Safeway Garage Door Services

Safeway Garage Door Services

Welcome to Safeway garage door performing garage repair in Los Angeles, Orange County & San Francisco, We Offer garage door repair for broken, bent, off track or noisy garage door tracks, rollers, cables and more.We also provide Garage door installation of new doors or panels,door openers,transmitters, receivers, and a variety of accessories.Garage Door experts can do it all.

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[06/06/13]   With the incredible growth of today's technology, virtual garage door opener remotes have come onto the scene. These involve apps that allow you to open and close the garage door without being present.

[06/03/13]   When choosing a garage door opener, look for a unit with a soft starting and stopping feature, which operates more quietly and causes less wear and tear on the door. Also be sure the motor has adequate power to lift your door.

[05/31/13]   When choosing a garage door opener, it's important that you coordinate with the size and weight of the door that's already in place. Be sure that your opener is powerful enough to easily lift your door.

[05/28/13]   Vinyl has increasingly become a very popular choice for garage doors. Not only is it durable and thus low maintenance, but it's dent resistant-perfect for homeowners with kids who constantly run into the door with their bikes and balls.

[05/25/13]   These days, when it comes to garage doors, you have plenty of styles and colors to choose from. This allows you to create continuity with the house, matching color, glass, and design styles.

[05/22/13]   There are several types of garage doors available, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. These include doors made out of wood, steel, and vinyl.

[05/19/13]   There are essentially three types of garage opener motor drives: chain drive, screw drive, and belt drive. While belt drives offer the smoothest and quietest operation, chain drive systems tend to be more affordable.

[05/16/13]   The power of your garage door opener needs to directly correlate with the size and weight of the door. Keep in mind that a two-car garage door will need more power, and that larger doors often require the opener to have an extension as well.

[05/13/13]   The main difference between an extension spring and tension spring in garage opener systems is their construction. Extension springs expand and contract, while tension springs are wound up in a coil, making them strong enough to handle a double-car garage.

[05/10/13]   Steel garage doors are made from hinged galvanized panels of steel that fold as the door travels up the track. Although steel is a poor insulator, manufacturers have been able to compensate for this by doubling up the panels and filling the space with insulation.

[05/07/13]   One of the oldest materials used in making garage doors is wood. Although wood provides excellent insulation, it requires maintenance and doesn't stand up to excessive weather. Wood is also heavy, making it a poor choice for automatic systems.

[05/04/13]   In the United States, all garage door openers must be installed with a quick release system. This essentially stops the door and forces it to reverse if it comes into contact with something, preventing someone from getting inadvertently trapped.

[05/01/13]   In order to keep your garage door and opener running smoothly, it's important to perform regular maintenance on the hardware (the brackets and tracks). This includes regularly oiling the bearing and spraying lubricant on the springs.

[04/28/13]   If you want a faster garage door opener, higher-end systems often operate more quickly, reducing the time you have to idle in the driveway. However, be aware that due to safety issues, these models will still close at a standard, slower speed.

[04/25/13]   Garage doors have come a long way from the wooden sliding mechanisms of old. These days, not only can you get a door with glass or acrylic windows to let in natural light, but garage door screens are also available, allowing for fresh air while keeping out bugs and dust.

[04/22/13]   Garage door openers rely on one of two different types of spring systems. Extension springs are used on single-car garages, whereas tension springs are strong enough to handle double garages.

[04/19/13]   Did you know that the most important part of a garage door opener is the springs themselves? These powerful springs are kept under a very high tension, which ultimately provides the power needed to lift the weight of the door.

[04/10/13]   It is highly recommended that you replace the garage door opener if it does not have a safety-reversing feature or have your door opener serviced if the safety reverse no longer works. The safety reverse utilizes two sensors about six inches above the floor to detect any moving objects under the door while it is closing.

[04/07/13]   Storm-strength doors are a must-have whether you live on the coast, inland, or in the Midwest. These garage doors are tested to ensure they can stand up to howling winds, heavy snowstorms, or battering storms. Wind damage experts often call the garage a home's first line of defense, so make it a strong one.

[04/04/13]   If your garage door does not have or is not compatible with a keypad opener, it may be time to upgrade to a new garage door. A keypad is mounted outside the garage door without keys. Newer keypads operate by touch, using fingerprint detection.

[04/01/13]   Since the garage door is one of the largest design elements of your home's facade, you might consider designing a customized garage door. Some garage door manufacturers give homeowners this option to help create the perfect door for a home.

[03/29/13]   If your home boasts a charming European style, consider adding a garage door that emulates the look of French doors. While the garage door will appear to swing outward, they still operate on a hinged panel. Opaque glass can be added to increase its look of elegance.

[03/26/13]   Consider installing an insulated garage door to help lower your home energy consumption and expenses. Depending on the type of material used, the insulation can add strength and rigidity to the door panels while controlling noise in or out of the garage.

[03/23/13]   The popular style garage door is the raised panel steel door. Manufacturers now offer this type of doors in a wood-grain print to imitate the rich colors and patterns of real wood with the durability of steel.

[03/20/13]   Most garage door manufacturers offer garage doors that create a screen effect. Using opaque glass and aluminum, manufacturers can create a garage door that is sleek and modern.

[03/17/13]   Get creative with your garage door and choose a look that makes a statement about your house. Garage doors come in a wide variety of contemporary designs, vibrant colors and metallic finishes to give your home's facade a sleek, modern look.

[03/14/13]   Customize your garage door with the latest accessories, from gorgeous glass window designs to wrought-iron decorative hardware that adds a distinctive period look.

[03/11/13]   A new carriage house garage door can give your home a spectacular facelift. Carriage-style doors can come in steel, which is a low-maintenance and durable material.

[03/08/13]   Carriage garage doors are a popular style. While they give the look of a door that swings out like a quaint and charming door on a carriage house, these doors actually open like a regular garage door.

[03/05/13]   Garage doors often make up a third of the home's front facade, so use your door to make a statement about your home. You can choose from a contemporary glass door, charming carriage house doors, or popular roll-up door.

[03/02/13]   Whether you choose a swing-up garage door or sectional roll-up, there are many styles and materials to choose from - such as wood, steel, glass, or fiberglass composites in flush, raised-panel, and recessed-panel designs. You may also choose different options such as windows and electric operators.

[02/27/13]   Most garage door experts agree that while sectional roll-up doors are more expensive than swing-ups, they are worth the extra cost since they are easier to use and are more weather tight.

[02/24/13]   The two main types of garage doors available are sectional and swing-ups. Sectional roll-up doors are made up of four or more horizontal sections that use hinges and rollers to open and close with ease. Swing-ups are single panel doors that pivot out and upward.

[02/21/13]   Does your one-piece, swing-up door sag in the middle when it is raised? Seek a professional contractor's advice on either strengthening or replacing the door.

[02/18/13]   Is your garage door properly aligned? If the one or both of the tracks are not in sync with the door's rollers, the door will not function properly and could create binding.



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