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All the best to you all.
Visit us at http://americancounrtymusic.org
for a FREE DOWNLOAD of 3000 Down Commemorating the events of 9/11.
Please send me a carton or two of your excellent booklet: Socialism: Social Justice/Social Democracy. I am pastor Margie. I sacrificed my only copy to our son who is a strong conservative - but his two sons are in college and have bought the lies of socialism. I need one for sermons and teachings and to pass out to congregation, relatives, friends, etc. Send me the price. I left a message on your phone with my phone number.
Lin - http://cblpi.org/10-principles-conservatism/

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The Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women is a non-profit educational organization that prepares and promotes conservative women leaders.

The CBL Center for Conservative Women provides educational, networking and mentoring opportunities for conservative women across the country, advancing ideas that are pro-America, pro-free enterprise, pro-religion and pro-family.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 06/01/2022

We hope you will join us and Amber Athey for our Washington, D.C. Intern Summit on June 10th at the Capitol Hill Club! Register today at https://cvent.me/yvONXq

Timeline photos 05/31/2022

Straight facts with Allie Beth Stuckey

Timeline photos 05/30/2022

Happy Memorial Day!

Timeline photos 05/29/2022

The speakers will be focused on policy and practical issues that will help you develop your career! We are honored to host such a great group of women! Sign up here http://ow.ly/5x5j50Jk2Wg


Timeline photos 05/28/2022

We hope you will join us and Carrie Severino for our Washington, D.C. Summit on June 10 at the Capitol Hill Club! Register now https://cvent.me/yvONXq

Timeline photos 05/27/2022

We support the U.S. Constitution. Our courts should do the same!

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert

Timeline photos 05/26/2022

Wise words from our namesake.

Timeline photos 05/25/2022

"Student debt is a genuinely a travesty. The political establishment sold the middle class a false bill of goods. Big Ed got subsidized and made education unaffordable. The best policy response is to
end subsidies and cut the cost of tuition." - Emily Jashinsky

Timeline photos 05/23/2022

We hope you will join us and Star Parker of Center for Urban Renewal and Education for our Washington D.C. Intern Summit on June 10th at the Capitol Hill Club! Register today! http://ow.ly/Esvz50JfYaM

Timeline photos 05/22/2022

Truth is still truth.

Jedediah Bila

Timeline photos 05/21/2022

It was our pleasure to host Beverly Hallberg at UC Berkeley this spring! She spoke on the importance of free speech in a cancel culture world. If you would like to host her or another great woman on your campus, reach out today!

Timeline photos 05/20/2022

"Americans and our needs should come first and foremost. Every single time." - Gina Bontempo

Timeline photos 05/19/2022

Attention ladies, if you a college student, you are invited to join us for our 2022 Washington D.C. Intern Summit & Woman of the Year Dinner! You will learn policy, internship skills, and more! Registration is free and spots are filling fast, sign up now http://ow.ly/oVw950JbI80

Timeline photos 05/18/2022

We were so pleased to host Diana Furchtgott-Roth for the May CWN at The Heritage Foundation. She spoke on "Making American Energy Great Again". Watch now if you missed it http://ow.ly/x1Jv50JbG3a

Timeline photos 05/17/2022

Speaking up for the U.S. Constitution and the American Experiment is more important now than ever before! Contact our office for resources to take a stand on your campus today!

Amala Ekpunobi

Timeline photos 05/15/2022

"If you weaponize agencies against the American people you destroy the integrity of our system and break a fundamental
trust that is necessary for a democracy/republic to flourish." - Sara A. Carter

Timeline photos 05/14/2022

We can help you spread the message on your university campus this summer! Contact us today to learn more!

Timeline photos 05/13/2022

Available now from Regnery Publishing

Timeline photos 05/12/2022

Visit our website to join our email list! cblwomen.org

Timeline photos 05/11/2022

In this critical time, it is important to speak on behalf of the unborn. Do your part!

Kristan Hawkins

Timeline photos 05/10/2022

Never forget your 'why'. America is worth fighting for.

Timeline photos 05/09/2022

Women are needed throughout our nation to lead! Start where you live!

Timeline photos 05/08/2022

We love and honor our Mothers today and every day! Only women can bring life into this world. We hold to that truth now more than ever! Happy Mother's Day!

Timeline photos 05/07/2022

If you start today, what can you accomplish for the conservative movement?

Timeline photos 05/05/2022

"Taking words out of context to achieve something other than capturing truth is what, unfortunately, defines much of our left-wing media today." - Start Parker of Center for Urban Renewal and Education

Timeline photos 05/04/2022

"When the left doesn't get their way, they use media to attack the courts." - Senator Marsha Blackburn

Timeline photos 05/03/2022


Lila Rose

Timeline photos 05/02/2022

Socialism harms people and destroys a society. Educate yourself so that you can combat the Liberal narrative at your university on this issue!

Nikki Haley

Timeline photos 05/01/2022

100 accurate Kassy Dillon

Timeline photos 04/30/2022

Order today from Regnery Publishing, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble!

Timeline photos 04/29/2022

"The conservative project is not a conservative one, so much as a counter revolutionary one." - Mollie Ziegler Hemingway

Timeline photos 04/27/2022

One of the best things you can do is be familiar with the writings of our Founding Fathers. You cannot defend the truth of America's past if you do not know it!

Carol M. Swain, PhD.

Timeline photos 04/25/2022

The team is working on some great events for the Summer! Join our mailing list to be the first in the know! Message us or sign up on our website at cblwomen.org

Timeline photos 04/24/2022

Pascha greetings to our Orthodox Christian followers!

Timeline photos 04/23/2022

Equality for all is the American way.

Ying Ma

Who We Are...

Founded in 1993, the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women is one of the most unique organizations in America. Our mission is to prepare women for effective leadership and to promote leading conservative women. We strive to advance America’s women by promoting and preserving conservative principles.

We represent conservative women.

We provide a conservative woman’s perspective on current policy issues that affect her life, country and faith – a perspective that is often ignored or dismissed within academia and by the media. Our materials, programs and initiatives stress the importance of moral values, strength of character, academic excellence, integrity and a strong work ethic. Our blog, newsletters and social media communications support ideas and efforts that are pro-America, pro-family, support free enterprise and entrepreneurship, and pro-national defense and encourage our supporters and students to be active ambassadors of conservative philosophy at their school, at their workplace, and within their community.

We guide leading conservative women.

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Firearm training course - always a part of a CBL internship!



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