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RNR Paving

Local, Family-Owned Paving Contractor RnR Paving is local and family owned Asphalt Paving Company. We have been serving the entire East Bay for over 10 years.

We offer high quality products and services to our customers. If you are looking to redo your driveway, pathway, parking lots, or even recreational courts, we do it all here when it comes to your home or commercial business. We will beat any written estimate by 5%. Call us for a quote today.

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[11/09/21]   Not only does a well maintained driveway help to boost the aesthetics of your property, but it is a safety issues as well. Uneven surfaces and cracks present a trip hazard to your guests and can also incur damages for vehicles.

[11/04/21]   Prior to the 20th century, asphalt was mined from natural sources and shipped. However, by 1907, the production of refined petroleum asphalt outstripped the use of natural asphalt.

[11/02/21]   It’s important to remember that the temperature, humidity and weather can play a large role in how quickly your newly paved areas take to set. Let’s talk about how long you can expect to wait before you can use the area based on current local weather patterns.

[10/28/21]   Repairing cracks and holes is an important step in maintaining your asphalt surface. This essentially prevents water from getting into the gravel base/foundation, which can weaken the structural support.

[10/26/21]   Regardless of whether you install a concrete or asphalt driveway, applying a sealant is very important to extending the life of your surface. While concrete sealant can be applied as soon as it’s dry, you may have to wait a few weeks before you can seal your asphalt surfaces.

[10/21/21]   Looking for a way to make your town more green? This is surprisingly easy when paving your roads. The material from your old road can be sent to be recycled, or it can be recycled on site and used to make the new roadway.


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[10/19/21]   For large paving operations like parking lots, asphalt is one of the best materials to use. Because it so highly flexible, it is able to withstand shifts in surface movement for years without any significant damage.

[10/14/21]   Want to know all of the details about your new driveway? Most driveway paving contracts have all of the details right there, including the depth of the crushed aggregate, width of the compacted asphalt layer, and the type of asphalt hot mix they used.

[10/12/21]   If a golf course doesn't have proper drainage, it can cause a lot of problems, such as turning a fairway into a marshy mess. Paved golf cart paths can help direct water around and over them to help your drainage work well.

Paving Contractor - Hayward California - RnR Paving 10/11/2021

Paving Contractor - Hayward California - RnR Paving

Paving Contractor - Hayward California - RnR Paving Contact us at (510) 673-2793 in Hayward, CA, for all your high quality paving, concrete, and other services.

[10/07/21]   When we lay down a new parking lot, the first step is to properly grade the entire area and then install drainage channels to keep water from pooling or from rushing into the streets and overwhelming the storm drain system.

[10/05/21]   Statistics show that while the U.S. road network has not significantly expanded since the 1960s, registered vehicles on the road have more than tripled and are traveling many more miles. This significantly increases the load that asphalt must be able to carry.

[09/30/21]   Which is more expensive – asphalt or concrete driveways? Actually, concrete driveways can end up costing 40 percent more than asphalt driveways, especially over the life of the driveways. This is because concrete is more costly to install and to maintain and has a shorter lifespan.

[09/28/21]   Alligator cracks appear in asphalt parking lots as the paving material contracts over time. Fortunately, they are easy to repair, restoring the look of your parking lot and protecting it from extensive damage.

[09/23/21]   Asphalt cement is a dark brown to black cementitious material commonly used in roadway paving. Here, the predominating constituents are bitumens, which either occur natural or are obtained in the petroleum processing procedure.

[09/21/21]   Do you ever worry that a crumbling parking lot could be leaving a negative impression with the customers who visit your business? When you need to ensure that your service is the only thing you’re being judged on, we’re here for you.

[09/16/21]   For full depth permanent patching, all of the material first needs to be removed in the failed area, as well as at least a foot around the perimeter. Then the entire excavation is backfilled with asphalt mixture and compacted.

[09/14/21]   One of the latest techniques for repairing asphalt pavement is using infrared heat. This method softens the affected area, is scarified, and then filed with new asphalt and leveled and compacted to create a seamless repair.

[09/09/21]   In the 1800s, road builders used much more primitive materials than are used to day in order to construct roadways. Primarily stone, gravel, and sand would be used for construction, with water used as a binder to help give some consistency to the surface.

[09/07/21]   Unfortunately, an uneven or cracked back patio rarely goes well with parties featuring adult beverages. If your goal is to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time at your house, you may want to consider having your patio repaved first.

[09/02/21]   The asphalt used in your parking lot is a product of crude oil, but that doesn't mean it's bad for the environment. Crude oil goes through fractal distillation to create various products like gasoline and jet fuel. Asphalt is a byproduct that would otherwise go to landfills.

[08/31/21]   What exactly is hot-mix asphalt made from? As one of the most popular types of asphalt, hot-mix asphalt is created mainly from a combination of stone, sand and gravel mixed together with an asphalt binder that is derived from crude oil. The binder typically makes up about 5% of the mixture.

[08/26/21]   Despite its durability, paving asphalt is actually 100% recyclable. The asphalt can be crushed and milled down to be used against as aggregate for new asphalt. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration, less than 1% of asphalt ends up in landfills.

[08/24/21]   Keep in mind that regular maintenance of your commercial asphalt pavement is the best way to maximize the useful life of the asphalt. This involves crack filling as needed and regular applications of seal coating to protect the integrity of the material.

[08/19/21]   Many older golf cart paths were made of gravel to give them a natural look. Unfortunately, gravel can deteriorate under rain and become filled with holes and bumps. When you pave your golf cart path, you can take the bumpy ride and make it a smooth one.

[08/17/21]   In many cases, paving a new driveway over an existing asphalt surface isn’t a good option. If there is significant cracking in the original surface, it will likely reflect upward into the new asphalt within a short period of time.

[08/12/21]   When you have a private or commercial airport, you'll call the asphalt on the runway tarmac. This is actually the same as the asphalt in the parking lot. The word comes from adding "tar," also called asphalt, to the road paving technique called "macadam" to become "tarmac."

[08/10/21]   Although sealing your asphalt and other types of driveways can help you to keep them looking great for years to come, sealing them too quickly can be as bad as never sealing them. If you aren’t sure whether it’s too soon to seal your driveway, we may be able to help you make the determination.

[08/05/21]   Thomas Telford, a Scottish engineer born in 1757, created a design for building roads that has become the norm for all roads everywhere. Teford improved the method of building roads with broken stones by analyzing stone thickness, road traffic, road alignment and gradient slopes.

[08/03/21]   Once the weather turns wet or icy, that dirt road you have to use to get to part of your property can become downright dangerous. If you need access regardless of weather, it may be time to pave the road.


Just 1,000 tons Remove and Replace with a Cat 4 ft Miller machine and Bomag paver and the best crew ever RNR Paving Team

[07/29/21]   A Babylonian tablet dating from 2700 BC contains a letter, confirming the receipt of bitumen. This black, mineral-based pitch or tar was not only used to pave streets and walkways, but it also served as mortar in many areas of the ancient world.

[07/27/21]   For an inexpensive brick look on a driveway, use colored red asphalt stamped to look like brick. Edgings or borders with cool patterns give your driveway a touch of style, while certain materials can be stained to match the home or vegetation.

[07/22/21]   By the time the Lincoln Highway was finished in the late 1920s, many cars were already crisscrossing the country on competing highways like the Lee and the Dixie, in addition to paved roads being put in place and funded by the federal government.

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