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Videos by Silat Institute in Herndon. Silat martial arts school is a school that teaches Pencak Silat self-defense, combat sport and MMA

Tendangan depan #usasilat #pencaksilat

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Tendangan depan #usasilat #pencaksilat

The more you talk when you are sparring the less you learn.

Kak Ammar pushing the kids hard.

Ocean City Silat.

"Guling" or roll is one of the hardest moves to teach youth.

Silat Sport Camp is now August 13-15. Apply ASAP before spots fill up!

Jurus Regu review

Jurus Tunggal review.

Join Kak Sakina's 4-week intro to Silat course for women only. Learn basic self-defense from the amazing art of Silat. Limited class size, so reserve your spot! Ages 13 and up. Link in bio.

Learn Silat Online
Learn Silat online, from the nations top Silat instructors and coaches. Join our group classes from anywhere in the world in the comfort of your home. Our Silat curriculum is specifically tailored for online classes so you can get the maximum benefit from our expert instructors, who all have at least 8 years of experience in Silat and have attended Silat competitions nationally and internationally. You can join by yourself or a family member, or form a team with 3 or people so you can train and even spar under the supervision of an experienced instructor. More info:

Online Silat classes! Starting at 5pm everyday.

Over a decade ago! Some of these kids have graduated college now! This was way before we formed the USA Pencak Silat Federation, we were aligned with IPSI through ASBD (Al-Azhar Seni Bela Diri). You can see our IPSI and ASBD patches.

Getting ready for the Silat tournament Saturday, iA.

Preparing demo for next week Silat tournament - March 14th

Preparing our school demo for March 14th Silat tournament.

Working on Jurus Regu so we can compete in that aspect. Needs work but it's a start!

Get ready for March 14th East-coast Silat tournament!

Jurus Tunggal is a form with 100 moves divided into 14 sections.

Tendangan Depan, (front kick)

Repetitive drilling = muscle memory