Pure Romance by Kayla T

Pure Romance by Kayla T

Educating, Empowring, & Entertaining! Pure Romance by Kayla is the hottest ladies night out you have ever hosted right in your very own home! NO WAITING!!

Invite me and all your best girlfriends over and you will get showered with a FREE SHOPPING SPREE along with many fabulous discounts on the very best in lingerie, books, massage oils, games, novelties, and adult toys! This is a night you and your friends will always remember. And the best part is it's totally free through me! You will also take home ALL PURCHASES IN HAND THE NIGHT OF THE PARTY!!


In this time of giving thanks, I give mine to all of you, my customers. Without your loyalty, your feedback, and your support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Wishing you all the best, and a very happy Thanksgiving!! 🦃🍁🍽 ❤️

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Limited Edition Lingerie weekend Sale happening right now in my private VIP group! Let me know if you would like an invite or more deets! 😁


Did you know there are 5 types of intimacy?!

❤️Physical Intimacy
🧡Emotional Intimacy
💛Intellectual Intimacy
💚Experiential Intimacy
💙Spiritual Itimacy

Read about them here 👇🏼


⚠️⚠️⚠️ NEW PRODUCT ALERT ⚠️⚠️⚠️

👉🏼*** Order on my website by 10-31-22 and use code “FLIRT” to get a FREE full sized bottle of Coochy & Body Dew in Flirt with $100 order!***👈🏼

Come together with the perfect kit for you and your partner. Included inside is a sleek, classic vi****or ready for teasing, and a textured c-ring that provides enough pleasure for two. But it doesn’t end there. You’ll also get two different types of lubricant: our Just Like Me water-based l**e, and Whipped Sweet Macaron, a creamy and delectable lubricant that provides a smooth and comfortable feel and is an ideal complement to the c-ring. This travel-size kit is perfect for a honeymoon, couple’s getaway, or even a little staycation at home.

⭐️Classic Vi****or: Slim but powerful toy designed to tease the cl****is, ni***es, and any external hotspot. 3 vibrating speeds and 7 pulsing patterns.
Bath-friendly & Rechargeable.
Length: 3.6 in./9.5 cm. Width: 0.9 in./2.5 cm.

⭐️Textured C-ring Vi****or: Toy for two that combines pleasurable pressure around the shaft and exciting cl****al stimulation.
3 vibrating speeds and 7 pulsing patterns.
Bath friendly & rechargeable!
Length 2.5 in./6.5 cm. Width: 1.7 in./4.3 cm. Ring diameter: 1.2 in./3 cm.

⭐️Just Like Me: Personal, water-based lubricant with a unique re-wetting formula.

⭐️Whipped Sweet Macaron: Creamy lubricant for sleeves, c-rings, and tantalizing oral favors. This exclusive flavor delights with bite-sized cookie sweetness.

Set contains two toys and two intimate accents in travel-friendly sizes: Just Like Me 1 FL.OZ./30 ml and Whipped 1 FL.OZ./30 ml.



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Hocus Poke-Us Parties have been a hit!
I still have a few openings for October for any Halloween themes if you want in!


HOT SUMMER FLASH SALE starts at 7pm CST Tonight! Want an invite?! Click the link below 👇🏼

***Ladies only 18yrs or Older***


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Shop these gift sets available now on my website & save! Plus 1/2 price shipping!

🛀🏼 🧼 Melt Together Gift Set- In Good Hands, HēLi Massage Melt, HēLi Shower Gel & Bubble Bath (Original). Value $123, 🔥sale price $95.

🦋 Bedroom Adventure Gift Set 🦋Butterfly Effect, Just Like Me (Sugar Glazed Donut), Cleansing Mist, Hot Date Night. Value $181, 🔥sale price $140.

The Hottest New Toy! 🙌🏼
The Adventurer Gift Set - The Adventurer, Cleansing Mist, Just Like Me (Sugar Glazed Donut). Value $141, 🔥sale price $110.

🪒 Hot List Gift Set - Coochy Conditioning Shave Cream (Love Story), Basic Instinct, Body Boost. Value $91, 🔥sale price $69.

🍯 Honey & Gold - Mother's Day Set - Honey & Gold Mother's Day Set Bag, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath, Kiss Refreshing Fragrance Mist, Body Dew Hydrating Body Oil, Conditioning Shave Cream (All Honey & Gold). Value $94, 🔥sale price $75.

Couples Escape Gift Set - Heart Massager, HēLi Lavender and Chamomile Massage Lotion. Value: $52, 🔥sale price $40.

💜My favorite toy OMG!💜
Own the Spotlight Gift Set - Main Attraction, Just Like Me (Sugar Glazed Donut), Cleansing Mist. Value $241, 🔥sale price $189.



Introducing… ! Our newest line with our newest product, . Finally, a beer-flavored enhancement gel for the men in your life. Apply for the perfect buzz and have your partner experiencing the crisp taste of a hoppy ale.


Ive got a 2.22.22 TUESDAY SALE!! Going down in my private VIP group 🙌🏼🤗 Let me know if you need an invite!


Halloween may be over but I’ve got plenty of Treats left in these Surprise BOO BAGS!! 👻

4 sizes to choose from & all SHIP FOR FREE! 🙌🏼
First to comment or message me gets what I have left.

🎃 3 Small Surprise Boo Bags Available -
Guaranteed at least $45+ value & have 1-3 items! You can grab for only $29!

🎃 4 Medium Surprise Boo Bags Available -
Guaranteed $130+ value & have 2-4 items! You grab for only $69!

🎃 4 Large Surprise Boo Bags Available -
Guaranteed $195+ value & have 3-5 items! You grab for only $99!

🎃 2 Men’s Surprise Boo Bags Available -
Guaranteed $100+ value & have 2-3 items! You grab for only $49!

* All boo bags ship for free! Taxes not included. Pickup is available. You may claim more than one bag! Multiple payment options available. *


Been counting inventory all afternoon! Finalizing all the details for the ☀️ HOT SUMMER FLASH SALE 🏝 starting next week!!
Need an invite?! Let me know 👇🏼👇🏼


There is no one more deserving of love, praise, attention, and admiration than mothers. Mom's are the people who have cared for us, nurtured us, and helped us on our way. Each and every day, they practice selflessness to give their children the very best.

My hope for the mothers, mother figures, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, etc. today is that you take some time to appreciate how important you are and the lives you are changing, both at home and at work. If you're someone who has made a mother's difference in the life of someone who truly needed you — this day is for you. Happy Mother's Day!


Pick a heart, any heart!

Drop your favorite number 1-13 in the comments below and I’ll tell you what Pure Romance must-have you need this Valentine’s Day! 😘


February 6th just opened up! It’s the last Saturday before Valentines weekend!
First to secure the date for your own ladies night will be getting a $25 bonus from me!


Who’s got the best clients & customers in the world?! 🤗❤️🙌🏼🥰💋🥳
............ I DO!! 🙋🏼‍♀️🥰🙌🏼

December 2020 Customer Appreciation Flash Sale is a wrap! 🙌🏼😅 🎉
If you missed out on all the fun, be sure to comment below so I can get you added in my VIP group where all the magic happens!


We gather on this day to be thankful for what we have, for the family we love, the friends we cherish, and for the blessings that will come. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone 🦃


HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! SURPRISE!!! It’s that time again!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


I get to spoil my clients & friends - it’s my way of giving back & thanking you for your support over the past 11 years 🥰💋🥰

Prices marked down LOW LOW LOW!! Fast finger deals, up to 80% off items , dollar deals, and free give aways! Fun and games all day and it’s ALL ONLINE!!!

Who wants in? Drop it below👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
You even get in on GIVEAWAYS... there are giveaway posts leading up to the HUGE Sale!

Tag your girlfriends below too!

Be sure to comment so you can join the private group to see the excitement ,sales , & FUN to be had! 🎉

**** NO PURE ROMANCE CONSULTANTS , You get enough free stuff!!


Are you a member of my VIP group??
It’s where all the good stuff is 😁
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"Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilization, no society, no future."- Elie Wessel.

Today, whether you're working around the house, relaxing, or barbecuing with family and friends, please remember why we celebrate this holiday- to honor the brave men and women who have given the highest sacrifice for our freedom. Without their heroic commitment and actions, we would not be able to enjoy the many freedoms we have today. Thank you to all those who have served or are currently serving- you are appreciated. Happy Memorial Day!


Just dropped this morning 🤯🤯🤯
(Orders of $75 or more to receive 10% off)



Taking care of yourself is crucial right now, and I'm here to help you make that a priority. Experience the rejuvenating essential oil face blend of Firm Believer, with extracts known to help brighten, firm, and hydrate! 💦

Place an order of at least $75 on my website now pureromance.com/kaylathompson111101 and use code FIRMFORFREE to get your Firm Believer Roll-On for FREE - a $50 value! 💕


Easter Baskets!!!🐣 Happy Easter!!! 🐰

Let's have some fun! Pick a number and get your Easter basket for only $49 with half price shipping! You'll get a minimum value of at least $66 worth of our amazing Pure Romance products!!! Some Baskets are valued at over $100 🤯 Have your own Easter Fun! 😉

🐇** Free shipping for Porch Pickup at my home office ($53.34 after tax)

🌸 **special good until all bags are sold out

🐇 ** Available for immediate shipping

🌸 ** Total for each bag including tax & half price shipping is $57.69


I can't get clover how good this sale is! 🤗What could this mystery offer be? Shop my site at www.partiesbykaylat.com today and get lucky with limited-time savings! 🌈


OVER 77% off Business starter kits starting March 1st!! 🤯🤯🤯


Celebrating over $1,000,000 in Team Group sales for 2019!! These ladies are on 🔥🔥🔥


You can find my ad in this weeks Leader paper! Be sure to stop by and see me at the Wedding Fair this Sunday from 11-3pm at the Quality Inn in Festus, MO! 💕🎊


Let’s cheers to the new year!🎉🥂

Tell me one thing you hope to accomplish in 2020, then cheer on the person who commented above you! And go!


Happy to all of the women out there shattering glass ceilings and redefining what it means to be a business owner. We see you changing the world!✨🔥



10 years ago today I was a single mom living in assisted government housing & only receiving $100 a week in unemployment due to loosing my job during the recession. This was the rock bottom point in my life to say the least. I was ready for a big change. I was tired of living everyday not knowing how I was going to make it by or who I was going to ask to borrow money from just to buy a gallon of milk. Everyday was a constant struggle of trying to find a way out of my situation.

How could I possibly go back to work, only to be able to make enough money to pay for daycare and make it by paycheck to paycheck and lose out on all the precious time with my newborn?

How could I find a way to make enough money to actually get ahead and not wake up everyday saying to myself “UHHH I don’t want to go to work today”?

How could I find a way to not only enjoy the work I could possibly find but be genuinely happy to wake up and live for each day?

How could I find a job that would pay me enough money, give me the flexibility to make my on schedule, enjoy what I was doing, and actually feel like I have a purpose and am making a change in the world & peoples lives??

When I was first introduced to the business I legit thought it was a joke. I turned down the offer because I could never imagine myself:

1) Talking about sexual health to strangers 🤯
2) The thought of public speaking gave me so much anxiety and stress just thinking about it I wanted to puke 🤮
3) How could anyone actually make a living doing this
4) How would I even book parties or sell products when I was such at a low point that I have virtually no friends

After turning down the offer to join the business I was invited to my first party. The party experience was very eye opening to say the least. I left the party feeling more educated & empowered to make a change and I felt I had finally found the answer I was looking for.

1️⃣0️⃣ years ago today I took a chance on ME and bought a business starter kit. When I joined, I had no idea what I was truly about to embark on! I bought the smallest kit that was offered at the time & was left with .20 cents left in my bank account. Failure was not an option.

I had no idea my love for laughing & having fun was going to have such a profound impact on others! I had no idea that by just being me, I could shed light in the darkest time in someones life! I had no idea that my passion for helping others could heal someone’s brokenness! The thought that I have that much positive influence in others lives, warms my heart! 💕 There is no better feeling in the world than the feeling I have when leaving a party.

I will never take for granted what this business has brought into my life. The fact that women continue to want me to come to their homes, meet their friends and purchase products from me so that I can provide an income to take care of my family! I will never take for granted that I’ve been given an opportunity to show others how living my life unapologetically me, can help others embrace their imperfections and chase every crazy dream they have like me! 💪🏼

I’m not perfect in any aspect of my life, but my life is imperfectly perfect thanks to those who allow me to be me & do what I do! Thank you to everyone for 10 years of supporting me on this crazy amazing journey 🥰 Here’s to the next 10 🥂


2,700 kits have been sold! Within 24 MINUTES when it launched today, 1,400 kits were sold! WOW!

I have a few more people I can get on this 77% off sale if anyone is interested in starting their business for extra cash for the holidays before its sold out for good at any moment!


Go ahead and treat yourself (and your partner!), you dessert it!🧁


Did you know—-fact of the day!

Made with natural, plant derived ingredients and designed to help balance the body and mind, here’s just a few reasons to love our brand-new HeLi bath and body line:

🌿pH-balanced and gentle on the skin.

🌿Features squalane, an emollient derived from olives that seals in moisture and hydrates skin.

🌿Infused with Phytic Acid, a natural anti-oxidant known to protect skin from aging.

🌿Paraben, gluten, fragrance and sugar free.


Comment below or PM me to get your hands on one. **LIMITED QUANTITIES**


It’s been a pretty amazing start to the weekend! Everyone is getting in on the insane deals on our business starter kits right now....77% OFF 🤯🤯🤯 Last chance to get entered into win one for FREE!! Over a $500 value! Want in?? 👇🏼👇🏼


Keep calm and beach on - this sale is almost as great as a vacation! When you shop on my Personal Website between September 17-19, you can save 15% on any order of at least $60 with coupon code: SOLONG


When your hostess really gets into it! 🤩😂


Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer…and now, it’s the official start of a brand-new lifestyle. Red, white, and believe in a new career with Pure Romance and make every Monday feel like a holiday. Make your own schedule, bring in that extra cash, and enjoy the fruits of your labor like never before. Contact me today to find out how to join my team!


“Let’s hear it for the bossy ones. For those loud, proud women who stand up and speak out. For their confidence and imperfection, their strength and vulnerability. Let’s hear it for us.”

Happy to all the powerful, amazing women! Keep using your voice and fighting for what you believe in.💕


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We offer the very best in massage oils, books, games, novelties, edible lotions, and adult toys!!


- Free shopping spree valued at 10% of your total party sales (including outside orders)
- 30% off your entire order ( after hostess credit has been applied) with a $500 in party sales
- 20% off Lingerie for LIFE!
- A Free thank you gift from me
- $25 in free products for 15 or more attendees - Pack the house!
***Bonus..... If you get 3 parties booked off your party that are a minimum of $500 in total party sales each, I will give you ANY ITEM in the catalog for FREE!!! Parties must be held within 60 days of your party.




943 Glenshire Court
Herculaneum, MO

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