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Compass Rose Farm


I got this white on white picture a couple of months ago. I tried getting a pic of one of the grey horses...fog was so bad that the picture was poijtless
here is a reading list. good info on conditioning a horse:
The Event horse by Sheila Wilcox
Successful Trail riding by Patricia Ingram and Lew Hollander
Endurance and COmpetitive Trail Riding by Wentworth Tellington and Linda Tellington-Jones
Distance Riding From Start to Finish by Virginia W. Johnson and Thiela Johnson
jen - here are some facebook groups for you -
U.S Trail Ride Inc
Battlefield Equestrian Society
Clifton horse Society
Old Dominion 100 Trail Ride

We are a horse boarding facility in Northern Virginia with riders involved in dressage, driving and other equine activities. Dressage shows, clinics, etc.


Firestar Veterinary Services, LLC

This is an excellent discussion of how to be at the farm with the Covid-19 emergency underway. Please watch.

Tired of COVID yet? Here are some recommendations for how to deal with it at your barn....


December 1st is the 20th Anniversary of Compass Rose Farm. Wow! It hardly seems that long!


Results for the Oct. 5 Dressage Show are now posted at Lots of nice rides yesterday!


Our costume winners from yesterday. I love to see the creativity! Diane Hutchinson as a Holstein (not a Holsteiner), Michaelle Collins as the visible Horse & Rider and Emma Henon as Thing 1 and Thing 2. Winners get a $30 Dover Saddlery Gift Card. (Winners: it will be in the mail later this week).


Thank you to Aviva Nebesky and her crackerjack scribe Julianne Brownson for helping make our fall show a success. Hope to see you back again soon!


The ride times and the schedule for the Oct. 5 show are now posted on the farm website:


Our October dressage show is now full with a waiting list. I want to thank all of you that have entered, and we are looking forward to a full day of competition. Hope the weather will favor us!


Our October 5th show closes this Thursday (Sept. 26). While we will accept some late entries (with an additional late fee), there is no time like the present to enter. And it assures you a spot and saves the secretary a lot of last minute scheduling stress. Entry info is at


And for fun: We have a new farm sign! Thank you, Jennifer Clark!


Entries are starting to come in for the October Compass Rose Show. Please, if you have entered and haven't seen an acknowledgement from me ([email protected]), check your email spam file. Gmail now routinely consigns my personal email to the trash can. Add me to your contacts and mark junked emails as "Not Spam" and that *might* let me communicate with you about your entry.


Our Halloween Dressage Schooling show is Oct. 5th. The show is open for entries now. Go to for details and entry forms.


Compass Rose Folks: Keep an eye out for this lost dog. We aren't so far from Aldie that he couldn't turn up. ===> 06/18/2019 First Fix-A-Test Helps Fix My Problems

Wonderful article about the Fix-A-Test VADA/Nova held at the farm June 1st. By Diann Landau On June 1, 2019, I rode in my first-ever Fix-a-Test. I have audited many FATs in my time, always learning something that I can use at home. But since most of these clinics are geare…


I've posted preliminary ride times and a day sheet for the Sunday Show. Check out These times may change somewhat as we get closer to show time.


We still have some rides available for the June 2nd Compass Rose Dressage Show. You can enter at!


The June 2nd Compass Rose Dressage Schooling Show is still open for entries. If you are thinking of entering, do it now! Hope to see you there!


We've got a Dressage Schooling Show coming up on June 2. We are open for entries now. Trish DeRosa (L) will be judging for us. We are happy to have her back again.

For entry information visit our web site: 12/15/2018

Welcome to Compass Rose Farm

December is time for planning the next year. We will be having shows in June and October. Vada/Nova will be holding a Fix-A-Test at the farm in June. Watch here for more details.

You can get entry forms and details at We pride ourselves for providing the highest standard of care for our equine residents and excellent facilities for riders and trainers.


Right now there are three Dressage Schooling Shows open for entry at Compass Rose Farm.

The first is our Compass Rose Farm Sept. 15 show.
The second is a VADA/Nova Dressage Schooling show on October 6
The third is our last 2018 Compass Rose show on Oct. 7.

The October shows encourage you to wear costumes (optional) and offer prizes for those.

You can find all the details and entry forms for the Compass Rose shows at

The details and entry forms for the VADA/Nova October show is on

Fall is the best time to show - you've had a summer to perfect your skills, and now the heat abates and you can strut your stuff. Hope to see you with your mounts at our shows!


I'm sorry to announce that we are cancelling the July 21st Dressage Show. Rescheduling this from the original June 23rd date lost us over half the entries we had for a show that was already skimpy on rides. Reopening the show hasn't added many entries.

Now I know people are now in the habit of entering shows at the last possible minute, but that isn't going to work well for this particular date. I have contacted all the people who have entered.

I hope to see some of you at our shows in September and October. That's a much nicer time of year to ride anyway.


Today is closing day for the Compass Rose Dressage Show on June 23. If you've been thinking about entering, now is the time!

We will be accepting some late entries (with a late fee), but we'll be scheduling the show soon.


We have three dressage schooling shows planned for June 23, Sept. 15 and Oct. 7 this year. I will be adding these as events soon. The June show opens this month on April 23. These are VADA/Nova Partner Shows.


We had a couple fine shows at the farm this weekend. The VADA/Nova show on Saturday featured sunshine and great costumes. The farm show on Sunday had light rain, tropical humidty and no sunshine, but some very cute kids and ponies and some exceptional rides. Here are some photos.... Results can be found at

Our Judge on Sunday, Aviva Nebesky, arrived disguised as a Blues Brother (Elwood). Always a pleasure to have Aviva with us.


Making hay at Compass Rose. We now have 400 bales of our own hay! Thanks to Jennifer Harris and staff. Special thanks to Jacqui Bahe who helped get the baler up and running.


A reminder for all you folks that might be thinking about entering the June Show: there is no time like the present. This show will close Thursday night, so it is time to be getting those entries in.

We have a great judge (Sherry Meier) and it should be a fine day to come out and ride. Hoping to see many of you there!


A preliminary schedule and ride times are now posted for the May 20th show at Compass Rose. Visit to see them.


Are you looking for a new place to board with great training facilities and excellent daily care? Contact us - we have stalls available now! -- [email protected]


We have three Dressage Schooling Shows scheduled for 2017. Our shows will be on May 20, June 24 and October 8. Vada/Nova will hold their usual Halloween Show on Oct. 7.

One important change for 2017: The Compass Rose Shows this year will be VADA/Nova Partner Shows. That means that you can ride in our shows and use the scores as VADA/Nova scores for year end awards and to qualify for the VADA/Nova Championship show in November.

You don't have to be a VADA/Nova member to enter our Compass Rose Shows, and being a member won't get you priority in entering, but maybe it's worth joining to earn year end awards?

And we welcome our friends that ride Western Dressage too...

See our our website ( for a Prize List and entry information.


Our May 20th show opens soon (March 20) so the farm is starting to shake off our winter slumber.

The Big News for 2017 is that we have new management and a new staff.

Our new Farm Manager is Jennifer Harris, a veteran of the horse industry with 20 years of experience managing farms and working with horses.


The June 25 show is now 2 rides short of full. This is AMAZING. The first entry for the show came in a bit over a week ago, making me think the show was not going to be viable. How wrong I was!

However, we are really short on the volunteer side this time. If any of you would like to spend a day helping out, schmoozing with the show staff and grocking on the lovely horses - come on down! We need you! (And we have some nice goodies to give out...). Just text me (Judy Grass)! 04/20/2016

Welcome to Compass Rose Farm

The Compass Rose Farm Dressage Schooling Show for May 15 is open for entries. This is a great place for dressage beginners of both equine and human persuasions. And it is a friendly, relaxed show for show veterans too.

The snow is gone, the grass is green and the show season is underway. Time to get your feet wet! (And we promise it won't snow).

Go to to find the Prize List and the entry forms. We pride ourselves for providing the highest standard of care for our equine residents and excellent facilities for riders and trainers.


Our first show of the year is on May 15. Entries for the show open March 15 - which is just about 2 weeks away! That is so hard to believe....


Life after Snowzilla. After a lot of effort by our wonderful staff, we survived the storm. If temperatures stay like they are now, maybe we will see the ground again in a few days. In any case, there is a path to the indoor, and we've got a place to ride until we get the outdoor rings back again!


We are busy planning for next year. Right now we plan to have three Dressage Schooling Shows in May, June and October.


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Right now there are three Dressage Schooling Shows open for entry at Compass Rose Farm.The first is our Compass Rose Far...




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