Miranda Nicole Salon

Miranda Nicole Salon


Thanks so much for the great cut and advice for my hair-will definitely see you again when I need a trim!(Darre Martin)
Thank you for the great cut, Miranda. I love it!
Hi, I'm trying to reach you for an appointment. Please call me at the number in the message I sent if possible.
My son loves his new hair 😁 Thank you!

Hair salon specializing in Cuts, Colors, Facial waxing, and Makeup Applications for all ages and genders. Attention to detail, and customizing each client individually is my goal.

At this time of remodel, there is no walk in service. Appointments only, thank you!!

Operating as usual

Pampered Chef Party 06/04/2022

Pampered Chef Party

I am doing an online Pampered Chef party. Click on the link and shop away 🙂
*They make great wedding gifts as well!


Pampered Chef Party You’re invited to a Pampered Chef party! Mark your calendar and invite a friend or two! Get ready to learn recipes and tips to make meals that fuel your lifestyle with some of Pampered Chef’s best products. Don’t miss out on the fun!

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My little girl growing up. Jaylin got a fresh trim! 😍

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Last two pics are before pics.
Ally Dow


4 1/2 hours later we got rid of her previous orange toned box color. She had enough hair to make 10 wigs, at least.
Ok guys let me explain, it’s not just slapping on bleach, w me anyways. Every small section must be saturated entirely w lightener. If u take too big of a section u will not have a pretty result. It will be patchy! I must blend up into her natural root or u get straight bleach lines. Not only do I go around the entire head this way I go back thru AGAIN about 20 mins before rinsing. This IS a lot more time consuming and extra product usage but it works for an even seamless result. Box color doesn’t always pull out evenly so I have to watch it and go back in between all those sections and do some extra blending at root to do the best I can to get a great result.
U may think ur service is costly or even a little more timely then someone else but that’s ok w me, Iv been told (know ur worth :)when I get completely done w u I want to feel I did the very best job I could. Not only that but let’s face it, prices are way cheaper in smaller towns and u get just as good of service if not better right here!
If there’s something off, u come back in my chair until it’s exactly how u want it. I give all my clients 7 days to check out their hair. If for any reason u want to fix something Iv got u. That’s my guarantee to u. Call me w in the 7 days and Ul come back the next opening I have for free. This is for only the work I have done. Look, I give to u the best I can but things do happen.

The next part is YOUR home care. U should invest in good “color treated” hair products or u will be striping out ur color or toner. U just spent good money on beautiful hair, now u need to do ur part for at home care and it may cost u more then ur shampoo at Walmart but once again, u pay for better product, u get better results. 💓

Pics following

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Her first time ever getting high lights! And they came out beautiful!! Love this copper color on her!! Absolutely beautiful results. 🙀
Nothing better then making women (and men) look and feel gorgeous
Beth Anne Wetmore

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Ummm…yes for Jess!! ☄️🧯
I told her this color and cut, for sure, makes her look young and vibrant.
Look at the smile on her face! She even walked in today (I did her hair Saturday) I didn’t recognize her 🫢🥰
Jessica Martin

Photos from Miranda Nicole Salon's post 05/03/2022

Wow she has hair! We took off about 6 inches and highlighted this beautiful mane.

Last pic is before


Reminder from last post. I am booking out into June for FRIDAY and SATURDAY appts. As for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday please message soon if u need something in May. That being said, please be Patient w me getting back to u, it may take me a couple hours, or a day or two if I’m out straight. Im sorry I do not respond to messages on my days off (Wednesday and Sunday)
The best way to schedule is to call the salon at 876-3215. Thank u all so much!
Now let’s wish for some NICE weather. My goodness! ☀️☀️☀️☀️

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Glad u drove by and found me Lucy!! I missed u!

For all of my seasonal or occasional ppl that may have missed the news, I moved to 44 Water Street in Guilford. My new number is 876-3215.
Ps. I am booking out, please call in advance to get ur appt. I’m booking into June for Friday and Saturday Appts.

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New hair for Lorinda Martin


I hope you all had a great Easter!

This week is school vacation for the kids! I’m getting a lot of messages for services to get kids in. However, I am completely booked. If u need to schedule please give a call or message and Il do my best to get u in for the next availability. Please be patient, I will get back to u. This is a very busy time of year. :)

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What a job this was today. I spent my afternoon with a color correction of previous red and brown box dyes. Grey roots, dark brown hair mixed with orange and red tones.
I stripped her hair first to get out as many tones as I could. Wash and dry
Then all over bleach, wash and dry
All over color, wash and dry.
Good ole Olaplex was used every step to ensure the integrity of the hair. It may cost extra, but it works!!
I took a good 8 inches off and styled her w my tried and true Paul Mitchel styling cream. Hands down best cream for a volume textured style.
I sell so much of that bc ppl see what it does for their short layered cuts.
She is rocking her way into her 80s now 💓

Photos from Miranda Nicole Salon's post 04/15/2022

Double process:
Lightened all over
Root color
Icy highlights, tone & trim
No before pic :( she had a dark base.

Photos from Miranda Nicole Salon's post 04/15/2022

Brown roots melted into “Disco Silver”

Photos from Miranda Nicole Salon's post 04/09/2022

She has only ever done all over colors. Last time I saw her (for her beautiful wedding hair and makeup) I suggested a balayage when she came back to Maine. So today we did just that. Pulling thru a red/brown base safely, I knew blonde wasn’t an option the first time thru. I lightened her low and slow people.. we don’t want nasty damaged hair. I then glazed her hair and gave a much needed fresh trim 😊 The end result is a great transition color to her base. It gives her a nice change and spices er up.
Thanks for coming back to see me!

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Pretty blue!! 🦋

Photos from Miranda Nicole Salon's post 04/03/2022

Who doesn’t love pink?
My fav color 💓 and this color melt is beautiful. 😁🌸

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Next sister, has very fine hair, and wanted highlights and we took off the dead ends.
*Winter is hard on our hair! Come get those ends cleaned up. It will look and feel so much better.

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Doubled up w sister’s.
Two completely different hair textures. One, so thick and heavy. The first sister wanted a change but nothing too bright.
Foilayage and glaze

Both with 4-5 inches off

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Tomorrow please come support our PCHS Seniors! Anyone and everyone is welcome to come to this spaghetti dinner. A silent auction is to follow with tons of great donated gifts.
One, being from me at the salon. 😍 There are lots of AWESOME gifts. All proceeds go to Project Graduation- Senior Trip. We r hoping they have a great outcome as these kids deserve to go out w a bang!
A group of our seniors and parents have worked hard at getting this ready. The dinner will be so yummy and the auction will be fun!
No matter where u are from or live please come out to support these students.
My senior Aliyah Ouellette 🥰😍😘

*Please note the dinner start time is at 4:00. A change from original start time.


I have to share this one. 😂

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The sign is finally down. A big Thank You to Dale Bracket for running this monster thru town and of course thank u to Kurt for being so brave. Iv only seen him nervous a few times in 20 years and this was one.

Photos from Miranda Nicole Salon's post 03/13/2022

These colors are so beautiful on her!!
Root 5N, 5R,
low light ,
highlight, glaze -
Waxed the brows and curled her luscious locks.
Inside and outside pics.

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Perm ina Mullet


After dodging Covid for almost two years we got hit w it.

Il share our go around w it;

All 4 of us got it at the same time.
We r all now out of quarantine and I’m back in the office. I can say for me, it was much like the flu. My stomach hurt on and off and I had spells of body aches but mostly I was exhausted. I spent my 3rd 4th and 5th day sleeping day and night.
I can’t stand to be down like that. Depression was setting in, I wanted to feel good and do stuff, but I was also thankful things weren’t as bad as others have had.
Kurt had no symptoms at the start. I tested after Aliyah was positive bc I had a headache, so Kurt tested and he was positive. He had a little stuffiness and rested more then normal but that was it for him.
Jaylin was tested thereafter Kurt that next morning and she too had it. Jaylin and Aliyah had head colds. Aliyah was also very tired for a few days, had some body aches, and her stomach was bothersome as well.
This appeared to be as the “normal” flu would be (for us). I am thankful this was not as intense as others have been thru. I can’t imagine going thru it worse and for longer. I wanted to beat my head off a wall day 4. I can’t stand myself laying around day in and day out.
It is now past us and im so excited to start getting back to working on the salon and doing hair.

Photos from Miranda Nicole Salon's post 03/04/2022

Sun ☀️ kissed 😘 Balayage 👩‍🎨
and a nice healthy Cut 💇🏼‍♀️
She wanted a natural look. It’s beautiful and refreshed.



A Corner of my space. I love big windows for natural light.
Reminder- new number is 876-3215
Appointments only at this time. Give a call or message the page :)

Miranda Nicole Salon updated their info in the about section. 02/20/2022

Miranda Nicole Salon updated their info in the about section.

Miranda Nicole Salon updated their info in the about section.

Miranda Nicole Salon updated their address. 02/20/2022

Miranda Nicole Salon updated their address.

Miranda Nicole Salon updated their address.

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Sit back, relax. Every piece of hair must be touched. 😵
When a women says, I want to put makeup on and go out, I did my job!


First decoration is up!!


What’s going on this morning? It’s normal to get a message or two Sunday about roots but 6 already?? Did y’all wake up in good lighting or what? 🤣
February is for the ground hogs shadow!

Photos from Miranda Nicole Salon's post 02/13/2022

Finally!!! Many pauses w this wall but one side is all done other then trim.
The pictures don’t look as good as it does in person.
All by myself 😁


Please make this change in ur contacts 😊
My new phone number is 876-3215

I couldn’t keep the 564-3215 but they let me take 876-3215. Please note it.

Those that don’t know, My address is 44 Water Street in Guilford. I’m Still on RT15.
3 places past Whitney’s grocery store going into Guilford.
I have been working hard on my new building every single day for 6 weeks now. Some days a few hours and most all days into late evening. This is a total renovation. Not just paint walls and put a floor down. Iv had many set backs but that’s ok I try to keep a positive outlook as we knew this wasn’t gonna be easy. Saying that, I am not taking walk ins. at this time, I’m not ready for that. However, I AM taking appointments! I’m not putting my open sign in the window yet. Heck, the pizzas sign is still up. Anyone know of anyone that can take that sign down?? It’s heavy and up high on the building. Iv tried a couple ppl w a lift and they couldn’t.
If u need to make an appointment u can call 876-3215.
Thank u!!

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So satisfying



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