Little Starr Farm

Little Starr Farm


I don't know if you remember me, but we met at the Farmington Library, I am the Home School Mom. I would love to connect with you again and I hate to say it, but I can't remember your name. Please forgive me!
Hey! I would love to buy some honey this morning!
Thank you so much for the zucchini!!!!! It is wonderful. Haven't tried the honey yet,but I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any more chicks?
April from Lil Backwoods Farm here!! Great little page you've got!!!
Thank you for visiting Caprine Capers! Coming by to return the "like". :-)
Ever consider hosting a wedding?
My girlies collected eggs while we were there this afternoon :) this might be my favorite egg photo yet. Yes. I have favorite egg photos.
My company while I pick green and wax beans this afternoon.
Do you guys have any tips for composting?
How long until the baby goats come?
Making homemade croutons down on the farm this morning!!! Now only if we had actually made the bread too!!!! Baby steps!!

I'm a backyard farmer trying to scale up into a CSA


Spring has come despite the cold. Momma has hatched 9 little ones. Now for the warm weather to come

Timeline photos 07/09/2017

A beautiful morning to be a bee today.

Timeline photos 06/10/2017

No better day to check on the bees

Timeline photos 06/03/2017

The next generation of layers are out in the tractor. Grow little ones.

Timeline photos 04/09/2017

Sadly we had only one hive over winter this year, but with that one hive we can repopulate, and be stronger than last fall.

Timeline photos 12/29/2016

Mmmmm Christmas trees

Timeline photos 11/24/2016

25 pounds of homegrown turkey. So thankful for my guy. He raised it, processed it, brined it and then even cooked it and our entire Thanksgiving meal. Seriously...

Timeline photos 10/20/2016

Someone new is laying eggs in the chicken coop!


Good morning from Little Starr Farm.


Feeding the Honey Bees

Timeline photos 10/04/2016

We were blessed to find 6 wonderfully fluffy and perfect little chicks this morning under our Momma hen. We moved them to the broody pen with Momma where they will grow and learn to be chickens!


Honey Bees 10/3/2016

Timeline photos 10/03/2016

We are starting to get a little more variety in our egg basket! Our Rhode Island Red and BSL chicks from this past spring have began laying brown eggs!

Timeline photos 08/14/2016

We are restocked and open for business. Today Sunday 8/14 we are doing a sale, buy one squash get one free!

Timeline photos 08/04/2016

Officially open... ♡♡♡

Timeline photos 08/02/2016

This is one more reason why we do what we do. Tonight we started cooking dinner and I could not find any garlic. No problem! Just send the kids to the garden to get some! No last minute trip to the store, no wondering if the food has been treated with a chemical or has a recall. More importantly our kids know what real food is, that it doesn't come in a box, bag or container, and that it definitely is not passed to you through your car window. We are becoming just a bit more self sufficient every day and this moment will be surely one we will remember in our family for a while.

Timeline photos 08/01/2016

I have never, ever, ever, ever, EVER been able to grow peppers before my life! I am thrilled to see so many baby peppers everywhere!!!

Timeline photos 07/27/2016

Here it is, liquid sunshine. Limited quantities, available in half and whole lb quantities.

Timeline photos 07/26/2016

did awesome for his first hike with his new pack on. He really impressed me with how gentle he was with the kids as well. He is such an awesome trail buddy.


Our first real Honey draw. How exciting!!!

Timeline photos 07/24/2016

Itty bitty Farm Stand nearly completed!

Timeline photos 07/23/2016

Any guesses as to what he is building me next???♡♡♡

Timeline photos 07/22/2016

When you husband goes to the feed store alone and knows you a little too well..... !!!!


Good morning Honey Bees. ♡♡♡

Timeline photos 07/18/2016

Mailbox transformation complete . ♡♡♡

Timeline photos 07/18/2016

I should learn not to count my chicks before they hatch.... Literally! I checked in on our broodie hen who's eggs are due to hatch any day now and to my suprise every single egg is gone! I had left her alone for the last 19 days assuming she was keeping them perfectly warm but something must have stolen them or else perhaps they cracked early on and she ate them. Either way there will not be a new set of chicks any day now.... Maybe it's time to break out the incubator!

Timeline photos 07/18/2016

The raspberry patch is overflowing at Little Starr Farm! What is YOUR favorite raspberry treat or recipe? I will be making a sweet raspberry goat cheese soon. So delicious!!

Timeline photos 07/16/2016

So what do you do with your OLD mailbox when you replace it with a stunning new one??? Put it out in the of course!! This great mailbox now holds our garden tools and gloves. Best part is.... I get to see that beautiful faded rooster every day outside my kitchen window. ♡♡♡

Timeline photos 07/16/2016

and his brand new Alluminum saddle pack. Things are starting to get official around here.

Photos from Little Starr Farm's post 07/15/2016

Fresh picked yellow squash and Zucchini!! This is just from the past 2 to 3 days.... Goodness gracious it is a good year for Summer squash!

Timeline photos 07/10/2016

We have another hen gone broodie! We have given her 6 fertilized eggs from our friend and they are due to hatch July 20th! !

Photos from Little Starr Farm's post 07/09/2016
Little Starr Apiary 07/09/2016

Smoke a little smoke....

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