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I have tried to reach American Draperies and Blinds in Hayward, Ca. There are several non working ph. # on their listed website. I wanted to ask a professional ? about my customer made draperies. I clearly understand why some customers are perturb with their lack of professionalism. I personally feel that a company should provide customers an appropriate way to reach them. After all I paid over a thousand dollars for my customer drapes. Now I need to know where do I go to get an answer to my quester? Help! Ms. Cobb
This place is out of business.

Call Toll Free: 800-232-9600
American Made Since 1954
Durable commercial grade window coverings American Draperies & Blinds, Inc.

proudly specializes in manufacturing durable "American Made" drapes, blinds, valances, roller shades and assorted commercial grade window treatments.

Operating as usual

[10/22/15]   ATTENTION BAY AREA LOCALS: This Saturday, October 24th, from 8:00am to 5:00pm we are having our biannual FACTORY SALE BLOWOUT. Blinds, Drapes, Parts, Rods and Fabric rolls all SUPER DISCOUNTED.


[06/25/15]   It's really starting to heat up! Drapes are a great way to keep you cool in the hot summer months without jacking up your electricity bill. Call 1-800-232-9600 for an exclusive 25% off drapes in these summer months!!!

[04/02/15]   Do you know anyone looking for a job in the Bay Area or Sacramento Area?

American Draperies and Blinds is looking to expand our staff

Front Desk / Customer Service
Inside Sales Representative / Established Accounts
Accounts Receivable
Internet Sales

Inside Sales / Established Accounts

PLEASE email [email protected] with your resume attached as a WORD DOCUMENT

We would love one of our loyal customers to join our amazing team!!!!

[03/17/15]   Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Have you found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow yet? How about free shipping at the end of a 20% off drape order? Call our representatives today at
(800)-232-9600 and grab this great deal exclusive for Saint Patty's week. Now until 03/21/2015 with code PATTYSHIPFREE

[03/11/15]   We Do Great work for Apartments!
“Tenant tough” drapes and blinds that last for years reduce replacement time and costs for you. Bulk discounts and wholesale factory direct pricing is what you receive when you purchase from American Draperies & Blinds, Inc. By eliminating the middle persons, (e.g. retail outlets, interior decorators, etc.), we can pass the savings on to you. Our “American Made” products often last 10 plus years and that is good for everyone!

[02/24/15]   If you have any questions about any of our products or services please feel free to message us on facebook! If you are interested in any fabric samples message us as well. We are all about keeping the customer happy at American Blinds & Draperies!!!!

[01/23/15]   20% OFF DRAPES with the code FBDRAPES2015 when you call 1-800-232-9600

The first month of the new year is almost over and we here at American Draperies and Blinds cannot believe it! We hope that 2015 has been a great for you guys so far. In celebration of new beginnings we are offering our facebook friends 20% off with the code FBDRAPES2015 when you call 1-800-232-9600. HAPPY 2015 12/05/2014

Your Guide to Curtains and Window Treatments

How do I decide the fabric and color for curtains and drapes? Paralyzed by possibilities when it comes to dealing with your windows? This quick primer will give you the know-how to find the right treatments...


How to Easily Clean Your Drapes and Curtains at Home

Want to clean your draperies or curtains at home? Routine maintenance will extend their life!

Drapery and curtains are among the most overlooked home furnishings we clean. Don't forget - regular drape cleaning not only keeps your home more...

[12/03/14]   Not sure how to measure for Horizontal Blinds? Just follow these simple steps:
A) Start by measuring the window opening itself and never the existing blinds.

B) You will want to always measure the width of the "inside of the casing or window opening" first and the height second.

Tip: For accurate measuring, provide us with the dimensions "width x height".

C) Use a metal tape measure that extends, not a cloth one or yardstick.

D) Do you prefer an inside or outside mount for finished product placement? Decide exactly where you want to mount your mini-blinds.

Pros & Cons:

Inside Mount – Mini-Blinds

• Prone to less damage.

• The majority of all mini-blinds are mounted inside of the casing.

• On tight or narrow depth window casings, mounting the mini-blinds this way may not be always possible.

Outside Mount – Mini-Blinds

• You can mount blinds usually directly onto the outside window molding or trim.

• It is good to mount them this way if you have tight or narrow window casings that are not very deep.

• However, children, pets, and others often bump onto outside mounted blinds thereby making them more prone to damage.

E) Inside casing measurements

i. Using a metal tape measure, check several points on the inside of the window casing. This is called the width.

ii. Width – list width measurement of the inside casing first.

iii. Height – measure from the inside top of the casing at the center to the bottom inside of the casing. List the height measurement of the inside casing second.

F) Outside casing measurements

i. Width – decide exactly at what points you want the outside edges of the miniblind headrail to go once it is mounted.

Tip:. If you have molding or trim around the window, most people measure to the edge of the trim; one side to the other for the width.

ii. Height – always measure and show height second.
To determine the height of the window, repeat... 11/28/2014

American Drapery, Draperies & Blinds | American Made Curtains, Drapes, and Blinds for Commercial...

FALL SALE!!! 20% off with the code FD-SALE-20 American made drapery, curtains, blinds, window coverings, shades, rods and hardware, and horizontal mini blinds. Our products are durable, long lasting, and the highest quality on the market.


American Made Buying American Made is important for us all. Help keep Americans working!

Buying American Made products is good for everyone! 05/23/2014

Join the Movement to American-Made Products

Buying American-made products creates jobs for Americans! I'm adamantly against profiling — except when it comes to profiling American-made goods. American consumers should do a better job "profiling"...

[05/22/14]   "America has always been a country of entrepreneurs, builders, and creators. As we work to restore our economy, it is important to stand behind the American companies that make good products, maximize U.S. employment, and earn the loyalty of their workers and the communities of which they're a part" - President Bill Clinton


Welcome! (American Sign language)

Keep Americans like me working! (American Sign Language) We work as one team to bring you the best products

We welcome you to our company, work family, and website. "Remember when you buy American-Made products from our company, you keep Americans just... 05/16/2014

National Small Business Week Starts Today | The White House This week, America’s celebrates the difference-makers in our economy as we kickoff National Small Business Week at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco.

[05/15/14]   Todd Lipscomb, author of the book "Re-Made in the USA" gives us the top 2 reasons to buy American Made products!

2) Factories and money are shifting to countries not friendly to the USA or democracy. When you avoid imported goods in favor of American-made items, you help ensure that the United States doesn't find its access to vital goods impacted by political conflict.

1) As the US manufacturing ability fades, future generations of US citizens will be unable to find relevant jobs. Buy American and help keep your friends and neighbors-and even yourself-earning a living wage.

[05/14/14]   More good reasons to buy American!

4) Foreign product safety standards are low. For example, poisonous levels of lead are in tens of millions of toys shipped to the USA. When you buy toys and other goods made in the USA, you can be confident that American consumer protection laws and safety standards are in place to protect your family.

3) Lack of minimum wage, worker safety, or environmental pollution controls in many countries undermines the concept of "fair and free trade". No Western nation can ultimately compete on price with a country willing to massively exploit and pollute its own people. When you buy only American-made products, you insist on a higher standard.

[05/13/14]   2 more reasons to Support Americans by buying American Made products!

6) The growing lack of USA ability to manufacture many products is strategically unsound. When you seek out American-made goods, you foster American independence.

5) The huge US trade deficit leads to massive, unsustainable borrowing from other countries. Debt isn't good for you and it isn't good for America.


Keep Americans Working. Meet another one of our employees! (Tagalog)

[05/11/14]   2 more reasons to buy American made products!
8) US manufacturing processes are much cleaner for the environment than many other countries; many brands sold here are produced in countries using dangerous, heavily polluting processes. When you purchase American-made product, you know that you're helping to keep the world a little cleaner for your children.

7) Many countries have no minimum wage restrictions, or the minimum wage is outrageously low. When you choose products made in the USA, you contribute to the payment of an honest day's wages for an honest day's work.

By Todd Lipscomb, founder of and author of the book "Re-Made in the USA"

[05/09/14]   Reasons to Buy USA Made Products:
10) Foreign labor standards allow unsafe worker conditions in many countries. When you buy American you support not only American manufacturers but also American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.

9) Jobs shipped abroad almost never return. When you buy goods made in the USA, you help keep the American economy growing.


Welcome to American Draperies & Blinds! (Spanish)

Keep Americans Working! Meet Lupe from American Draperies and Blinds

Le damos la bienvenida a nuestra empresa, trabajo y familia, y el sitio web. "Recuerde que cuando usted compra en Estados Unidos los productos...


Welcome to American Draperies and Blinds!

Keep Americans Working! Buy American made products. Meet one of our own!

We welcome you to our company, work family, and website. "Remember when you buy American-Made products from our company, you keep Americans just...

[04/24/14]   Differences that Make a Difference!

There are no VOC or outgassing issues whatsoever with all of our horizontal mini-blinds; drape fabrics such as 100% organic cotton, bamboo, h**p, etc. They are coated without formaldehyde and are CRC and PVC free.

Many of our products, specifically our blinds, are made out of recycled aluminum.

We carry natural and organic drapes with organic material like cotton, h**p, recycled fabric, bamboo, and more. 04/22/2014

American Draperies & Blinds: April 22nd is Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!!

[04/21/14]   Earth Day is tomorrow!

Many of our products are eco-friendly either by the natural fibers utilized in the window coverings or based on the increased energy efficiency provided through our products' extraordinary insulation. Our commercial and rental unit drapes, roller shades, and other insulated drapes especially increase energy efficiency.

There are no VOC or outgassing issues whatsoever with all of our horizontal mini-blinds; drape fabrics such as 100% organic cotton, bamboo, h**p, etc. They are coated without formaldehyde and are CRC and PVC free.

Many of our products, specifically our blinds, are made out of recycled aluminum.

We also offer washable products, which heightens the window coverings durability.

We carry natural and organic drapes with organic material like cotton, h**p, recycled fabric, bamboo, and more. 04/08/2014


Wondering how you can make a difference this Earth Day?

When you purchase an eco-friendly product from our company, we voluntarily plant a redwood tree on your behalf through the National Arbor Day Foundation. These trees are replanted in our Nations Forests that were damaged by fire, insects, and disease. Each customer receives a complementary card from the Arbor Day Foundation announcing that a tree was planted in your name.

Thus far, we have planted over 210 redwood trees; an entire forest! Forests and trees play an important role in alleviating poverty, helping rural people avoid poverty and helping those that are poor mitigate their plight. Earth Day Network has committed to raising $10 million over five years to plant 10 million trees in impoverished areas around the world. We need…


Window Blinds : How to Clean Wooden Mini-Blinds
How to clean Wooden Mini-blinds!

When cleaning wooden mini-blinds, you'll need cleaner approved for wooden surfaces along with a clean cloth and vacuum cleaner. Safely clean your wooden mini...


Simple, Easy and Fast Way to Clean Mini Blinds

Quick and easy tip for cleaning mini-blinds

This is a short video demonstrating a simple, easy and fast way to clean mini-blinds with a paint brush.


drapes and curtains, hardware and rods, mini-blinds, vertical blinds and shades.



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