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Swinemate Sol. .22% 1000mL - $135
Buy 2 and get FREE SHIPPING

Wanting to synchronize estrus in your gilt pool? PROBLEM SOLVED.
Swinemate synchronizes your gilt pool so that they can be brought into heat when it is convenient and efficient.

Call or text 918-787-1175 or send us a private message to order.


With the impending weather upon us this week, here is a timely article!

Preparing for Winter Calving
Mark Z. Johnson, Oklahoma State University Extension Beef Cattle Breeding Specialist

Calving during the winter months can present some unique challenges. Cold and/or wet weather, higher birth weights, fewer hours of daylight and in most herds this is the time of year when we, as producers, are the primary source of nutrition provided in the form of harvested forage and supplemental feeds. What can we do to make calving in the late winter months as problem-free as possible? GET PREPARED!

Calving Kit and Facilities
Prior to Calving Season it is important to take inventory of our facilities. Our working pens, chutes and alley ways need to be in good working order. If we have a calving barn or indoor facility remember to check cameras, batteries and light bulbs. We want all facilities ready BEFORE we find ourselves assisting that first heifer in the calving process.

To be fully prepared, have the following list of supplies in a cooler, bucket or tool box:
- Colostrum and feeding bottle
- Flashlight and batteries
- OB Sleeves
- Non-detergent lubricant
- Antiseptic
- OB chains and calf puller
- Paper towels
- Rope halter
- Large cloth towel
Also, understand the three stages of bovine parturition (covered in the Cow-Calf Corner newsletter January 10th, 2022). It’s important to know what to expect when a cow or heifer goes into labor in order to know when and how to provide assistance.

Account for Cold Weather

Cold, wet weather drives up cow nutritional requirements and cows should be fed accordingly. The Mesonet Cattle Comfort Advisor is an excellent tool for monitoring weather conditions and the impact they have on cattle. According to the Mesonet Cattle Comfort Advisor, cow energy requirements increase 1% for each degree the cattle comfort index is below 32 degrees F. This energy need will double to 2% if the animal is wet to the skin. In regard to new born calves, consider that in the birth process they are leaving the cozy environment of their mother’s womb at a temperature of 101-102 degrees F and hitting the ground at temperatures as much as 100 degrees colder. Add in rain, snow, muddy ground or high winds and the situation can be catastrophic for newborns. While nature equips calves with a limited amount of brown adipose tissue which is burned internally to create heat for survival. Extreme cold can overwhelm the ability to create enough internal heat and hypothermia can occur. Calves suffering from hypothermia are more susceptible to naval infections, pneumonia and scours. Best management practices for cold weather calving include:

- Provide adequate wind breaks, shelter and bedding so cows can separate and calve in a warmer, dryer, protected environment.
- Plan ahead to provide the additional protein and energy needs of cows during the final trimester of pregnancy and the beginning of lactation.
- Sort first calf heifer from cows and manage accordingly. Heifers are inexperienced and more likely to need a higher level of attention during calving and the initial stages of claiming and raising a calf.
Check out the Mesonet Cattle Comfort Advisor to get an idea of increased feed needs as we move into February. https://www.mesonet.org/index.php/weather/map/cattle_comfort_conditions
The factsheet E-1006 “Calving Time Management for Beef Cows and Heifers” can be found at: http://bit.ly/15DMolm

Dr. Glenn Selk describes how weather impacts the birthweight of winter calves on SunUpTV from February 20, 2021. http://sunup.okstate.edu/category/ccc/2021/022021-ccc

Dr. Glenn Selk gives an overview of items to include in a calving kit on a classic SunUpTV from January 24, 2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-YQEAKV4Wg


20% BULK CUBES! $18.20 per 100
20% Bagged Cubes- $11.00 per 50 lb sack
Salt - $5.00 per 50 lb
24% Protein Dog Food - $21.50 per 50 lb sack
ADM Fall/Winter Mineral - $18.00 per 50 lb sack

We can load barrels to portable bins under our extra tall overhead bins! Map is accurate on our FB page for location.


We will be closed Christmas Eve and open Monday, 12/27/21. Merry Christmas to all!


20% BULK CUBES! $18.20 per 100
20% Bagged Cubes- $11.00 per 50 lb sack
Salt - $5.00 per 50 lb
24% Protein Dog Food - $21.50 per 50 lb sack

We can load barrels to portable bins under our extra tall overhead bins! East of Grove on Hwy 25 to MO state line. Then 3/4 mi north of Mill Liquor store on Blecha Rd


Tomorrow is the day!! We will be working with the OSU Extension Agency to help calibrate your feedbox at no charge to you! The Agency will also run hay analysis for HALF price on samples brought in during this event. This will let you know how much supplement, if any, your cattle need.


Apex will be closed from 2PM Wednesday through Friday evening to spend time with family. We will re-open Saturday morning. We are thankful for our customers, vendors, and veterinarians that make our business enjoyable!

Timeline Photos 11/19/2021

ADM Fall & Winter Mineral - $18 per 50#


Protein Tubs in stock! Get them before they go up! No metal drum deposit! All of our products are in the plastic tub!

250# 30% Protein, 5% Fat - $110


28% Protein, 5% fat tubs -225#-$104
27% Cottonseed Meal and Salt -50#- $12.75

Make your cattle utilize the standing forage in your pasture! !


Huge sale on these popular vaccines while supply lasts!
ViraShield 6 - 50 dose -$73
ViraSheild 6 + VL5 - 50 dose - $108


Whole Corn in bulk! $17.60 per hundred. We can fill barrels, totes, or we can provide a supersack.


Producers- This rebate is available to you!

Buy 10 or more liters of Cydectin Pour-On and/or a minimum of 4 bottles of Cydectin Injectable, get a rebate for each unit purchased as follows:

Cydectin Pour-On 500ml - $2.50
Cydectin Pour-On 1L - $5.00
Cydectin Pour-On 2.5L - $12.50
Cydectin Pour-On 5L - $25.00
Cydectin Pour-On 10L - $50.00
Cydectin Injectable - $12.00
*Mix & Match/Cumulative

*Minimum rebate of $48 required

*Rebates earned will come directly from Elanco (in February 2022)

*Cydectin Pour-On & Cydectin Injectable contract & competitive bid customers are not eligible for this promotion

Man Hospitalized After Taking Livestock Ivermectin From Feed Store For COVID-19 08/21/2021

Man Hospitalized After Taking Livestock Ivermectin From Feed Store For COVID-19

Man Hospitalized After Taking Livestock Ivermectin From Feed Store For COVID-19 At least one individual has been hospitalized in Mississippi after injecting ivermectin intended for treating worms in livestock, the Mississippi State Department of Health revealed today.

Mobile Uploads 08/12/2021

Mobile Uploads


New from Zoetis!
Draxxin KP
Same dosage

Same withdrawl period

Same tissue toleration

Same rebates

Same syringeability


Keep your peace of mind with a strong combination
of Draxxin® (tulathromycin Injection) Injectable
Solution, the most trusted antibiotic on the market, and ketoprofen, a fast-acting NSAID. Draxxin® KP
(tulathromycin and ketoprofen Injection) Injectable
Solution helps you get single-treatment success for
bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and fever associated
with BRD in beef steers, beef calves 2 months of age
and older, beef heifers and beef bulls.


In the last few days, we have had several feed customers mention that they had purchased Draxxin at a vet to treat their cattle. They were unaware of the rebate available to producers. Margins in the cattle industry are tough so we need every dollar back that we can! Here are the details:

Purchase 100ml; get a $100 rebate per bottle
Purchase 250ml; get a $200 rebate per bottle
Purchase 500ml; get a $400 rebate per bottle

Leaders Edge members are not eligible for this offer as they have a separate rebate program. For full details follow this link:



10% Manufacturer Rebate on these vaccines! Are you getting your rebates on your vaccines, dewormers, and anti-biotics? Ask us how you can put $ back in YOUR pocket with these programs.


Fly Control Starts Now! Get ahead of the flies with these items IN STOCK!

28% Cooked Protein Tubs with IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) 225 pound -$114

ADM Summer Mineral with IGR - 50 lb bag - $19.50

(IGR) is a substance (chemical) that inhibits the life cycle of an insect. IGR prevents the flies from successfully multiplying; breaking the life cycle, therefore reducing flies.


Grazon Next HL - $96 per 2 gal jug!

Remedy Generic - 63.50 per gallon, $152.50 for 2.5 gal jug


It's time to get 'em worked! We will beat any price on supplies and we are open ranchers hours, not bankers hours!


Time to get the magnesium in your cattle. ADM High Mag $15.50, with IGR for fly control $19.50. Its time to get ahead of the fly's if you're going to.

ADM Seasonal beef mineral products help you provide essential minerals and vitamins to your herd in an affordable, convenient and easy way.
4 oz per head daily mineral intake
Seasonal Spring – 13% calcium, 3% phosphorus, 14% magnesium

Timeline Photos 02/26/2021

20% cubes -$9.50 per 50 lb bag. While supplies last!


250 pound 30% Protein SmartLic tubs back in stock! Hundreds available. $107

Cattle needs rise as temperatures drop - Oklahoma State University 02/16/2021

Cattle needs rise as temperatures drop - Oklahoma State University

Cattle needs rise as temperatures drop - Oklahoma State University Follow recommended livestock-care checklists to mitigate significant dangers that arctic blasts bring to animal health and production.

postregister.com 01/07/2021

Avoid the temptation of using expired cattle vaccine

Pay attention to the expiration dates on your vaccine. The label is the law where vaccines are concerned. It is both unsafe and unethical to sell or use expired products.

postregister.com It’s tempting.


20% Cubes - $9.25 50 lb bag



$107.00 250 Lb NE-30

30% Protein, 5% Fat!! Forage and margins are tight this year in the cattle business. We are cattle producers ourselves and realize the importance of keeping the body score of the cowherd maintained for milking and breed back ability, while staying on budget. We have these products in stock in the 250 lb poly tub for $105, so there is no hassle with deposits or returns on steel drums. Call for more info.

wibw.com 12/05/2020

Explosion at MGP Ingredients sparks fire


This incident is causing a major shortage of dried distillers grain nationwide, which of course, drives prices higher. Fortunately, no one was injured in this explosion.

wibw.com An alcohol plant in Atchison was exploded and caught fire on Friday night.


Flash Sale!

4% Phos Mineral 10 bucks! While they last. Tag a friend and get entered to win a holiday giveaway!


Another load of tire tanks and Watson Valves & Floats headed out today! #lifetimequality #dirtroadfeedstore


Whole Corn In stock! 50# bag $7.25 ea


Boehringer Ingelheim Cattle Health

Must see next week: Joe Gillespie, DVM, Boehringer Ingelheim, investigates the benefits of preconditioning and the components of a successful program. Check out this Facebook Live event on September 22 at 5 pm CST.


Fall Mineral is in! Also, plenty of Summer with garlic for fly control in stock!


Contact us on how to effectively get rid of the parasites in your herd and we will save you some $ and explain any manufacturers rebates available!




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