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I am a Business & Personal Coach empowering leaders and organizations! This will, over time, increase profitability.

I am a Business & Personal Coach with over 20 years' experience in various sectors, and seven years’ experience empowering not-for-profit leaders and organizations to see themselves as and act as for-profit organizations. I believe that productivity in any organization, especially not-for-profits, is directly linked to how the members of that organization are functioning, both at the individual an

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When we villainize organizations because they seemingly do not “succeed” as well as we would like, we are telling ourselves that anything less than total success is absolute failure.

The hypocrisy here is that we do not feel this way with for-profit businesses; we give them time, capital, and risk-taking buffer to prove themselves.

The result is that we ultimately stunt our own growth and development as humanity.

We can do better.

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By all means, create your annual goals for 2023 and make your resolutions. Start anew, take a fresh approach to life, and visualize with wonder…

And, if you want to super-charge your goals, consider partnering with a qualified process specialist who will take you by the hand and guide you with each step to that promised land of success.

Here’s to a wonderfully productive 2023!

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We can do better. Much, much batter.

We will not move humanity significantly forward until we treat the organizations looking to solve our social ills with the respect and treatment they need to do so.


I choose to honor the trust placed in me as Coach with a simple annual gift of reflection and utility.

This year, that is ’s perpetual calendar with insightful reminders from The Universe.

Thank you to all my powerful, courageous clients. You are loved!

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I invite you to this land of , this land of coaching.

In this land, we co-create breakthroughs and practices that serve you in claiming your highest sense of self, while whittling away the unnecessary fat of that which you are not.

Come join me—you have nothing to fear and so much to gain.

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If we are truly beings of energy, then any perceived limits we have are simply that—perceived.

Whether or not they truly exist is our projection into this temporal reality.

Just like the four minute mile, the quadruple spin in figure skating, and computers in every home, limits are only what we imagine them to be.

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I was told once that a pearl actually begins as an unsightly dark mass inside its host clam. The millions of tiny irritations caused by the movement of its surrounding water transform this mass into the majestic, ornate pearl we treasure.

This is absolutely true, and not just of pearls.

People grow from experiences. If we can tame our ego enough to learn from our surrounding experiences, we can grow into something far more beautiful than we could ever imagine.

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Intuition is the Universe speaking to you.

As a leader, trusting this aspect of your greater divine self is a critical value add. When we learn to sufficiently identify the line between divine intuition and our own mundane whims, we steer our organizations and our lives with such perceived adeptness that we constantly amaze those around us.

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Friends and colleagues,

I regularly keep one client at a time who is intent on creating change in their life and has extreme financial challenges. I choose to view this as my way of paying forward the goodness I have received in my own life.

This low-fee or pro bono coaching opportunity is now open. If you know of a single individual (just one, please) with an awesome goal and ready to create the life of their dreams, present this opportunity to them. They should be motivated and willing to do what is necessary to achieve.

Thank you, friends!
May your 2022 be shining more brightly than previous years, and may you be preparing for a prosperous 2023. Keep love in your heart always.

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We are not just this body of flesh and blood.

We are more—souls of light, of energy, of irradiation—enjoying this temporal human experience, as so many traditions around the world inform us.

From this place, we can treat our temporary human setbacks, despair, and disappointment as what they really are—nudges from The Universe directing us to a higher place.

Photos from Humans of New York's post 10/14/2022

Photos from Humans of New York's post

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…and remind us once again of:

• our mortality
• our ability to change
• the inescapable beauty of this world
• the beauty in each of us
• how we can hide in our “chlorophyll”
• what else?

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What is the of your ? Your ? Your ?

When you are crystal clear on this, it is so much easier to create a winning , because you know your real .

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I wholeheartedly believe that we humans living this earthly experience find the ones in this world who will further our journey as eternal, spiritual beings.

Whether seeming “friend” or “foe,” family or acquaintance, human or furry friend, everyone is here to teach us, aid us, and push us along so we may continue to evolve.

I thank you for being a part of my journey, whether seemingly big or small. I you all.


A co-created exercise, or ‘practice,’ stemming from a breakthrough created during a coaching session should be viewed as your calling yourself to a higher reality—a more empowering one.

As Mike Dooley states in Infinite Possibilities:
“This means initiating actions that are presumably just outside your current set of beliefs, by performing some token deed or deeds, on a regular basis, that don’t make sense in the context of your normal life or normal surroundings but that are in line with the life you’d like to lead. These new actions then imply the existence of a corresponding new belief, and when they’re consistently repeated, the new belief has to emerge.”

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In his seminal book and audio program Infinite Possibilities, Mike Dooley reminds us that our 60,000 everyday thoughts spring from the garden of our beliefs.

The quality of that soil gives rise to the type of thought we see as “natural” or “intuited.”

When we sense that our thinking is out of alignment with our innate nature, we must look to our specific, underlying beliefs to create lasting and positive change.

For example, if you desire good health by focusing on the negative (“I’m not going to be fat any longer!”), you will want to look deeply and critically (with love) at how you perceive your body and it’s ability to be the perfect vessel for you.



Every spiritual and religious tradition aims to develop a soul to become its best by prescribing a path to follow.

When you regularly engage in a practice(s) of such a path, you move your soul to higher levels of existence. Thus, the itself becomes penultimate. Just as an athlete requires repetition to perfect her game, so do you benefit from consistent actions or rituals, regardless of what specific tradition you ascribe.

For those celebrating new year 1444, may your year be filled with and the it will inevitably bring.


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You want that ?
You want a new ?
You want a new ?
You want your life to have deeper meaning?

You can have it!!
…once you begin to take action that is different from what you have done, with new beliefs empowering you.

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Enjoy today, for tomorrow we get back to the work of building a .

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When your client creates the life of his dreams, marries the girl of his dreams, and invites you to celebrate with him….

I love my work!


(shared with permission)


We Have Bastardized Capitalism


We landed!!



We landed!!


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This will be EXCITING!

this page for daily, exciting from our voyage. After all, why should we be the only ones to experience the beauty and culture of this millennia-old land?

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with your ❤️.

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Local DC friends,

I cordially invite you to Council’s first Storybook Brunch on Monday, May 2nd at in Ashburn.

See our Facebook event page:

Face-painting and balloon-making!
Full brunch buffet!
Meet the storybook characters!

For event details:

To purchase tickets:

Thank you for supporting Loudoun Literacy Council’s efforts to empower individuals to achieve full literacy!

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This will be exciting!
this page for daily, exciting from our voyage. After all, why should we be the only ones to experience the beauty and culture of this millennia-old land?

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Let’s have a bit of !

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The hidden behind the ….

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We have much work to do to our world.


‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours 04/05/2022

‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours

This McKinsey & Company explains very well what exactly is going on with this .

If you are a manager at any size organization, I urge you to have a read:

‘Great Attrition’ or ‘Great Attraction’? The choice is yours As the Great Resignation rages, organizations that learn why employees are quitting and respond thoughtfully will have an edge in attracting and retaining talent.

Live drawings of the human experience 04/05/2022

Live drawings of the human experience

Live drawings of the human experience In this live drawing performance and poignant autobiographical journey, author and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka sketches some life-shaping moments, showing us how drawing and storytelling can help us honor and remain close to those we've lost.

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If you want more, you must .

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True knows no bounds, including .

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Do you release yourself of burdensome that weighs you down?

Remember, you cannot change the ; you can only your .

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Be a in your organization focused on embracing , not ignoring it.

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A co-created exercise, or ‘practice,’ stemming from a breakthrough created during a coaching session should be viewed as...
Every spiritual and religious tradition aims to develop a soul to become its best by prescribing a path to follow.When y...
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We landed!!•••••#moroccotrip#moroccotravel#morocco#maroc #المغرب#vacation#holidays #fillyourcup#followus #travelwithus#R...
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