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Thank you Catherine with ServiceMaster Metropolitan for stopping by. Rocco loved you. If anyone needs a restoration company , give them a call.
ServiceMaster did right by us over the last few weeks. We suffered a major flood in our home, brought on by a burst pipe during the unseasonably cold November weekend approximately 2 weeks ago. ServiceMaster's quick and professional response gave us the opportunity to breathe a sigh of relief. Although we are still recovering, ServiceMaster has helped to make a difficult situation better. To make an additional point, we ran into a snag with our insurance provider, which was thankfully ironed out. During that part of the ordeal, ServiceMaster remained extraordinarily cooperative and patient and in the end, everything worked out for them (and soon to be for us regarding our restoration).

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Fire Damage Cleanup and the Intricacies of Content Cleaning

The destructive power of a fire can be understood by the fact that, during a fire, the temperature can reach more than 1,200ºF, and consequently, will damage most of the items in your home. After the fire is extinguished, you will be occupied taking care of family members who may have suffered injuries during the fire, making arrangements for temporary living accommodations, and handling insurance matters. In such a situation, the right action to take is to hire an experienced firm such as ServiceMaster Metropolitan to carry out fire damage cleanup so that your home can be restored as quickly as possible.

By immediately acting, you’ll help prevent secondary damage to your home that is caused by water (in the form of mold growth and structural damage) and acidic smoke residue. Let’s look at how experts manage the intricacies of cleaning and restoring your belongings after a fire.

The Intricacies of Cleaning Your Belongings after a Fire

Before starting the cleanup work, our experts try to examine the items that burned since it helps them understand the residues that they will have to clean like synthetic, protein, or natural substance residues. Let’s examine the cleaning procedures experts follow for the various items present in your home.

Dishware and Pans, Door Locks, and Clothes and Different Surfaces

Dishware and Pans

Our experts use soapy water when pots, dishware, pans, and so on need to be cleaned. After washing these items, we properly rinse and polish them with the help of a cleaner that is finely powdered. In addition, we use a vinegar-soaked cloth for polishing copper and brass items.

Door Locks

If you have iron locks that are damaged during fire, then our technicians wipe them using machine oil. The oil is also added to the bolt opening, and the k**b is removed so that the oil distributes properly within the lock system.

Clothes and Different Surfaces

To get rid of smoke odors from clothes, our experts wash them using cold water without detergent. Instead, they add pure vanilla extract during the washing. This solution helps in mitigating smoke odors from your clothes. The same solution is also effective in cleaning and deodorizing kitchen surfaces as well as furniture.

Clearly, having the proper knowledge and skills is very important during fire damage cleanup. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a professional firm with experienced restoration experts who are fully aware of the procedures they need to follow to remediate the post-fire situation.

Just give us a call on our customer support number at (855) 560-7999, and our team will visit your home, check the severity of the fire damage, and devise a plan of action for carrying out fire damage restoration work.


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A Closer Look into the Intricate Details to be Managed During Fire Damage Repair

A fire can result in significant damage to your home, making it necessary to take immediate fire damage repair steps so further damage can be prevented. Hiring the professional team at ServiceMaster Metropolitan for restoration work provides you the assurance that all the required steps will be taken to restore your home, protect your belongings, and prevent secondary damage caused by water, soot, and smoke residues.

Today, we’ll examine the different factors our experts manage while performing cleanup.

Fire Damage Repair and Details to be Managed

Selecting the Right Cleaning Product

Our experts select alkaline cleaning products since they know the majority of smoke residues tend to be acidic in nature. The pH level of alkaline cleaning products is in the seven to fourteen range, and better cleaning is achieved when the pH level of a product is more towards fourteen.

Protecting Surface Finish

When surfaces are being cleaned, friction between smoke residues and a surface can result in scratches over the surface finish and cause problems in the proper removal of residues.

To avoid such issues, our technicians use vegetable oil soap. For instance, this type of soap is used for finished wood surfaces that are not affected by the application of water because it helps in preventing damage to the surface.

Suspending Soot Residues

Ranging from most aggressive to least aggressive, our experts use different types of agitation media when cleaning soot residues.

For example, when any water-based cleaning product is to be applied, technicians use a soft towel as the agitation media. They understand that if the same cleaning product is applied using a brush, the cleaning results achieved would be quite different.

They also determine the proper level of agitation required based upon the degree of soot contamination, the surface being cleaned, and the cleaning agent that will be used.

Providing Required Dwell Time

Dwell time refers to the total time for which the cleaning agent and a contaminated surface stay in contact with each other, and the dwell time varies based on the selected product.

To maximizing efficiency and cleaning performance, our technicians closely follow the dwell time as specified on the product label.

Using the Right Temperature

There are multiple benefits of using high temperature during the fire damage restoration process. High temperature expedites chemical reactions, reduces drying time, and helps in opening the surface pores of finishes that are being cleaned.

To protect against unwanted heat damage that might be caused during this process, our experts test all the surfaces before high temperature is used.

Fire damage repair work involves many different complexities, and the skilled technicians at ServiceMaster Metropolitan have the expertise to handle them all. For fire damage repair, contact us immediately at 973-9427711 and We’ll quickly dispatch a team of experts to your home, assess the damages, and begin the restoration work to return your home to its pre-loss condition as soon as possible.

How much snow will we get Wednesday? A county-by-county NJ weather estimate 12/15/2020

How much snow will we get Wednesday? A county-by-county NJ weather estimate

Here we go ⛄️

How much snow will we get Wednesday? A county-by-county NJ weather estimate Parts of New Jersey could get up to 18 inches of snow during Wednesday's major storm, per the National Weather Service.


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Water damaged wood floor / subfloor

Gapped Floors
If your home has solid wood flooring, then the moisture reading is analyzed to determine the extent of moisture absorption by the floor. Even if there is a 10% increase in moisture content, the floor will start swelling and the shouldering boards will get pushed by about 3/8".  Consequently, when the floor dries, it will create large gaps.
Our technicians will replace wood flooring with gaps since it is very difficult to fully repair solid wood flooring after such water damage.
Noisy Subfloors
If there are oriented strand board (OSB) panel subfloors and these experience water damage, then the subfloors will not be able to retain their fasteners when they dry.
These OSB panels reach 0.803" thickness from their original 0.705" due to absorption of moisture during the water damage. The effect of this swelling is that the panels lose their fiber density as well as their fastener retention capabilities.
When the panel dries, the fastener loosens, which results in a vertical deflection in the floor. Due to this deflection, the subfloor becomes noisy.
Fully aware of this problem, our experts analyze the panels to check whether replacing them will be the right action to take. The analysis involves using an ice pick, which is inserted into the subfloor. If the pick easily penetrates to a depth of ¼"-½" into the panel, it indicates that fastener retention capabilities have been lost.
Loose Floor Fasteners
If a floor fastener becomes loose, then you’ll have a noisy floor when the floor dries and regains optimal moisture content. For examp

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Please Read the job description below carefully before applying. Our Facebook
Page has plenty of information about the type of work that we do.

Job description:
As a restoration technician, you are a key team member responsible for the restoration of homes and businesses that have been damaged by water, smoke, fire, debris or other methods of damage. Exemplifying our code of values, you show respect and courtesy to all customers and employees.

This position is right for you if you are self-motivated, thrive in fast moving environments, and are able to manage time to effectively meet deadlines. You have proven communication skills with supervisors, employees, and customers and are able to effectively manage a variety of situations on a day-to-day basis.

Specific Responsibilities:

Become proficient in water restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage clean-up

Establish and maintain a schedule to ensure all services are delivered in a timely manner

Respond to water jobs and initiate water mitigation according to IICRC standards and ServiceMaster Restore® process.

Communicate with customers about scope of work and review necessary paperwork

Maintain all company restoration and cleaning equipment, keeping them clean and properly maintained to be available at all times

Perform other duties as needed which may include cross-training in related positions

Job Requirements:

Cleaning, Restoration or construction experience helpful, but not required

Valid Driver's License

Able to occasionally lift and/or move up to 100 pounds.

Able to use a Smart Phone or tablet

Excellent communication skills

We are actively interviewing for this position - Apply today and our hiring manager will follow up! We

At ServiceMaster Restore® we’re helping families out when disaster strikes, turning their damaged houses back into homes. Our franchisees are looking for qualified people seeking to do what it takes to restore the customers property. Does the sound of that excite you? Then seeking a career with an independently owned and operated ServiceMaster Restore® franchise might be the place for you. Because for our family, this isn’t just a job, it’s a calling.

ServiceMaster Metropolitan is the franchisor of the ServiceMaster Restore® franchised system. Each ServiceMaster Restore® franchised location is independently-owned and operated by an independent franchisee performing services.


Drying Process Challenges Experts Overcome during Water Damage Repair

If your home has experienced serious water damage during a recent flooding incident, then you need to get in touch with an experienced water damage repair firm like ServiceMaster Metropolitan. We take the necessary steps to expedite the drying process, reducing the chances of secondary water damage and mold growth in your home.

Here, we look at the challenges experts overcome during structural drying and how advanced equipment is used to ensure the drying process moves in the right direction.

Challenges of Structural Drying

When performing structural drying, the goal of water damage restoration experts is to get rid of moisture trapped within wet building materials such as concrete, dimensional lumber, drywall, and so on.

Our technicians also ensure that materials dry within a reasonable time and the required range. They make sure that the drying process is not too slow; otherwise, it will allow water to reach items that were not affected by the initial water damage. In addition, any delays in the drying process will cause moisture differences, resulting in swelling or warping of materials such as wood.

Our experts also evaluate the amount of drying that structural materials require by considering factors such as:

• Moisture content of structural materials when water damage occurred
• Presence of structural voids that affect the drying process
• Permeability, porosity, saturation levels, and v***r barriers that may influence drying outcomes (Usually, moisture absorption will be high for more porous materials.)

During the drying process, the movement of hot and dry air across the wet surface creates low v***r pressure, which helps expedite the process. Water damage restoration experts monitor the relative humidity, preventing it from increasing since it can cause condensation over structural surfaces.

Advanced Equipment for Measuring Moisture Content

One piece of equipment our experts commonly use to verify whether structural materials, wall cavities, and tight spaces have dried as required is the moisture meter. Apart from measuring moisture content, a moisture meter can be used for measuring relative humidity within a closed space, making it an important weapon in the water damage repair arsenal.

Additionally, a moisture meter helps experts evaluate the scope of damage before drying equipment is brought to the restoration site. The meter is also used for evaluating the progress of the drying process and also during the final inspection before all equipment is removed from your home.

To get accurate measurements, our technicians ensure that the moisture meter has the required electrical calibration and is set on the right scale. For instance, our technicians ensure that if wood is being tested, then the moisture meter is set on wood scale and not on dry wall scale, which would result in incorrect results.

As you can see, there are several challenges to monitor during water damage repair. Our experts at ServiceMaster Metropolitan utilize their experience to make sure the drying process provides the expected results within the shortest possible time.

Just give us a call on our helpline number at (855) 560-7999, and we’ll dispatch our top experts to examine the situation at your home and devise a plan of action to restore your home in NJ.

Our Company

Since 1992, ServiceMaster Metropolitan has been recognized as an innovative leader of the property damage restoration industry with the specialized expertise and resources to help our clients successfully recover from all types of disasters. ServiceMaster Metropolitan’s long history of customer service and practical knowledge has made our service an essential resource to property owners and insurance professionals alike. ServiceMaster Metropolitan’s Commercial Loss Response Teams are specially trained and equipped to provide immediate response to manage large-scale emergency restoration projects in commercial and residential properties. Providing water damage restoration, fire restoration, mold removal, and more, call ServiceMaster Metropolitan today!

Our Advantage

ServiceMaster Metropolitan is a pioneer in critical response services and a customer-centric organization dedicated to delivering right-first-time solutions for the prevention and mitigation of all your disaster restoration needs. ServiceMaster Metropolitan is responsive, reliable, and result-driven to all your expectations. We at ServiceMaster Metropolitan continue to focus on listening, reacting and delivering on our customers’ requirements. Our constant investment in skills, technology and equipment supports the real-world expertise and experience in our network.

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