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Operating as usual


Working on crocheting a blanket while getting a pedicure keeps my lap warm! Multi-tasking at it’s finest.


Getting ready for vacation means getting my vacation yarn ready to go! Currently rolling this yarn I bought on Mother’s Day from Knit 1 Chicago, it’s called Show Stopper in color way “Smell My Feet” (I think the name sealed the deal for me 🤣) by Leading Men Fiber Arts. It’s a gorgeous hand dyed fingering weight merino/nylon blend. This is often referred to as “sock yarn” because it’s a favorite for knitters who make socks, but guess what… I’m a crocheter, and I hate making socks, but love using a yarn like this as it adds so much drape to my pieces. Yet the nylon makes it super strong. It makes lovely shawls and wraps. This is not normally a colorway I would gravitate toward, but it’s neutral yet gorgeous (the picture doesn’t do it justice) with streaks of pink and even a little purple amongst greens, browns, and blacks. I can’t wait to see how it works up.


I was looking for some cute patriotic decor for the upcoming summer holidays, and just wasn’t really finding anything I loved, so so made my own! All materials from @dollartree.


Made something my tween actually likes! It’s a 🐸 bucket hat!


People often ask me how I have time to craft with my insane life (full time nurse, solo mom, girlfriend, etc). Honestly, I don’t have nearly as much time as I’d like, but THIS is my “free time…” sitting in the car waiting for my kids in karate, and crocheting. You do what you got to do.


Nothing like a little Sunday morning me time spent with some yarn, coffee, and a binge watching my favorite shows. I love how my @furlscrochet hook matches this yarn which is . Awesome mug found at @theyarnpatch.

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Who said gnomes are just for Christmas? Any gnome lover will tell you they are not! I have two sets of Valentine’s Day gnome towels ready to go! Message me if you are looking for a unique gift for the gnome lover in your life. Each set comes with one towel topper (gnome hat) and two interchangeable towels (white and printed).


I’ve had some people ask me if I’m still making the mask holders. I haven’t made any since the start of the pandemic, but now two years in, we still need masks, and it seems people need more… so If you want some, let me know, as I’m gonna start cranking them out soon. I only am charging $2 each for materials. $1 extra if you need them shipped. I can take PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo.

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I had @sandilytge ask me for a Christmas Tree hat, so I found this amazing pattern from and went to town. I’m thrilled with how it turned out. I’m hoping to sell at some holiday vendor fairs next year, and I actually can’t wait to make more of these, it was a LOT of fun!

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Where are my fellow gnome lovers? I’m pretty proud of these gnome towel holders. Amazing pattern by @nanascraftyhome. Are you looking for a gift for a teacher, friend, yourself, or any gnome or Christmas decor lover? Each set includes one gnome hat towel topper with ring, and 2 towels (white, and printed). Available now. These two sets are ready to go, but will make more if there is interest. Can be used in the bathroom or kitchen. $20 for a set. Message me to purchase.


This hat was seen at my local @target yesterday. Now, I love me some Target, but as a crafter and crochet artist, things like this get my goat. Yes, this certainly was hand crocheted (NOT knit) because crochet can’t be done on a machine, nor can it be replicated. Think about where this came from. If they are selling this for $12, my bet is the wonderful person (most likely woman) who made this maybe got $1 (if she’s lucky). Of course I’m thrilled that crochet is becoming “trendy” again, but know who and what you are supporting. Buy fair trade. Buy from your local crafter. Don’t buy this. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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When my niece is still rocking the crocheted items I made for her as a baby! 😍🤩 I think she gets her diva-ness from me. 😂


Omg! I got sucked into an ad again, and ordered this necklace, as well as a Christmas one. They came today… so friggin adorable!! Here is the link if anyone is interested: Order now for Christmas! I will be wearing this til the end of the month! 🥰😍

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Before we know it, it’s going to be cold! Starting on my winter sets early this year. This one is up for grabs! My lovely daughter was kind enough to model it for you all! Contact me to purchase, or place your order. One of a kind items made from my own design.


Day off work. Kids at school. I have a bunch of errands to run, but starting off with a little me time.


I love helping people’s vision come to fruition. This is a rainbow wreath with a black background, and the center is a chalkboard where you can write any sentiment or holiday you please. It really is genius, and I can’t take credit for the idea, but I’m so glad I got to make it! Can leave this wreath up all year round!!

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The witch wreaths are quite popular! This is the third one I have made, but the thing about it, is each one is still very different. That’s one of the awesome things about buying handmade, is having a one-of-a-kind piece.


Since wreath making is my new thing… 😂🤣😂🤣.

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I’m trying to work on my photography to capture these wreaths better… I don’t know why it’s so hard to show how amazing they look in person! I would love any tips and tricks. That being said, this turned out AMAZING! Every new wreath is my new favorite! It’s so sparkly in person! I wish you all could see it.


Another wreath finished!


It’s yet to be determined which type of day it actually is yet… but TGIF! Love this mug I got from @theyarnpatch while on vacation in TN this past Spring.


Here’s another wreath I finished last night. I’m not sure about the “Welcome,” it’s just resting in there, I think it needs to be a different color, or have wood behind it or something… what do you think? But what says fall better than pumpkins and sunflowers?


Almost finished this Halloween inspired wreath yesterday. I still have to add some orange LED lights to it, but isn’t it fun?

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I just finished this Halloween wreath, I love it! The LED lights add a little something extra and make it… bewitching!!! (See comments)

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I have to confess, I have been struggling. I absolutely know I am not alone. This has been a really hard last year and a half, with really no end in sight. There are many things I am so grateful and thankful for in my life, but equally as many things that I am struggling with right now. My anxiety has been terrible. So bad, in fact, that I haven’t been able to do things that I truly enjoy. I used to LOVE to read, but have barely been able to get through a book in probably close to 12 years, due to my anxiety. I threw myself into crocheting because being creative is truly a great outlet for me, but I have been unable to even do much of that over the last 18 months. The irony is that what I am unable to do is what I need to do to control the anxiousness.

Fall has always been my favorite season, but it also contributes to my anxiety because of having a child born in October, a significant other born in November, Christmas, then another child born in January. It becomes a very stressful time for me financially, especially being a solo parent. The other day I was looking at these gorgeous fall wreaths, and I wanted one so bad, but even at a “discount store” they were close to $50! It made me sad, and anxious and everything all at once, then it HIT me. I can make that… hell, I can make better than that! So, today, I was off work, and this is what I did. I am SO proud and amazed at how it turned out (it looks 100x more amazing than these pictures). And, the act of doing it was so incredibly therapeutic, and now I want to keep doing it, but of course I don’t need 100 wreaths. Also, although they cost me less to make than buying one for $50 from the store, the materials are still not free.

So, friends and family, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in purchasing a wreath? This is my first finished one, and I have a Halloween witch one almost finished as well, and I have about 10000 ideas running through my brain for more.


Happy 4th!


I was able to hit up two amazing yarn stores on our 1200+ mile (round trip) road trip. Found this gorgeous yarn made in Italy by @berrocoyarn at an adorable little shop in Tennessee called @theyarnpatch. I dove into a project with it right away, and I am absolutely thrilled with how it’s working up. Can’t wait to share it with you all. Also, loving how my @furlscrochet hook is coordinating with the yarn. 😍 Wonder how much I can get done in the next 4.5 hours, before we get home...?


My niece is a gorgeous model for one of my hats! 😍 🤩


One of the great things about crochet, is that many stitch patterns offer a nice amount of stretch without losing shape, and because of the way it’s constructed, it really holds up (it’s also one of the ONLY fiber fabrics that can not be recreated by a machine)! I made this hat about 2.5 years ago for my niece... and her mom posted this picture today, and here she is still wearing it! It makes my heart happy!

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Out and about today wearing one of my creations. Nice and warm for a cold winter day!


I’m not a huge fan of making blankets... they just take SO long, I often have to break up the process so the monotony doesn’t kill me. Started this last year... now back working on it. It IS turning out so pretty though. I love how the yarn coordinates with my Furls hook. 😍

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Just finished this custom order for a mobius shawl/scarf/cowl... it’s such a versatile piece, it can really be whatever you want! This is made with @lionbrandyarn Ferris Wheel in Cotton Candy, and it’s super soft. This is my own design. So many ways you can wear this.

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Me and my helper having a fun Saturday night at our house!




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