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Operating as usual

Photos from Complete Floor Care's post 06/11/2021

Such a difference. Heavy traffic lane from the garage to the kitchen and cleaned up gorgeous.


Looking to get your house or business Power Washed? I would highly recommend Brian. He did a fantastic job on our house, deck and walks. Thanks

Photos from Complete Floor Care's post 02/23/2021

Old Iron Estates today, what a difference.
717-443-6639 Call for a quote.


Was notified I won the Super Service Award. For two months there was no work coming through but they kept charging their premium fee. To add they raised the monthly fee $30. Told them to cancel my advertising for now. Should be a better way to spend advertising budget.

Photos from Complete Floor Care's post 01/14/2021

Glad to say I got my truck back and ready to schedule. Before and after on a tile and grout cleaning job.


Complete Floor Care is sad to say we are temporarily without a truck do to a small accident. Hopefully mid January we'll be up and running. Everyone willing to hold off scheduling till completed would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Kevin


Made time today to show supoort for our men and women in blue and their families. Proud to support our Police.




Local 21 CBS News, WHP Harrisburg

Thank you

Air Force bugler honors fallen with "Taps" performance.



Complete Floor Care would like everyone to know during these trying times we are here waiting for you. When you feel comfortable for us to be in your house we will be ready.


Hi everyone. These past weeks have been rough for everyone and hope everyone is doing well all cooped up. I finally got clarification on the waiver I applied for to continue working. I'm sure nobody wants any contractors in their homes with the kids home but once this is over I'll be waiting.
Thank you


They'll be happy when they get home


YELP - thieves. As I was finishing a job standing with a customer he said he posted a review on Yelp. All I could do is laugh and told him they will remove it. First picture shows I currently have no reviews and the other is his review on the non recommended page with 11 more reviews that most customers cant find.


Complete Floor Care will do its best to clean your carpets. Call or text us 717-443-6639


Landlord had no idea what his tenant did. At least it cleaned up.


Another nice clean up today in Autumn Ridge Lower Paxton. Your kitchen can be next. Call or text 717-443-6639


Customer tried cleaning a section of carpet not realizing her home machine was not extracting any water out of the carpet. I treated the rust stain followed with a good extraction. Looking good.


Just another day


Complete Floor Care was in Mechanicsburg improving the appearance of a kitchen floor and bathrooms on the second floor. New customer found me online and liked my reviews.


Another good day of saving a bedroom carpet. Dog did not make it outside in time and you can guess what happened.


Another day of cleaning Tile & Grout off Linglestown rd.


In this picture you can faintly see a squiggly line that is called pile reversal. Its basically a dividing line of opposite directional fiber. You've probably never noticed or maybe wondered why your carpet looks the way it does. When I see this in a new customers house I try to explain what I'm looking at and show them where its happened in their carpet. This is a good read from online.

Pile Reversal - Watermarking - Shading
All pile yarn carpet is subject to pile reversal; however, it is most likely to be observed in smooth surfaced, densely constructed, plush type qualities. This phenomenon is difficult, if not impossible, to predict or prevent. Pile reversal creates a permanent change in the carpet’s appearance caused by the difference in the way light reflects off the sides and tips of a yarn as the pile lays in different directions. Shaded areas appear light from one direction and dark from another direction. After a period of use, carpet may look as though water has spilled on sections of the carpet, hence, the term “water marking.” Other terms also commonly used to describe pile reversal are “pooling”, “shading”, and “highlighting”.
Why the carpet pile, which lays uniformly in one direction when installed, changes direction permanently, is often a mystery. In many installations, the pile reversal direction is predictable from the pattern of foot traffic. Carpet pile is pushed away from turning traffic and toward the sides of a corridor. Shading lines can cross carpet seams even when the manufactured direction of the joined pieces of carpet differ. In other situations, location factors, such as an uneven subfloor, are thought to be possible causes for this phenomenon.
Pile reversal is not a manufacturing defect and does not affect the durability of the carpet. Pile reversal is not due to the materials used to produce the carpet, the manufacturing process, or any combination of these factors. Watermarking or shading may develop on a carpet made with any fiber(s) or manufacturing process. Once the condition has developed, it cannot be permanently removed.
When pile reversal takes place, there is little which can be done to return the carpet to its original appearance. Brushing or vacuuming may create some degree of temporary appearance change; however, this change is only at the top portion of the tuft. The pile will return to the reversed position after it is again subjected to foot traffic.
The visual impact of pile reversal depends on the nature of the carpet. Loop pile carpets or cut pile carpets with matte yarns have a low light reflecting quality. Boldly patterned carpets tend to help hide patterns of reflected light caused by pile reversal. If the pile collapse is moderate, shading may not be visible even though pile reversal has occurred. It is not possible to assure that pile reversal will not develop in any carpet.


Carpet cleaners best customers, pets. This was in a closet. Before and after shots.


Anyone use Yelp. The public has No idea what it's like to deal with these people as a business and the s**t they pull. I'm So pi**ed right now, they removed all ten of my reviews from customers and maked them as "non recommended reviews". You probably have no idea what a non recommended review is but it's decided by their computer system. If you go to the bottom of my Yelp page you'll find it in very fine light print and that's where they're hiding my reviews. Gee, is it because I stopped advertising with them? They've been known to hold your company for ransom.


I'd say it was a little dirty but cleaned very nice


Yes, over due. World of difference.


Wow, what a difference. You can really see the difference on the right side how it cleaned up. Cleaning Tile & Grout today in Forest Hills.


In a commercial building its always good to have entrance walk off mats. You can see how bad this was walking in directly onto the carpet.


Always nice to find that little note enclosed with the check


The path led to the favorite chair. Not bad.


I can't say it enough. When using Complete Floor Care we suspend our solution line to prevent the Hot solution line from touching your grass and leaving a burn mark.


It's always nice to receive payment by mail along with a nice letter.


Yes, this is actually a carpet I cleaned again. Last time I did video. Guess you could say its a conversation design.


Is your Grout Dirty? You can see the difference and I could do this with your grout.

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They'll be happy when they get home
Another nice clean up today in Autumn Ridge Lower Paxton. Your kitchen can be next. Call or text 717-443-6639
Another day of cleaning Tile & Grout off Linglestown rd.
Yes, over due. World of difference.
Wow, What a difference. Let's see if I can make a difference in your house. Call me @ 7176576200
Yes, this is actually a commercial carpet I just cleaned. Never saw this pattern before.



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