CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat

CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat


Are you all open today or take appointments? I have a dog needing her nails trimmed.
Had to share this with you Rebekah. Cracked me up when I saw it on the Havanese page.
Thanks Rebekah for taking care of our little ragamuffin at the last minute. We got a call last night from our Realtor, so we had to be there today to sign papers. Molly still isn't sure about her surroundings here so we didn't want to leave her.
You guys are awesome. Thank you for the ornament! We love you!
He is sure wore out! A big thanks to Cloud K-9 Grooming for putting up with his hyperness and getting him cleaned. Love going to them and I'm sure he does to 🙂☺😊
We are from Kansas and come Grove alot to my parents lake house. We would like to have our small dog come for day boarding on the long days that we are out on the water. How often are they out of their kennel. The day care we use down here is primarily out on the "dog playground" except for during "nap time."
Happy TOT to Miss Rebecca and Mr. Alec!
Don't forget to vote today. Last day!
Thank you so much for loving my furbaby! We love you!!!

Cloud K-9 offers professional grooming, daycare, and pet boarding services. Open Monday through Sat

Operating as usual


These magnificent ears are perfection! If you want something a little different, our stylists can work with you to help find the perfect look to showcase your pets personality.

Yogi and his ears were styled by Sarah.

Photos from CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat's post 05/03/2022

Miss Emma can’t contain her excitement for her fresh new fade! She is all smiles!

Emma’s style lovingly created by Sarah

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Photos from CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat's post 05/02/2022

From bed head to beautiful! Stella the doodle definitely got her groove back! 🤩

Stella’s lovely style performed by Sarah

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Photos from CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat's post 05/01/2022

Driving Miss Maisy! We love May May and her stunning blue peepers! She’s looking sharp in her summer smoothie, styled by Sarah ❤️

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Charlotte and Shelby love making funny faces for the camera! These two doodles have our team wrapped around their fuzzy paws! 🐾❤️

These southern belles were lovingly styled by Sarah

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Say hello to Willow the Schnoodle! For her first groom, Madie set a schnauzer pattern and we can’t get over how cute she turned out!

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Allow us to introduce Mr. Oakley ❤️ He came in for his first big boy haircut with groomer Sarah and he was a star pupil!

Reservations are going fast! Call to book your fur baby’s spa day soon! 918-314-3351

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Meet Duke! He is 5 months old and did wonderful for his first groom with stylist Madie! Puppy grooms can be scary so our team will go slow and listen to what each precious baby needs to make the experience as wonderful as possible.

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Pom Pom looks dashing in his turquoise ascot and fresh summer trim performed by his favorite stylist Sarah!

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Flea and tick season is looming but have no fear! There are several options available for mitigation and prevention!
Drops, pills, and flea collars are all great ways to prevent flea and tick infestation. Shampoos are only meant to kill pests living on the pet and will not prevent them from reappearing.
Home and lawn care treatments are also available to help limit risk of pests.
We highly encourage some form of treatment for any pet that goes outdoors. Fleas and ticks can carry disease and can also cause severe health complications including allergies and lethargy.

Consult your veterinarian for the best option for your pet. *All furry friends with living fleas and/or ticks will be treated with a professional grade shampoo to limit the spread of pests in the salon*

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If you're happy and you know it wag your tail 👏 👏 Haley is happy because we focus on providing a great experience in addition to a great style. Some dogs need extra kisses, some need extra reassurance, some need an extra treat or a belly rub break...we are all about the extras when it comes to our clients! We love your pets like they are our own.

Haley's gorgeous new do is courtesy of Ms. Sarah.


Jill the Giant Schnauzer looks gorgeous after her trip to the our salon today. Our stylists are experienced in grooming all sizes and breeds. Call today to schedule you appointment. With four groomers on staff we can work your fur babies in quickly.

Jill was groomed by her talented stylist Bailey.

Photos from CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat's post 04/26/2022

Check out Brody's before and after photos. We love his new sleek style! Call today to schedule your pet for a groom or spa day.

This sweet boy looks dashing thanks to his stylist Sarah.


MILLIE // This Golden Doodle has an impeccable coat. Well maintained at home and brought in for regular grooming. She is calm and confident during the process, thanks to her early start and frequent visits.

Pets consider grooming fun and exciting when it’s done consistently. When they’re matted or don’t come in often they tend to show fear and stress.

If you’re unsure about the best regimen for your pet, discuss with your pet stylist what trim and frequency of visits would be best.
It is our job to make sure your furry friend is kept safe, happy, and healthy during their grooming session.

Find a groomer you can trust to give you sound, educated advice and stick with them. Fifi and Fido remember their stylist. A familiar face will help ease them during, what can be, a very stressful situation.

Thank you Kaitlin Benge for the opportunity to groom this beauty!
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Love is in the air! Roxy and Rubble are the best of friends ❤️ They enjoyed the beautiful weather after Roxy’s groom during her Day Care stay!

“Roxy” Poodle: Lovingly groomed by Sarah
“Rubble” Aussie: Lovingly raised by Sarah #doglovers #doglover #dogs #groveok #grandlakeoklahoma #grooming #groomer #groom #groomerlife #cloudk9grove #standardpoodle

Photos from CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat's post 04/15/2022

Suzie and Pookey love blowing kisses at their groomer Sarah! We’d love to see your fur baby’s BEST kissy face!

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Photos from CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat's post 04/08/2022

From “bed head” to beautiful. Charlie came in for his first grooming and he handled it like a pro!

Introducing your pets to the grooming process early will help them be more comfortable with their visits. It is a life long commitment. We recommend at least a bath or tidy every 4-6 weeks to maintain the coat and give your dog a more pleasant grooming experience. Ask your grooming professional what routine is best for your pets breed!

*Puppies can be groomed as early as 10-12 weeks once they’ve had their puppy vaccines (this ensures their health won’t be compromised)

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Photos from Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake's post 04/06/2022

Photos from Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake's post


Our owner Kristi recently took advantage of the awesome "free offer". What a great way to spread more kindness and joy!

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Charlie's an Angel! Check out his transformation. He left a LOT of hair behind and was a sweetheart during him groom.

Call us today to get your baby looking their best at 918-314-3351.

Charlie was lovingly groomed by Sarah.


Duke really enjoyed the royal treatment. 😉 We love this guy! He may be bigger than his groomer Madie...but he is a gentle giant. It's no wonder we love what we do!! ❤️🐾❤️


There’s something special about a senior pet. They require extra love and attention. They need more support to help them stand during the groom due to a variety of medical related issues. We move slower because they startle easily when blind and/or deaf. Boone is one of these special babies.

The love you see on Sarah’s face is deep and true. She’s been grooming Boone for almost 3 years now and they have a magical relationship. Our clients are more than a business to us, they become part of us and our lives and we’re so grateful for that.

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Maybe we are partial, but our clients are gorgeous! This handsome guy enjoyed his play time with our team. 🐾♥️

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Precious little Belle Noel! We spent several months easing her into the grooming process. She stayed with us for day boarding and we started with a bath and brush out. By the time she needed her first full groom, she was comfortable with the process and our team. We love being able to lay the foundation for a lifetime of happy grooming and we love this sweet girl!! Belle Noel was lovingly and gently groom by Madie.

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Photos from CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat's post 03/05/2022

Sweet Hattie had her spa day with her favorite stylist Sarah! We think she’s too cute to keep to ourselves so we thought we’d share with all of you ❤️
We love Hattie Pattie and her squishy little face!

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It's always better when we're together! This sweet girl comes in regularly to trim up her sanitary area, but today she wanted a Lion Cut. We think she looks divine! She is a dream to groom...and our entire team looks forward to her visits.

T***y (that is how her parents spell her name) is a beautiful Maine C**n who loves spa days with her BFF Sarah.

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Here's Buster looking buff before his groom, and lean and lovely after his groom! We love this cutie with or with his long coat!

Buster's transformation is courtesy of his stylist Sarah.
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A heart shaped treat for a girl who stole our ♥️! As a long-haired Chihuahua, Sadie appreciates her groom days with Sarah as much as she appreciates her treats!

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Photos from CLOUD K-9 Grooming Salon & Retreat's post 02/24/2022

Help us wish Miss Madie a very happy birthday! 🎉
She specializes in puppy cuddles and known for her love of donuts! Madie is one of our talented groomers and we are so grateful she is part of our team!
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While the parents are away, the fur babies will play ... at Cloud K9! We are booking up quickly for Spring Break so call us today to save a spot for your baby. Our boarding guests go out at least four times a day for play and potty breaks, they relax to spa music and drink filtered water. Call us at 918-314-3351 to make your reservation.
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