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. We are currently a cash only, please plan accordingly.

Operating as usual


Yes, you do!
Call or text 343 1263 or message the page to book your session!


We decided a bit bigger sign with the business phone number would be a better option!
I love this sign!


Miranda is a woman of many talents! The door to the massage area is finished and up!

Now that I've announced the door it's time to announce availability for this week!
Tuesday 8/16 : 12, 2:00, 3:30
Wednesday: various times open starting at 9 am
Thursday: 9, 11, 12:30
Friday: various times starting at 9 am
Reminder: Teachers and EdTechs I am running a 10% off your 60 min session.


I hope that the amazing teachers in our community have taken the much needed time to relax and recharge this summer! To show my appreciation to the teachers I am offering a 10%off your 60 minute session for the rest of August!
To book a session please message the page or call/text 343-1263.

The discount will be applied when checking out.
***Edited to add:***
This special includes EdTechs of all levels!!!


I'd pick massage and house cleaning!
What are your choices?


I have a little sign up at the Miranda Nicole Salon.


Openings next week 8/1
8/1 Monday: 1:00, 230
8/2 Tuesday: various openings starting at 9am
8/3 Wednesday: 9:00, 11:00
8/4 Thursday: 10:00 12:30 2:30
8/5 Friday: various times starting at 9am
8/6 Saturday: 9:00
Call/text 343-1263, message the page, or https://www.massagebook.com/biz/EnchantedNatureMassage
to book a session and to discuss what type of session you're looking for.


Massage availability
7/28 @12:30, 2:00
Friday 7/29 @1200 , 2:00


Week of July 25th
Monday 25th: 3:00
Tuesday 26th: 3:00, 5:00
Wednesday 27th
Thursday 28th: 12:30, 2:00, 4:00
Friday 29th: 12:30
Saturday 30th: 9 am
Text/ call 343-1263 to book a session!


I had a cancellation for tomorrow at 11 am. The session was booked for a Body Glow 90 mins session. message me to Claim this and I will discount this service for you.


I moved the room around a little bit to accommodate a new comfy chair I found! I love it!
Schedule a session for some YOU time and decompress from the daily grind.


Did you know?!?!
Massage helps lower the cortisol stress hormone. Massage also helps to increase positive hormones such as endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which helps to raise mood and lower anxiety symptoms!
Appts still available this week please reach out to schedule your YOU time.


Let's chat about what services I offer and what may work best for you!
I offer 60 minute and 30 minute massage choices. In these sessions I take an intuitive and integrative approach to your session. I will use various massage techniques to work on deepening your relaxation as well as working on your more troublesome spots.
I offer Energy work of Reiki. This session is light hands on and will last approximately 45 minutes.
I also offer 2 different Sessions of the BodyGlow massage. One is 90 min and other is 120min. These sessions start with an exfoliating sugar scrub, hot towels to remove the scrub and then a elaxing massage.


Welcome to the weekend and Happy Saturday!
Availability next week is as follows:
Monday 7/18, 11:00
Tuesday 7/19 12:00, 2:00
Thursday 7/21 I have a variety of openings.
Please call or text 343-1263, message me or book online at Massagebook.com to book your session.


Good Morning and Happy Wednesday!
Week of July 18th availability is as follows:
Monday 18th: 11 am, 1:00
Tuesday 19th: 12:00, 2:00
Wednesday 20th: no available sessions
Thursday 21st: various times are available.
To schedule a session, Please text/call 343-1263, you can message the page.


Thank you to all that have booked sessions with me!
This week's schedule is now full.
I do have some availability next week, schedule soon as next week is filling up as well!


Tired feet and legs?
Do you stand all day for your job?
Aching feet and legs?
I have a session just for you!
The rejuvenating leg&foot massage is a 30 minute session dedicated just to your lower legs &feet. You will be lying on the massage table to be able to fully relax into your session.
I will start this session off with wrapping your feet in hot towels, then using a sugar scrub to gently exfoliate the feet and lower legs. I will then wrap your legs and feet in the hot towels again to remove the scrub. Once the scrub is removed I will finish off your session with a relaxing massage of the lower leg and feet.
This session is 30 mins and costs 40$.
To book a session: Call or text 343-1263
Message the page or you can go hit the contact button on the page!


This week I still have some openings
Tuesday7/12 9 am ; message the page to claim this time as the scheduling system won't let you book less than 24 hours in advance.
Wednesday 7/13: 12:00
Thursday 7/14: 9am

I also have availability next week!
You can text or call and leave a message at 343-1263, message the page, or book via Massagebook. If you book via my website at Massagebook you will need to pay using a debit or credit card.


Availability next week
Tuesday 7/12: 9:00
Thursday 7/14: 9:00, 10:30, 12:00
Friday 7/15 : 11:00


Tomorrow 6/23 I have 2:00 still available. Friday @9 is still available

I have openings :
Wednesday 6/22 @ 9 , 10:30, 12 and 1:30.
Thursday 6/23 @ 11:30, 1, 2:30
Friday 6/24 @ 9


Week of 6/27 availability
Monday 6/27 9 am, 10:30, 12
Tuesday 6/28 9am, 10:30, 12
Wednesday 6/29 1:00, 2:30, 4
Thursday 6/30 open
Friday7/1 open


I have openings :
Wednesday 6/22 @ 9 , 10:30, 12 and 1:30.
Thursday 6/23 @ 11:30, 1, 2:30
Friday 6/24 @ 9


The school year has wrapped up for me which allows me more time to help you find your ZEN. Starting next week June 20th I have availability during the mornings, starting at 9 am! I am also offering a complimentary relaxing foot scrub treatment for anyone that books a 60min session. This foot treatment consists of a sugar scrub exfoliation, hot towel removal of scrub, and a rejuvenating foot massage using a peppermint massage cream. Hit the BookNow Button, call or text 343-1263, or send me a message so we can chat and find a time that works for you!


Booking times are changing next week for summer hours!
Monday June 20th I will have availability during the day! Call / text 343-1359, hit the booknow button, or message the page to book your session!


But really would like a Massage Gift Certificate for Father's Day to help relieve some of that back and shoulder pain that is going on!
Get Dear Ol' Dad a gift certificate for fathers day!


Are YOU scheduled for a massage?
I have availability!
Every one that comes in for a 60 minute masssge will get a complementary foot scrub and hot towel treatment for the rest of this month!


Self care is not selfish. It is necessary to keeping our "buckets filled". The demands of life puts stressors on our bodies which results in discomfort and pain. Massage helps reduce the effects of stress on our bodies and reduces our pain levels.
Selfcare is healthcare.


Summer fun has officially kicked off. Let's talk about sunburns and massage. If you have a massage scheduled and your skin has been a little to hard by the sun, please reach out to your LMT.


Memorial Day
Monday May 30 I have day time appointments available. I have an openings starting starting at 11 am


Feeling out of whack? Schedule some you time!
I have availability this week and next!


Did you know that massage helps your mental and physical wellbeing. Massage combined with your routine Healthcare can have amazing positive effects in your overall health and wellbeing.


Appointments available


I have a new scented body scrub for the Body Glow Massage! This scent is delightful and very light and airy!!


Mother's day is coming right up! Luckily I'm still running the Gift Certificate sale on my website. 10% off a 60 min session. This sale is available online only.


It is massage day for ME! It's a much needed 90 minutes of "me time". My body has been telling me for days now that it's time for a massage with that tell-tale tightness in the neck and lower back and increasing headaches. Your body speaks to you. Listen before the tightness become pain and ultimately dysfunction. Give your body some down time. Start by scheduling some time on the massage table. Hit the book now button. Currently, I have availability Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. You can visit https://www.massagebook.com/search/ME/Guilford/massage-therapy/EnchantedNatureMassage to check availability and to schedule your session.


Come visit for much needed YOU time. Studies show that an hour massage can have similar health benefits of 6-8 hours of sleep.

View Enchanted Nature Massage& BodyWork Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Special on MassageBook 04/26/2022

View Enchanted Nature Massage& BodyWork Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Special on MassageBook

Mother’s Day Massage Gift Certificate Special 10% off a 60 minute massage. Must purchase through massage book. Click the link to purchase.

View Enchanted Nature Massage& BodyWork Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Special on MassageBook


BodyGlow 2.0 is a 2 hour session beginning with the full body exfoliating body scrub. The cost of this service is 115$.


Mother's Day is coming!
Grab your Mother Gift Certificates!


Vibe check!
Feel your shoulders, now relax them and allow them to drop away from your ears. Pay attention to your breath. Are you breathing deep and regular or short and rapid. Now take a deep breath in and slowly release and feel yourself become more calm. Unclench your jaw and stretch your neck. All of these issues are stress related. Stress wreaks havoc on your body and its systems. We all have stress-related issues that we deal with daily. Creating a space for your body to relax can help minimize the effects of stress on the body.
Schedule your appointment to start your selfcare journey.


Massage is an amazing addition to your health care plan. Getting regular massages can reduce your stress levels which inturn can help lower blood pressure and cortisol levels in your body. Massage helps lower pain levels in the body and helps with stiff muscles and mobility.
Appointments available April 26th and April 28th. You can go to massage book and check availability.


I had a cancelation and now I have a BodyGlow session open today at 430!
Who wants it?!?!?


Gift Certifcates available in the salon , message me for more details or online.



Mother's Day is May 8th
A gift of relaxation and self-care is a gift of health.
Gift Certifcates are available online and in-person.


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I moved the room around a little bit to accommodate a new comfy chair I found! I love it! Schedule a session for some YO...
Come visit for much needed YOU time. Studies show that an hour massage can have similar health benefits of 6-8 hours of ...
A tiny bit more change for the room. I've added a new pad to the table as well as an adjustable face rest. I know you ca...
I have added a couple of new stands and moved some things around in the room. I am loving how it flows and creates a rel...
Come in for some relaxation and a little you time!#selfcareishealthcare



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