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ELM Construction Services, Inc., Builder specializing in mobility friendly custom homes and home imp ELM is a licensed General Contractor in NC and GA established in 2004.

We specialize in custom homes, renovation and additions where quality is a main concern. Quality in construction and design lead to a comfortable life style.


Progress on this beautiful home


This little garage job is a wrap. I'll always remember it though because the owner saved BIG money switching from wood to metal construction. A sign of the times ...

Photos from ELM Construction Services, Inc.'s post 08/18/2022

Ok everybody huddle up. We are flying trusses today ... finally!
Beautiful jobsite!


Birds eye view of the jobsite thanks to Lance Hall and his drone.


Yep we build horse barns. Nice ones! This one is a wrap.


Latest project completed.
You may see a garage but ...
It's a smart garage with blue tooth shop light, ring flood light and glow in the dark switches!


Yes ...
A bit out of our wheelhouse but let's build a horsebarn!


So you need to charge your Tesla at your farmhouse that was built before they had electricity up here? No problem we got that ...


And the little treasures you find in these old houses ... these new owners dont even have to buy an iron holder!!! What a deal!


I love working on these old farmhouses. The neighbors are so friendly and it just feels good to update these old houses so they can become homes again. Kinda like fixing up an old classic car ...


Say, have we said we do all sorts of projects? Yep we do closet additions. Ladies how about a 10 ft x 24 ft closet? C'mon you know you want one!


One of our most challenging projects. 100% Cypress wood inside and out. Carpenter bees won't go near this home! We developed some serious fabricating skills on this one.


This is an ELM in house design featuring a lower level mother in law suite with no steps to navigate. It ended up being a romper room suite! Ha what do I know ...


The first house I built in NC, my house, is still aging gracefully after 19 years ...


This house may look normal but with extra insulation, HE dual fuel HVAC and a sealed crawlspace (probably the first one in the county), the owner experiences surprisingly low energy bills!


Well this house project becomes a home today. Bring on the furniture!


Well the 120 year old Tiger House looks great after paint and aprox. 1 million tubes of caulk ...
ELM Construction sure is proud to have done our part on this restoration. Maybe it will be here for another 120 years.


Boom Shaka Laka
Ya really never know until they are installed.
And this time the tops look great!


We are moving right along with our mobility friendly build. Cabinets are always a milestone in the schedule. Next week we install granite tops.


These guys installing siding in the rain today ... I use to wonder what it would be like to live in Seattle. Now I know.


Yep we had a few days with minimal rain & BAM! Dried in and MP&E roughed in.
New siding crew's work is straight n tight!
Lets talk about accessibility in this house. Zero steps. 3 foot wide doors at bedrooms & bathrooms. Low threshold master shower. That's smart!
I wonder when we will ever get porch & driveway poured ... Rain starts again tonight ...


Well let's build a house ... in between rain and mud ...
Got the roof on and elec, plumb n HVAC are almost ready for inspections! Progress pics next week ...


Ok here we go. Let's save a beautiful 120 year old house!


Its a wrap and the job turned out beautiful. Creative use of color. Yep we will be trying some more blue ceilings soon ...


So another project is winding down. We started with a tiny isolated mid 60s galley kitchen and removed it and the old textured ceiling. Then we did this! Talk about transforming a space, the owner isn't going to recognize the place.


You never know who you will meet at the next job. Check out these chicks! Hello girls


What we will do is build a real house inside the shell of the shack & add a big covered porch ... to fish from etc. This client had real vision. I love the retro avacado cabinets. What a challenging and rewarding project!


So you bought an old 'tar paper shack' from long, long ago. It's right on the edge of a creek and you could never build a new house this close to the creek today. Hmmm could this become a real house? Yes, yes it can ...


Barn doors are all the rage. All the cool kids want them. Yep that's the same metal that's on the exterior of the home. Yep, the track is from Tractor Supply ....


This metal clad stair tower will never need paint!!!!


No stairs to navigate to get into this home. What a great design. What a pleasure to build.


OK folks its Mobility Monday here at ELM Construction. We are all getting older and these mountains make for lots of stairs to climb. Don't be too proud to admit needing some help. We had a client who only needed a lift during rehab ... temporary. But he likes and uses it so much for groceries etc., he's keeping it. Quiet, clean and affordable. Contact us today.


Yep this week it's all about home mobility. We think it's very important here at ELM Construction Services, Inc. Ramps are key elements ... and in the mountains ... they can be a bit challenging. We are up for the challenge!


Did I say we do small projects too ... that make BIG improvements in quality of life and peace of mind. Let us know what we can do for you!


Ohhh did you say you wanted a tree in your kitchen? I can do that! Wow it's a great day to live in the mountains! C'mon up!


Got something really unique to build? We love helping people with unique projects and the associated challenges.


Another project completed. If you will be building a new home soon or just need to improve your current home contact us sooner rather than later.


Wrapping up another home project here in Mcglamery Farms. Doing all the fun aesthetic stuff now. Impressed with outside fireplace's porcelain tile 'barn wood' surround. I enjoy the look on people's faces when they try to stick thier finger in the cracks..




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