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We've been fueling your possibilities for a smoother, safer ride in the Herndon area. McLearen is your full-service automotive center dedicated to your basic inspections, mechanical service, oil changes, timing belts, and diagnostic problems.

Being certified for over 35 years, we can work on your tires, provide shuttle service, and help you out with just about anything. Don’t settle for less than your committed auto repair team at the locally owned and operated, McLearen Square Shell, Inc. Let’s ride, VA!

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The Best Snack Foods For Long Road Trips 04/21/2015

The Best Snack Foods For Long Road Trips

Road trip 101: keep snacks on hand! You can't go wrong when you fuel up with these favorites:

The Best Snack Foods For Long Road Trips Eating big meals on road trips weighs you down and makes you sleepy. That's why snacks are better, and Jalopnik readers know the very best driving foods of all.

Timeline photos 04/19/2015

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If your car could talk, what do you think it would say about your driving habits?


A great car deserves a great name! What do you call yours?


What piece of driving advice would you give your 16-year-old self?


One sound you should never ignore: a squealing noise coming from the engine. It's a sign that your drive belt may need to be replaced.


Before you head out for a road trip, inspect your car's belts and hoses. If they're worn-out or loose, your engine can overheat!

Timeline photos 04/09/2015

Ace Ventura's not necessarily a model driver. What do you think when you see someone cruising like this?


We all have one -- what's your biggest driving pet peeve?


Safety glass is one of your car's most important features. It prevents shattering, reduces high-frequency sound, and blocks UV rays!

Timeline photos 03/31/2015

Damaged tire? Let us take a look!


We made it to 50 fans! Thanks for all of your help. What's the next goal?

Timeline photos 03/17/2015

We hope everyone is enjoying their St. Patrick's day so far!

WATCH: Dogs Riding Shotgun, Loving Life 03/15/2015

WATCH: Dogs Riding Shotgun, Loving Life

Love cruising with the windows down? Love dogs? This video is for you!

WATCH: Dogs Riding Shotgun, Loving Life If three minutes of sunshine and dog smiles doesn't make you grin, then we're not sure what will. In the short film "Dogs In Cars: California," director Keith Hopkin captures eight dogs doing what dogs love to do most: lean out over the ...


Was your first car a hot rod, or were you stuck with mom's old station wagon?


It's time to fess up! Share your embarrassing automotive moments with us. We all have them!


Quick poll: what's your favorite car racing scene in a movie?


How many cars have you owned since you turned 16?

Timeline photos 03/04/2015

Let's get a little nostalgic! Who taught you how to change a tire?

Timeline photos 03/03/2015

One of the most famous car scenes in history! Which Bond film is this from?

Timeline photos 03/02/2015

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Timeline photos 03/01/2015

Here's to always remembering where you parked your car.


Have a second? We'd love to know how we're doing. Please respond with your feedback!


Have you named your car? If yes, what is it and why did you choose that name?


My family car growing up was a _______.


Battle of the brands: What car company are you most loyal to?

Timeline photos 02/20/2015

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Timeline photos 02/19/2015

This must be what you call a "clean" getaway! What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen on the road?


Road tripping just isn't the same without a soundtrack! Do you have a favorite album, musician or song for long drives?

Timeline photos 02/15/2015

Some people are just born with it:


The #1 driving distraction is:
a) Using a Cell Phone
b) Eating
c) Talking to Passengers
d) Adjusting vehicle climate/radio controls


What's your favorite song to listen to in the car with the windows rolled down?

Timeline photos 02/04/2015

We love spotting classic cars in movies. Can you think of any more?

Timeline photos 02/03/2015

There are definitely some great vanity plates out there. Share your favorites that you've seen!

Timeline photos 02/01/2015

Mmm, bacon. What's the funniest license plate you've seen?



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