Venture Way Collaborative

Venture Way Collaborative


My husband’s workspace & my workspace side by side. We used to share a space, & now work from 2 different locations.

We both create our works of art. Chris paints beautiful images, I write, design & create conversations. Both are generative in that they have observable & actionable outcomes. Both are created from an internal connection to care & passion.

What’s your space look like?

What’s your work of art?

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Generative LeadershipDESCO ServiceVenture Way Collaborative
I can’t wait for a tour 🎉

We exist to support local residents & businesses. We offer hourly, daily, weekly, & monthly rentals.

Operating as usual

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 03/14/2022

We celebrated Pi Day. With Pies. And puppies because there’s “p” “i” & “e” in “puppies”.


Venture Way Collaborative community members have a free pass to use the peloton.

This picture captures what bicycling with a dog can look like.

#peloton #pelotonatwork #pelotonbike #pelotonpush #pelotonperk

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 02/19/2022

Meet Dobby, house elf turned freeee by Harry Potter.

Dobby is the first 3D printed model test run. Thank you @chris_bordenca_art for housing your printer here! What fun it was to witness the first use. Feels so cool!
#3dprintedpilot #firstattemptsuccess #makestuff #resinmolds

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 02/19/2022

Every so often, we spruce up the joint. Here’s some pics of new cozy-fication & new @chris_bordenca_art originals hanging. Enjoy the colorful aesthetics.(Take a break from wordle).

#leasesavailable #studiospace #officespace #workwithus

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 02/19/2022

Check us out! The “workshop” is coming together.

This space will serve as STEM training, as well as idea incubation & team-building a la a maker’s space. It’s coming along nicely. We have some serious equipment that requires the plumbing & concrete flooring.

#stempioneervalley #makersspacewesternma #learnbuildgrow #genlab


Venture Way will be hosting MacDuffie students in our maker’s space this spring! Pics to come of the space🙌

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 02/16/2022

Rest time…er maybe not 🐕🐶

#dogfriendly #restnotfriendly #takeabreak #dogsbutts #dogsofinstagram #dogsinstagram #leasehere #neverlonely

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 02/14/2022

Wishing you sweet reminders of love & sweetness.

We left little love notes for our leasees throughout the building on this love day.

#loveyourleasees #workhere #entrepreneurrentals #incubatehere #hostretreatshere #spaciousbuilding #loveabounds

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 02/08/2022

We offer residents of Venture Way access to our Peloton as a part of rental.

And, we invite our leasees to bring their dog. Sometimes these two things require creative blending.

We have “squishy face studio” fishing pole & a Kong squeaky ball at the ready.

Cup holders are also dog toy holders. @squishyfacestudio @kongcompany #squishyface #dogplay #exercisemeandmydog #leasewithus


Agreed #venturewaypuppies sometimes we have 4 here. #welovedogs


Local western MA artist @chris_bordenca_art is incredible. We have a few originals at Venture Way & prints.

I can’t get over the plastic helmet & well, all of it! I’m always awe-inspired. Chris has been practicing his skill for decades & it shows.


#moreoriginalartplease #iwilltakethisone #givemealltheprints #🤩 #😮


Larry & his fans. Sometimes Beemo, the smallest resident dog, jumps right into Larry’s arms.

#officedogs #Larrysreprieve #funwithpuppies

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 01/08/2022

It was snowy outside, cozy inside. Perfect

#cozyspace #rentwithus #officespacehere #workhere #itisdelightful #❤️

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 01/05/2022

Looking for a break from WFH or from a sterile work environment? Come work here for a while. Come for a couple hours, a whole day, or longer to 200 Venture Way in Hadley.

We also host team retreats or group gatherings.

We’re a beautiful new big red barn on 14 acres.
Email [email protected] for more info.

What people say:

“it was a perfect day I made so much progress on my work with no interruptions. It was exactly what I needed”


“It was perfect! Having space, but in particular being there felt so welcoming and loving. The work that you do, coupled with the intention and action? It has filled that place with love”

We invite good energy and support those who are creating their powerful offers. Come work in a love-filled space.


Interested in renting some space for a few hours or the day?

Check availability for a work space or a group or team event here:

#pioneervalleyrental #hadleyma #workspacesavailable #joinus

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 01/04/2022

Something a little different. We were ahhhing & ooohhhing at the sunset last night. Then we came upon Cindy’s in Granby. The cotton candy sky against the sign was a show stopper!

Parking lot pics from Cindy’s. Both sides captured. One a fire bright sky, the other a soft cotton candy. Perfectly apropos. 😋😍

#stopandreceive #beautifulsky #granbyma #westernma #cindysicecream @cindysdrivein

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 12/31/2021

The Venture Way Property Team skated in to update the snack collection & to add some homey touches.

Need to get some focused work done this year? Don’t just “skate by”, rent with us to get in some healthy snacks & healthy community vibes at Venture Way!

Our tea collection is wonderful, too. The kettle & mugs are here for your use & comfort. 🫖 🍵 Enjoy 2022 with us!

#venturewayrental #enjoytimehere #teaforyou #coffeeandhotchocolatetoo #snacksyum

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 12/27/2021

The new year is upon us! Do you have a resolution to write that book, create your website, or elevate your business?

Spaces available for you. We can accommodate single renters & small groups.

Need a beautiful space for an hour or two? Need a half day, or full day? We got you. Week to week & monthly rates available.

Keep to yourself or say “hello” to other members in our community kitchen.

200 Venture Way in Hadley, MA

Message us to make an appointment to check us out.

#ventureway #communityspace #leasewithus #goodenergyhere #retreatwithus

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 12/22/2021

Like herding cats. Or dogs

#cozydogs #venturewaypups #fireplacedogs

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 12/12/2021

A day in the life of an office dog, so many tough decisions, like: “which bed shall I choose?”

#dogbeds #officedog #officedogs #officedogsofinstagram


@leadyourself youth resides @venturewaycollaborative & provides youth leadership locally to the western ma valley & globally!
#westernma #youthleadership #youthandadultsinlearning #trainyouth

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/23/2021

Dogs. Dogs. Everywhere 🐕 🐶 🐩 #dogswelcome #dogsplayhere #dogsofinstagram

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/19/2021

We’ve updated Venture Way with new cozy rugs.

This could be your home away from home. Hourly, daily, weekly, & monthly leases available.

#cozy #cozyfireplace #yourhomeawayfromhome #rentalavailable

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/14/2021

Newest addition to cozy at Venture Way Collaborative. This is in DESCO Service’s office space. DESCO employees are going to be delighted to come in to a cozy corner. #cozyholidaytime #newadditiontocozy #electricfireplace

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/14/2021

We LOVE having @chris_bordenca_art originals & prints hanging throughout Venture Way. #supportlocalart #pioneervalley #supportartists #acrylic #80stoys

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 11/13/2021

Some days, we have the energy of 4 delightful dogs in our space. Here’s some pics of resident dogs Myka & Beemo. 🐶


A Venture Way Collaborative 4-legged was spotted during Venture Way resident @generateleadership was leading global executives in team training on Friday.

Having leadership coaches, trainers, consultants, & leaders in our space generates amazing conversations in our community kitchen.

Sometimes pets join, too! We do have a bowl of puppy treats after all.

#dogfriendly #dogswelcomed #puppybum #iseeyou #ispyapuppy


It’s Friday night. That means @we_are_shraddhayoga is here bringing yoga to the valley. Follow @we_are_shraddhayoga to learn about their incredible instructors & offers.

#shraddhayoga #valleyyoga #findpeacehere #yogaatventureway #yogahadley #yogaamherst


#deskpup #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #🐶❤️

Venture Way Collaborative updated their business hours. 10/31/2021

Venture Way Collaborative updated their business hours.

Venture Way Collaborative updated their business hours.

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 10/31/2021

Check it out! New residents @we_are_shraddhayoga posted pics from their first class here at Venture Way Collaborative!

Come enjoy yoga here!

And! You, too can enjoy this space for your needs!:

Need a place to host a gathering?

Are you a healer & body worker looking for a place to bring healing to in-person clients?

Are you a leader or community organizer looking for a space to host an off-site meeting?

Good energy & spaciousness here.

#wegotyou #joinourspace #perdiemratesavailable #perhouravailable

Shraddha Yoga


🍭🎃👻 Happy Halloween!👻🎃🍭

Photos from Venture Way Collaborative's post 10/30/2021

Looking for a space to work out of from time to time, or a place to host an event, pop up shop, or off site meeting?

Venture Way Collaborative may be of service! Great in all seasons ❄️ 🌸 ☀️ 🍂

#westernma #pioneervalley #sharespace #rentalproperty #lease #checkitout


Shraddha Yoga we LOVED having our studio space filled with healing & harmony last night. Onatah’s first class was a delight to hostess. The energy of each individual filled the building with joy & love.

We are grateful you’re here. 🙏🏼


DESCO Service HQ is @venturewaycollaborative. Fridays are for service coordination review. The team assesses internal processes based on customer value. Are external customers satisfied? If so, what’s working well? Let’s continue to reinforce that. Is there dissatisfaction? If so, let’s find root cause & adjust course.

Friday sessions allow for learning & process improvement. DESCO has a vision to be the global model of customer service. These are the conversations that allow that. We apply @generateleadership skills in our approach.

Venture Way Collaborative houses the creativity & learning needed to live meaningfully.

#venture #customerdelivery #excellence #highperformance #wethrive

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