Hartland First Baptist Church

Hartland First Baptist Church


The Hartland Baptist Church is hosting VBS - Vacation Bible School - this summer for those who have completed Kindergarten up through those who have completed 6th grade this school year. It will be held Monday, June 27th, through Friday, July 1, from 6-8pm. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or to get your child registered. We are taking a trip around Australia for the week!
Was last Sun’s message on here can I still find it?
Could you pray for the presidential election in USA 2020?
God Bless You!
Here is our morning worship service for Sunday June 7th: When life doesn't go according to plan
Hey Newport Area!! I need your help. I currently have an exchange student who attends Nokomis HS, he is from Ecuador. He is a great student, and very friendly & Funny. His current host family, can no longer keep him due to personal reasons. I would like to keep him in Nokomis HS. If you are interested of know anyone who maybe able to help please contact me. (207)313-1977
* You must apply, pass a background check, reference check, and a home interview. Here os his letter to his potential host family!

Hello dear host family, allow me to make a brief introduction about my self. I love playing soccer and hanging out with my friends. I also enjoy spending time with my little brother, he is so sweet. While on my program I would like to meet new people and make a lots of friends. I will do my best to improve my English because I think that is important for my future. I would like to learn about cooking because I like to cook in my school and for my family. I would like to get new experiences and good moments. I want to be an engineer like my father, my favorites moments are when I laugh with my friends and just chill with them. I try to be a mindful person and enjoy the present. My favorite hobby is to play soccer. Im an optimistic person. I am looking forward to cooking traditional food from my country Ecuador like ceviche. I want to be a good student and an active friend. Nico
Sunday morning @ 10:30 we finish our series on the life of King Hezekiah. We will start with this question:
Kids Club + Club 58 will start Wed. 25th . Hope to see familiar and new faces. The elementary school and middle school offices have permission slips. To start we will be running a shuttle from the Somerset Elementary School. The middle school students can take a bus to the elementary school and be picked up by our church van.
People there know that life happens and they want to help others go through life with Jesus at the center

Sunday School 9:30
Sunday Worship 10:30
Sunday Night 6:00
Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 6:30 First Baptist Church is the oldest church in Hartland.

The site of the church was purchased from Henry Warren in 1841,
and the present church built in 1842. Prior to that, meetings had been held
in the St. Albans Academy building. The church was initially known as
the St. Albans and Hartland Village Church, but that entity was dissolved in 1847. That same year, under the leadership of Joseph Ireland, Edward Page,
Christopher Webb and several other

Operating as usual


Thank you everyone for the clothes that were brought in for the little girl. We have enough clothes now. I appreciate you all so much and appreciate the love you have shown for her. ♥️


We are looking for used clothing for a little girl in need. The size is 7/8. If you have anything to donate. Please call the office. 207-938-4250. Thank you 😊


Hartland Christian School is accepting applications for the upcoming school year. HCS is a grades 1-12 school located at 10 Elm Street in Hartland. For more information, contact the school at 938-4250, by Messenger at Hartland Christian School-HCS, or at [email protected].


Please keep Sonny and Patsy Curtis in your prayers. Sonny has had a heart attack. He is waiting to get into Bangor to have some stints put in.


Friday, Feb. 11th, @ 6:00 pm. We will have a Game tonight at Hartland Baptist Church. The game will be with Lisbon Falls. Come out for an exciting game. We will have concessions available.


This Sunday, we are honoring our widows and widowers for Valentines Day! If you can, please bring a card to share with them. We will have baskets down front with their names on them. If you need a list of names call the office at 207-4250. Thank you!

Tonight! Thursday, Feb.10th, at 5:00 pm. We have a game here with Turner. It should be a great game with concessions available. Come out and support our young students as we take on this team.
HCS will be hosting Lisbon Falls this Friday, February 11th, at 6:00.


Due to the weather, there will be no Sunday School at Hartland Baptist in the morning--January 30. Church services will be at the usual time of 10:30.


Remember to turn your clocks back this weekend!🙂


Attention! Due to health issues, the date to go to St. Albans and help Ron and Sandy Peterson this Saturday has been cancelled. Thank you for your willing hearts.


This is just a reminder. We will be painting the gym Saturday, July 31, @ 8:00.


Join us this Sunday for Lawn Chair church @ 10:30


Outdoor church for 7/4 has been moved inside for tomorrow. Please plan on joining us as we celebrate America’s birthday. We will try for an outdoor service on 7/11


Psalm 26 David Prays for vindication

Have you ever been blamed for something you have not done? How would God have us respond?


Update on Connie McDougal. She is resting comfortably. She will be transferred to rehab on Monday. We are not sure where yet. We will update you as soon as I hear anything. She sends her love to her church family.


Join us as we celebrate America's birthday with an outdoor service.

Mystery Island at Canaan Calvary Church 06/15/2021

Mystery Island at Canaan Calvary Church

Canaan Calvary Church in Canaan will have VBS July 5th-9th from 6:00-8:00 pm. It is for age 4 through Grade 5.

Mystery Island at Canaan Calvary Church Is there just one God? . . . Who is God? . . . What is God like? . . . Does God love me? . . . Can I know God? Our kids grapple with questions like these every day. At Mystery Island, we’ll uncover the truth about our Creator God! There’s a sea of confusion about who God is and what he’s like,...


Hello friends. I am looking for a car for Dwight Richardson who has to make an emergency visit to Maine. His mom is passing away. He is coming to Bangor Wednesday by 2. Does anyone have a car he can borrow to get north?


I wanted to inform you that an individual associated with Hartland Frist Baptist Church recently tested positive for COVID-19. There is a possibility that others came in contact with this individual and therefore may be exposed to the virus. We are informing you out of an abundance of caution. Please monitor yourself and family members for signs and symptoms. Call a health care provider if symptoms start.


John 8:1-11- Grace demonstrated + boundaries drawn

When showing someone grace, there is the opportunity to abuse the grace. Jesus demonstrated grace but also drew boundaries. What can we learn from His example? John 8:1-11. Please comment or like so we can follow up with you throughout the next few days.

Susan Burr Obituary - Old Town, ME 05/11/2021

Susan Burr Obituary - Old Town, ME

Susan Burr Obituary - Old Town, ME Celebrate the life of Susan Burr, leave a kind word or memory and get funeral service information care of Birmingham Funeral Home.


We are doing a card shower to encourage Polly Patterson. Here is her address:
7204 Windy Way,
Brooksville, FL 34601


2 Timothy 1:3-7- A Mother's Legacy

Moms play such an important role in our development. Today, we will be looking at a mother's legacy in 2 Timothy 1:3-7. Please comment or like so we can encourage you as you worship online.


Please join us for a special time of prayer for our nation on Wednesday night @ 6:30.


Don't be a grace abuser- Romans 6:1-4

As we live grace filled lives- there is a tendency to be an abuser of God's free grace. Romans 6:1-4. Please comment or like so we know you are on our digital campus.


How do I live as a grace-filled person?

How do I live as a grace-filled person in a culture that does not show grace? Galatians 3:1-5. Please comment or like so we can follow up with you.


Romans 12:9-21- The Rules of Engagement for Christians

Good morning church! Thanks for joining us this morning as we look at Romans 12:9-21- Rules for Engagement. Our special speaker is Mark Brooks. Please like or comment so we can know you are with us.


What made the difference? -Ephesians 2:1-10-

People have made huge changes in their lives. The question we ask them is "What made the difference?" Week 1 of being grace-filled people- we will study what should make the difference in our lives.


An unforgettable victory- John 20:11-18

When have you seen an unexpected and unforgettable victory? This morning we gather to celebrate the greatest victory ever! The Tomb is Empty! John 20:11-18. Please let us know you are on our digital campus so we can celebrate with you!


Join us in the next few days as we gather to remember and celebrate Good Friday and Easter.


Good morning church. Here is a message from our missionaries Tom and Debbie Gibbons. They serve with Global Mission South America. Please continue to pray for them and their ministry.


John 18:28-40- Who is Pilate?

Have you ever had to ask for help from someone who annoys you? Today the Jews are looking for help from Pilate- who annoys them! -John 18:28-40- Please comment or like so we can follow up with you. Thanks for worshipping with us on our digital campus.


Hello church! A reminder we are back to one service this week for good! Sunday School @ 9:30 Morning Service @ 10:30 Evening Service @ 6when Hartland Christian School will be performing their Easter Program.


Matthew 26:1-5 - 2 groups of people

Have you ever wondered how 2 people can look at the same object or situation but have 2 different perspectives? -Matt. 26:1-5- Please like or comment so we can follow up with you throughout the week.


Daniel 6:18-28- Handling a stressful situation

How do you handle a stressful situation? Today King Darius will discover if Daniel survived the lions den. A place he had to put Daniel because of bad advice. -Daniel 6:18-28- Please comment so we can welcome you to our digital campus.

Daniel 6:1-17- guilty as charged by Hartland Baptist Church • A podcast on Anchor 03/08/2021

Daniel 6:1-17- guilty as charged by Hartland Baptist Church • A podcast on Anchor

Good morning church family. Here is the MP3 of yesterday's message- Guilty as charge from Daniel 6:1-17. Click on the link below. I am working on the microphone issues from yesterday. Have a great week! https://anchor.fm/hartlandbaptist/episodes/Daniel-61-17--guilty-as-charged-ervs5u

Daniel 6:1-17- guilty as charged by Hartland Baptist Church • A podcast on Anchor Today Daniel has been promoted under a new king- Darius. Daniel has been charged and found guilty... guilty of following and worshipping God and God alone!

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Psalm 26 David Prays for vindication
John 8:1-11- Grace demonstrated + boundaries drawn
2 Timothy 1:3-7- A Mother's Legacy
Don't be a grace abuser- Romans 6:1-4
How do I live as a grace-filled person?
Romans 12:9-21- The Rules of Engagement for Christians
What made the difference?  -Ephesians 2:1-10-
An unforgettable victory- John 20:11-18
John 18:28-40- Who is Pilate?
Matthew 26:1-5 - 2 groups of people
Daniel 6:18-28- Handling a stressful situation



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