Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency

Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency


Just started the under painting of a timber wolf from the Negaunee Mi
I'm so happy to announce that this piece was selected by a juried committee at the Bromfield Gallery, located in Boston. It is entitled "Sharp As Tines".
Rachel Brask Studio LLC has been a member of EPAC since 2016. 😀 Rachel creates oil paintings that "celebrate the bright colors, contemplation, and spirit of renewal that comes with rainy days." ☔️ 💦

Rachel has a BA in Art from Houghton College and has been accepted into art residencies at the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill and the Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency in Maine.

Laurén Brady is a visual artist, writer, and educator. She received an MFA in Studio Art from Michigan State University in May 2019. Her work has been included in several solo, small group, and national juried exhibitions and was featured in Studio Visit Magazine Volume 44 and the international art blog, For Example: Art. She was awarded artist residencies at La Macina di San Cresci in Greve in the Chianti, Italy, and with The Sable Project in Vermont. Along with her painting practice, Laurén currently is working as Development Manager at a nonprofit art center and is an Adjunct Professor of Art at mid-Michigan colleges. Brady will also be attending Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency this fall! This piece is included in "Feelin' Loopy," currently on view on Fizz Digital.
Here’s what I finished today—APRIL BLOOM—(14x18)—-I usually change my color palette with each painting depending what I’m looking to achieve on my next work.
Being a daily painter, I clean up the palette regularly—- I haven’t been able to be that kind of artist who can work on a large pile of paint over and over again—
I have a large Taboret for my palette with a gray board underneath the glass and I like to have clean areas for mixing on this neutral surface and checking color values soooo, no load up of paint for me!
I must say that I leave my brushes in the no odor medium —- I work right up to the end of my day and walk out of the studio leaving the brushes soak.
I have a large group of new Brushes to use if mine start losing their shape.
I do plenty of scumbling so I don’t mind using these shapeless brushes
finished--LOOKING EAST--36x48--I’m always drawn to these long road views. This happens to be from a rural road in Freeland
Wednesday printmaking
The first of many plates to come using etching/aquatint for "Intimate View, Come with me" bound in a book and images flat file style in a clamshell box. I am so excited to start the next plate today. The prints are inspired by travels near and far that have an emotional connection.
"Cracked Eggs" 8 x 10, Oil on Panel. I used a reference photo from a good friend, who is an excellent baker. I thought the bright yellow of the egg yokes provided an interesting composition.
Bookboard, leather and copper are my supplies for bookbinding my original etchings into an intimate view. I think I will title my series”Intimate View”. Now to decide size of copper and book. There may be a clamshell box involved.
Book board, leather and copper are my supplies for bookbinding my original etchings into an intimate view. I think I will title my series”Intimate View”. Now to decide size of copper and book. There may be a clamshell box involved.

"To provide dedicated time and space in which artists and writers may pursue their work within a uni


Goodnight Maine! Goodnight Golden Apple Art Residency! Goodnight, dear artists and writers everywhere. Sleep well and dream big. Awake refreshed and take another step toward the life you imagine


Golden Apple Art-in-Residence Armin Mersmann


Golden Apple Art-in-Residence Armin Mersmann

Photos from Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency's post 08/31/2022

Golden Apple Art Residency is a place of beauty and creativity. As our artists seek balance between finding creative inspiration and following through with diligence in their studios, they add layer after layer of personal talent and expressive beauty, thus enriching the history of Golden Apple. Scroll through some of the beauty created by our talented Session Three artists-in-residence: Painter Barb Hranilovich, Painter and Printmaker Valerie Allen, Photographer James Steigenga and Mixed Media Artist Sal Strom. Artist-in-residence and Master Drawer Armin Mersmann will be featured in a subsequent video post. Stay tuned...

Photos from Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency's post 08/12/2022

Session Two artists-in-residence at Golden Apple Art Residency included Nancy Cassidy, Rachel Brask, Bella Kubo, LeeAnn Frame and Matt Lewis. This dynamite group of hard-working artists exhibited talent and dedication throughout their two-week residency. Click through the photos to view the artists in their studios.


Printmaker and Golden Apple Artist-in-Residence LeeAnn Frame demonstrates the final stages of printing from drypoint on copperplate. Using special tools, she draws from her location directly onto copperplate, then returns to the Golden Apple printmaking studio to pull the first print from the etching press.

Photos from Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency's post 07/22/2022

The studios at Golden Apple Art Residency have been well-used by Session One artists-in-residence Cassandra Lockwood, Jan Dale, Carolyn Hagy Kent and Felicity Frobom


Sometimes There Are Flowers, 22x28”, o/c Shelley N Stevens, available at Littlefield Gallery of Winter Harbor, ME


Author, Playwright and Theater Director John Rowell reads from his work-in-progress and new novel at Golden Apple Art Residency in DownEast Maine. What a treat!


Golden Apple Art Residency in DownEast Maine is the quintessential summer idyl for artists and writers. See what we're all about and how you can be a part of things at (click Art Residency). Plan your residency by contacting Director Shelley Stevens at [email protected]
Original piano music composed and performed by Jack Barter, Maine.


Painting #6 (untitled) 36” x 36” o/c
Sometimes There Are Flowers Shelley N. Stevens


Untitled Painting #5
30" x 24" o/c
Shelley N. Stevens

I've never been a painter of flowers (to my mother's dismay), but when you've begun a series titled Sometimes There Are Flowers... well, sometime there will need to be flowers! This series celebrates friendship among women, whom I'm likening to the flowers in my life. So to all the Hydrangeas out there, I celebrate YOU!


“It’s The Little Things” (30”x40” o/c) Shelley N Stevens
Fourth in the series titled Sometimes There Are Flowers (celebrating friendship among women)


“The Little Lights That Guide Us Home” 30 x 30, o/c From the series All The Stories Never Told, Shelley N. Stevens

Photos from Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency's post 04/21/2022

The Gift of Grace 40”x30” o/c Shelley N. Stevens


TAKE A LISTEN! Of the 20 episodes thus far, this may be my favorite (including my own interview back in September!)

In Episode 20, Valerie Allen interviews fellow artist and partner-in-life, Armin Mersmann. What follows is an honest conversation about life, art and how we navigate life through art. This is a particularly enjoyable dialogue between Valerie and Armin, full of truth, wisdom and Armin's wit. Click and enjoy!


The Night The Stars Fell From The Sky (2022), o/c 24" x 18" (available) Shelley N. Stevens

Art Ladders: The Creative Climb • A podcast on Anchor 02/15/2022

Art Ladders: The Creative Climb • A podcast on Anchor

Artist? Writer? Creatively-minded? You MUST listen to Episode 16 (Seize The Day) of Art Ladders: The Creative Climb with Valerie Allen and Armin Mersmann. Yes, you MUST! Successful as they are, they GET IT! They understand the many hats we wear, jobs outside of the studio, as well as other obligations that get in the way (including the GOOD stuff), the distractions that steal our time, the occasional fatigue and lack of inspiration. They deal with it themselves! Listening to them discuss these topics in such a real and vulnerable way is reassuring to your creative soul. Val and Armin offer their perspectives as two successful, but very different professional artists. They discuss how they themselves deal with all the reasons our art does not get made, and offer some ways that they use to keep them going creatively when the going gets tough. Go ahead...listen for yourself! You're welcome!

Art Ladders: The Creative Climb • A podcast on Anchor Artists Valerie Allen and Armin Mersmann invite you to join them in their studio discussions about art and the creative process. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the podcast. Valerie, an abstract painter and Armin, a draughtsman working in realism compare and contrast topics on art that wi...

Photos from Art Ladders: The Creative Climb with Valerie Allen and Armin Mersmann's post 02/13/2022

It just gets better and better!


If you're an artist or someone who thinks like an artist, someone who enjoys learning about the art world, or someone seeking inspiration, do yourself a huge favor and tune in to Art Ladders: The Creative Climb with Valerie Allen and Armin Mersmann. This podcast series features interviews with artists around the country and discussions on topics that truly matter to studio artists. The conversation is real, relevant, inspiring and informative. Oh, and be sure to check out Episode 6 during which Val, Armin and I talk about Golden Apple Art Residency and the value of time and space as it pertains to the creative process. Both Val and Armin, talented and successful artists themselves, have a combined lifetime of living the creative life, which comes with its own struggles, as we all know. Tune in and subscribe. Your creative self will thank you.

In Episode 16, now available, Val and Armin discuss how artists can seize the day even when inevitable obligations come onto the radar. Staying focused is possible.

The Complicated Calculus (and Cows) of Carl Paulsen 01/29/2022

The Complicated Calculus (and Cows) of Carl Paulsen

Golden Apple Writer-in-Residence Gary Peter has done it again! Here is the latest brilliantly written young adult novel from award-winning author Gary Eldon Peter. Do check it out!

The Complicated Calculus (and Cows) of Carl Paulsen by Gary Eldon Peter release date: July 5, 2022 PREORDER for shipment upon release


Are you wanting to see some exceptional art? Make plans to attend the closing reception for RESILIENCE! this Friday, January 28 from 5-8 pm at the Padzieski Gallery in the Ford Community and Fine Arts Center in Dearborn, MI. You won't be disappointed!

Experimental Photography | Aeonian Magazine 01/12/2022

Experimental Photography | Aeonian Magazine

Cara Lee Wade was a Golden Apple Artist-in-Residence last summer. She is a dynamo photographer and professor. Check out her work in the Aeonian Magazine which is dedicated to alternative processes and experimental photography. Cara's work is featured on the Cover and also inside with selected works. Golden Apple is very proud of Cara's work, her achievements and successes!

Experimental Photography | Aeonian Magazine Aeonian Magazine is a magazine dedicated to publishing experimental photography from artists all around the world.


INSPIRATION! We all need it. Artists and writers rely on it. Some people may think that artists and writers have a magical well of inspiration from which they drink, but the fact is that most of us find inspiration in the conversations we have with others, the work being made in others' studios, and by viewing the art of our contemporaries. I know that's the case for me. I experienced it recently when I delivered two paintings for the Art In The Time of Corona V (ATC-V) Juried Group Exhibition in the Padzieski Gallery at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, MI. While there I was re-introduced to the work of artist and painter Kyle Sharkey who also has work in this show. I had a conversation with Kyle about painting (specifically figure painting) and it was the inspiration I've been looking for. To be honest, his work blows me away on every level. It's beautifully and masterfully painted, a pleasure just to look at. But even more than that, it has a philosophical depth in that it poses questions which may or may not have answers. It's work that makes one think and for me it becomes art that matters. I'm a large-scale, figurative painter myself, but lately I've been led (by my own lack of self-confidence?) to not only downsize my work, but also to all but eliminate the figure. The absence of the figure has been my goal of late. I suppose I hoped that in doing so, my work might be embraced by more of the general public. But seeing Kyle's work reminded me of what I truly seek in my own work. We all need to appreciate the work of our fellow artists, even if it's very different from our own. But we also need to make and follow our own path, hard as it may be, because to do otherwise would be to disrespect our own uniqueness. A goal for all of us in the coming year might be to create the art that only we as individuals can create, and in so doing perhaps provide just the inspiration that another artist is craving.


ARTISTS AND WRITERS, have you ever dreamed of a place where for two glorious weeks you would be provided your own studio along the rugged Atlantic coast, allowing you to dedicate 100% of your time and energy to your creative pursuits? A place where delicious meals would be provided, a place where you could find both the solitude you crave, but as much social interaction as you desire? Does your dream also include these private little seaside cottages for your rest and relaxation? All of this and much more can be found at GOLDEN APPLE ART RESIDENCY, located in DownEast Maine. Every artist and writer deserves an opportunity to find new inspiration, to discover new ways of working, the time and space to think about what's next and the fuel to get started. Please visit (click Art Residency) or contact Director Shelley Stevens at [email protected]. We are accepting applications for two remaining vacancies in 2022 and we are also scheduling for Summer 2023. Partial scholarships are still available. It's not a dream...Golden Apple is waiting for you.

Photos from Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency's post 12/08/2021

We all begin at the beginning. We may be born with abundant creativity, but we are not born with the knowledge and skills required to become an artist. Training, practice, determination and experience are all required to slowly, but surely develop into the artists we want to become. The magic potion consists of dedication and hard work with a healthy dose of inspiration and appreciation for the talent of other artists. The first photo is a drawing (a self-portrait) I made as a three-year-old child. My mother kept it all these years and in looking at it, I feel like I'm meeting my three-year-old self (who apparently was fascinated with all her new teeth!) The second photo is a life-sized painting titled Waiting To Begin, which I painted many decades later. Beginning is the first and most important step in achieving your goal. It is never too late to begin. For all of us, it starts in the same place, a humble beginning. Please take a moment to share your 'beginning stories' in the comments below.


At Golden Apple Art Residency, creativity is supported by both nature and nurture. As an artist/writer-in-residence, your creativity will thrive in the unique setting of the secluded spruce forest and granite coastline of Downeast Maine. As an artist/writer, you are honored, respected, and cared for. You are encouraged to find your voice in art, to push your ideas forward, and to make the art that only you can make. Time, space, personal attention, and utmost comfort are provided so that you can concentrate solely on taking the next step of your artistic journey, whether you are just beginning that journey or well on your way. Surrounded by nature and nurture, Golden Apple inspires and fuels its artists/writers for years to come.
Golden Apple Art Residency is now accepting applications for two-week residency sessions for Summer 2022 (a few openings available) and Summer 2023. Please visit (click Art Residency) for additional information or contact Director Shelley Stevens at [email protected]. Partial scholarships provided by Golden Apple are available, with all applications automatically considered. A Golden Apple residency is a unique and special opportunity. Sessions fill quickly, so please apply soon.


Public Reception is November 6, 12:30 - 2:30 PM! Come see this incredible exhibit by Shelley N Stevens of the Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency. If you'd like to view the gallery at a different time, please reach out to us to set up an appointment. Thanks!


Art brings people together. Call your friends and let's get together. There's a lot to talk about!

Timeline photos 10/24/2021

Deborah is a former Golden Apple writer-in-residence and we are very proud of her accomplishments. Do take some time to check out her work!

The Road's End series is being re-released! The first two books, MISSTEP and MISTRUST, are available now on Amazon!
Look for books #3, #4, and #5 coming soon.


There is a Red Door on a hill in the forest at Golden Apple Art Residency through which you can walk and find yourself on the other side. Crossing a threshold can mean entering or leaving, stepping into a new space or stepping out of a space you no longer wish to be. These decisions are a part of our journey, and psychological location is all about our intention as well as our state of mind. As an artist, writer or composer, if it is your wish or intention to seek a residency opportunity in which you are able to focus solely on your work within a beautiful and inspiring environment, please consider Golden Apple Art Residency along the coast of Downeast Maine. Step across the threshold and temporarily leave the noise of the world behind. Enter the beauty and inspiration that is Golden Apple. For more information, contact Shelley Stevens at [email protected] or view the website (click Art Residency)


Golden Apple Art Residency received a very special delivery this afternoon. Artist Day Moore, a talented painter and environmental art activist residing in Connecticut sent this stunning diptych to us here in Maine, as a complete surprise to both Greg and myself. This work is from Day's 2021 Surfacing Series and is titled Jungle Surf l and ll (each piece approximately 8" x 32") and is in response to the imagery she experienced underwater at Playa Buena Vista, Guancaste, Samara, Costa Rica. In the accompanying card, Day wrote: "What an incredible gift was shared at Golden Apple. I cannot yet know the full impact of my Golden Apple residency in Maine, but for sure it was one of the most productive and creative periods of my life. Somewhere inside me the feeling/spirit of being there with you two and all the other artists lives on, pressing me forward..."
Day, we want you to know that your presence was a gift to US and to those who were fortunate to share this time with you. We will hang your work with great pride here at Golden Apple and it will be inspiration for all those who follow in your footsteps. Thank you so very, very much. We are extremely grateful and humbled by your generosity. To view more of Day's work and read about her passions and projects, please go to

Photos from Art Ladders: The Creative Climb with Valerie Allen and Armin Mersmann's post 09/14/2021

Art Ladders: The Creative Climb Podcast interviews Artist and Director of Golden Apple Art Residency Shelley Stevens.
Listen by clicking link below!

Photos from Golden Apple Studio and Art Residency's post 08/30/2021

The studios at Golden Apple Art Residency have been abuzz with creativity and art-making these past two weeks. Our Session Three artists-in-residence Sally Rose, Rachael VanDyke, Jodi Ferrier, Tom Tomasek and Cara Lee Wade are as inspiring as they are inspired! Take a look through a sampling of their work-in-progress and finished pieces. What would YOU accomplish in two weeks at Golden Apple with no stress or distractions of daily life, a studio of your own, a lovely cottage to sleep in and wonderful meals served to you and the ocean just outside your door? Interested? Contact Director Shelley Stevens at [email protected] or go to (click Art Residency). Golden Apple is waiting for YOU!


Golden Apple Art Residency of Downeast Maine is eagerly awaiting the arrival of its Session Three artists: graphic artist and painter Jodi Ferrier of Washington D.C., fiber artist Sally Rose of Michigan, pastel artist Tom Tomasek of Michigan, painter Rachael VanDyke of Michigan, and photographer Cara Lee Wade of Indiana. These five artists were selected for a two-week residency at Golden Apple during which they will explore new processes, continue work-in-progress and yield to inspiration in whatever manner it manifests itself. We are happy to be a part of their creative journey! (photo taken from residents' cottages at Golden Apple last evening)

Your Golden Apple Experience

Golden Apple Art Residency is located approximately an hour north of Acadia National Park along the rocky coastal region of Downeast Maine. Situated at the end of a long and winding road that follows the shoreline and leads to the very tip of Ripley’s Neck, the secluded residence grounds are set within a quiet spruce forest. The main house and dining room, the studios and the residency cottages are all less than two hundred feet from the rocky shore. It is in this remote, naturally rugged and picturesque environment that our artists and writers find the support and inspiration to create. The experience of being an artist/writer-in-residence at Golden Apple is one that will never be forgotten. It is an opportunity to begin a new process or project, to complete studio work previously started, to push your work to the next level, or to simply get back in the studio. It will provide you not only the time and space to fully dedicate yourself to your work, but it will inevitably fuel your creative passion in unexpected ways by allowing you to immerse yourself within a small group of similarly-minded artists. The conversations and interactions between fellow residents, the shared ideas, the friendships made, the unique location and the atmosphere are all very inspiring, and the accommodations serve to enhance that experience. Golden Apple Art Residency is not only an energizing and rejuvenating experience, but it’s also a place to contemplate who you are as an artist/writer and what you want to ultimately do with that ability and talent. It’s an opportunity that provides you with the energy and mindset to take you to another level artistically. As you know, art isn’t made without the “head stuff”, the thought and contemplation and the clarity, because only then do new ideas present themselves. Golden Apple provides an opportunity for the entire process…the contemplation, the clarity, the inspiration for new ideas, the time to sort and work through the ideas, the studio space to experiment, the time to create new work, finish work-in-progress or otherwise fulfill your creative goals. All of this adds up to your Golden Apple experience.

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Golden Apple Art-in-Residence Armin Mersmann
Printmaker and Golden Apple Artist-in-Residence LeeAnn Frame demonstrates the final stages of printing from drypoint on ...
Golden Apple Art Residency in DownEast Maine is the quintessential summer idyl for artists and writers. See what we're a...
Looking out to the sea from Golden Apple




543 Ripley Road
Harrington, ME

Other Artists in Harrington (show all)
Tidal Creek Pottery Tidal Creek Pottery
26 Grace Lane
Harrington, 04643

A new little studio in DownEast Maine with everything ya need to make magic out of clay~~!