most rapid pace it ever will. With each passing second during these first 5 years, young brains develop 700 synapses, the neural connections that support learning and the development of skill sets.

Accordingly, it is important to take advantage of this incredible time—the brain absorbs information like a sponge.

A child's development rests primarily on the environment, exposure, and attention received during these formative years. Habits and interests formed young generally reverberate throughout adult life.

Our philosophy at The Madame Curie School is to provide a nurturing environment where ideas abound. Our goal is to nurture your child to be a problem-solver early in life so that he or she may deliberate, look for, and discover solutions in both academic and everyday situations. Academically, we want to inculcate enjoyment in the mystery of Science, the empowerment of Math skills, the beauty of language, the fun in play, and—in general—the sheer joy of learning.

Videos (show all)

Pk3 - experimenting Snow!!
PK 5/After School duo - Snow Making was indeed lots of Fun!!!!!
PK4- All About the parts of a Plant!!
PK 5 - 3 D shapes it is!!
PK5 enjoying their PJ Day!!
Show & Share..letter ‘O’
Show & Share..letter ‘O’
PK4 learning about food chain..
Learning about food chain
Food chain..PK4
Learning about the food chain
PK4 young minds.. Learning about the food chains


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