Bluemel House of Flowers

Bluemel House of Flowers

Bluemel House of Flowers showcases the personal garden of Glenn and Jeannie Bluemel. Our favorite specialties are succulents, flowers and extracting seeds.

Bluemel House of Flowers showcases the personal garden of Glenn and Jeannie Bluemel on Isle of Palms, SC. We love flowers and succulents, learning about the native flora of our region, harvesting seeds and starting specimens to share with friends.


Wow. Never saw his before

Cereus forbesii cv. Spiralis is a shrubby or treelike species dubiously thought of as a mutant Cereus forbesii. It is a (usually) trunkless cactus that forms numerous tall, ascending, columnar stems which branch at the base in a candelabra-like arrangement. Stems have a waxy bloom on the surface and reach a height of 2-4 metres (but can grow up to 5 m high or more), and are 10 to 12 cm in diameter.

Plant profile:-


5T1 Media

Awesome Hanging Garden! Recycling Plastic bottles into hanging garden on Door


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ғroм мy ĸιтcнen, good morning!

A rare sighting! A blooming orchid.

Mother of Thousands is only 5” tall and duplicating already.


LOVE every tip. 🍌🌿
I can't wait to buy pantyhose again! 07/18/2019

Floral Designer is Turning NYC Trash Cans into Giant Vases Overflowing with Flowers

Awww One man's trash (can) is another man's beautiful bouquet. 07/15/2019

Every Part of This Tiny Polish Village Is Covered in Lovely Floral Paintings


Earth Pictures

Anyone know what kind of plant this is!? 06/16/2019

Artist Spent a Year in the Woods Creating Mysterious Sculptures Byles spent a year immersed in the woodlands of La Colle sur Loup, Villeneuve-Loubet, and Mougins for this ambitious project.


Goat Life

Oh yay ! My Goat Flower has bloomed !


This looks easy. And I've got the glass. And the fence.

Drill holes in your fence, then fill with coloured marbles. The sun shining through will cast gorgeous light across your backyard, especially in the evening.


Macro Bees

Happy world bee day! Sending some love to all the hard working pollinators. Did you know that there are over 19,000 species of bees in the world 🌎🐝😄 05/28/2019

How to Build Bee Hotels to Help Save Native Bees

We love bees 🐝 🐝 🐝 A garden with happy, healthy bees grows happy, healthy plants. Why not...


A nice surprise this morning!
Good morning! 05/26/2019

West Michigan Is Home to a Giant Lavender Labyrinth

I want one.


Hee hee
Who knew gardening could be so sexy?
Makes sense though.
Thanks, God (Master Gardener) 🍃

Look at this awesome cactus! I’ve never seen anything like this!❤️ This is an 11 year old Mammillaria cactus! The full name is Mammillaria spinosissima sub pilcayensis. This is is not a common cactus.


Isaiah 55:12 You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.


Local yocal



Tuesday with Snoopy.


Need bamboo. Stat.

Bamboo takes 4 years to sprout.





Staked with small bamboo 2 weeks ago when starting to get floppy. I used very thin wire and gently twist-tied one leaf to the stake


A surviving peppermint zinnia seed sprouted (2nd generation).

2 Springs ago, I purchased peppermint zinnia seeds. Grew beautifully and I saved the seeds from a variety of zinnias and didn't know whether any of the peppermints made it through. These leaves are a little more yellow actually, but this picture shows the colors of the first generation (from packet).


My attempt at rooting hydrangeas.

Following these instructions:

Things I didn't do:
-Wait until fall
-Use root tone


a few blooms so far via 05/26/2017

Doctors should prescribe gardening for patients more often, says report

Gardening is healthy. Report shows that it can be a great activity for very sick people. Those with cancer, dementia and mental health problems can benefit from gardening, according to health thinktank 05/15/2017

Someone Has Made It So You Can Put A Garden Spicer In Your Own Bushes

Oh my goodness. Gardeners have a sense of humor. Facebook user creates Garden Spicer so everyone can now have Sean Spicer hanging in their shrubs


Re-using plastics retrieved from beaches.


Sculptures made of
I like this because it looks like it COULD be growing in my yard. It is appropriate for this climate on the .

Please follow this link to see more incredible sculptures


The Guardian

Flowers, design, math, whaaaaaat?

Thanks for sharing, JPFS! You always find the

Designer John Edmark has created sculptures called ‘Blooms’ that appear to come to life when spun under a strobe light. Edmark designs his creations based around the Fibonacci sequence – the mathematical proportions and patterns of change. The sequence can be seen in the arrangement of leaves on a globe artichoke, pinecones, a pineapple or the seeds of a sunflower 04/30/2017

20+ Photos Of Geometrical Plants For Symmetry Lovers

Geometrical plants Who said math can’t be interesting? Fractals like these can seem too perfect to be true, but they occur in nature and plants all the time and are examples of math, physics, and natural selection at work!


New seeds arrived.
Pampas grass

Glenn picked them out :)


My Sprouting Garden - Early Spring 2017

Sprouting up!!
by the mailbox
and growing side by side under a sago palm
And 2 different kinds of

Will need to get stakes for the gladiolus. I learned you are supposed to stake at time of planting. Oops! 04/23/2017

Here's why every gardener should keep a healthy supply of Epsom salt

Epsom salt has so many beneficial uses to the garden.
Read time: 3 min. Epsom salt isn't just for aches and pains...

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a few blooms so far via #sunflower #orientallilies #zinnia #dandelion #hydrangea #iop #spring2017
My Sprouting Garden - Early Spring 2017



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