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Oak Hill Speech Therapy is a private speech-language therapy practice specializing in treatment of communication issues of the childhood population.

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Photos from Cari Ebert Seminars's post 04/12/2021

We play with a purpose!

Rex Chapman🏇🏼 on Twitter 02/10/2021

Rex Chapman🏇🏼 on Twitter


The eye gaze, the facial expressions, THIS baby is taking it all in! Couldn't be more precious!

Rex Chapman🏇🏼 on Twitter “Timeline cleanser: This baby girl responding to her new daddy reading a book to her in different voices exactly what I needed today...https://t.co/BTkNDUPrya”


New openings for In-Person or Virtual Sessions are now available! Call today (703) 994-2055


Looking to supplement your child's school services in the safety and convenience of your own home? Oak Hill Speech Therapy has been providing top-notch speech-language therapy for over 20 years.

New in-person and virtual timeslots are becoming available in the next few weeks. Call Jeannie Kane today to secure yours! (703) 994-2055.


In The Know

Doesn’t need to be fancy y’all! #learnwithless #toddler #earlyintervention


Watch this experiment and learn about babies' preferences 🧅 👶🧸


Observe, narrate, comment...without asking! Read this to find out why!

Want to create a reciprocal language rich environment for young language learners?

Then limit the number of test-like questions you ask during the day.

❓”What color is it?”
❓ “What shape is it?”
❓ “How many are there?”
❓ “What letter is that?”
❓ “What does a dog say?”
❓ “What does a cow say?”

S T O P 🛑 ❌ 🚫

Life is not a quiz!‼️The constant bombardment of WH questions creates a demanding environment that may cause some young children to avoid interacting with the adult.

Instead of quizzing, try just commenting.
Instead of asking, “What color is it?” try just saying, “Oohhh, you found the BLUE ball.” Instead of asking, “How many are there?” try just saying, “You have 3 crackers!”

For struggling language learners, the ultimate goal is to keep the child actively engaged in conversation. Too many test-like questions can hinder that goal.

Asking thoughtful questions periodically throughout the day during teachable moments is fine. But bombarding kiddos with strings of test-like questions can be overwhelming.

Comment...don’t quiz! 🙌🏼
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We are here to support your child's home learning! If you have an established pod or co-op group, and are looking to supplement with literacy-based language group, please call for details! As always, individual speech-language therapy sessions are also available via zoom or in-person.


You already KNOW what to do!

I will say this over and over! Are there flash cards, apps, and toys that can help kids learn? Absolutely! But- kids will learn SO MUCH MORE when they are engaging with others during those activities - and when it comes to language, I really believe they can learn even more through good old fashioned play with another person- regardless of what toys or objects are involved!


We are resuming face-to-face sessions in the convenience of your own home (on a limited basis)!

Don't forget- Virtual sessions via Zoom offered any time!


What's your plan for your child's speech therapy this summer? We can help!


Make the most of your child's time at home and get real results!

autismparentingmagazine.com 04/14/2020

Ways Teletherapy Can Help Your ASD Child During the Coronavirus Crisis - Autism Parenting Magazine

Quarantining with little ones is HARD. Connect with your child's therapists/teachers who are here, wanting to SUPPORT YOU!

autismparentingmagazine.com Back on March 13, 2020, a realization started to settle over this country as to what the actual impact COVID-19 (coronavirus) was going to have on all our communities. Since that time, people have been practicing “social distancing.” Schools have shut down, the expectations of the family unit ha...


Is your child going without speech-language services during the quarantine? We are proud to introduce a solution! Call Jeanne today (703) 994-2055


I hear or read one of these myths at least several times per week.

If you have concerns about your child’s development, do not wait. Seek evaluation. Early Intervention is critical.

Free phone consultations, and reduced-rate screenings are available.
Call today at 703 994-2055


Did you know? Your child’s animal sounds were words? If your child makes a snoring sound for “sleep”, THAT’S a word too!

The average vocabulary for an 18 month old is 50 words.

If you have concerns about your child’s communication development, Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist Jeanne Kane, MS, CCC-SLP, can help!

***Fall Special: Toddler/Preschool Screenings-$15***

Comment below before more information to your inbox!


Parents of toddlers/preschoolers: GET EXCITED!

A SOCIAL SKILLS group is starting soon!

Call today to secure your spot!

NoVA PlayLabs

businessinsider.com 07/30/2019

Another huge study of over 650,000 kids shows absolutely no link between vaccines and autism. Doctors say it's proof we're living in a "fact-resistant" world.

Such a controversial topic. Worth a read!

businessinsider.com Scientists have mountains of evidence that vaccines don't cause autism, but some "fact-resistant" parents are tough to convince.


Did you know?

Speech and language skills are a huge component of reading! It’s very common for a child to be an excellent decoder and have poor comprehension or vis versa. If your child is struggling with reading (most kids with communication delays and disorders will), an SLP can help!


If you have concerns about the speech-language development of your little one, it is best to get it checked out sooner than later!

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New Openings now available for Summer and Fall!

Flexible scheduling in the convenience of your child’s home, daycare, or private school.

mrsspeechiep.com 02/05/2019

When To See An SLP

Did your child’s pediatrician recommend a “wait and see” approach for your late-talker?

If you’re waiting for the 2 yr old checkup, or longer, you could be missing critical language-learning time!

SLPs know what to look for!

mrsspeechiep.com Find out when you should seek a speech evaluation for your child and why you should not wait.


A Special Community

Update: I'll officially be defending my dissertation in March and if I pass *fingers crossed* I'll be walking in May. ❤ #Autism #DoctoralCandidate


Mrs Speechie P

Santa's on his way!

Children learn through play so check out these great ideas!

Wondering what gifts to get your kids this holiday season that support speech and language development? Check out my top 5 toys - AND ideas for how to use them to help support talking!!


Did you child's teacher discuss concerns about the speech-language development of your little one?

I can help! Call today (703) 994-2055


Sydney Health

Should my child be saying more?

When's the right time to take your child to see a speech pathologist? We asked our expert, Dr Elise Baker, to find out.


New study based on research on 27,000 kids worldwide:

Children acquire 90% of the consonants in their native language by age 5...including L and R.

New research on articulation development!!! Y’all, this is so exciting- McLeod & Crowe (2018) published their results and personally, I feel like this is great info!

What does this mean? The AVERAGE child will master each sound by the age noted- which also means that even if they are a little bit older and still haven’t mastered the sound, it’s ok. But I do think this is great info for parents & SLPs to have because we know the sooner the better (and usually quicker and easier too!) when we look at articulation intervention!

Article available at:

mrsspeechiep.com 10/10/2018

Speech Therapy Activities for Halloween

Here are some great Halloween- themed activities to stimulate language with your little goblin! 👻🎃


mrsspeechiep.com Help your child with their communication and play skills using Where is Baby's Pumpkin by Karen Katz.


I'll be watching. Who's with me?

We will start with this topic, but if you have other questions, join me live and I'll hang out to answer all that I can! See you tonight - and please share to other groups and pages. The more the merrier! 😉


Mrs Speechie P

What's the difference between School and Private Speech Therapy? Great article to help decipher what's best for you!

I am often asked, "What's the difference between a school based speech pathologist and a SLP in private practice?", "Is one better than the other?", and "Should we do both school and private?" Find out my answer to these questions here!

connec-to-talk.com 09/18/2018

When the pediatrician says to "wait and see"... | Connec-to-talk.com

Do you have a late talker? Wondering if your child's speech development is on track?

A quick read on why latest research cautions the "wait and see" approach.


connec-to-talk.com By: Olivia Joiner, M.S.,CCC-SLPI have concerns about my child’s language (and/or motor) development, but my pediatrician says he’s too young and we should just “wait and see”. What should I do? Many parents share with us the experience of asking their pediatrician questions about what they ...

Who is Oak Hill Speech Therapy?

Oak Hill Speech Therapy is a private speech-language therapy practice specializing in treatment of communication issues of the early childhood population. We provide top-notch speech-language therapy in the convenience of your child’s home, daycare, or private school.

Jeanne is a warm and nurturing therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field and she is great at what she does! At Oak Hill Speech Therapy, we pride ourselves in the delivery of the very best methods that get results!

Jeanne believes that working with children in their natural environment is the way to go! Seeing your child in action at home or in the classroom allows for targeting of the most meaningful skills to give your child communicative success as quickly as possible!



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