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As we close out this month - admittedly what has felt like the longest March ever - we're mindful that March was also Women's History Month. While this was overshadowed by recent events, we want to pay tribute to all the brave women (and men) on the front lines helping patients in dangerous situations, securing our neighborhoods, keeping the food and supply chain going, teaching kids virtually, and so much more. Throughout the past month THuS Marketing and Branding asked business leaders to give advice to their "younger selves" on what they've learned. CTF President Annette Bakker gave advice that feels just as applicable today - that together we are UNafraid, and UNstoppable. . (click below to read the entire quote)
NAILBA is thrilled to announce two new contributors to our 2020 vision! Join us in welcoming well-known news and weather anchor Katie Fehlinger and Nona Phinn, President of THuS Marketing and Branding to the NAILBA family!

Get to know our new contributors:
Join us Aug 28 from 8:30-9:30 for “What in the World is Marketing?” With Nona Phinn of THuS Marketing and Branding

At THuS Marketing, we focus on the human side of marketing to deliver comprehensive solutions and st Have you ever tried to throw a dart with your eyes closed?

Without a clear picture of the target, it’s nearly impossible to hit the board, let alone the bullseye. At THuS Marketing, we think about this analogy often when working with our clients. To build a complete customer profile, we ask the tough questions: Who are you speaking to? What are their interests and values? And how does your product or service meet their unique needs? Through well-researche


On this Memorial Day, we honor and remember the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Let us never forget their courage and sacrifice. 🫡

It’s Spring! Are You Blooming Yet, or Are You Underperforming? 05/24/2023

Are you gearing up for full bloom? You should be.

In the dead of winter 🥶, your garden may appear lifeless and barren, but underneath the surface, so much is happening to ensure that when spring approaches, growth takes place. The wanted and the unwanted burst through the soil, budding 🌱 and ready to meet the warmth.

Much like a garden 🌹, your organization will experience activity from unexpected places if you don't purposefully cultivate its grounds. The programs, services, or products you permit to continue, even when they threaten your organization's overall progress, will leave a heavy mark. Indeed, the damage 🥀 could be fatal.

Discover the significance of pruning 👩🏿‍🌾 the gardens of your company and how it always leads to a magnificent bloom.

It’s Spring! Are You Blooming Yet, or Are You Underperforming? Underperforming areas in your business, much like the plants in the winter, will continue to produce life.


💖Today is Customer Appreciation Day! Let's take a moment together to express our gratitude for the loyalty and support of our audiences and partners. Without them, no business would be possible. As always, we are committed to providing our community with the best services, and we look forward to another year of dedication to seeing our partners' missions fulfilled through communications and marketing. Thank you for being a valued part of our community! 🙏🎉


🌼Both building brand loyalty and cultivating a garden require consistent care, attention, and a long-term perspective. A garden requires watering and daily nurturing to ensure healthy growth, while our relationships with your audience need regular targeted communication to thrive. Let us help you plant the seeds of success and grow your brand through one-on-one relationships. 🌻🌷🌿


Every month we send our subscribers a little note, a token of our appreciation for their partnership. We include in this love letter industry updates and marketing trends to keep our partners on top of the latest news.

In April, we discussed the marketing lessons learned from the movie "Air." The biopic about the team that signed rookie Michael Jordan and developed his billion-dollar shoe line also depicts the power of brand identity. Air Jordans are more than shoes—they're a story... a legacy. After all, "A shoe is just a shoe until someone steps into them."

If you haven't already, be sure to sign up to join the discussion this month!


💐Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! As a mother-owned business, we recognize the challenges of balancing motherhood with running a business. Today, we want to celebrate and honor all the amazing mothers who work tirelessly to provide for their families while pursuing their dreams. Your dedication, strength, and love inspire us every day. Enjoy this special day and know that you are appreciated not just today but every day! 🌸💝🥰


Growth has to begin somewhere. Organizational growth and development 📈 is no exception to this rule. There's a starting line we all must first embark upon.

Before the starter pistol fires—before we approach the line indicating we are set to take off running 🏃, training and preparation are required. We must engage in the due diligence necessary to ready ourselves for the success and accomplished goals that await us ahead.

How did Miley sing it? "Ain't about how fast I get there. Ain't about what's waiting on the other side. It's the climb." There will always be an uphill 🛡️battle, yes. What you do before the victory 🏆 is achieved wildly determines the outcome.

Read more 👉

Timeline photos 05/09/2023

As a member of the Forbes Communications Council, our founder Nona Phinn has the opportunity to share her expertise in marketing and communications with a global audience. Her latest thought leadership piece is now live! Don't miss this chance to glean her insight. Check out her tips on making authentic audience connections!

Timeline photos 05/03/2023

🌱 Spring is in full swing, and just like a garden needs fertilizer to thrive, your marketing strategy needs regular infusions of fresh ideas, resources, and innovation to grow and flourish. Don't get too comfortable with the same old messaging and tactics—try new things! Keep feeding your growing garden with the nutrients it needs, and you'll see your marketing efforts blossom into something beautiful. 🌻🌼🌸

Timeline photos 04/27/2023

We're about to turn the last page of April, and we can't believe we're already done looking back over so many wonderful classic stories! We've learned so much about identity, bravery, and brand storytelling. Before we bid adieu to storytime, we have one more clue for you. Comment your guesses below!

What children's story depicts a character who ate themselves into a new creation?

Timeline photos 04/26/2023

If you feel like you're struggling to effectively communicate your organization's message, take a page out of a children's book. You may need to pare down your story to develop clear and concise communications. Learn to simplify your language and cast relatable characters that resonate with your audience. Follow the lead of authors like Judy Blume who create simple yet strong narratives that capture audiences' imaginations!

Timeline photos 04/24/2023

Anne of Green Gables tells the story of an imaginative and spirited orphan girl who transforms the lives of those around her. Its themes of acceptance, resilience, and the importance of community continue to resonate today, over a century since its publication. Through the character of Anne, author Lucy Maud Montgomery created a brand that has endured, inspiring generations of readers to embrace their individuality and celebrate the beauty of life. Own your brand story, and create a unique identity by using the words and tone that feel right!

Timeline photos 04/20/2023

How well do you know Goodnight Moon? This classic picture book turns 76 this year, having charmed young readers for an entire lifetime! Next time you crack open this favorite bedtime story, keep an eye on the clock and the shadows that change as time passes. Peek at the book on the bunny's night table and find that he too reads Goodnight Moon before bed! And notice that there's a little less mush as the pages turn, suggesting that the mouse has had his portion.

Of course, if you're a Goodnight Moon expert, you already knew that. Can you tell us what line comes after this one: "Goodnight stars. Goodnight air." Comment below!

Timeline photos 04/19/2023

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”

This quote, often attributed to Dr. Seuss, inspires readers to own their identity and not let the opinions of others sway them from their course. Many children's stories teach us that there's nothing more empowering than being yourself!

Owning your brand identity inspires just as much courage and power! Don't wait to experience such freedom. Share your brand story with the world today!

Timeline photos 04/18/2023

In this presentation, Karen Eber explains the power of storytelling and how it creates empathy and trust in the listener. She talks about the neurology behind why stories are so effective and explains that storytelling and data are not mutually exclusive; they complement each other. She highlights that emotions drive our behavior. It's not just data alone.

Stories are more than just a way to entertain or pass the time. Storytelling is an essential skill for any leader. After all, stories have the power to drive change. So, let's use the power of storytelling to connect with others and inspire positive movements in the world!

Timeline photos 04/17/2023

Who doesn't adore the silly old bear from the Hundred Acre Wood? Full of lessons on the power of imagination, the bittersweetness of growing up, and the strength of friendship, Pooh Bear and his friends are perfect examples of memorable and moving brands. From T-I-Double GAH-ER to Eeyore, everyone proudly owns who they are and bravely stands up for what they believe in. Push for your organization to do the same!

Timeline photos 04/13/2023

It's time for another query! This treasured children's story captured audiences' attention and communicated lessons learned through the lovable title character. The cover of this book features that beloved bunny, a staple of the spring season. Who can tell us the name of his story and the author who penned it? Comment below!

Timeline photos 04/12/2023

In today's 🌍, it can be difficult at times to remember why we are united and why we should even care to be. Daily, we stare down the barrel of our countless differences, a myriad of varying perspectives, and innumerable backgrounds and experiences. If we allow it, the divide grows wide, and the interest in joining forces diminishes, eroding our reasons to care.

There is one language, however, that never tires or grows old—the human story. ☮️ Our brand narratives are more than great tales we tell about our offerings. In our mission-driven sector, our brand stories have the power to connect, unify, and attract the most unexpected groups to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the trenches together. 🫂

We are obligated to develop, nurture, and tell our brand narratives. The world desperately awaits us to do so. Read more to learn more about the power ❤️‍🔥 of your organization's story!

Timeline photos 04/10/2023

Max's journey to the land of the Wild Things is a perfect example of great brand storytelling. Just like Max, your brand can take your audience on an adventure, guiding them through a narrative that captures their imagination and creates a lasting emotional connection. By painting a vivid picture of the hope your brand offers and the fears it dissolves, you can take your audience on an adventure where they experience the excitement of your brand's message. And like Max, your brand should have a clear purpose and a message. Let your brand take them on a journey so they may become... a Wild Thing!

Timeline photos 04/06/2023

Follow along with us this month as we put your literature knowledge to the test! Whether you were read to as a child or you've read to children as an adult, we all remember our favorite children's stories. With fascinating illustrations and compelling fantasies, they're easily locked inside our brains!

How well do you remember this classic? Comment below and tell us which book this line is from: "I would not like them here or there; I would not like them anywhere."

Timeline photos 04/05/2023

Crafting a brand story takes time ⌛ and takes thought 🧠,
But the payoff is worth it ❗, as your brand will be sought 👀.
So take that first step, and start off with pep 🎉,
Determinedly go! Take that big brand step 🚶‍♀️.

Who has a more recognizable brand story than Dr. Seuss? Already he has inspired countless children to take their first big reading steps, and now he's inspiring marketers to take hold of their brand narrative and make it their own! Read todays blog to understand how vital your story is to determining your message and reaching the right audience.

Timeline photos 04/04/2023

Stories have a way of capturing our attention and connecting with us on a deep emotional level. This is why great brand storytelling is so essential. Your brand story not only builds loyalty and attracts fans but also creates a safe space for your audience to connect with your message. To create a brand story that packs a punch, include tension by identifying the hero, the antagonist, and the 'who' that needs rescuing. Don't keep your story a secret—share it with the world and be the hero we all need.


From her quick wit to her telekinetic powers, Matilda's story takes us on a wild ride that we'll never forget. It's a classic example of how a fantastic story can captivate an audience.

The same is true for great brand storytelling. If you want to truly connect with your audience and make a lasting impression, you need to be willing to take risks and be bold. Don't hold back—tell your brand's story with all the passion and creativity you can muster. Let your brand be as memorable as Matilda, Miss Honey, and even Miss Trunchbull, and watch your audience become captivated by your story.

Timeline photos 04/02/2023

📖 Stories have a unique power to captivate, inspire, and connect us. They teach us valuable lessons 🍎, evoke emotions 🥹, and even change our perspectives 🧐. In honor of International Children's Book Day, we're taking cues from children's literature to craft relatable lessons on brand story. We'll highlight how our favorite heroes, stickiest of challenges, and thought-provoking moral lessons from these tales can inspire the development of our organization's brand narrative. Follow along as we celebrate 🎉 the wonder of storytelling 📚!

Timeline photos 03/31/2023

As a leader, you have the ability to influence the behavior and actions of those around you. You set the tone for your team or organization, and your behavior will be watched and emulated by others. If you want your team to exhibit certain behaviors or values, you must first model those behaviors yourself.

By doing so, you create a culture of accountability and trust within your team or organization. Your team members will see that you are committed to the values and behaviors you expect of them, and they will be more likely to emulate those behaviors in their own work.
Rose International, Inc. Sue Bhatia

Timeline photos 03/30/2023

A leader is someone who is able to bring a group of people together and make them a team. With all of the changes and challenges we have experienced over the past few years, I believe we are all craving leaders who show compassion in the workplace and who understand that micromanagement is a thing of the past. I think that companies who don't acknowledge a healthy work life balance will be left behind as other companies leap forward with leaders who offer flexibility and create a work environment that brings out the best of their team.

Emily Rosenberger
Constituent Events Manager
Alzheimer's Association Central and Western Virginia

There Is No ‘I’ In Lead 03/29/2023

At THuS Marketing, we recognize emotions 🥰 as the most powerful motivator and heart 💗 as the measure of strength. We believe that the best leaders are those who take time to connect 🤝 with their teams, who can see the value of diverse experiences, and can utilize strengths 💪 in a way that benefits the organization and makes employees feel valued and engaged. They listen 👂 first. They support the goals 📈 of others. They set an example of compassion 💞.
Our obsession with relationships doesn't end with our audience or with our clients. It drives every aspect of what we do—including how we lead!

Catie Dugan Vargas American Translators Association Conciergenp CLA Janeen Parrott Coaching René Wells Lisa Schwartz Stover

There Is No ‘I’ In Lead Knowing your team teaches you their strengths, weaknesses, and passions. Connecting with your employees helps you support them when needed.

Timeline photos 03/28/2023

"When did storytelling fall off the list of required leadership skills?" asks Ruth Milligan in her TEDxColumbus talk on leadership. "It's the difference between managing and leading."

Stories are tools leaders must use to share data in a way that is informational 📊 and memorable 🧠. Stories allow us to connect 🫂 with one another by sharing truth honestly. It's a skill vital to leadership because teams thrive on transparency and connection. Trust is built 🔨 through being able to relate to one another's histories, and motivation turns from a spark into a flame 🔥 thanks to the power of narrative.

Listen now to understand the full scope of storytelling's 📖 ability to help you lead well.

Timeline photos 03/27/2023

The world is craving an impeccable or exemplary leader who can navigate our complex world with wisdom, empathy, and a commitment to serving the greater good of humanity.

We are starving for:

A visionary who can articulate a clear and compelling vision for the future and has the ability to inspire and mobilize people around that vision.

A collaborator who can build bridges across different groups and perspectives—committed to working with others to find common ground and achieve shared goals.

Someone who is inclusive and recognizes and celebrates diversity—committed to creating a more just and equitable society for all.

Transparency— a person who is open and honest and willing to be held accountable for their actions.

A resilient leader who can weather setbacks and challenges and can adapt to changing circumstances without losing sight of their core values and principles.

A compassionate leader who is empathetic and caring—committed to alleviating suffering and promoting human dignity.

An innovator who is creative and forward-thinking— willing to embrace new ideas and approaches in order to tackle complex problems.

René Wells
CEO| Producer|Video Geek
Apus Media Inc.

Timeline photos 03/23/2023

Leaders are true visionaries. A leader sees the vision of their organization and is able to gather the troops/team, share that vision and lead in ex*****on.

These great visionaries are impeccable leaders who typically have a firm understanding of who they are as an individual and how they choose to operate as a leader. Exemplary leaders help you thrive and excel, but most importantly, they can help you become a better person.

The world is craving a combination of both an impeccable leader and an exemplary leader, one who can both be the visionary spiritual warrior who inspires a shared vision while also being true to themselves. The world craves an authentic servant leader who can discern when to be humble(think less about self) in order to create those momentary insights for others.

Kelli C. Baxter
Executive Director
American Translators Association

Timeline photos 03/22/2023

Leaders, you're standing at the peak of a summit 🏔️, looking down at your incredible accomplishments throughout your career 🎉. Is there anywhere else to climb 🧗‍♀️?

Of course, there is! Turn around and admire the glory of the mountain you must continue scaling. It's daunting 😨, but what you've accomplished so far will give you the strength 💪 to continue. And continue, you must! Your industry is constantly evolving, and work must be done to keep up.

📖 Read today's blog for insight on how to give 110% toward your organization's success by balancing personal growth and business development.

Timeline photos 03/20/2023

The world is craving for leaders to be humble and more engaged without being overbearing. To accomplish this requires giving credit to others for their contributions and communicating clearly by asking empowering questions and listening with an intuitive ear. Exemplary leaders see all members of the organization as uniquely gifted. Doing this generates a genuinely committed team of partners instead of just co-workers.

Remember, that leader is in each and every one of us. If you are a co-worker, parent, spouse, or friend, you are a leader whether you realize it or not. Just Let Go & Trust God! Janeen Parrott Coaching
Janeen Parrott
Personal Development Life & Business Coach

Timeline photos 03/17/2023

Association leaders know that true strength and power come from lifting others up and bringing people together. When we focus on building up those around us, we create a positive and supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. And when we bring people together, we can accomplish so much more than we could on our own.

To lift others up, we must be willing to share our own knowledge and expertise, to offer guidance and encouragement, and to provide support when needed. This kind of leadership requires empathy, compassion, and a willingness to see others succeed. It means valuing the strengths and contributions of every member of our community, and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and appreciated. Michelle Obama

Timeline photos 03/16/2023

"A leader is someone who presents with confidence and isn't afraid to go against the grain. A leader is someone who inspires others to be their best selves always. A leader is someone who leads by example. And finally, a leader is someone who sees the bigger picture and finds the path to go from where they are to where they have not gone before.

The world is craving leaders willing to try new things and be innovative to accomplish goals in a way that is good for everyone as opposed to just a few. The world is looking for people with passion and curiosity to move things forward in their communities in new and collaborative ways."

Catie Dugan Vargas
Associate Director of Development
United States Tennis Association, Mid-Atlantic Section
United States Tennis Association - USTA (Official)

Timeline photos 03/15/2023

All month long, we're asking, "What makes an impeccable leader?" Is it someone with a natural talent for communication 🗣️ or delegation 📢? Is it someone who was born with the charisma 🤩 necessary to earn respect? We've learned that leaders are not born—they're made 🔨. Empathy, selflessness, and compassion are not skills that often come naturally, but they're necessary tools 🧰 for anyone in command.

The bravest 💪 leaders are those willing to prioritize the people they serve over their own personal goals.

Timeline photos 03/15/2023

"I was the first woman president of an African nation, and I do believe more countries ought to try that," says H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Nobel laureate and former president of Liberia.

In this , Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recounts how fearless 💪 Liberian women aided in the reconstruction ⚒️ of their nation after a long period of civil strife. Listen as she makes the case for gender equality—which she believes is a critical tool 🔨 for achieving peace 🕊️ and prosperity 💞—and unveils her strategy to empower a new generation of women to drive social change.

Timeline photos 03/13/2023

Today, we live in a fast-paced world of unrealistic deadlines, TikTok, and 3-second sound bites. It seems almost every topic or situation is presented as an extreme dichotomy. The constant, biased, shallow presentation of information often pushes leaders and followers into predetermined directions with no perceived middle ground. We need more leaders who are capable of breaking this paradigm.

According to Nicole Riggs, the founder and CEO of HOA Quality Commission, LLC, an impeccable or exemplary leader demonstrates the qualities of humility, collaboration, integrity, critical thinking, and resilience.
Humility to truly listen and consider a situation.
Collaborates to build relationships.
Integrity to always do the right thing even when it is not popular or will not bring glory, and to be transparent when they are wrong.
Critical thinking is used to interpret all information.
Resilience to keep doing hard things day in and out without burning out.
Nicole Nicole Riggs, MSL
HOA Quality Commission, LLC

Timeline photos 03/09/2023

"I am fortunate to work alongside some incredible leaders at CLA Many of our leaders have exceptional business acumen and strategic vision, but that is not what makes them truly special. What really sets these exemplary leaders apart from others are the traits of humility, transparency, inclusivity, and empathy. When leaders truly embody characteristics like these, teams feel energized and inspired.

As servant leaders, we strive to lead with compassion, confidence, self-awareness, integrity, and respect. Our people want to be led and inspired, not supervised. As a leader, I seek to cultivate a workplace culture where team members are supported, feel valued, and love to come to work every day. That environment will almost always lead to success both for the individual and the team."

Lisa M. Stover, CPA
Managing Principal - Washington DC
CLA (CliftonLarsonAllen LLP)
Lisa Schwartz Stover

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