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Carolina Christian Academy
Please join us this Wednesday night at 7:00 PM in support of our school Carolina Christian Academy for their end of year play. This is the first time they have been able to put this event in over a year!
During chapel this morning, Pastor Chris was teaching about King David and how his decent into sin was a step by step choice on his part. It reminded me of this song which I heard in the way to work this morning... same message twice in one day... HEED THE WORD!

Good morning, I just had to share something with all of you. As the majority of you are aware last year we had to move Jade from CCA. It was a very hard time for us. No one likes change and Jade loved her school and her classmates so much! We searched diligently in Cobb County for another Christian school that would be a great fit for Jade and boy did we find it. We enrolled her at North Cobb Christian School where she has flourished and done amazingly well. We were worried when we moved Jade to NCCS because this was a college prep school and you never know if your child is going to be on track with another school. Yesterday, we received Jade's Test Scores for 4th grade (they were very late). Not only was Jade on track, her scores reflect that Jade is on a 10th grade school level!! 10TH GRADE!!! She is in the 5th grade. Not only that she scored VERY high scores for bible (the most important book to learn). I am not saying all this to just brag on my child, I'm saying all this to brag on CCA. This is just a testament to the foundation that Carolina Christian Academy can give to your child. If you are even considering Carolina Christian Academy for your child, PLEASE do not hesitate to send your child there. Not only are they receiving a quality education, they are receiving the love and support they need in order to grow into a young adult. I couldn't be more proud, not only of Jade, but to know that she was in such a loving a nurturing environment like CCA to get her to where she needs to go in the future! Thank you CCA! We love and miss all of you!
Johnny Appleseed visiting CCA to share his story with the students today!
Johnny Appleseed sharing his story with the students of CCA.
Johnny Appleseed came to visit CCA today!
Candleing chicken eggs with Mrs. Crystal Matheson's class!
CCA's first ART project this year! All the kids did a GREAT job painting their rocks Monday!
The kids are doing a great job today in ART class!!! Multimedia dandelions!

Carolina Christian Academy is a private, non-profit, Christian elementary school. We build a strong

To learn more about Carolina Christian Academy visit our website at:


We are looking forward to seeing you in school on Wednesday.


Jesus is the BEST!
It’s His birthday yet He gave us the ultimate gift AND we get to celebrate by giving and receiving gifts of our own!

Don’t forget to spend some time with the birthday boy today! He is ALWAYS happy to spend time with you 🎁


Did you know that CCA kids brought in their piggy banks of change to help other kids feel the love of Jesus this Christmas?

CCA kids raised almost $900 by saving pennie’s, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

THE GOAL: Buy Christmas gifts for children on the Angel Tree. Ultimately to share the joy of Christmas and love of Christ.

But these kids show us time and time again that when they hear of other kids in want they open their hearts and even their own wallets.

GOAL MET! And then some!

The extra money they raised went to provide a scholarship to Truett Conference Center & Camp.

Continuously proud of our CCA kids growing in love for Christ and others.

We were blessed to have Carolina Christian Academy designate our Scholarship Fund as a beneficiary of their recent fundraising. Some of the top fundraisers were selected to present the check to us this morning. Thank you very much! We appreciate our supportive community!

Photos from Carolina Christian Academy's post 12/12/2022

Great appreciation to this woman of virtue right here!
She will never draw attention to herself but she pours her heart out every day endlessly giving to this ministry.
Her goal is for every child to experience and know Jesus so of course Christmas is her favorite!
She created this winter wonderland for all our kids at CCA from the littles all the way up to our oldest in middle school.
They each felt the JOY this season of Christ’s birth should bring.
Truly, Flannery Hughes you outdid yourself from even last year and the years before.
From all of us including students, parents, and staff we want to say a BIG THANK YOU for being a blessing to thus ministry each and every single day. ❤️


This will be the first post you see but it was the last song they sang today at Hayesville House.

A BIG thank you to Hayesville House for allowing us to visit and sing to their residents
Our students got to share the joy of Christ and then one of the residents shared the meaning of the Candy Cane to our students.

This tradition is something we look forward to every year.

Come see our students sing more praises and Christmas cheer next Wednesday evening 7pm at FFWBC.
All are welcome in the Lord’s house.



Heaven and nature and these sweet kids are all singing of His love, mercy, and righteousness.

Every year along with caroling, CCA students get to make ornaments to gift to Hayesville House residents.
Hayesville House - staff and residents - have always been so sweet to our students. They have hosted Easter egg hunts and October treats for our students to enjoy for many years.


CAROLING and signing
Jesus Loves Me

This is something CCA has had the joy of doing every year. During COVID restrictions we just did it outside and went window to window.
We were SO grateful to be inside on this rainy cold day this year.


They sound like angels here.

And more to come!


CAROLING…Jingle Bells

more to come!


Our CCA kids went CAROLING today!

I can’t chose just one clip so the next six posts are ALL songs 😃

Starting with good ole Rudolph


Partner with CCAcademy to disciple our local youth with a BIBLICAL worldview.

Our students are shown the love of Christ and trained in His holy ways so they can be a light to others in their communities now and for years to come.

Your end-of-year gift to CCAcademy means more children will grow in God's Word.
Find out more by visiting

The Greatest Love Story - The Rumfelt Family - Southern Gospel News SGNScoops Digital 12/05/2022

The Greatest Love Story - The Rumfelt Family - Southern Gospel News SGNScoops Digital

The Greatest Love Story - The Rumfelt Family - Southern Gospel News SGNScoops Digital “The Greatest Love Story” Full Length Video by The Rumfelt Family

Photos from Carolina Christian Academy's post 11/29/2022

This Giving Tuesday impact your own community for Christ.

By giving a small monthly donation to CCA, you are helping disciple students and families in our very own community.


After you enjoy your feast of turkey and stuffing, feast on God's word so that your heart may be filled too!


It’s a wonderful time of the year!

Listening to Christmas music and setting up for our Christmas Photos fundraiser at CCA 🎄

Tomorrow is the day!
We are so thankful to Sierra Hayes Photography for providing her talents to our daycare and Academy families.


We have the BEST teachers!

Photos from Carolina Christian Academy's post 10/26/2022

Heartfelt hand-written cards are the best!

Our CCAcademy students got the opportunity to make cards for children at an orphanage in India.

It’s a great way to kick off our Love Out Loud campaign for November!


FASTER PASTOR RACE rained out for tonight and rescheduled to Friday, September 9th.
Come join CCAcademy at the racetrack for some family fun 9 on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th.

Labor Day Championships at Tri-County Race Track Pushed Back to Friday, September 9 Due to Wet Weather

The annual running of the Labor Day Championships at Tri-County Race Track - scheduled for today, September 5 - has been pushed back to this Friday, September 9 due to the high likelihood of more wet weather! The entire show at the Brasstown, North Carolina facility will remain the same this Friday night - headlined by the 2nd Annual ‘C.T. Barnett Memorial’ for the ground-pounding Super Late Models. The unsanctioned contest will boast a $3,437.38 top prize and will shell out $300 just to start the main event, which will be 38 laps in length. In addition, a $200 product certificate from Competition Racing Equipment will be awarded to the driver laying down the quickest lap during the qualifying session.

Along with the Super Late Models, the Southeastern Late Model Sportsman Series will invade the Brasstown bullring, as the Limited Late Model competitors will race for a $1,500 winner’s check courtesy of the fine folks at King Ford. The Interstate Welding 602 Late Models will compete for an $800 payday, while a non-qualifiers race for the division will also be held paying $200 to the winner. Other classes on the racing card include: Street Stock $400 to win, Open Wheel Modified $400 to win, Front Wheel Drive $200 to win, and the Boyd’s Speedway B-Hobby $500 to win. Multiple drivers that compete at Boyd’s have expressed interest, so the B-Hobby division has been added to the lineup.

In addition, a Faster Pastor Race will also be held at the 1/4-mile facility. Race proceeds and purse will be donated to the Carolina Christian Academy and to the Churches of the Pastors represented in the race.

The pit gate will open on Friday, September 9 at 3:00pm, while the grandstands will start to allow patrons into the track at 4:00pm. The Drivers Meeting will begin promptly at 6:00pm and cars will take to the dirt surface for hot laps starting at 6:30pm.


update Sunday evening: Joshua is on his way home! Extraordinary news!

Update: Joshua is awake and his CT looks very good. possibility of discharge today or tomorrow if he can tolerate food. Praise God for His wonders!

Our sweet Joshua’s surgery for hai fractured skull went well! Praise the Lord!
Keep praying for his full recovery.

This is testimony that he shared in chapel last year. He asks for prayer every week for others to be saved too. Last Sunday at his home church and the home place of our school, FFWBC, he went down to the front to pray for others while they were being anointed. He is a child after God’s own heart and we are so thankful and praising God his surgery went well!


Update 9:33pm
HALLELUJAH! Praise Jesus! Joshua is out of surgery and it went well. He is in recovery now. Keep those prayers coming for full recovery! Our God is a miracle worker and a waymaker!

ATTN all prayer warriors.
Please pray with urgency for one of our students. His name is Joshua Steele. He is one of our upcoming 4th grade students. He had an accident with a concrete slab and has fractured his skull. He is being flown to Chattanooga.

We ask for you to pray and encourage you to ask others to join in agreement as we pray for complete healing.
We praise God for how His miracles and faithfulness in the past as some of our students had medical emergencies last year and have wonderful testimonies of healing now. We are praying for that same divine intervention for Joshua right now.


Update 8:51pm Joshua is going in for surgery now. Keep sending those prayers up to heaven.


We need all of you to join us in prayer for one of our students.

Joshua Steele had an accident on a concrete slab. His skull is fractured and he is being flown to Chattanooga.

Please vigilantly pray for complete healing for our sweet boy.


SUPPLY LISTS and 2022-23 CALENDAR are posted on our school website.


When there are no words

Let us mourn with those that mourn.

And when we take a pause from mourning and the righteous anger rises up inside at such atrocities
As it will
And as it should

Don’t unleash it against others.
Use it
For the good.
Not to spread more hate and division
But to use everything within our power to stop this from happening again.
And all of us have the power and authority through Jesus Christ to pray covering over our community schools.
Not just when tragedy strikes
Every day hereafter in the hopes of preventing future tragedies.

Today we mourn.
But even as we mourn we will take up our shields and place them in front of our community’s children.



Congratulations to our Kindergarten graduates! We are so very proud of you!

Upcoming Events of Last Week of School: 05/17/2022

Upcoming Events of Last Week of School:

Upcoming Events of the Last Week of School
The correct time for awards day is 1pm. We love celebrating our students.

Upcoming Events of Last Week of School: Students are working hard on their EOGs this week. Results will returned to the school from the testing and scoring distributor at a later date to which we will alert you. Keep maintaining their good sleep schedules and healthy breakfast so they are alert and confident.  After testing concludes, al...

Timeline photos 05/10/2022

Sign up on our website at

Thank you to our sponsors.

Moore Insurance Agency
K & M Mobile Installation and Movers

Wilson's Supply
Brian Matheson of Maximum One Premier Realtors
Ric's Outdoor Services

Pharus Global
Crystal Davis of Appalachian Land Company
Chatuge Family Practice

Dorothy Blackburn
Cliff & Carol Hall
Jacky Jones Ford
Polished Salon
Chris & Cindy Sharp
Julia Schrieber


Rehearsing acapella and they sound even better with music! Come listen to their music program this Wednesday at 7pm and watch their dramatization of classic sitcoms like Andy Griffith and Little Rascals and more!

Joy & Laughter CCA music and drama end of the year program should uplift your spirits for sure!

Photos from Carolina Christian Academy's post 05/06/2022

Need some moments of joy? Good-hearted belly laughs? Undeniable cuteness?

We've got all of that and more! This Wednesday May 11th at 7pm, Carolina Christian Academy is presenting "Joy and Laughter" a two-part program. Our music portion "Joy From the Strength of the Lord" has a variety of styles including some oldies pop turned into songs of rejoicing. You might just find yourself singng along!
Our theater program called "Channel Surfing" is a series of vignettes of classic sitcoms such as Little Rascals, Abbott & Costello, Gilligan's Island, Andy Griffith, and I Love Lucy. Come for the nostalgia but stay for the giggles and gaffaws.


Timeline photos 05/03/2022

Brian Matheson of Maximum One Premier Properties and his family are long-time devoted supporters of Christian education through their support of Carolina Christian Academy.
He is not only supporting CCA through the 5K but has spent time and energy helping meet the needs of the school through hands-on projects throughout the years as well.

Thank you to our 5K Run For Education Sponsors.
Moore Insurance Agency

Wilson's Supply
Brian Matheson of Maximum One Premier Realtors
Ric's Outdoor Services

Pharus Global
Crystal Davis of Appalachian Land Company
Chatuge Family Practice

Dorothy Blackburn
Cliff & Carol Hall
Jacky Jones Ford
Polished Salon
Chris & Cindy Sharp
Julia Schrieber

Timeline photos 05/02/2022

Our teachers at CCAcademy are highly-qualified experts in their field and choose to dedicate their time, talents, and energy to the discipleship of young hearts.
We can only thank Jesus for how blessed our school is to have each one of them. The gifts they all bring collectively make our Academy the best place to learn.

Timeline photos 04/26/2022

Thank you PHARUS GLOBAL for supporting Christ-centered education in Clay County, NC.

Build Your Business Strong
Pharus Group is a full-service multi-disciplined business management firm dedicated providing out-sourced services to support the growth of your business to drive profitability. Our professional services include:
Financial Management
Human Resources
Operational Support
Exit Planning
Payroll Services

Thank you to all of our sponsors.

Moore Insurance Agency

Wilson's Supply
Brian Matheson of Maximum One Premier Realtors
Ric's Outdoor Services

Pharus Global
Crystal Davis of Appalachian Land Company
Chatuge Family Practice

Dorothy Blackburn
Cliff & Carol Hall
Jacky Jones Ford
Polished Salon
Chris & Cindy Sharp

Timeline photos 04/20/2022

Thank you Wilson's Building Supply for supporting Christian Education. CCA appreciates you.

Wilson's Building Supply is located in Murphy, NC and has been serving the community for over 25 years with their building and plumbing supplies.
Wilson's Building Supply has been a supporter of Carolina Christian Academy for a while and we are ever so grateful for their generosity.

Photos from Carolina Christian Academy's post 04/05/2022

For real - when you’re homework is telling you what to do 🤣🤣🤣🤩🤩🤩

Photos from Carolina Christian Academy's post 04/05/2022

Even our grammar book knows what’s up…

Support our 5K fundraiser for….
Yes! You guessed it!
… playground equipment

Sign up to walk or run at



The butterflies have arrived!
There was one coming out of his cocoon right as these students were watching too. What an amazing way to experience God’s creation!



We are called yo love one another as brothers and sisters in Christ - that means no matter what.

Support Christian education and walk or run our 5K with us on May 14th. Sign up by April 20th to get a t-shirt.
Sign up online at


Photos from Carolina Christian Academy's post 04/01/2022

Beautiful day to be outside enjoying the sunshine!

A Litte More About CCA

Carolina Christian Academy is a private, non-profit, Christian School with high academic standards and goals to educate and prepare students for a life of service. School plays such an important part in the life of a young person. We stand ready to serve you and your children as we train them to fulfill God’s will and potential for their lives - academically, emotionally, physically and most importantly spiritually.

Carolina Christian Academy serves Pre-K though 5th grade. The faculty and staff, with a variety of qualifications including Master's degrees and state certifications, are passionate educators who are highly qualified in their fields. The Academy seeks to provide a well rounded education and offers a full curriculum including music, art, technology, drama, physical education, Spanish, robotics and chapel. As proof of our outstanding curriculum, and staff, our students have consistently made high marks on the end of year achievement tests. We are also a member in good standing of the Association of Christian Schools International.
To learn more about Carolina Christian Academy visit our website at:

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Rehearsing acapella and they sound even better with music! Come listen to their music program this Wednesday at 7pm and ...
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