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who is up for some raffles ?
Paypal to "friends and family" [email protected]

winner for each drawing drawn from ""

must pass 4473 background upon pick up or the win is null and
void, no refunds.

Payments must be made immediately, no holds no exceptions

values are set according to market, no complaining or you will not
be allowed to buyin later on other raffles.

shipping to out of state ffls only once per week. Ill send tracking when I can.

I will run the raffle when all spots are taken as soon as possible


R***r American Rifles 299.99
Smith and Wesson J frames 299.99
Re*****on 870 riots 329.99
Smith and Wesson shields 319.99
Smith and Wesson EZ 380s 299.99
Ta**us 9mms 199.99
R***r Hawkeyes 489.99
Aero 308 uppers 279.99
AERO 556 7.5” uppers 229.99
Many more huge deals
All pricing for instock items cash sales only


NFA is running MINIMUM 8 months and I was told by ATF they have some as much as 24 months..... calling them and chasing information is not helping. Always keep
A copy of your paperwork as well .....


New business model for The Outpost.....
I am going to a “buyers club “ model here on out ....
You can buy in a
Membership for $200 per year and order anything you want as
Much as you want at WHOLESALE !!! This includes online transfer fees !!
There will be two days per month you can pickup orders the 3rd and 4th Saturday of the month. There will be one open enrollment for the membership per year ... September 1st through October 31st !!! All other transfer fee without membership will be $25.00 going forward


Tomorrow Saturday 7/6 20% off all in stock !!! 930am- 230pm cash only
Credit cards add 3%


SUPER SALE !! ALL instock inventory 20% off !!! Next Saturday and Sunday ONLY ! Fi****ms ammo and accessories June 29-30 credit card transactions will be charged 3%


Guys The Outpost Guns and Ammo will only be open on Saturday By appointment only until further notice ... we will continue to have the same great deals as always


Memorial Day Sale Starting today though next week !!!
Steal deals !!!! Smith and Wesson M&P 15 for $499.99
IWI TAVORs $1449.99
Sig P320 with Romeo sight $549.99
CZ Scorpion $699.99
DB 380 $189.99
Smith Wesson Bodyguard 380 $289.99
All in stock ammunition 20% off
Ta**us G2c 9mm $199.99

Don’t forget 24 month interest free financing


super sale time guys May 24 thru June 10 get 24 months same as cash on all purchases !!!! No interest on Fi****ms Ammo and accessories in amounts of $500 and up for 24 months ! Now is the time to get the one you want


So the Lyman Gun Show is the weekend of June 1st.....visit us and get a refund on your admission with the purchase of any firearm we have or even special order during the show !!! win win guys because we already have the best prices in three states and always have super good deals for the you are going to buy that's a guarantee and now you get a free tour of the show at same time !!!


SO been a while since running any super sale so heres the deal.....IWI Israeli Weapons Industries TAVOR 556 in FDE and Black 1650.00 !!!!! limited time offer....


Mother’s Day special smith and Wesson 642 aren$50 off and Smith and Wesson 380 EZ shield are $30 off !!!! Huge deal with already low prices


Well I’m released from liberal Facebook jail sorry haven’t been able to respond to messages .... 04/06/2019

Attorney Question of the Month

Guys I read sometimes until I get cross eyed about different subjects related to the gun industry, mainly because when asked a question I hate to say I don't know and will not say anything that I do not and look like a jackass as some folks will do just to avoid saying I DONT KNOW....
So I been researching a bit on the new Emergency Protection Orders where Law Enforcement can confiscate weapons should a mentaly deranged stalker report you for having weapons and in my readings I came across this and wanted to share it....very interesting read, hop you like it. You're prepared to defend yourself. Can you survive the legal aftermath of self defense? Join the Network so you can access Attorney and legal expenses paid after a self-defense incident.


Does a 9mm have any significant advantages over a .45 ACP round, or vice versa?
With some folks including law enforcement angencies going back to 9mm I thought this bit of information may be of interest..

Let’s start with 9mm, which has the advantages of

Higher capacity: 9mm rounds are smaller in diameter than .45ACP, meaning more rounds can fit into the same space. This allows most fi****ms chambered in 9mm to fit 2–4 more rounds in the magazine than comparable .45ACP fi****ms, which is a huge advantage in a high-stress situation where a large amount of shots are often missed.

Lighter weight: 9mm rounds weigh less than .45ACP rounds. 100 rounds of 9mm (on average) weighs 2.63 pounds, while 100 rounds of .45ACP weighs 5.07 pounds. 9mm weighs almost half as much as .45ACP, which is very significant, especially for a CCW. Also, 9mm concealed carry handguns tend to be lighter than .45 handguns.

Less recoil: It is a fact that 9mm recoils far less than .45ACP. This means that it is easier for the shooter to hit their target consistently, especially when under stress. This also means that firing the gun is much easier on the shooter, encouraging said shooter to practice more often. This adds to the reason why 9mm handguns can be lighter than their .45ACP counterparts.

Better pe*******on: As 9mm is a smaller, high velocity round, it has much more pe*******on potential than .45ACP, which is a heavy, slower round. This really doesn’t provide a huge advantage in the average self-defense situation, but if the target is wearing very light body armor, 9mm may pierce it.

Lower cost: 9mm is on average 5–10 cents cheaper per round than .45ACP, which is very significant when buying in bulk. This makes practicing with 9mm less cost prohibitive when compared to .45ACP

Now, moving on to .45ACP, which beats 9mm because it is

More powerful: .45ACP is more powerful than 9mm. Your average .45ACP round will produce about 560 joules of energy, while a 9mm round will only produce 500–510. Many people believe that this extra stopping power is necessary in a self-defense situation, and it often is. It is no secret that .45ACP produces much bigger wounds than 9mm.

Less pe*******on: I’m putting this as an advantage for .45ACP because, in a self-defense situation, it normally is. The low velocity and large weight of the .45ACP bullet means it will impart more of its energy on the intended target rather than piercing right through that target and taking its energy somewhere else. This enhances its ability to stop an attacker in fewer shots, and it also mitigates potential collateral damage. Using 9mm hollowpoints can help close the gap between the two rounds, but it still doesn’t defeat the mighty .45ACP round.

Now, it may seem like 9mm is the obvious winner, but that simply is not the case. These two venerable rounds are neck and neck in the self-defense world. Someone who is more experienced with fi****ms may prefer .45ACP for that extra stopping power that can mean the difference between life and death. 04/03/2019

Ammunition Regulation | Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

Food for thought... this is the threat we face The ammunition used in guns is what renders fi****ms truly lethal—yet ammunition sales are not subject to the same federal regulations as the fi****ms themselves, and… Read more


Thought for the day.... Border Crisis they are flowing over far beyond what we can deal with.... let’s say the border is closed.. maybe they get around that maybe not... let’s say as many dealers have talked about a rise in ammunition sales and its taken as hoarding or whatever and you cannot get any if there is a hold placed on it ( in the shadow of border crisis or whatever crisi for that matter ) my point is be sure you have a stock of ammo and food always and if you shoot regularly replaced it cycle it out don’t get caught where we were just a few years back where you couldn’t get any ammunition and if you did find it the price was so high you were limited to how much you could buy etc


Let’s get some input and see how many will comment hopefully share information as to why or why not use certain fi****ms as home defense weapon....... What are your favorite home defense weapons and why ???


Introducing Ta**us First 24 Survival Kits

Guys I have ONE of these units they are fairly hard to get ….very nice package to start your emergency preparations stash... grab-in-go or throw it in your vehicle and have peace of mind in the event some type of emergency hits.
Price ……$549.99 !!!!!!! compare to $1000.00 online retailer****ms/Handguns/Ta**us/Ta**us+Revolvers/Ta**us+2617029F24+617+2+FIRST+24+KIT

Gabe Cabrera of Ta**us shows us the Ta**us First 24 Kit at the 2014 NRA Show.


Winner of the Heritage 22 Mr. Robert Hartman of Stone County..... y’all keep eye out I’m working on a giveaway promotion will run until December and be a Survival Cache with Long Term Food and a weapon .... multiple entries with purchases .... so it’s all based on your buy with us ... will update soon 03/30/2019

NRA-ILA | Breaking! Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates the Second Amendment In one of the strongest judicial statements in favor of the Second Amendment to date, Judge Roger T. Benitez of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California determined on Friday that California’s ban on commonly possessed firearm magazines violates the Second Amendment. The case...


“The Patriot” on BBC just came on 7:00 cst


Our liberal Government officials are pushing more gun control in the form of making any “assault weapon” an NFA item requiring the same process as you are going through with Suppressors and such .... all in the wake of New Zealand ... Anything they can use to stage the agenda and push it through . We as gun owners MUST get our kids and grandkids interested in shooting sports and just plain old fashioned target shooting and educate them as to the importance of the second amendment ... things are changing so fast with what is acceptable and what is not, what you can say and what you cannot , what history we recognize and what we do not , when we can kill a baby and when we cannot, let me tell you the Jews in Germany weren’t armed and the only thing that keeps us free is the 2nd amendment!!!! This IS a war on your rights this is a war on your freedom this is a war only won by standing ground and fighting for what you believe because if you do not do it now you will have to shed blood latter ..... make it your goal to set time aside and promote the 2nd amendment , take time to teach responsible gun ownership to a kid for their safety and awareness, take time to read the laws they are trying to pass and VOTE accordingly. Like them or not the NRA does work on your behalf I myself disagree with a few things they have done but the greater good they have accomplished is amazing , I decline the free gifts and all when I renew because it’s more
Money than can be put toward fighting for the cause.... but join them it’s a small price to pay... they ( liberals) cannot wait for a total take over of the house senate and White House and they eventually will again, that’s when all hands on deck to stand our ground as gun owners in America , need to be ready to stop
The attack in its tracks. It’s easy to say “ they will never get my guns” but just saying that is not enough. I’m just one patriot who wants his family protected in the future when I’m long gone, but we as gun owners are many and have the ability to stop the foolishness and the attack on our rights and the rights of our kids and grandkids and great grandkids ... share this post make it happen, make it your goal and don’t take lightly what the liberal left are trying hard to do.... and thank you for you loyalty to The Outpost Guns and Ammo


Policy Reminder.....If you SPECIAL ORDER a firearm and cannot pass the NICS background check, we will give you 2 weeks to obtain a reversal or correction of the record with NICS, if the disposition is still a negative, there will be a 25% restocking fee as we have money and time invested in the transaction and we cannot return the firearm to distribution, it will have to remain in our inventory. Most everyone should know if they cannot pass the background check, unlike a DELAY which happens a lot, a DENIAL is is a DENIAL, also conflicting or misleading information on a 4473 form can be held against you as a criminal act....


Coming this week G***k 43x , G***k 26, 19gen 5, G***k 42, many more G***k models.... Sig P365s, R***r MKIVs , Smith Wesson 2.0 9mm, and 45acp, Bodyguard 380s , and a few others ! Come see us we are the only choice when you want to deal with an old fashion gun shop with realistic prices we appreciate your business 03/16/2019

Court Rules Gun-Maker Re*****on Can Be Sued Over Sandy Hook Shooting Gun control advocates touted the ruling as providing a possible roadmap for victims of other mass shootings to circumvent a long-criticized federal law that shields gun manufacturers from liability in most cases when their products are used in crimes. 03/16/2019

Republican Senators Reintroduce Hearing Protection Act ::

While I highly doubt this will go anywhere amidst all the liberal and rep closet liberals we have against us it would be nice..... I believe it’s a misdirection since republicans voted against Trump on the national emergency for the border wall........we will see, either way I would not waste time on getting a supressor NOW because during the 8 month anticipated wait you never know what could change and then you will miss out completely!!!! Our suppressor sales have increased a lot which tells me others are thinking the same way!!! MOLON LABE ( Gemtech 45 suppressors are $489.99 right now) The Hearing Protection Act, to remove suppressors from the layers of regulation required by the NFA, was reintroduced to the Senate on Thursday.


On Thursday, March 14, Governor Phil Bryant (R) signed NRA-supported HB 1581 into law after it was passed unanimously in each chamber earlier this session.

House Bill 1581, sponsored by Representative Angela Cockerham (D-96), clarifies the meaning of “courtroom” and “courthouse” in the enhanced permit statute by limiting prohibited places to a prescribed list of areas such as the courtroom itself, the judge’s chamber and office, and witness and jury rooms. This clarification to existing statute became critically important as the right of enhanced permit holders to defend themselves in the public areas of courthouses was being slowly whittled away by judges and sheriffs who refused to recognize their rights under existing law.

Despite a Supreme Court ruling in favor of enhanced permit holders on this issue just last year, a handful of judges continue to defy the clear meaning of the enhanced permit statute by ordering that “courtroom” includes public areas throughout entire courthouse buildings and complexes. HB 1581 clarifies existing statute by listing various public areas in courthouses that are NOT to be considered “courtrooms,” and thereby, not subject to judicially-imposed restrictions on concealed carry for enhanced permit holders.

In addition to thanking the Governor for his leadership in signing HB 1581, the NRA would like to thank Representative Angela Cockerham (D-96), Senator W. Briggs Hopson (R-23), Speaker of the House Philip Gunn (R-56), and Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves for ensuring this legislation made it to the Governor’s desk. Without their continued dedication to the Second Amendment, this victory for Mississippi’s law-abiding gun owners would not have been possible.

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