Grand Lake Renaissance Festival

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival


I hope you like this version!
Thee definitive ‘Chastity Belt’ song (stereo 7:20)

Harmonized and orchestrated for ensemble:
Six characters, pennywhistle, two violins, mandolin, harpsichord, bass.

SATB Score available here:

Please have a good listen and have a good laugh!
Is the faire still on for next weekend?
You have plans for February?

We are discussing some of the fun events happening throughout Oklahoma during the month of February. If you want to find something new to do this month, check out the show.

Get the details via the links below:

Chili Bike - Lake McMurtry Friends - Lake Mcmutury - Visit Stillwater - SWOSU JAZZ A, JAZZ B, and the 52nd Annual Jazz Festival - SWOSU - City of Weatherford, Oklahoma - Grand Lake Renaissance Festival - An Affair Of The Heart - Oklahoma State Fair and OKC Fairgrounds - Visit OKC - The Gaslight Theatre - Visit Enid - Burrito Grill - Blanchard, Oklahoma - Medicine Park Polar Bear Plunge - Discover Medicine Park Oklahoma

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Did Ireland have Renaissance? Many Youtube historians would say no; however, Ireland in fact was not as cut-off as people think from the rest of the world. This video covers some of the perpetrators of Irish Renaissance, from Gerald 'Poet' Fitzgerald to Margaret O'Carroll, who impressed Europe with their lavish banquets and hospitality. The stories of sophisticated literature, poetry, and music in Ireland was carried back to the heart of Renaissance in mainland Europe, which awed many and earned respects for the high culture that were emerging from Ireland. Ireland took full part in the European Renaissance, and was a part of the growing world. I hoped to bring back the history of Irish Renaissance which is now forgotten, and open up the whole new side of mediaeval Ireland that is still believed as barbaric and uncivilised.
Faser Kunst here, I have various knit, crocheted, cross stitch items that you have to see. Do not have individual pics but will post a pic of my last booth in the comments. I also have Aloe Vera and other plants. I will look forward to seeing ya'll next year.
Welcome To The GLA, Grand Lake Renaissance Festival!!!!! We Cannot Wait To See You At The 37th Annual Pelican Festival!!!!!! 👑🎪🎭
Really need a post with location vendors and entertainers so I can share and help get the word out.
Has Grand Lakes Ren Faire Closed leaving only Queensferry Ren Fair the only faire if Vinita?
After reading several of the posts by Kittye I felt I needed to share this. I have been a part of three faires in my run as a rennie. I was a board member for one, a co creator for the second and cast member for the third. I was alarmed by Kittye's last post because I have never heard of any faire owner putting down another faire nor falsifying information deliberately.
I support and understand Kittye's decision for this years faire and I know that she and each member of Grand Lakes is an honorable member, they are people who can be trusted.
As for faires? new faires have to grow and they have to have the support needed to grow them. Like a flower it takes time to develop one. The first five years are growth time. A flower does not magikally appear the day after a seed is planted nor does a new faire. It takes time, volunteers, and finances. The faire I assisted in co creating had done its research and we had a plan for growth. The problem was two fold. Three people can not build, plan, and make things happen, and those who are placed in critical areas need to be trusted. In our case the vendor coordinator had accepted payments without documenting them nor filing them.
The newest fair I am part of, Canterbury, has been guests of Grand Lakes and I was overwhelmed by the love that the members extended to us. I was here the year of the great flood. I remember arriving late and assisting with the final set up of the Grand tent and the sleeping areas. Because it was dark we opted to stay with another cast member in their tent. The rain was lightly falling when we went to sleep. At an early hour I needed the facilities and step out into a rising creek. The rain had swollen the pond and it was beginning to flood.
As I quickly made sure all of our cast was up I checked on the Grand tent. Water was a foot deep and everyone was trying to help get things off of the ground. But the thing I noticed was that the permanent members of the faire and its court were there assisting everyone and anyone;. They just showed up to help.
Later we met at Kittye's house and were given food, drink and a lot of laughs. I had the best time meeting new people and we were accepted as if we were old friends, This is the sign of a long lasting faire - acceptance and a willingness to reach out.
For those who are not aware Starting and running a faire is a major production. Vendors, Performers, cast, and garb have to be considered, for those who travel there is the logistics of living quarters, trailers, and garb. Performers and vendors have additional expenses and logistics. And while all of this is going on you have to have finances, advertising, and space to run everything. My hat goes off to Kittye who took on a large portion of this without announcing it to everyone. It is a true sacrifice.
Kittye you will always have my support and those who come with me.. I am eagerly waiting to see you again and look forward to next year. I plan to bring the French Ambassador with me, his valet, and perhaps another. We will be their to support you. I continue to lite a candle for you. As i can I will try to help long distance like.
Yours in the Spirit of a Rennie
Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Richmond Somerset
Y'all have 2 months to figure out how to make this look period.
Y'all have 2 months to figure out how to make this look period.

Information page for Vinita's Premiere Hometown Festival: Grand Lake Renaissance Festival: located close to Grand Lake of the Cherokees in NE Oklahoma.

Festival Office Address: 20 S. 72nd East Ave., Tulsa, Ok 74112

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival (GLRF) is Grand Lake's First & Premiere Renaissance Festival. Produced by Williams Entertainment Company, a 501(c)3 company. Hours are: Saturday: 10am - 8pm & Sunday 12pm - 6pm

Operating as usual

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival updated their phone number. 02/06/2022

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival updated their phone number.

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival updated their phone number.

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival updated their information in their About section. 02/06/2022

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival updated their information in their About section.

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival updated their information in their About section.


We are saddened to learn of the death of a former GLRF performer, Master Jon Reneau aka Kerridwynn the Bard. Our deepest respects and condolences to his widow, Mistress Heidi.

Meister's Realm History 12/16/2021

Meister's Realm History

We here at Grand Lake Renaissance Festival encourage each and every one of you to use Craig Meister's wonderful resource.

Meister's Realm History This is a brief history of I'm working to have a complete, updated list of all of North America's Renaissance, Scottish, Celtic, Viki...

Native Souls | Oklahoma | Oklahoma's Grand Lake Renaissance Festival 11/27/2021

Native Souls | Oklahoma | Oklahoma's Grand Lake Renaissance Festival

Ticket sales links went live early this morning on the FAQ page of the Festival website:

Native Souls | Oklahoma | Oklahoma's Grand Lake Renaissance Festival Internet home of Native Souls, The Ladies of the Salty Kiss, Grand Lake Renaissance Festival and Shark Bay Pirate Festival, opening in Fall 2019.


We ARE returning to Queensferry, Scotland 1540 (GLRF in 2022!) Dates are FEBRUARY 12 & 13, 2022, the Feast of St. Valentine the Martyr.

NEW location INSIDE the Grove (Ok) Civic Center located at 1702 Main Street, Grove, Ok 74344. Mistress Sarah and I cannot wait for you all to meet "The Triple Crown"(tm)and for us to be able to party 1540 style with you all!!

More information forthcoming.

Yours in Service,
Mistress Campbell, Keeper of the Keys

Covid-9: A Year without Faire (2021) | Documentary (HD) 02/25/2021

Covid-9: A Year without Faire (2021) | Documentary (HD)

Covid-9: A Year without Faire (2021) | Documentary (HD) In 2020, the United States was hit with the Covid-19 Virus leading to the cancellation of festivals across the nation. This has affected those who frequently...

Photos from Grand Lake Renaissance Festival's post 12/20/2020

Photos from Grand Lake Renaissance Festival's post

Photos from Grand Lake Renaissance Festival's post 12/20/2020

Photos from Grand Lake Renaissance Festival's post

Photos from Grand Lake Renaissance Festival's post 12/20/2020

Photos from Grand Lake Renaissance Festival's post

Photos from Grand Lake Renaissance Festival's post 12/20/2020

Photos from Grand Lake Renaissance Festival's post


We wish Each and Every One of you a Season filled with Merriment, Love, Joy, and those you hold dear!

From Queensferry, Scotland with Love ....

Highland Christmas - The McCallans 12/06/2020

Highland Christmas - The McCallans

Let us begin the Yuletide Celebrations ... Scottish Style!

Highland Christmas - The McCallans

Riding in armour on a fully barded steed. 11/05/2020

Riding in armour on a fully barded steed.

Riding in armour on a fully barded steed. As a final installment of the videos inaugurating the finishing of the steel bard for my andalusian gelding Maximilian, we actually put the full bard on the ...


Despite "The Year That Shall Not Be Mentioned" continuing, we have begun making plans for 2021!

Here is to a New (Plague Free) Year! HUZZAH!!!


Greetings all GLRFers!! We wanted to let you all know our 2021 dates so you can begin making your plans now!

Barring any unforeseen acts of Gods, Nature, or Man, we will be enjoying the beauty of Spring, as always on the last full weekend of March, the 27th & 28th!!

We have lots to show you and cannot wait to welcome each and everyone of you back home to Queensferry, Scotland at Vinita's Hometown Renaissance Festival, Grand Lake Renaissance Festival!!

Keep watching for updates and when we go into local workshops and classes! You don't want to miss out!

In Service to the Dream,
Your Board of Directors


We stand in sorrow at the loss of one of our Craig County neighbors from COVID-19; our thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends.

Now, more than ever, call and check on your neighbors, friends, and family. Take all precautions to safe guard yourselves and those around you.


From the Board of Directors,

After much thought and review of the current state and national daily increases of COVID-19 cases; and our Home County seeing a sharp spike in positive cases, we feel we cannot, in good conscience, hold a rescheduled Festival during the ongoing Pandemic.

We feel that our beloved Patrons, Vendors, and Performers Health and Safety are worth far more than ANY amount of money.

We will see you all in March 2021 for the 7th Season of Vinita's Hometown Renaissance Festival: Grand Lake Renaissance Festival!!!

In Service to the Dream and You All,

GLRF Board of Directors


Good early morning GLRFers. We hope you are all washing your hands, wearing your masks when you are out-and-about, and generally taking care of yourselves.

We also wanted to keep you updated on the postponement of GLRF. No reschedule dates have been chosen as of yet. We are keeping an eye on the State Department of Health's website and keeping abreast of data. The health of our Patrons, Fairemily, and Staff matter much more to us than a Festival, even though we are missing ALL of you.

Be well and safe, especially with businesses opening back up.

The Board of GLRF


Greetings GLRFers! We wanted to take this time to remind you to take care of yourselves. Wash your hands with warm water and soap multiple times a day, take your vitamins, get plenty of rest, and don't forget to finish your garb for our reschedule festival!


After an Emergency Board Member phone conference, we the Board Members have arrived at a difficult decision with regards to Grand Lake Renaissance Festival. Due to the latest credible information available to us on COVID-19, the very real fact that we care about our community, our fellow Rennies, our immediate families and yes, ourselves, we have come to the decision to POSTPONE Grand Lake Renaissance Festival until later this year. YES, we WILL be back later this year.

For our Vendors – we LOVE you all and want ALL of us to remain safe and as healthy as possible. We do not want to add to your financial burden and thus, will be refunding your booth fees that you paid for March 2020. That way if you are in a financial bind and need important things like fuel, food, medications, etc; you will have funds in your pocket to help you do so. For those vendors who want to join us later this year and beyond, we are doing a “2 for 1” offer – our rescheduled festival AND GLRF 2021 for one price. This means if you want a 10x10 space for BOTH Festivals, you pay the usual 10x10 price … ONCE – not for each Festival. Speak with Vendor Director, Ms. Lynne Miller for more information on this “2 for 1” pricing.

For our Entertainers – we LOVE and ADMIRE all of you. We also want you all to be safe and as healthy as possible. You have a place with us for BOTH the Rescheduled GLRF 2020 as well as GLRF 2021. Speak with Entertainment Director, Ms. Pamala Williams for more information.

For our Volunteers – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! We could NOT do ANYTHING without you and hope you are able to join us later THIS year as well as years to come.

For our Patrons – we LOVE you and want you safe, non-stressed, and as healthy as possible. While we love you, we do have some board members and family of board members who have co-morbidities and/or immunosuppression that leaves us all at risk. It is our hope that you will make plans to join us for our RESCHEDULED Festival later this year.

Keep checking back for our dates, which are TBD as of this posting. Our hours will NOT change and remain Saturday: 10am – 8pm, Sunday 11am – 6pm. And our Chosen Charity will remain “Miami Animal Alliance” for whom we take $2.00 of each adult ticket (both daily and weekend pass) and donate to.
As ALWAYS, our Admission Ticket prices are as follows:
Child (ages 0-5 years) – FREE
Youth (ages 6-12) - $2.00 daily or $3.00 for weekend pass
Student (ages 13-17) - $3.00 daily or $5.00 for weekend pass
Adult (ages 18-59) - $7.00 daily or $10.00 for weekend pass
Senior (ages 60+) - $2.00 daily or $3.00 for weekend pass
MILITARY/VETERANS (with valid ID) – ALWAYS FREE – we will NEVER charge the people who have and do keep us safe and FREE.

How a brilliant 18th century linguist linked the Celtic languages 03/14/2020

How a brilliant 18th century linguist linked the Celtic languages

How a brilliant 18th century linguist linked the Celtic languages Welshman Edward Lhwyd helped bring togethr Gaelic, Welsh, Cornish and Breton to show how language could connect people on a deeper level.


At this point in time, Grand Lake Renaissance Festival has NO plans to cancel this year's show.

A “Grand” Story

Grand Lake Renaissance Festival is truly Vinita’s home town Renaissance Festival, begun in 2015 by Vinita born and raised native, Kittye Williams. The festival is owned and operated by Williams Entertainment and will usher in its 6th season at 156 North Jones Street, White Oak, Ok 74301. As of 2019, Williams Entertainment became a 501(c)3 Public Charity and ticket sale proceeds from the annual Festival go back into the Grand Lake Community. The chosen charity for 2020 is Miami Animal Alliance.

Step back through the ages, to a time long past - to Queensferry, Scotland in the Year of Our Lord Anno Domino, 1540. Enjoy the sights and sounds as the village comes to life with the first market welcoming in the Spring after the cold of Winter’s embrace, visit with member of the Royal Courts as they renew the Ancient Alliance between Human and Fae. Enjoy amazing entertainments, fine foods and wondrous wares from our village merchants. Or give into your inner child in the Children’s Realm ... and if you believe, you may chance to meet one of the Fair Folk themselves or speak with a Dragon Lord.

Saturday hours of operation: 10am - 8pm Sunday hours of operation: 11am - 6pm

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1702 Main Street
Grove, OK

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terry poovey selling race parts inventory

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