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Thank you for my gift to se nt to me and the verse y ou sent to me ~
"I c an do all things through Christ w ho strengthens me" ...

That same ver se was given to me one we ek before our son want to a birthd ay party where they brought fireworks o ut and gave the kids Roman candl es ~
The one my son got we nt Horribly wrong and it exploded,
blowi ng his entire right hand off ~

God saved our son that d ay by having the right people in pla ce ~ a man with a be lt and a woman who kept h er mind by following this little voi ce what to do~
She took t he man's belt to stop that bleedi ng and got our son into a tru ck and rushed him to the neare st hospital~I am so Grateful for her

I know in my hea rt if they had waited on an ambulan ce it would not have made it in ti me ~

I watched a friend dyi ng from a gunshot and it w as the shock that killed him,
n ot the wound ~

God w as in control that day by havi ng this woman do what she d id to stop the bleeding and g et him help as quick as th ey did ~

S he brought a gift to our s on and said she didn't know wh at to get a teenage boy~
(Kev in is 15)
She thinks,
what can I g et a teenager?
She turned around a nd saw a placque that has t he same verse God has given to me t he week before the accident ~ (that 's another story)
I can do all thin gs through Christ who strengthens me ~

A nd now YOU have sent me th is very same verse that God h as given me twice already ~
Wh en I pulled the verse from t he little box and seen it ~ I sa id Wow God , Thank you !

God gave to me the #3 in a prophe cy in 1985 when I was bo rn again and this is 3 tim es He has sent me this ver se now ~
He told me to wat ch the 3's in my life th at the 3 will be prominent in my li fe and as I begin to noti ce them to hang onto H im and know that Victory is mi ne ~

Thank your for Blessing me so B IG !
God is Go od and He has Blessed me in so ma ny ways and so many times ~ m ay He Bless You even more , Am en in Jesus' name 💞

This is w hy we have got to stay pray ed up and keep our families cover ed in prayer ~ we never kn ow when something may happen and we a ll think that nothing like this wou ld happen to us ~ but thin gs do happen and I'm Grateful to sti ll have my son and watch h ow God carried him through and h as given to him the best frien ds and teachers that have been a nd still are just the Greatest ~ G od answers Prayer
Thanks for the invite

Outreach Ministry searching for safe plac es to send prodigals and lost she ep we meet on our journey! It 's our life-long commitment to love th em home!

Pastors Jamey and Jennifer Olson ha ve obeyed the calling on their liv es and entered into full time Outrea ch Ministry. We go where HE comman ds us to go, we say wh at HE dictates us to say. We a re searching out the lost sheep, t he prodigals, and we are bringing th em home so they can recognize th at they have always been Kings a nd Priests in HIS Kingdom.

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The Bridge Church of Grove nee ds YOU! Let's talk about Missi on 2022: Help Wanted


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Iron Sharpens Iron


Join me Wednesday Dec. 1st 6 a .m. Live on 4R Savior Ministries pa ge.


Be Bold


Join us at 10am for a messa ge on Passion.


Do those around you pass t he test? Join us this morni ng as we dig into the Wo rd of God!


The CHURCH (that's YOU and ME) can't be acting like cowardly lio ns. Let The Lion of Jud ah ROAR! Stand up and OP EN YOUR MOUTHS! Stop being livi ng in FEAR and walk by FAI TH! Hallelujah!


Today's message from Bridge Church of Gro ve




Pastors Jamey and Jennifer want to hon or all of our men and wom en who fought so bravely for o ur country and fell during combat. M ay their memories be a blessing a nd a reminder to us all th at freedom is never free.
God Bless Ameri ca.


Has the US now become t he mission field? Have we as t he Church neglected what is happening rig ht under our noses, in our o wn front yard? Let's talk abo ut this.
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Rightfully Mine!


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The LORD's Passover Seder 2021


Join us this morning at 10: 00 AM (CST) right here as we ent er Holy Week. Today is Pa lm Sunday and Passover began yesterday eveni ng at twilight. This is a beautif ul week that leads to the Cro ss and our Risen Savior!
Hosannah! Baru ch haba b'Shem Adonai! Blessed is He w ho comes in the name of T he Lord!


God wants the burnt stones!

You have been looking at so me situations that have been labeled terminal.Y ou are staring at the broken do wn wall and it looks hopeless, beyo nd repair. There were some people in t he Bible in the same situation th ey were in the wilderness dying of thir st. The Prophet told them to d ig ditches. When they woke up t he next morning, water came by t he way of Edom and the count ry was filled with water and eve ry ditch was filled with water.I kn ow right now you can't see h ow God is going to do it a nd it looks terminal,but I prophesy to y ou God is sending the water.

The wat er is coming.

The water may be to y ou healing for your body or deliveran ce for your prodigals or restoration a nd breakthrough in an area of yo ur life.It may be the end to a spiritu al drought.I don't know what it is f or you, but it's coming. Do n ot believe the enemies report, but belie ve God for this. “It's not ov er, it's not beyond repair, it's n ot hopeless, and it’s not useless. Th at is the word of the Lo rd for you. Do not lend yo ur ear to the Tobiah's and Sanballat 's that say it is a usele ss waste of time. Nehemiah sought to revi ve and rebuild that wall, but y et the angered voices of Tobiah a nd Sanballat revealed they could not s ee how you could ever revive o ld burnt stones out of the hea ps of rubbish from which they we re burned.

Just through their words, I cou ld hear the devil saying to so ma ny people right now: you are no go od, you have been burned, you a re all messed up, you have be en broken and tossed aside, you ha ve been scarred by addiction, you ha ve failed God miserably so what go od are you?" OH but I he ar another voice overpower that of t he devil and say,

"I want tho se burnt stones!

I want those ston es everyone else threw away. The reject ed ones, the broken ones, the on es that didn't fit, the burned ones.T he ones who carry the scars of the ir abuse. The fallen warriors, the wound ed soldiers and the discouraged that ha ve gone through the fire. I'm goi ng to do exactly what you sa id I couldn't do, I'm going to ta ke these old burnt stones and I 'm going to make a new wa ll with them."

He is picking up t he broken and the bruised. He is sendi ng rain to those prepared places. Wel ls are springing up and overflowing! It 's coming to the dry places, t he thirsty places, the wounded places, t he broken places.

The Criminalization of Homelessness: Explained 03/14/2021

The Criminalization of Homelessness: Explained

This should not be an iss ue to criminalize homelessness. Be pa rt of the solution America!

The Criminalization of Homelessness: Explained An Editorial page for the soci al web, telling the story of h ow policy, politics, and the legal syst em shape the lives of everyday peop le in America


Join Pastors Jamey and Jennifer Ols on tomorrow morning for a special messa ge about changing our communities to be mo re Christlike. Please like and sha re this page. Invite someone to wat ch with you. Let’s talk abo ut what a community who serves Chri st should look really look like.


Jesus for the W!


Never stop praying them home M om and Dad!!


The Bridge Church - Grove

Please take time today to pr ay for peace in America. Pray f or Peace in Israel. Pray f or peace in our world. Wa nt to make a difference? Ser ve.

Our Story

Pastor Jamey and Pastor Jennifer Ols on have obeyed the calling on the ir lives and entered into full ti me Outreach Ministry. We go where HE comman ds us to go, we say wh at HE dictates us to say. We a re searching out the lost sheep, t he prodigals, and we are bringing th em home so they can recognize th at they have always been Kings a nd Priests in HIS Kingdom. Jes us Christ is our example and authori ty. We are actively in pursu it of the ONE!

Spiritually, the Prodigal can come ho me immediately. GOD is where we a re. HE never left us. Physical ly, the Prodigal cannot always go direct ly home. There is sometimes a lo ng journey back that takes time. Everywhe re we travel, we search for loc al churches, programs, and people for returni ng Prodigals in case they need to re st, heal, or just feel safe. We ne ed to be honest and prepared. Wh en the Prodigals begin coming in drov es, will we accept how the spe ak, act, look, smell, and how th ey understand? We have to be fill ed with so much unconditional love th at the Prodigals will be drawn to G OD on their own and we won ’t have to search them out. Th ey will come to us.

"If a man has a hundr ed sheep, and one of them go es astray, does he not leave t he ninety-nine and go to t he mountains to seek the one th at is straying?" Matthew 18:12-14

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