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Escape Room Herndon


Hot off the press! We have some exclusive content for you 😘 Here are some of the recently released and upcoming escape rooms from all over the world! Do you know about them? Have you played any? If not, mark your calendars now and book/pre-book them NOW!
13th Hour Haunted House Escape Room HerndonCaptured LV Escape RoomTrap Door Escape Red BankTrapped Escape RoomExit Game OCLucifer - Escape RoomTulleys Escape Rooms CrawleyEscapology Escape Rooms Las Vegas QUEST ROOM Interactive Escape room games DarkPark Escape-topia Escape Room Arlington Inside Castlebar Scenario Escape Room Emergency Exit Escape Games Mystery Maui NW Escape Experience RI Riddle Room The Escape Ventures Orlando Daydream Adventures Mystery Mansion Regina trap't Escape Room Adventures The LOST Escape Room Escapism LLC Cyber Raccoon Escape Room Fairfax DC Lock & Clue Escape Rooms
We are EXCITED! Check out the latest silent auction items added to the list for our annual #TeeOffForWGB!
-- 4 tickets to Buccaneers at Washington Football Team (week 10)
-- Deluxe wine tasting experience for eight at Barrel Oak Winery
-- In Home Humidified & Install by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning of Northern Virginia - $1200 value!
-- Private wine tasting for 20 at Total Wine & More
-- Custom made t. shirt quilt (create a personalized quilt from your old shirts!)
-- Two tickets to Escape Room Herndon
Donate or sponsor and of course, join the fun on 10/13! Learn more here:
The Clue IQ: An Escape Room Experience team recently took a field trip down to Escape Room Herndon for a fun night of team building. That's right even escape rooms use escape rooms as a team building exercise! We took on Maritime Mutiny and Magicians Workshop (pictured below). As always Herndon delivered 2 top notch experiences. Thanks to the staff of Mellow Mushroom for hosting our after party as well.
Adventure is always around the corner when you stay with us...literally! Escape into fun when you stay with us and by visiting Escape Room Herndon, which is a short distance away from the hotel 🔎
For anyone who's missing our live play (as avatars) at Escape Room Herndon, you can now watch our first episode of "Escape Down Memory Lane" on our YouTube and IGTV! They've now officially retired their "Room 213". Check out the fun jump scare moments and cool puzzles we've encountered. Thank you for all the players who's joined us in the live stream and helped us get out of Room "213"! The spirits of the "dolls" can now live forever 😜
Are your ready???!!! In 1.5 hours at 6:30PM EST we will be live streaming on our FB page at Escape Room Herndon ! Join us on solving puzzles in the haunted Room 213! We will your help to escape!!! The best part is, it’s a FREE event!!! #escaperoom #free #freeevent #freegame #escapegame #escaperooms #livestream #horror #scary #puzzle #puzzlelovers
We not only own an escape room but we are also hard core enthusiasts of playing them. We have played around 200 games around the country and one of our favorite spots is Escape Room Herndon they are getting ready to retire one of their rooms so if you have never been I would highly recommend checking it out before it's gone. It is on the creepy/scary side so be warned. It's only about an hour from Frederick down in NoVa.
Check out #Herndon’s own Omer Aru in the Washington business journal!
Escape Room Herndon is a blast— take your family and show them some love! It’s a blast!
The crew from Escape This Frederick came out and did a great job in Crane Manor. Check them out if you are looking for more fun games in Frederick. The Escape Room Herndon team still holds the top spot for Escape Room staff. Can anyone beat Herndon's time? Looking at you Surelocked In Escape Games A Game of Rooms Escape Quest Escape Complex Cyber Raccoon Escape Room Fairfax DC @escaperoomarling @bondsescaperoom Escape Confusion (ps these are all fun places to play games in the area)
We visited with friends today for a birthday party and had a wonderful experience! The magician's workshop was a very fun and tricky room. The lobby was empty when we arrived, our group all wore masks and so did our hostess for the room. We were asked to wash our hands before going into the room, and I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe in any way. It felt so good to do an escape room again! I would highly recommend this as an outing.
This old gargoyle's been with us a long time-- from the Cursed Crypt at Escape Room RVA and Escape Room Herndon to a sentinel at Warehouse29, and now he's off to enjoy a cozy retirement courtesy of Ravenchaser Mary-Leslie Duty! How did he get that miniature golden gnome? Easy-- he won it playing our RVA Street Art Quest! Check out to puzzle your way through the art of Richmond from the safety of your vehicle and win a golden gnome of your own.
Does your family like #puzzles? Check out Escape Room Herndon's Harry Potter-themed puzzles online! A great way to #escape! #stayfun #staypositive

Can you escape in 60 minutes? Find the secrets, solve the riddles, and win the game! Your Wits, Our Wiles.

Operating as usual


Probably nothing...

Escape Rooms - Escape Room Herndon VA 04/05/2022

Escape Rooms - Escape Room Herndon VA

We have special hours this week for Fairfax County Spring Break!

Join us and bring your family for a fun shared adventure during the week off!

Escape Rooms - Escape Room Herndon VA You and your crew of graverobbers have gone to the site of a recent burial to extract a large diamond that was left with the body. Once you get there though you see that the grave has already been looted and the thief left behind a box containing an address. You arrive at that address, and this is w...


We are very excited to announce the launch of the very first Escape Room Herndon NFT!

We are minting our very first collection of 10,000 Randomly Generated Gnomes on OpenSea.

Each Gnome will have unique properties and rarity. The rarer the Gnome the more $NOME coin you will be able to earn as passive income. Join the Gnomeverse (our own unique Metaverse in Web3) where you will be able to mingle with other Gnomes. Roadmap includes a Cartoon on Netflix, a failed Run for President, and our very own small island off the southern coast of Chile

Each Gnome will mint for 1.5 ETH.


Does the thought of being stuck behind a cash register for hours on end at Big Box Store X hurt your soul? Do you want to inspire envy and intrigue when asked about your cool new workplace?

Look no further because ERH is hiring! We're seeking enthusiastic people to join our team as game masters this Spring.

Interested? Email us a resume to [email protected]

Washington, DC: Escape Room Recommendations - Room Escape Artist 03/22/2022

Washington, DC: Escape Room Recommendations - Room Escape Artist

So Room Escape Artist just published a guide to the DC area Escape Rooms.

Check out ERH and some of our awesome community (Escape Room Arlington , Cyber Raccoon Escape Room Fairfax DC , Clue IQ: An Escape Room Experience , Bond's Escape Room , and 5 Wits ) representing the DC area properly.

Washington, DC: Escape Room Recommendations - Room Escape Artist These are the best escape rooms in the Washington, DC metro area, including outstanding games in Virginia and Maryland.


Happy Mid March! We will be open today!

If you have a current booking and would like to reschedule, please let us know this morning. If you want to play but don't have a booking, call us because we may have some last-minute openings.

*Stock photo used, wasn't able to get outside but it's probably accurate.


Our sister location down in Richmond is hiring!

Ravenchase Adventures: Escape Room RVA is seeking Game Masters in the Richmond, VA area! We are looking for fun, creative, and hard-working souls who are excited about the adventures we can present to our customers. 🔎 Check out our job posting on Indeed to apply: 🔍


Ever wish you could go back? Join us for an hour in 8-BIT Escape and puzzle your way through your parent's 80s basement.

Bring the kids and explain to them why there are so many remotes, how you had the same toys growing up, and laugh as they try to work a tape deck.


Gold and Platinum Button winners from this past week!
You can earn these by playing Ravenchase escape rooms.

(No Filter, actual effect of when you show them to others)*

*not everything said here is a fact


We will be open on Presidents' Day!
Hours for Monday are 12:00 PM - 6:00 pm
Come enjoy the day off with an adventure!


NEW SHIRTS on order!

We have a bunch of new shirts coming in soon. These are for our staff but also available for purchase in the lobby!
Let us know what you think of the design 😁


Check out these superheroes! They earned both of their Golden and Platinum buttons this weekend!

Have you earned your golden button yet for completing 4 rooms at ERH?




Check out the latest review by ESCAPETHEROOMers of Graverobber’s Dilemma 🤩

If you haven’t played our newest room, gather up your bravest crew and take on our wiles!


Golden Button recipients from this past weekend.
Team name :REDZ/Four Horseman of the Apocalypse 😂

If you get a Golden button you can pick your team name too!


Due to the upcoming snow/sleet/ice/and all that will be closing early today!

We have a couple spots left open if you want to squeeze in a game before getting trapped for the next day or two.


Check out what the minds of Ravenchase have come up with! Révéler in Richmond is a unique adventure experience that's like a cross between Bob Ross and Squid Game!

If you are down in Richmond, make sure to check this place out, it's like nothing else!

Just about ready to rock RVA! It’s not an escape room but it’s definitely a unique adventure. Think Bob Ross meets Squid Game. Soft open this Saturday. Book today at


New Platnium Button winners. That's 10 Ravenchase rooms completed, 10! Congrats to these two fine adventurers!

Have you or someone in your crew earned the coveted Platinum button?


Another Golden Button winner this week! Anyone else close to their fourth escape?

BTW, did you know we do in-room post-game photos now?
(pictured Magician's Workshop)


Looks like Thursday is another Snow Day! Feeling trapped yet? We are open starting at 3pm! Come join us for a game and melt away these snowy day blues!


Magician's Workshop won a Bullseye Award for BEST IN-PERSON ESCAPE ROOM!

We are so honored to receive this award from ESCAPETHEROOMers . Come join us for an adventure and learn what wonders are hidden within the Magician's Workshop.

Escape Room Arlington 12/31/2021

Escape Room Arlington

If you missed MindTrap in Herndon, go play it at Escape Room Arlington! It’s an awesome room and the ERA crew has made it even better!

Escape Room Arlington Escape Room Arlington has cultivated 4 unique escape room experiences that will challenge your mind and keep your heart pounding until the very end.


We won a Bullseye Award last night for Most Unique Story in Graverobber's Dilemma!

Thank you ESCAPETHEROOMers for this awesome honor.


We have some brand new Golden Button winners!
Play 4 rooms at ERH and you can earn your very own Escapey McEscapeface button!


Over the weekend we had another PLATINUM Button recipient. This is a button you get for playing 10 or more Ravenchase Games (Herndon, Arlington, or RVA).
This is a super exclusive club and we are happy to celebrate these amazing Ravenchase enthusiasts!


Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday for our Donation Day. Because of your adventures we were able to donate over $1000 to Shelter House !

Thank you all so much for joining us, we look forward to hosting you all again soon!


Every year we have donated a portion of our final weekend to charity! This year we have picked a team that's helping our local community! We will be donating a portion of Sunday the 26th’s tickets to Shelter House

Shelter House, located in Reston VA, is a community-based, non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention, safe housing, and supportive services to homeless families and victims of domestic violence in Fairfax County.

In the past year, across all programs, Shelter House served nearly 845 households comprised of 1,989 individuals – nearly 1,000 of which were children. Of the households that exited shelter, 64% moved to permanent housing.

You can learn more about them here:


8Bit Escape is Ranked the 25th BEST GAME in the USA!

The Top Escape Rooms Project awards were announced last night and we are so honored to have 8-BIT Escape finish as the 25th Top Escape Room in the USA! (7th best on the East Coast, and 140th in the WORLD)

Join us and find out what all the rad 80's hype about 8-BIT Escape!
Go check out all the global winners on the TERPECA website!


Love for one of the family! Valerie, a Game Master at one of our sister locations Gnome & Raven, has been nominated as GM of the Year. Give her some love and if you haven’t been to G&R, please go check them out!

Our beloved General Manager Valerie has been nominated for ESCAPETHEROOMers’ Game Master of the Year Award! 🏆🏆🏆
To vote for Valerie, watch her bio at
Give the video a “Like” and a comment! You can only “Like” the video once, but you can comment once every day!
For more information, visit
Voting ends December 22nd!


NEW Holiday Hours: We are open EVERY DAY for adventure!
More hours for family fun, for laughter, and for creating lasting memories playing altogether!

Join us this holiday for a game. Your Wits, Our Wiles.

Escape Room Herndon updated their business hours. 12/15/2021

Escape Room Herndon updated their business hours.

Escape Room Herndon updated their business hours.

Escape Room Herndon - Maritime Mutiny [Review] - Room Escape Artist 12/11/2021

Escape Room Herndon - Maritime Mutiny [Review] - Room Escape Artist

Ahoy, check out this review of Maritime Mutiny by our maties from Room Escape Artist! They loved the piratey pirateness of it all. 😁 🏴‍☠️☠️

Escape Room Herndon - Maritime Mutiny [Review] - Room Escape Artist In Maritime Mutiny, Escape Room Herndon nailed the classic, thematic escape room style. We loved solving puzzles in aboard this ship.


If you’ve played one of our games and had a great time, consider giving us a vote for a Plyers Choice Bullseye Award. Voting end today!

Hi everyone! Today is the last day to put in your nominations for our annual “Player’s Choice” Bullseye Award! Head over to our website ( and nominate your favorite games (Escape rooms, live-hosted games, online games and tabletop games) now! And if you have some favorite game masters, nominate them for “Game Master of the year” Award!

Gift Certificates - Escape Room Herndon VA 12/09/2021

Gift Certificates - Escape Room Herndon VA

Looking for a fun stocking stuffer? Give the gift of adventure to your favorite Escape Room Enthusiast!

Gift Certs start at $78 for a 2 player experience and can be purchased online!
Receive a code, which you can even use to create your own puzzle!

Gift Certificates - Escape Room Herndon VA Escape Room Herndon Gift Certificates Can Be Purchased Here. Give the gift of adventure for friends.

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