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Magi Designs specializes in creating functional, productive, attractive spaces for both residential and commercial clients.

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Photos from Magi Designs's post 12/21/2021

Shopping for slabs (again). Kitchen remodels have been at the top of our list since the pandemic. Today’s venue, @cosentinousa to view @dektonbycosentino and @silestonebycosentino. Was a toss up between Et Calacutta Gold and Ethereal Glow… we’re going with the glow baby!❤️Tough call due to the amazing selection… Oh, the things I could design with all that beautiful stone! 😁

Photos from Magi Designs's post 12/18/2021

After, before, and in between… Progress pics from our Cedarhurst project. Redesigned a 2 bedroom apt into a crisp, light, and airy open office. The look— industrial. We exposed the beautiful brick walls and used @brickitofficial New York Used in places that didn’t have it. Another newbie to our line-up, @featherbeams_and_trusses! They provide faux steel beams customized to any space. Easy to design and install. Awesome products, awesome team! Thank you Eli @stoneworkbuilders! @magidesignsny @officerenovation @interiordesignmag @nycinteriordesign @brickitofficial @featherbeams_and_trusses

Photos from Magi Designs's post 12/15/2021

Introducing the newest addition to @magidesignsny library, Look Walls! @lookwalls is the perfect combination of oversized abstract art combined with wallpaper. The history of wallpaper dates back to the 15th C. created as a inexpensive alternative to the wood panels and heavy tapestries that adorned palaces in England. From carved wood block printing on rice paper, to the 17th C. Ming Dynasty’s nature inspired motifs on silk, jumping into Morris and his intricate Middle Aged inspired patterns durning the Arts and Crafts Movement. Not to mention French Flocking (raised velvet) and mechanical silk screens. We have seen it all, now fast forward, digital printing at its finest. The Art of the Wall @lookwalls. Check out their website,… @tovmodeinc will be calling you soon! This one is a goodie! ❤️@interiordesignmag @interiordesignideas @interior_design_nyc @wallpapermag

Photos from Magi Designs's post 10/14/2021

Kitchen refresh in Commack. Updated the dark narrow space with lighter hues in flooring, walls, backsplash, and countertops… @magidesignsny @cambriasurfaces @benjaminmoore @kitchenremodels @countrycarpet

Photos from Magi Designs's post 07/15/2021

The color is gradually flooding the space of our Bowen Media Project in Mineola… Wallpaper almost complete. Couldn’t be happier with Arté, Koroseal, and Viscom’s quality, texture and colors! Brilliant job by Rami and team with tovmodeinc on the install!!! Kravet and Cole and Son pics coming soon…#bowenmedia

Photos from Magi Designs's post 06/16/2021

High Point Market Preview hosted by East End Interiors! Good stuff…

Timeline Photos 05/25/2021

There’s nothing like the virtue of polished raw concrete! We didn’t know what to expect, but the results are stunning! The imperfection, the integrity, material at its most vulnerable stage, the essence of true beauty. Reminiscent of the little alley ways tucked away in your favorite European town... A corridor where the most magical places reside. There are so many metaphors I could come up with...

Wait until you see the magic!!!

Design Well. Live Well. Be Well.

-Magi Designs



The first pop of color is in place, acoustical Renata Pendants by Bruck Lighting installed in Bowen Media’s new space! 🎼 This has has been an exceptionally special project (although, every project has special meaning for us, the Universe is amazing in that way) for Magi Designs. The client requested we design a space that pushed creativity, use of color, and material selection to a whole new level, this is by far going to be the most exciting projects to see once finished. Stay tuned for more updates.

Photos from Magi Designs's post 05/05/2021

Our Westhampton Beach Kitchen Remodel. Turning what was dark and heavy into a much lighter and airy space. @ Westhampton Beach, New York

Timeline Photos 03/31/2021

@pallastextiles I do! Thank you Julia.l, absolutely stunning collection, will def spec out on a future project!

Photos from Magi Designs's post 03/26/2021

Busy day today, pics from our first appointment... Finally, SSP, a commercial project we finished early this year in Plainview. Need to finish accessorizing, but loving how the soffits and finishes turned out... Happy campers!! @ Plainview, New York

Timeline Photos 03/26/2021

Shopping for slabs for a kitchen remodel, always fun stuff! 😝

Photos from Thibaut Design's post 01/30/2021

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way... Love the simplicity and softness of Thibaut's beautiful green hues, inspired by nature. 💚 12/28/2020

Art-Inspired Looks Make a Splash at Fall 2020’s High Point Market

Looking forward to a brighter year ahead... Love the simple geometric forms and highly saturated jewel tones, can’t wait to incorporate some of these elements into our designs. 🙂 Bold colors, sharp angles, geometric shapes, artful patterns and minimalism make a strong showing at the trade show


Project: 2016 BOWEN MEDIA- This was an absolutely fun project to work on, the young thriving couple, Dan and Natalie Bowen, were open to experimenting with color and material in this amazing space. Reminiscent of the highly sought after industrial spaces in Brooklyn, the vibrant hues, combined with the existing structural character of the space, helps to inspire this already incredibly creative agency. It’s an exciting privilege to announce that we are now working on their newest office space, hopefully to be unveiled early 2021. Graffiti by . #bowenmedia @ Mineola, New York


One of our pre-covid kitchens, finally able to see the finished product, looking good!😎 @ Melville, New York


Installing countertops in the city, no easy feat, but Mastora Stone rocked it! @ Manhattan, New York


Progress Pics! ❤️ @ Broad Channel


Kid’s den, under 1500!🤯As any parent knows, the spaces for our children take a beating! Our little people are ever changing as they blossom into young adults! They go hard and bore easily! We designed this space for three boys all under the age of 10. Client didn’t want to spend a lot, so we created something minimal that packed a little yellow punch! 🍋 #interiordesign#homedecor#designforkids @ Freeport, New York


An exciting day! First site visit in the past eight weeks, lol! Delivery of our flooring and back splash arrived today for an upcoming kitchen remodel... Love the time with the kiddies, but missing site work. @ Westhampton Beach, New York


You know the old phrase "Cleanliness is next to Godliness..." With busy schedules, a certain level of cleanliness seemed somewhat of a luxury. Now that life has slowed down a bit, we have the opportunity to tackle many things that need attending around the house. It's easy to get used to the clutter that surrounds us day to day, but what is its impact?
In the ancient practice of Feng Shui, it claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals in their surrounding environments, or in more conventional terms, a system of balancing our physical environment to promote harmony and a sense of well being. Sounds complicated, it is! Lol... However, when it comes to cleanliness, the principle is simple, everything has its place.
Clutter can not only weigh you down, it causes stress and invites chaos. Being unorganized can also bleed over to other elements of your life such as managing finances etc.
Every object in our home should have a place. We have a tendency to collect items with the notion we will someday use it. I am guilty of this as well, you should see my desk! The problem is, clutter adds up blocking energy and consuming valuable time by rummaging through it looking for something. Not to mention the look of dread every time you walk past knowing it is a task that will someday have to be addressed.
My challenge to you, go through your home and get rid of any clutter you don't need and organize the items you do need.
Start with one room, one pile, one surface, or one closet. You will feel better for it.
Begin balancing the energy in your space by using the Bagua below. Consider it your energy compass starting at your front door. I realize we can’t completely change the entire layout, you can apply it to a room with furniture, art, and accessory placement. Every little bit helps. Message me for free tips! Happy Designing!#interiordesign#homedecoration#coronavirus#mariamaagi

Design Well. Live Well. Be Well.
-Magi Designs


Reface on the water... more pics. We designed a secret door under the stairs for addition storage. 😎 @ Broad Channel, New York


All in a days work (bits of my day as per my poor attempt to create a video documenting the process)... That’s okay, so I have some work to do, lol...


Okay, we all have to start somewhere, lol...


Happy Saturday!!!

Hauppauge Reface 01/07/2020

Our clients wanted to refresh the lower level of their home. The sage and off white walls, leather furniture, off white kitchen cabinetry and dark wood furniture was too traditional in feel. The couple, who have two young boys wanted to lighten the home and upgrade the look as it was more appropriate for their lifestyle.
So, we created a pallet of cool grays, cream, blues, with a pop of teal to transform the space. We refinished the wood floors with a dark gray, this helped upgrade the look of the home for the couple and their two boys. We replaced all existing furniture, repainted the kitchen cabinets, changed the backsplash, added a built-in the nook, new lighting fixtures and refaced the fireplace with stack stone.
One other minor change, replaced the brass door hardware (that haunts many older homes) with a brushed nickel... End result, happy family!


Happy New Year from Magi Designs!

The holidays have come to an end, start the new year off with a bang. Spruce up your space by adding a pop of color to the walls, in accent pieces or just by rearranging furniture. Repurposed furniture can be new furniture...

Call or message for our One Room Transformation for the limited time flat rate of $500...

Design Well.
Live Well.
Be Well.

-Magi Designs


Conceptual model of 7 Green in Huntington...


Second appointment of the day, our latest client, Fairchild Sons Funeral Home located in the Historic District of Garden City. Project scope, transform the third floor (where the coffin displays currently reside) into a private home-like ethereal space that families can gather to share the last sacred hours together in the presence of their loved one. The added bonus, a beautiful space catered with your loved one’s favorite food or beverages. Yes, food... A long standing ban has been lifted! As of January 2017, funeral homes in New York are officially allowed to serve food to grieving families and hire caterers for memorial event. With new research and science, it has been determined that this is perfectly safe. An interesting project to say the least as we are honored to be working on this project with the wonderful mom and daughter team, Kathy and Tricia Viscardi! Don’t mind Ravil, he’s pretending to be dead! Design is that boring?! Lol... 😉 No matter the client, we try to keep it light and have fun! @ Garden City, New York


Our latest project, a ranch in St. James... Light, airy, and open. That’s the goal! @ Saint James, New York


Love the stone yards, full of natural beauty...


Railing on portico installed! Looking forward to seeing the shutters and columns in place.


When life gives you lemons... this is what I call turning things around. As anyone in the industry knows, the slightest mishap can sometimes turn into what outsiders see as a total disaster. As designers, we call it our job! Solving problems! The incorrect size was ordered for this bathroom vanity, and boy, what a beauty it was... We ordered 30", they sent 36". ALWAYS triple check final quotes, even the best rep can mess up. AND inspect product on arrival even if it isn't the contractor's protocol. Especially when crated... Anyhow, the bathroom will great when finished. On another note, anyone looking for the beautiful mod Adorn mirrored vanity from Robern in 36", message me...


Powder Room mirror, to cover or not to cover this gorgeous wall tile?


Stunning fabric for a parlor ottoman...

Design Well. Live Well. Be Well.

Interior spaces have a tremendous impact on our well being, both consciously and subconsciously. Our goal is to provide a service that increases this quality of life. Magi Designs specializes in creating functional, productive, attractive spaces for both residential and commercial clients. By truly listening and collaborating with the client, we help develop environments that will capture the essence of the end user. With our personalized approach, we will find the best solution to improving your space while enjoying the process together.
Services include, but are not limited to, personalized consultations, programming, concept development, space planning, furniture, development of color palettes, fixture and equipment selection, window treatments, re-upholstery, shopping/sourcing of goods, etc.
At Magi Designs, we know that a well-designed space breeds a healthier, more productive life. Design well. Live well. Be well.

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Okay, we all have to start somewhere, lol...
Happy Saturday!!!
Beginning of install! 😊
A kid’s bathroom dream come true! We designed the waterfall to flow across the ceiling! So much fun designing this space...



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