Angels Retreat

Angels Retreat


We have snow today and Willie was trying to warm his nose. πŸ˜™
Max Hankins with Noah at Christmas - he just finished a long walk and gladly volunteered to be a pillow! He is so loved and happy.
Happy Birthday Eve Den Mom
Merry Christmas den mom and dad. Love you guy’s.
Is Willie waiting for Santa??
Bailey checking in... He is waiting patiently for his bite and reminding daddy that he's still here... Waiting 🀣🀣🀣. This boy is one more snuggle buddy for his daddy and loves to protect the house when Daddy's at work. He makes sure his "friends" are fed ( when he don't tear the stuffing out of them). He loves his Karry. Loves his Chevy. And loves his Miss Belle. Most of all he loves his daddy. He said thanks den Mom and Debbie for helping him find his people and rescue them.
Is this close to you. I know he lives on your side of the ocoee.
Happy Halloween!!
The girls and fur brother wanted to send some love.
Just an update on Cocoa (who we adopted 2.5 years ago or so) - she has a new rescue BFF and is loving life. She is the fiercest, sweetest, fastest little dog and we are grateful you found her every day! ❀️❀️❀️

A small rescue with a big heart surrounded by Angels who make it work. Angels Retreat is a branch of


Our internet is down at the Retreat. They tell us the soonest they can fix it will be Tuesday. Everything is status quo here so we'll see you in a few days. Have a great weekend!

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 03/17/2023

I've said for years that one of the biggest perks of rescue is all the great people my foster pups introduce me to. I love following my new friends' pages and seeing these pups thrive. One in particular has me chuckling tonight. Let me tell you about an old hound, Charlotte, (FKA Molly) I'm thinking this floppy eared old lady is in her glory because she just had one of the best days ever. But her mom posted this:

This dog is a jerk. Jordan (daughter) is an MVP though. After a half hour of Charlotte on the run in the woods, she was able to find her, tackle her and stop her from chasing more deer. Jordan was all muddy and is cut up from the brush. Thanks to all our neighbors for helping look too.


Good morning 🌻
Our semi feral boy, Hymn is hanging on the porch and in his heated house with his heated bed. 🐾


These two made it safely to our vet's office today. They're about 4 months old and tonight is the first time they get to sleep indoors. They've never been wormed or vaccinated. We're told they're Catahoula & Blue Heeler but we're not really sure. The little black & white one is a girl and the brindle one is a boy. When the man who surrendered them found them, they were living under a house he was working on & the little girl had her foot caught in a piece of wire hanging under the house. It had nearly severed her leg. He brought them and their mom home, bandaged up her leg & kept her in a crate to keep her off of it for the past month or so. All three have been living in his backyard ever since. We do plan to get the leg x-rayed to make sure all is well there. And both are ready to be spayed/neutered. A neighbor has decided to take the mom. We are trying to reach them to offer to get mom spayed. We're going to board these two at the vet's office at least until they're fully vetted and we decided that the staff at the vet's office gets to vote & decide on their names. So - as per usual, thanks for hanging out with us, we promise, updates as they happen.

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 03/15/2023

I'm gonna tease y'all a bit. I'll tell you about them later ;)
Coming Soon...


I step away for 30 seconds and this bug is checking my desk for food.

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 03/11/2023

The current situation in the main house... (It's a shame they aren't comfortable.)


Raven walked over two miles with her friend Doris today. She also got to meet Mr. James, the kennel licensing inspector. Your Den Mom is pretty happy this afternoon because we set some pretty high standards here, and once again, we've maintained our 100% A+ rating! All of our files and our facility are in perfect order. (And the inspector was pretty impressed with how well Raven is doing compared to last time he was here too!)


In spite of no longer being on restricted activity, Raven has spent the last few months in a big pen in this room. The main reason we left her in the pen was to assure Ella's safety. The other day we went in to find the two of them cuddled up together in the blanket. πŸ€£πŸΎπŸˆπŸ• πŸ’– So I guess we've been told. They've lived together for nearly a year now so they're old pals.


Den Dad is doing some work for a friend and adopter. He sent me this video of our former head of night security, John Henry running through the pasture chasing his GF, Aurora, who is a former guest of Daisy Girl's Rescue. These two are living their best life together ❀️ I just had to share.


Miss Mae is off on a play date with her bestie ❀️🐾
The way she whined and whimpered and kept howling even after she was in the truck was really heartwarming. Daisy sure does love her Cheryl.

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 03/05/2023

Hymn is hiding. Can y'all think of any good captions for these pics? 🐈🐱🐾❀️


It has rained almost nonstop here today. But that didn't stop Raven's friend, Doris from coming by to see her. Doris even brought her umbrella and took our girl for a TWO MILE walk!
Thanks, Doris!!
(Don't y'all just love Raven's raincoat?


What's that, mom? Can I has bites, please?


There's really not much going on here lately so here's some cuteness from this morning. Chupy and Mercy both arrived here right around the same time a couple of years ago. It makes me smile when I remember that on arrival, they were the same size. They bonded early on but she was such a hyper puppy he kept his distance for a while. Now that she's growing out of her "Velociraptor stage" they're buddies again.


The 15 lb one and the 150 lb one are BFFs. I get a kick out of watching them play so I thought I'd share.


And now for another important message from our Mascot:

(She's happy it stopped raining so she can go outside. So am I because her room needs to be cleaned and that's much easier to do without her in it.)

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 02/22/2023

Thank you to whoever sent Chupy the cute onesie! He got one of his special baths and an ear treatment today and he was a little chilly after the bath, so it was right on time. I get a kick out of the opening in the back for his butt and the little tufts of hair that stick out when he runs. 🀣🐾


Raven is happy. She's loving being outside to run around this afternoon and happy to help in the barn. She's also totally smitten with the donkey 🀣


Chupy's extreme allergy issues cause hyperpigmentation in his skin. Check out how dark it is under his chin and neck. I'm told it's an autoimmune response to allergies and inflammation. On top of trying a new food that didn't agree with him, he was allergic to the dirt and grass in FL. We've got the itching and discomfort totally under control again, for now. It flairs up often, especially around his mouth. The skin will eventually return to pink but it takes a long time. He's a really high maintenance lil bug. But he's loved.


Well... I was trying to give Chupy a trim. The clippers stressed him out. Nurse Ella picked up on his anxiety and of course, she rushed to his aid. That cat just knows things.


Happy Valentine's Day πŸ’˜πŸΎ

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 02/14/2023

Former guest, Mocha checked in to say hello. Her mommies moved to Florida and she's absolutely loving the sunshine. Her mom said everyone loves her and she's being spoiled rotten, as she should. β€οΈπŸΎπŸ™


I think Chupy missed his dad.
Hi Angels, we're home!!


I think he might be due for the first haircut ever in his previously bald little life.

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 02/09/2023

Hi Angels, Den Mom checking in. Chupy and I are still helping grandma. She's getting better so we'll be able to come home soon. Grandpa gave me a terrible cold when we got here so its been a rough week for the humans. Chupy, on the other hand, is enjoying his vacation. He really likes going to Publix. Here are some of his vacation pics. Thank you all for your patience.

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 02/01/2023

Chupy's grandma got hurt so he's helping her feel better. He's good company but wanted her drink so we got him his own cup. Chupy isn't spoiled or anything, he works hard for these perks. ;)

Photos from Angels Retreat's post 01/29/2023

Den Mom is taking a much needed break to handle some personal stuff. We're not going to have many updates to share while she's out but will share whatever comes up. Here's a couple of photos of Daisy Mae taken on her outing with her BFF, Cheryl yesterday afternoon.


I've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty.


Ella Kitty is tired of everything being about dogs here. She would like us to again announce that we have funds available for spaying/neutering some feral cats in Clay & Cherokee Counties, NC. If you have a feral cat, or colony of them and want to accept the responsibility of catching them and getting them to a vet appointment, we'll pick up the tab for a spay/neuter surgery and their rabies vaccine. Just message us to get the ball rolling.

Recipients will need to come to our location in Hayesville to register. Surgeries are done in partnership with Logan's Run Rescue and Tri-State Spay & Neuter in Murphy. After registration, Tri-State will call to schedule surgery dates.


I want to celebrate! Raven is using her leg while RUNNING!!!
When she first came to us she would not run on it at all. She could walk ok but you could hear her knee clicking when she did, and as soon as she picked up any speed she'd tuck it up under her and run on just one back leg. I made the decision to try to fix it while she was in our care. That required 2 surgeries. The first operation went well and recovery was normal. After the 2nd she stopped using the leg completely. Months went by and she never once even toe tapped with it. I was devastated. I felt like my decision to help had ruined her forever. Her other back knee was compromised and the more she used it the more that knee started to click. I was riddled with guilt, praying and researching wheelchairs. I finally had good sense enough to consult an orthopedic expert and begged him to try to help her. I just knew Dr. Crouch could help but I also felt like any surgeon in their right mind would probably walk away from such a mess. He agreed to try, but only if we knew full well up front and signed something that was basically stating that we might be spending a lot of money for zero results. No promises, no guarantees but a sincere willingness to try. I felt like we threw a Hail Mary pass. Thank God for Dr. David Crouch. He re-did both surgeries, separately, allowing a long recovery after the first before doing the second. I followed his after care instructions to the letter and we got every supplement he recommended. Recovery was long and difficult. When she walked in it again, we celebrated and continued to watch her improve. Thanks to the skill of this amazing surgeon and his team at Western Carolina Veterinary Surgery, and a multitude of prayers from a literal Army of Angels, (and of course, the assistance with her therapy from the dog walking Angels at Brandi's Pet Sitting), RAVEN IS NOW USING HER LEG BETTER THAN SHE DID WHEN WE GOT HER! It's not perfect, YET but I feel like it will be. She's still undergoing daily therapy and taking the supplements Dr. Crouch gave her. I've got to say it again, RAVEN IS NOW USING HER LEG BETTER THAN SHE DID WHEN WE GOT HER and add, the other knee is no longer clicking! Thank God for many prayers answered.


Daisy Mae is having a great day today. Her breakfast stayed down and some Angel sent her some treats she loves. They look and smell like real sausage slices and meatballs. (Thanks, Angels πŸ™β€οΈ) She's also enjoying having her very own couch in her room. The couch used to belong to Cash Puppy. Strangely, it bothered me tremendously to see it in the house every day but it makes me happy to see Miss Mae enjoying it.


Whoever sent the bag of little dog toys, thank you from Chupy. He loves the little banana.


Just a video of Raven walking that Robert took for us yesterday afternoon. Her orthopedic surgeon wanted to see her walking. We joked that he's a much better surgeon than a hair stylist πŸ˜…πŸ€£. (The supplements he has is giving her are helping it grow back but it'll take a while.) Raven using that leg again is nothing short of a miracle, IMHO.


Oh good, you're awake. Its play time. Good morning.


I'm so tired of bad stuff happening. I just want to watch a cat and a little dog being friendly

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There's a strange friendship forming between Hymn & Chupy. It makes my heart smile. (Hymn's not really so feral anymore....
Daisy knows her cookies are in her bed when she comes in.  Bedtime is happy time.
Raven said THANK YOU!!  She's very pleased that were surrounded by cookie sending Angels. πŸ™πŸ’•πŸΎπŸ™
And now for a very important message from our Mascot, Miss Daisy Mae.
I'm told she's not a princess anymore.  She's been promoted to Queen Lillian
Just sharing cuz they're sweet. (And I think everyone deserves to see me scratching my cute lil a$$es.πŸ˜‚πŸŽπŸ€£)
She gets soooo excited about treats that she sometimes forgets her manners.  She snorted and chomped the treat but at no...
Raven had some quality outside time this evening and I really enjoyed just watching her be happy.  I love this big baby.
Y'all wanna see who the boss is in our house? LOL. Cash gets really upset if anyone takes her spot on HER couch πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸΎπŸ¦΄
Raven is soooo happy to be allowed off leash again finally.  Its become part of her nightly routine to help Den Dad make...
Tater Tot is protecting his new home
Daisy Mae loves Cheryl


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