Grove Small Animal Hospital, Inc.

Grove Small Animal Hospital, Inc.


Thank you guys SO MUCH for getting our Max in and taken care of so quickly! We appreciate all that you do❤️ Kelley ❤️
Do you offer dog grooming?
Dear Grove Small Animal Hospital doctors and staff,

I would like to apologize for my behavior today. My mom tells me you are good people who are trying to keep me healthy by sticking me with sharp objects. I realize you tried to make it as pleasant for me as possible by using smelly things and squirting stuff in my mouth to make me sleepy. It worked but I am very determined and I snapped myself out of it as soon as you tried to handle me. I'm sorry I yelled at you all and was menacing you and tried very hard to bite the crap out of everyone I could. In my defense, I have issues I can't tell you about and also I am a brat. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to bite each and every one of you because you wrapped me up in towels and injected the vaccines right through the towels. No fair! I fought hard for the right to bite you! On the bright side, I understand that next year you might have to make a house call to treat me. If I am not welcome at the hospital any more, I achieved my goal. But my mom is making me write this letter of apology, so, I am sorry, not sorry. I like dogs and little children! And my mom.

Thank you,
Prince the Cat
Do you recognize this pup found in Disney OK brought to Wichita Ks For more information about this animal, call:
Wichita Animal Shelter at 316 350-3360
Ask for information about animal ID number A119966
Does anyone recognize this pup? He was brought from Disney OK to the Wichita Kansas Animal Shelter his last day of stray hold is today For more information about this animal, call:
Wichita Animal Shelter at 316 350-3360
Ask for information about animal ID number A119966
Just made an appointment to board my dog Belle and really liked the people and the looks of the kennel ! High hopes that this will be Belles new friends ! have great day everyone, will post back in a week 👍🙋‍♀️🐝🌻
...and fills in voids lift by other love losses.....right Rebecca?
have you heard of ultra sound teeth cleaning for pets?
Dr, Dunaway, Levi, Melissa, Kelly and Dr. Smith. Thank you for everything you did for Luther. He was a special little guy and am Thankful that you were there for him and for us to. Still my family even though I am not longer there.
SEE PHOTO IN COMMENTS!Found this little guy tonight at 12500 E 86th St N in Owasso. He has a Grove Small Animal Hospital 2015 rabies tag. Any one know who he belongs to?
Our Zorro kitty got neutered today. He's doing great. Thank you for his excellent care.

Providing compassionate veterinary care for companion animals of the Grand Lake area of northeast Oklahoma.

Operating as usual


Draco came to see us today❤️🐶. He’s very sweet.


Pure ❤️!


We met Honey Dew today❤️🐶! She’s a cute little girl, and very loved!


Mosquito season is upon us! Is your dog on heartworm prevention? If not, schedule an appointment to discuss what steps you can take to protect your furbabies!


Callie Rose came to see us today❤️🐶. She even let her mom and dad tag along😉.


Marijuana is a danger ⚠️ for your pets! Please keep any and all medications out of reach of your pets and children.

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This face🐶❤️! Lulu’s came to see us today❤️.


We have been made aware that some scammers are using our name in tricking people to give them money for “puppies.”
They have used our name, address and even used it on false invoices.


"Pet the dog" is a cute internet meme but when it comes to dog bite prevention, it's important to know how to avoid escalating risky situations and to understand when you should and should not interact with dogs. Here are a few scenarios when you should avoid petting a dog. You can find more helpful tips at

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We met Stella today🐶❤️. She’s a cutie!


As of 10:40am the credit card machine is working!


Just another Easter reminder!


Easter is upon us, please be cautious!


Ross was a really good boy today and needed a treat before leaving!!! Somehow they seem to know that Kelley has a secret stash! 🤫
P.S. no fingers were harmed during this event!🤣


Leo was patiently waiting for his treat after getting his vaccines today! Yes Kelley made sure he had a treat or three!🤣


Nova was in to see us today🐶❤️! She’s adorable and spunky!


In case you have wondered!


Another reminder!


We met cute little George today🐶❤️. Terri brought him in to see us!

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Sometimes Sadie wants to come say hi to her doctor more than she wants a treat❤️!This was even after her vaccinations an...
Not everyone is as excited as Sadie is to see us! She always dances for us🐶❤️!
Violet is always sooo happy to see us! She’s saying, “come hug me and stop videoing!” That was our interpretation😉🤣It’s ...
C**t was enjoying some cheese while he was visiting us today😉❤️🐶.
Violet doesn’t mind having her blood pressure checked at all. Her tail is working overtime❤️.




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