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I can't thank On Top Visibility enough for the internship experience that was given to me this summer. I learned an incredible amount about internet marketing, website design, Search Engine Optimization, and social media. This is a great company with a ton of room for growth and expansion in the future.
This event has been held in Portland for 12 years. It is in NY for the first time. Thought you might be interested. I am a LeTip member in Oregon.

WEBVISIONS | NYC Jan. 18-20, 2012
Hudson Hotel/Good Units 356 West 58th StreetNew York, NY 10019
A day of workshops followed by two days of sessions, panels and keynotes - with networking parties and industry meetups each night.


On Top Visibility wants to help your business make an everlasting impression on the web. http://onto

On Top Visibility is an experienced and innovative digital marketing firm that provides custom and cutting edge web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, customized content and advanced digital marketing services to businesses throughout the country. At On Top Visibility, we house a team of innovative search engine optimization experts, web designers, savvy web developers, cr


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As a business owner, you know how that a website is an absolute must. It puts your company where today’s consumers are most likely to find it: on the World Wide Web. But simply having a website isn’t enough to make a difference for your business. If you just throw together a website - no matter how incredibly designed it may be - there’s a really good chance that it won’t get the recognition it deserves. Why? – Because of the sheer volume of sites that are out there.

According to recent statistics, in January of 2019, there were approximately 1.95 billion websites on the Internet. In January of 2018, that number was roughly 1.8 billion, so it’s pretty safe to assume that the amount of websites will continue to grow. Those are some pretty big numbers, and while not all of those sites are related to your industry, it’s almost guaranteed that a good chunk of them are. With so much competition, your business could get lost in the sea of websites.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can make your site – and your business – stand out. How? – With search engine optimization (SEO).

What is SEO and what can it do for you? Let’s take a closer look.

SEO Explained

The term search engine optimization refers to a strategy that focuses on increasing the organic search engine results that a website receives.

The primary goal of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing is to direct their users to the best, most useful websites possible. They do this by examining the terms that people use to search for something on the Internet, and then they assess the information on websites that are related to those terms. Based on their analysis, the sites that offer the most relevant information to whatever it is that a user is searching for appear higher in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

In short, the main objective of SEO is to increase a website’s SERP position. Why is this important? Because it can significantly improve your success.

Here’s a look at five ways SEO can boost the success of your website, and thus, the success of your business.

Key Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

While SEO has been proven to offer numerous benefits, here’s a look at five key ways that it can launch your business to the next level of success.

1. It helps your audience find your website. Remember the nearly 2 billion websites we mentioned? Well, SEO helps your particular site stand out from the crowd, which makes it a lot easier for your targeted audience to find. A properly optimized website ranks higher in the SERPs, and higher ranking sites are a lot more visible.

2. It boosts traffic to your site. Sites that rank higher on the SERPs aren’t only more visible; they get more visitors. Think about it: you’re far more likely to click on the first few sites you see after you search for something on the Internet than you are to click on the sites that are toward the bottom of the results page. The same is true for the average person, including your targeted audience; they will be more inclined to click on your site when it’s located at the top of their results.

3. It makes your business more credible. In the minds of Internet searchers, sites that rank higher are more credible than lower ranking sites. That’s understandable, too; after all, if the search engines are saying that high-ranking sites are more relevant, than the businesses that are associated with those sites must be more credible. Consumers want to work with the most reliable business, and a higher ranking site (which can be achieved with proper optimization) certainly makes your company more reputable.

4.It improves user experience. Among the many factors that search engines take into consideration when they rank websites, user experience is high on the list. The more relevant and interactive your website is, the longer visitors are going to spend time on it, so the lower your bounce rate will be. To the search engines, these things mean that your site is more useful for their users. So, in effect, by optimizing your site, you’re automatically improving its usability, hence your site will appear higher in the search engine results.

5. It improves conversions. Sites that have more organic search results, meaning that visitors arrives on them on their own, have higher conversion rates. In other words, searchers are more likely to purchase from a site that offers the products or services they are seeking and they found themselves than they are from sites that they were directed to from cold leads, for example. More conversions = greater success. It’s that simple.

If you’re ready make your website work for you and enhance the success of your business, SEO is an absolute must. To find out more about how SEO can benefit your business and start taking advantage of this powerful tool, contact On Top Visibility. As a leading Long Island digital marketing firm, our team of experts will design the most effective search engine optimization strategy for your website that will help you get the most out of your website – and your business


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"What an excellent day for an exorcism..." Happy Halloween! 👻

FREE SEO Audit Report - Instant SEO Results About Your Company 10/01/2018

FREE SEO Audit Report - Instant SEO Results About Your Company

FREE SEO Audit of Your Business

FREE SEO Audit Report - Instant SEO Results About Your Company Run an in depth FREE SEO audit on your website and get instant SEO suggestions that play a role in the performance of your website online. Directory Listings, Keyword Rankings, Website Problems, Social Status and More! Call Today for a free SEO consultation about your SEO strategy today!


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Do you know what rank you are on Google? Google sometimes ranks you higher than you appear if you're logged in and frequently visit your website, so if you really want to know contact us for an audit today! 631-319-3600

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Our strategy combines several tools of the trade, including and a good - what does your's have?

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If you don't know the rules of link building, this new article published by SEO expert Britney Muller of Moz is a great place to start. https://moz.com/blog/rules-of-link-building


If business is slow, maybe your are getting crushed. How are your compared to your competitors?


How are you doing your ? What platform are you using?

The Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy | On Top Visibility 07/20/2018

The Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy | On Top Visibility

There is many elements that go into a successful digital marketing campaign! If you're not sure if you have covered all your bases, check out https://ontopvisibility.com/the-elements-of-a-successful-digital-marketing-strategy/

The Elements of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy | On Top Visibility If you are interested in a unique digital marketing campaign that will drive visitors to your website and ultimately increase your sales, 631-353-7417

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It's Friday!! How are you spending your weekend? Keep in mind that there is plenty of time to get a before the weekend begins! http://ontopvisibility.com

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, these are the values we strive to live by!

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There is a lot that goes into a successful digital marketing campaign! See what our can do for you http://ontopvisibility.com

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! There's still plenty of time to get your business audited by our SEO specialists for free! Give us a call today 631-759-8262 or visit us online http://ontopvisibility.com

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Happy ! Enjoy and stay cool!

15 Voice Search Stat Graphics: The Impact of Voice Assistants on SEO - BrightLocal 07/03/2018

15 Voice Search Stat Graphics: The Impact of Voice Assistants on SEO - BrightLocal

BrightLocal published a great article on the impact of voice searches on Google. Is your SEO campaign considerate of voice search volume? Give us a call at 631-319-3600 for a free audit https://www.brightlocal.com/2018/06/08/voice-search-stat-graphics/

15 Voice Search Stat Graphics: The Impact of Voice Assistants on SEO - BrightLocal The impact of voice search has somewhat snuck up on the SEO world, with many surprised by the technology's proliferation. If you're finding it hard to communicate the value of optimizing local business website content for voice search, try using some of these unbranded stat graphics in your next pit...

Timeline photos 06/29/2018

https://www.brightlocal.com/2018/06/21/inaccurate-business-information/ Inaccurate business information is the biggest issue in SEO. Do you know if your business has been listed inaccurately? Give us a call today at 631-759-8262 for a free audit!

Timeline photos 06/28/2018

If your current isn't putting time into researching that you want to rank for, what's the point? Give us a call today and we'll audit your site for FREE! 631-759-8262

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Google is toughening up on fake reviews. It has finally been confirmed that they have officially prohibited anonymous reviews, including previous anonymous reviews. That means that old anonymous reviews are being deleted! Has your business been affected or is being affected? https://moz.com/blog/lost-anonymous-google-reviews

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know how difficult it is to market themselves online. Sherry Bonnneli's podcast is an excellent insight into how difficult it really is. http://mozpod.libsyn.com/seo-for-car-dealerships-with-sherry-bonelli

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Let us help you get on top of your . Call us a today at 631-759-8262 or visit us online and discover what our free ranking report can do for you!

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Is your business ranking on search engines? Visit our website at http://ontopvisibility.com or call us at 631-759-8262

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